Kirkby Malzeard parish:


Kirkby Malzeard, Benefactions transcription:

The Charity of Mrs Elizabeth Walker in St. Andrew's Church, Kirkby Malzeard.

THE Charity
of MRS. Elizabeth
Walker of Grewelthorp who
by Her last Will bearing date ye.
16th, of August, 1703, left four Pounds
to be paid yearly for putting out, 2, poor
Boys Apprentices born &, to be born in
Grewelthorp at ye, discretion of my Execu-
-tor & the. 24 of the Parish likewise one
Pound Yearly to ye, poor of Grewelthorp
also one Pound Yearly to ye, poor of Kirby-
-malzard & whereas Catharine Grainge
my Aunt did intrust me with 15 Pounds
for the use of ye, Poor of the aforesaid
Townships; My Will is y. 10. shillings
to be paid Yearly to ye, poor of Grewelthorp
&. five shillings Yearly to the poor of
Kirbymalzard all which Sums and
Payments I charge to be paid Yearly
& every Year for ever out of my Lands
& Tenements lying at Grewelthop a
{ Mrs. Walker's will bears Date 16th. of August. 1703, and
{ was Buried Septr. 19th, the said year

Data transcribed by
Lin Duke © 2015.
from photography by Colin Hinson