Cowling, War Memorial transcription


Kildwick parish:

Cowling, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial at Cowling in the churchyard.

The front of the War Memorial (see also Photo)

1914 - 1918
To Our Glorious Dead

Lieut.R. Hall-Watt
Sgt.G. Jackson
Sgt.J. Hartley
Sgt.G. Thorpe
Cpl.W. Greaves
Cpl.J. Binns

L.Cpl.A. Smith Gnr.J.W. Whittaker
Gnr.C. Fryer Sap.W. Snowden
Sig.A.C. Benson Dri.E. Haywood
Dri.M. Rishworth Pte.S. Bradley
1939 - 1945

Lieut.D.G Smith
Gnr.E. Bannister

The right hand side of the War Memorial (see also Photo)

Pte.F. Smith
Pte.A. Shuttleworth
Pte.L. Shuttleworth
A.B. SeamanJ.W. Benson
Pte.A. Edmondson
Sig.G.W. Gott
Pte.H.E. Watson
Pte.S. Laycock
Pte.G.H. Whitaker
Pte.W. Smith
Pte.R. Whitehall
Pte.T.E. Berry
Pte.F. Smith
Sig.S.J. Hargreaves
Mne.V. Bradley
SeamanH. Gibb

The rear of the War Memorial (see also Photo)

Sgt.J. Bancroft D.C.M., M.M.
L.Cpl.W. Benson
Sap.S. Bancroft
Pte.R. Benson
Pte.H.H. Bailey
Pte.F. Binns
Pte.W. Smith
Pte.T. Emmott
Pte.G. Sykes
Pte.J.H. Maslin
Pte.C. Ogden
Pte.J. Gill
Pte.C.C. Robinson
Pte.M. Teal

The left hand side of the War Memorial (see also Photo)

Pte.A. Hargreaves
Pte.J. Redman
Pte.F. Benson
Pte.W. Hewitt
Pte.L. Binns
Pte.F. Henman
Pte.J. Shuttleworth
Pte.H. Davey
Pte.G. Ion
Pte.J.W. Smith
Pte.E. Snowden
Pte.J. Catlow
Pte.J. Hacking
Pte.R. Smith
Sgt.T. Gill
Sgt.D. Hudson

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson