Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: KELLINGTON.     Church dedication: ST. EDMUND.     Church type: Discharged Vicarage.

Area, 6,950 acres. Osgoldcross wapentake, L.D. -Population, 1,388 *1; Church-room, 1,200 *2; Net value, £300 -The town of Kellington belonged to the Lacies, Barons of Pontefract. And Adam Fitz-Swaine gave to the Knights Templars or Hospitallers, eight oxgangs of land therein; and one Raimand gave another oxgang.

This Church, in which was a Chantry, was appropriated to the Preceptory at Newland, to which it was given by Henry de Lacy.

At the Dissolution of the Knights Templars, the patronage was given to Trinity College, Cambridge.

Torre, in his notice of this Vicarage, is silent as to the endowment. The first named in his close catalogue, page 656, was instituted in 1293.

The Vicarage is valued in Pope Nicholas's Taxation at £8 per annum ; in the King's Books at £9. 8s. 10d. per annum; and in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xviii. page 387, at £100.

" The Vicar of Kellington, in Yorkshire, is entitled to the small tithes of the parish in kind; to the great and small tithes of Armroid Close; to the tithes of turnips grown in common fields of the townships of Kellington, Beal, Edgeborough, and Whitley, which are drawn and eaten by barren cattle, and to the tithe of feeding barren cattle; but all sheep bought before the 13th of February and sold after that time before they are clipped, he is only entitled to one penny a sheep, in lieu of the agistment thereof." -Paddy v. Dickson. 4 Wood, page 19.

" The Vicar of Kellington, in Yorkshire, is not entitled to the small tithes of the lands called the Broad Lands, in the township of Beal; and he is only entitled to one penny for each sheep brought in before Old Candlemas-day, and sold out before shearing day, in lieu of the agistment tithes of such sheep." -Paddy v. Foulds. 4 Wood, page 363.

" The Vicar of Kellington is entitled to the tithes of the agistment of barren and unprofitable cattle." - Almond v. Trinity College, Cambridge, 2 Wood, page 442.

Inclosures, 12th Geo. III. and 31st Geo. III. (Beal and Kellingley), 31st Geo. III. (Kellington), 39th and 40th Geo. III., and 1st and 2nd Geo. IV.

Torre gives a list of the Vicars.

The glebe house is fit for residence.

The Register Books commence in 1637.

Doles. £5 per annum is paid out of the poor's-rates, as the interest of some benefactions expended by the parish in building cottages for poor houses.

Rent-charge. 6s. 8d. per annum, out of land belonging to Samuel Crompton, Esq. These sums are distributed on St. Thomas's-day among widows and poor persons. -Vide 19th Report, page 551.

Post town: Ferrybridge.

Vid. Nonae Roll, page 230. Torre's MS. page 655. Abp. Sharp's MS. vol. i. pages 164. 162. Wood's MS. (Bodleian) No. 5,101. Gentleman's Magazine, vol. ci. page 13. Mon. Angl. vol. vi. page 835.

*1 Viz Beaghall, 563; Egbrough, 220; Kellington, 296; Whitley, 310. Whitley is partly in the parish of Snaith.

*2 As returned in 1818. No return was made in 1834.

Other information:
WHITLEY. -(Parish of Kellington.)-Here was a Chantry, which was valued, at the Dissolution, at £2. 0s. 10½d. per annum.

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