YORKSHIRE: Subsidy Rolls (Poll Tax) for the year 1379


Staincliffe wapentake, Keighley parish:


Nicholaus de Kyghelay, Armatus iij.s. iiij.d.
Elena de Glasenbroke, Hostelerij.s.
Johannes de Coplay, Marsalxij.d.
Willelmus de Vttelay & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus de Wode & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Hoghesoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Hoghesoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus Webstre, Textor, & uxorvj.d.
Daue Codelyng', Faber', & uxorvj.d.
Johannes de Cloghe & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus filius Walteri & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Mylner & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Tayllour, Cissor, & uxorvj.d.
Willelmus de Sammes & uxoriiij.d.
Rogerus de Sammes & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus de Benelandes & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Walker', Fullo, & uxorvj.d.
Johannes Wryght, Carpenter, & uxorvj.d.
Ricardus filius Radulfi & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Johsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus Akeworth' & uxoriiij.d.
Adam del Wode & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus Sugden & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus de Sugdeyn & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus de Leuenthorp' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Grenewod' & uxoriiij.d.
Nicholaus del Clogh & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Hudsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus Hodsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Stott (?read "Scott") & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus de Scholl' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Saltonstall' & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Coke & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes del Sammes & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas de Denby & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Grane & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Hudsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Saltonstall' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Laccokk' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Judsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Adam fflechr' & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas de Lacokke & uxoriiij.d.
Agnes de Newsome & uxor (sic)iiij.d.
Agnes Juddoghter' & uxor (sic)iiij.d.
Robertus filius ejusdem & uxoriiij.d.
Anabella de Elomeiiij.d.
Johannes Erell' & uxoriiij.d.
Anabella de Thwaythesiiij.d.
Nicholaus de Thwaythes & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus Pape, Carpenter, & uxorvj.d.
Elena de Clogheiiij.d.
Johannes filius Willelmi & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Grane & uxoriiij.d.
Cecilia Scottiiij.d.
Agnes de Allertoñiiij.d.
Elena filia ejusdemiiij.d.
Elena Walker'iiij.d.
Willelmus Schapontaiiij.d.
Willelmus Blokeiiij.d.
Alicia seruiens Parsoneiiij.d.
Johanna filia Eleneiiij.d.
Thomas Bennsoñiiij.d.

Transcribed from
The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journals.
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