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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for KILDWICK in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Kildwick, Richard Robinson, Post master
  • Post Office, Cross Hills, James Stack, Post master

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Brook Mr. Booth, Silsden
  • Clough Mr. Joshua, Valley, near Sutton
  • Clough Mr. William, Bent, near Sutton
  • Flesher Mr. Henry, Doubler stones, near Silsden
  • Gill Mr. James, Houlden park, near Silsden
  • Harper Mr. Richard Walters, Sutton
  • Heaton Mr. Joseph, Sutton house
  • Heaton Thomas Driver, esq. Stubbing hall, Sutton
  • Heeles Rev. Richard, Silsden
  • Ianson Mr. John, Silsden
  • Jones Captain John J. Eastburn
  • Longbottom Mr. Joseph, Silsden
  • Longbottom Mr. William, Silsden
  • Marsh Rev. Jonathan David, Glusburn
  • Pering Rev. John, Kildwick
  • Spencer William, esq. Malsis hall, Sutton
  • Stirk Mr. William, Cragg, near Sutton
  • Summerscales Mr. John, Silsden
  • Summerscales Mr. William, Silsden
  • Walton Rev. Nathaniel, Cowling hill
  • Wilson Matthew, esq. Kildwick hall
  • Wright Mr. Joseph, Brunthwaite

Academies & Schools,

  • Petty Richard, Cross Hills
  • Storey John, Cross Hills
  • Wade John, Silsden


  • Cowling Richard, Steeton
  • Gill Thomas, Silsden
  • Greenwood George, Glusburn
  • Hopkinson Thomas, Cross Hills
  • Lambert Thomas, Silsden
  • Simpson William & Son, Kildwick
  • Spencer Hugh, Silsden
  • Weatherhead William, Silsden
  • Wilkinson Thomas, Eastburn

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Barrett David, Farnhill
  • Ellis William, Kildwick
  • Fortune Thomas, Silsden
  • Gill James, Silsden
  • Nelson Richard, Steeton
  • Parkinson John, Glusburn
  • Parkinson Robert, Cross Hills
  • Shuttleworth Edward, Sutton
  • Shuttleworth Lawrence, Cross Hills
  • Spencer William, Sutton
  • Spencer William, Farnhill
  • Wade Jonas, Silsden
  • Wade William, Silsden
  • Wilson John, Silsden
  • Wilson William, Steeton


  • Bottomley Henry, Silsden
  • Bottomley Thomas, Silsden
  • Gill & Wade, Silsden
  • Ramsden John, Sutton
  • Stirk John, Sutton
  • Throup Matthew, Silsden
  • Turner James, Kildwick
  • Wade Joseph, Steeton

Clog & Patten Makers,

  • Smith Benjamin, Cross Hills
  • Swire Elias, Cross Hills

Coal Dealers,

  • Clarkson William, Silsden
  • Shackleton John, Sutton
  • Sugden John, Farnhill
  • Whiteoak William, Farnhill


  • Berry William, Silsden
  • Riley John, Sutton

Joiners & Builders,

  • Atkinson Abraham, Silsden
  • Gill John, Silsden
  • Jackson Thomas, Sutton
  • Longbottom Isaac, Steeton
  • Smith Dennis, Silsden
  • Tempest John, Sutton
  • Wade Robert, Silsden
  • Wade William, Silsden
  • Wilson Rowland, Cross Hills

Lapping Board Makers,

  • Dixon John, Glusburn
  • Harrison John, Glusburn
  • Lund James, Eastburn

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Turner Ann, Kildwick
  • Wilson George, Cross Hills
  • Wilson James, Cross Hills
  • Wilson John & Thomas, Cross Hills

Machine Makers,

  • Jackson Robert, Sutton
  • Longbottom John, Steeton
  • Longbottom William, Sutton


  • Bairstow John, Steeton
  • Pickard Joseph, Silsden


  • Bairstow John, Steeton
  • Cockshott Dennis, Silsden
  • Pearson Guy, Glusburn

Nail Makers,

  • Bairom George, Silsden
  • Cowling Samuel, Silsden
  • Fortune Charles, Silsden
  • Fortune Samuel, Silsden
  • Inman William, Silsden
  • Spencer William, Silsden
  • Sugden John, Silsden
  • Tillotson James, Silsden
  • Tillotson William, Silsden

Plumbers, Glaziers, &c.

