CONONLEY: Cononley Baptist Church History up to 1912.



The Cononley Church has a history of some sixty years, at the beginning of which we find a company of Baptists meeting in a room for worship, and originating a Sunday school. From the room they proceeded to the Oddfellows' Hall. As some members of the Sutton Church resided at Cononley, the time was at length considered opportune for assuming a separate responsibility, and on Christmas Eve, 1861, a Church was constituted by Rev. W. E. Archer, of Sutton. It was not until 1874 that the way was made plain for the Church to build. A site having been procured, a committee of members of Sutton and Cononley prepared a bazaar which realised £200. The chapel was opened on Good Friday, 1877. A debt of £470 remained, to be for some years a sore burden to so small a community, but this was at last removed by the generous assistance of Sutton. The Church has throughout its history been supplied by lay preachers.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the "Present Churches" section of
The Baptists of Yorkshire
by Rev. J. Brown Morgan
and Rev. C.E. Shipley