KILDWICK: SUGDEN burials - Kildwick Parish Church 1575-1812

Transcribed by Tana Johnson, 1997

YearMonthDayChristian nameAgeRelationChristian Name(s)OccupationAbode
1575Oct14William infant   
1694Mar7Richard child ofRichard  
1695Oct2Grace child ofRichard  
1696Oct18Richard   a pauper 
1696May1Martha dWilliam of Sutton
1697Apr3'--- infant ofRichardnot baptised 
1699Dec22William    of Sutton
1699Feb25Margarita dThomas of Sutton
1701Jun Margarita widow ofWilliam of sutton
1701Nov18Anna wife ofThomas of sutton
1711Aug16Maria dRobert of Silsden
1712Jun30Maria    of Addingham
1713Nov4Thomas senex  of Sutton
1720Apr4Joseph sThomas & Frances,weaverof Sutton
1723Oct4John, a joiner 
1726Sep18Martha dThomas & Frances,comberof Sutton
1728May15John sThomas & Frances,weaverof Sutton
1730Jun7Benjamin sThomas & Frances,labourerof Sutton
1730Feb30Henry sJohn & Mary,weaverof Glusburn
1734Oct9Mary widow ofRichard,clothierof Glusburn
1737Nov25Thomas   comberof Sutton
1741  Mary   spinsterof Silsden Moor
1742  Ann dJohn & Mary,weaverof Glusburn
1744Jul26Rachel dThomas the elder & Franceslabourerof sutton
1746Dec15Joseph sJohn & Sarah,masonof Steeton
1747May5Mary wife ofColbeck,weaverof Cowling
1748Feb14John,   mason ofSteeton
1757Dec17Abraham sWilliam & Jane,masonof Sutton
1758Jun22Frances widow ofThomas,labourerof Sutton
1763Dec27Thomas aged 58, blacksmithof Sutton
1764May29Henry sThomas & Ann,blacksmithof Sutton
1765Jun28Ann widow ofThomas of Sutton
1765Feb12Mary of Kildwick widow ofAbraham of Keighley
1767May23Agnes wife ofIsaac,woolcomberof Glusburn
1767Oct8John   weaverof Glusburn
1768Apr13Mary widow ofJohnweaverof Glusburn
1798Jul1John aged 49, masonof Sutton
1798Aug20Olivia55wife ofWilliam of Steeton
1798Nov4Martha70widow ofRichard of Glusburn
1800Sep11John21a bachelor, masonof sutton
1803Feb20William sJonas & Martha,millerof Bradley
1803Feb22Mary64wife ofWilliam of Glusburn
1804Dec16Jonathan58,  weaverof Sutton
1807Mar7Dennis14 weekssJonas & Martha,millerof Bradley
1808May18John72,  woolcomberof Cowling
1808Sep6William54,  woolcomberof Bradley
1812Jun11Abraham18 dayssJonas & Martha,millerof Bradley

Copyright © 1997 Tana Willis Johnson. All rights reserved.