KIRKBY WHARFE: Kirkby Wharfe MIs, Graves in the Churchyard Extension.



Introduction(Colin Hinson, June 2002.)
In these web-pages you will find the results of a lot of hard work by various people. The original transcriptions from the gravestones were recorded by Dr. Ann Belt (now Hartley) and Rita Wood in 1975.

The results of this work were placed with the Borthwick and with the York FHS. The copies with the Borthwick appear to have laid untouched, however it has been verified that they are still there. The copies with the York FHS appear to have suffered a similar fate. Early in 2002, John Price (in Louisiana, USA) wrote to me saying that he had a copy of the MIs which he had transcribed into spreadsheet format and would I be interested in placing them on the Genuki site. I replied saying that I would indeed be interested and he sent me a copy of his files. As these were not in a format I could easily deal with, I asked if he could change the format for me. John said that he was prepared to do the work required and on a visit to the UK, he checked the stones and re-formatted all the transcriptions so that what you see on the web pages is how they appear on the gravestones. John also added the many MIs from the churchyard extension and asked that the following paragraph be included:

I would like to request that credit is given to Mr. Ian Ivel. I have only met him three times, twice at the church and once very briefly at my residence. It appears that he has taken it upon himself to maintain the church as best he can, and expended a significant effort in managing the churchyard. Several gravestones have been re erected, straightened and repaired. Undergrowth has been cut back, shrubbery trimmed and the grass cut. Not only has he been responsible for keeping the graveyard in an attractive condition, but he has also ensured that at least six more inscriptions are available to us which were apparently not visible when Ann & Rita made their records.
Mr. Ivel also goes to some lengths to share the information he has with visitors.

John has also produced two maps, the one of the churchyard being from the original by Ann and Rita. Please note that when accessed, the maps will appear in a separate Window, so you can switch between the MIs and the plan(s) by switching Windows.

The MIs are divided into two sections:

Transcriptions originally recorded by
Dr. Ann Belt (now Hartley) and Rita Wood (1975)
Added to by Mr. Ian Ivel (2001)
Revised by John Price (2002)