  • Bottomley Samuel, Cross Hills
  • Bracewell Henry, Silsden

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Berry John, Silsden
  • Bottomley Benjamin, Sutton
  • Clapham Henry, Cross Hills
  • Clough Ann, Sutton
  • Davy Sarah, Kildwick
  • Dixon John, Glusburn
  • Dixon Thomas, Silsden
  • Flesher William, Silsden
  • Fortune Joseph, Silsden
  • Harper Richard, Steeton
  • Hill Jane, Farnhill
  • Hudson Robert, Glusburn
  • Inman Joseph, Silsden
  • Longbottom John, Steeton
  • McDowall Martha, Cross Hills
  • Mitchell George, Silsden
  • Netherwood Margaret, Silsden
  • Petty Richard, Sutton
  • Shuttleworth John, Silsden
  • Smith Dennis, Silsden
  • Spencer William, Sutton
  • Stott Joseph, Eastburn
  • Swire Thomas, Cross Hills
  • Throup James, Silsden
  • Turner William, Kildwick
  • Walton Joseph, Sutton
  • Watson George, Cross Hills
  • Wilkins Stephen, Eastburn

Stone Masons,

  • Crabtree William, Sutton
  • Tillotson Thymas, Silsden

Stuff Manufacturers,

  • Bairstow Thomas, Steeton
  • Bottomley Mary, Sutton
  • Clapham Joshua, Steeton
  • Clough John, Cross Hills
  • Clough William, Sutton
  • Green Bernard, Sutton
  • Hartley John (spinner) Sutton
  • Jackson Stephen, Sutton
  • Pearson Thomas & Son, Steeton
  • Smith Joseph & Benjamin (& spinners) Cross Hills
  • Stansfield John (& spinner) Cross Hills
  • Sugden John, Steeton
  • Sugden William, Steeton
  • Turner William & Son, Cross Hills
  • Walton Joseph, Sutton
  • Wilkins Joseph, Steeton
  • Wilkins William, Eastburn
  • Wright William, Silsden


  • Mitchell William Greenwood, Cross Hills
  • Slack Samuel Crossley, Cross Hills


  • Bottomley James, Cross Hills
  • Clarkson Richard, Silsden
  • Davy John, Sutton
  • Johnson Thomas, Silsden
  • Kay Samuel, Silsden
  • Petty Richard, Sutton

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, John Jackson, Sutton
  • Black Bull, John Hewitt, Sutton
  • Goat's Head, George Coates, Steeton
  • King's Arms, William Longbottom, Sutton
  • King's Arms, James Pickard, Silsden
  • Punch Bowl, Thomas Throup, Silsden
  • Red Lion, Henry Smith, Glusburn
  • Red Lion, William Weatherhead, Silsden
  • Shepherd's Inn, William Laycock, Sutton
  • Ship, William Palfreeman, Farnhill
  • Star, Joseph Wilkins, Steeton
  • Thanet Arms, Joshua Longbottom, Silsden
  • White Bear, Henry Stirk, Cross Hills
  • White Bear, John Wilkinson, Eastburn
  • White Lion, Richard Robinson, Kildwick

Retailers of Beer,

  • Fortune David, Silsden
  • Gill Thomas, Silsden
  • Laycock John, Sutton
  • Riley James, Glusburn
  • Wade John, Silsden

Turner in Wood,

  • Longbottom Joshua, Silsden


  • Barratt Thomas, Eastburn
  • Berry Christopher, Silsden
  • Cockhutt John, Glusburn
  • Cowling William, Silsden
  • Lambert William, Silsden
  • Wilson Edmund, Sutton


  • Cockshott Christopher, Silsden
  • Dawson Jeremiah, Silsden


  • Barratt Peter, millwright, Sutton
  • Berry James, sizer, Sutton
  • Clarke John, nursery & seedsman, Silsden
  • Cockshott Lister, currier, Silsden
  • Green Leonard, lime burner, Silsden
  • Jackson George, tallow chandler, Silsden
  • Jackson Joseph, overseer, Sutton
  • Laycock William, chair maker, Cringles
  • Lister James, collector of taxes, Sutton
  • Massey James & Son, cotton manufacturers, Sutton --- William Walters, manager
  • Mitchell Jonathan, whitesmith, Silsden
  • Newton Jonas, wharfinger, Silsden
  • Page Thomas, druggist, Silsden
  • Parish James, butter factor, Eastburn
  • Shackleton Robert, slater, Sutton
  • Shuttleworth James, nail dealer, Sutton
  • Thornber Thomas & John, tanners, Silsden


  • To Bradford, Nathan Jackson, from Sutton, and Ann & Richard Clarkson, from Silsden, every Thursday
  • To Keighley, James Brigg, from Sutton, every Wednesday & Friday, and Ann & Richard Clarkson, & William Laycock, from Silsden, every Wednesday
  • To Skipton, Henry Summerscales and Ann & Richard Clarkson, from Silsden, every Saturday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000