Kirkburton parish:


Shepley, War Memorial transcription:

The 1914-18 and 1939-1945 War Memorial Shepley.

See photographs for a view of the location and

a closer view of the statue on top of the memorial.

The memorial is located about 400 metres to the South East of the village shops in the woods behind Shepley First School, OS map reference 196095

It lists the names of those who served as well as those who died in the First World War, and also of those who died in the Second World War.

To those who fell: (see also Photo)

IN THE GREAT WAR, 1914-1918

Beever G H Matthews A
Berry B Matthews H
Berry E Mellor B
Boothroyd R Morley F
Botterill A R Mosley A
Cockhill P Mosley P
Coe H Plaiter J W
Cowling O Plaiter T
Dransfield E Priestley A
Ellis H Roebuck R
Fretwell F Senior J W
Hallas F Shaw D
Hallas S I Shaw F
Hanson J H Smith Hy
Hardcastle H Smith Hbt
Hartley W Smith W C
Hawes R Sunderland J L
Heap W Umpleby G E
Holroyd F F Wlliamson A E
Irvine D Windle K
Irvine H M Wood D
Lockwood N Wood E
Lodge H A Wortley D H
Lindley H Wortley H
Marsden H  

Those who served, plaque 1: (see also Photo)


Adamson J P Bradley A H Ely C
Adamson A Bradley C Ely J A
Adamson E Brammah H England A
Addy A Bramman T England H
Addy E Broadbent H E Firth P
Addy P Broadbent E Furness A
Aidy L D Brook H Furness B
Armitage A Burton H Garrett E
Armitage W Charlesworth G Gelder I
Aspinall J Charlesworth J Gelder P
Baird W Chambers J Gelder S
Barden F Cockhill Albt Gill H
Barrett A W Cockhill A Gill W
Battye H Cockhill J Goldthorpe H V
Beaumont W Coleman W Hadfield T
Beever W Dransfield A Haigh H W
Berry K Dransfield J W Hallatt E
Biltcliffe B Driver H Hallas G
Booth H Dove J W Halls J E
Bower A Edmundson J Hallas L
Bower H Ellis G Hardcastle W
Bowker J H Ellis J Hardy N
Boves A G Ellis J H Hardy L
Boyes G H Ellis W Harness J W

Those who served, plaque 2: (see also Photo)

Harrison B Kaye G W Morton H
Harrison W Kaye J Mosley Albt
Hawthornthwaite P Kaye N Mosley Ar
Heeley G H Kenyon W H Mosley B
Hey W Kershaw F Mosley J
Heywood J King P N Mosley W
Heywood M Lee H H Mosley R
Hirst H Lockwood A Mosley H
Holden G E Lockwood B Moorhouse J
Holden N V Lockwood R Noble G
Holden T G Lockwood W H Nottingham A
Holroyd G Marshall G H Parker L
Holroyd P Matthews D Parkin E
Holroyd W H Matthews N Parkin H
Holroyd J Matthews S Parkin J H
Horn H Matthews W A Payne C E P
Hopper A Measham R G Payne A W
Howgate W H Meakin C Peace A
Hoyle H Mellor N Peace A R
Hutchinson E Mellor L Pilling A E
Hutchinson H Mellor S Plaiter G
Hutchinson N Mellor J Plaiter W R
Hunter H Morton D Priestley H
  Riddle N  

Those who served, plaque 3: (see also Photo)

Riding W Smith G D Townend E
Roberts Jos Smith J Townend J D
Roberts Jas Smith S H Tyas A
Roebuck J H Smith G Umpleby E R
Roebuck H Smith W E Umpleby J A
Roebuck J F Smith H Wadsworth W C
Roebuck A Stead T Washington G P
Rowley N Stephenson A W Washington H I
Rushworth A H Stephenson W Washington J
Secker F Stewart R E Webster H B
Secker N Sunderland H Whitehead E
Senior Edwd Sunderland J H Williams T E
Senior Edg Swift B Wilson T G
Senior C Swift J N Windle G
Senior N Swift J H Windle P
Senior H Swift W E Wood W E
Senior H J Tann G A Woodcock H
Sharpe A Tann H Woodcock R
Shaw F Tann P Woodhead G K
Shaw H Thickett H Woodhead E
Smith A R Thorpe C R Worsley F
Smith E Thorpe D Wortley E
Smith G H Tinker R Wortley C S

1939-1945: (see also Photo)


Hilda Bailey Brooke A Hirst J Sadler W
Battye H K Faulkner D Irvine R Senior J
Brook G Hey H Oades F  

Data transcribed by
Robert Ward ©2001
from photography by himself