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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for KIRKHEATON in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Miscellany of trades

  • Dalton is a populous maufacturing township, in the parish of Kirkheaton, about
  • one mile therefrom. The manufactures in this township are of the same nature as
  • Kirkheaton, for which there are several very extensive establishments. The
  • Swedenborgians have a chapel here. The township contained, by the last returns,
  • 3,060 inhabitants.

Miscellany of trades

  • Lepton is likewise a populous township, in the same parish as Dalton, about
  • three miles and a half east by south from Huddersfield. In addition to
  • manufactories for woollen cloth and fancy goods, several scribbling and fulling
  • mills are dispersed through the township and its vicinity. Population according
  • to the returns at the last census, 3,320.

Miscellany of trades

  • Emley is a village, in the parish of its name, in the same wapentake and riding
  • as Kirkheaton, about 8 miles from Huddersfield. This is an agricultural parish,
  • and contains no manufactures. The places of worship are the parish church,
  • dedicated to St. Michael, and a chapel each for Wesleyan and primitive
  • methodists. The living of Emley is a rectory, in the gift of the Earl of
  • Scarborough, and incumbency of the Rev. Robery Pym. Two annual fairs are held
  • here, one on the 25th of March, the other on the 29th of September, for cattle,
  • earthenware, &c. The parish (which has no dependent township), contained, by the
  • census taken in 1821, 1,351, and by the last returns (1831) 1,445 inhabitants.
  • Flockton is a chapelry and village, in the parish of Thornhill, in the same
  • wapentake and riding as Kirkheaton, 7 miles e.s.e. from Huddersfield. In this
  • chapelry and the neighbouring township of Shitlington, are extensive coal mines.
  • The places of worship are a chapel of ease to Thornhill, and one for calvinists.
  • The living of Flockton is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of trustees : the Rev.
  • Thomas Rogers, is the incumbent. Population of the chapelry, at the census taken
  • in 1831, 995.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Atkinson Charles, Bradley mills
  • Beaumont Richard Henry, esq. Whitley hall
  • Brooke John, esq. Dalton
  • Hinchcliffe Mrs. Elizabeth, Dalton
  • Hutchinson Mr. William Denby, Flockton
  • Kaye John Lister Lister, bart. Denby grange hall
  • Kettlewell Rev. William, Dalton
  • Margetson Rev. Edward, Dalton
  • Noble Mr. Luke, Dalton
  • Pym Rev. Robert, Emley
  • Sykes Mr. Shakspeare, Lepton
  • Walker Joseph, esq. Lepton
  • Walker Mr. Samuel, Lepton

Academies & Schools,

  • Bevers David, Emley
  • Brook John, Dalton
  • Free Grammar School, Dalton --- George Sykes Dyson, master
  • Kettlewell Rev. William (gent's boarding) Dalton
  • Mellor Abraham, Kirkheaton
  • Mellor Joshua, Flockton


  • Bedford Joseph, Lepton
  • Bedford William, Grange moor, Lepton
  • Bottomley Joshua, Flockton
  • Brown Matthew, Emley
  • Cardwell Jonathan, Flockton
  • Cardwell Thomas, Lepton
  • Dransfield Francis, Kirkheaton
  • Newhill Thomas & Son, Dalton
  • Parker Francis, Emley
  • Smith John, Emley

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Bedford Joseph, Emley
  • Firth Joseph, Emley
  • Hepworth Jonathan, Flockton
  • Hill John, Dalton
  • Jackson John, Lepton
  • Kenworthy John, Lepton
  • Lodge John, Emley
  • Naylor Charles, Flockton
  • Parker George, Emley
  • Rhodes Samuel, Flockton


  • Abbott John, Flockton
  • Astwick Thomas, Flockton
  • Child Abraham, Lepton
  • Ewart Robert, Dalton
  • Grayson John, Emley
  • Hepworth Joseph, Emley
  • Horn William, Kirkheaton
  • Hudson Thomas, Lepton
  • Littlewood George, Emley
  • Mountain William, Flockton
  • Senior John, Flockton
  • Spivey Richard, Lepton
  • Stringer J. Lepton
  • Sutcliffe Joseph, Lepton
  • Whittaker Henry

Carpenters & Joiners,

  • Astwick Richard, Flockton
  • Braithwaite John, Flockton
  • Brown Benjamin, Kirkheaton
  • Brown James, Kirkheaton
  • Brown Joseph, Kirkheaton
  • Gill John, Emley
  • Hammerton John, Lepton
  • Hammerton John, Lepton
  • Hoyland Joseph, Lepton
  • Jackson William, Emley
  • Jessop George (machine maker) Lepton
  • Schofield William (& timber dealer) Kirkheaton
  • Sowerby William, Emley
  • Swallow Joseph, Emley
  • Whitlum Joseph, Emley

Cattle Dealers,

  • Harrison John, Lepton
  • Lodge Joseph, Dalton
  • Stancliff James, Kirkheaton
  • Stancliff John, Kirkheaton

Cloth Dressers,

  • Atkinson Joseph (& frizer) Bradley mills
  • Garthwaite John, Kirkheaton
  • Schofield John, Dalton
  • Schofield Matthew, Dalton

Coal Merchants & Dealers,

  • Dawson William, Lepton
  • Jagger & Ness, Lepton edge
  • Jagger Matthew & James, Emley moor
  • Marsh William, Kirkheaton
  • Milnes & Stansfield, Flockton
  • Mountain George, Flockton
  • Ness & Co. Lepton
  • Stringer Edward Emley, Woodhouse


  • Armitage William, Bradley mills
  • Fearnhead James, Dalton

Linen Drapers,

  • Silverwood John, Emley
  • Swallow Jonathan, Emley
  • Swift Martha, Emley

Logwood Grinders,

  • Ellam & Kirk, Bradley mills, Dalton


  • Bedford Thomas, Kirkby Emley
  • Hall Joseph, Lepton
  • Kay William, Flockton
  • Sykes Joseph, Lepton
  • Sykes Nathaniel, Lepton

Manufacturers of Fancy Goods,

  • Broadbent George, Dalton
  • Broadbent James, Dalton
  • Burnet James, Kirkheaton
  • Frost George, Dalton
  • Hallas David, Lepton
  • Horton Thomas, Kirkheaton
  • Jenkinson James, Kirkheaton
  • Jessop Thomas, Lepton
  • Kirby John, Kirkheaton
  • Kirby William, Kirkheaton
  • Lodge Matthew, Lepton
  • Marsden David, Lepton
  • Milner Joseph, Dalton
  • Nowell William, jun. (& merchant) Lepton
  • Oldroyd Matthias, Lepton
  • Pollard John, Kirkheaton
  • Pollard John, jun. Kirkheaton
  • Pollard William, Dalton
  • Senior George & Son, Dalton
  • Senior James, Lepton
  • Shaw James, Lepton
  • Shaw John, Lepton
  • Shaw Jonathan, Lepton
  • Simeon James, Lepton
  • Sykes Richard, Kirkheaton
  • Tolson James, Dalton
  • Wilby Joseph, Lepton
  • Wood Joshua & Sons (& merchants) Dalton

Manufacturers of Woollen Cloths,

  • Atkinson Thomas (& merchant) Bradley mills
  • Cockhill Thomas & Richard, Dalton
  • Coppley John, Lepton
  • Dawson James, Kirkheaton
  • Dyson Hanby, Grange moor, Lepton
  • Dyson John & William, Emley moor

Millers -- Corn,

  • Booth Ann, Dalton
  • Horn Mary, Lepton
  • Redfearn Benjamin, Flockton mill

Scribblers & Fulling Millers,

  • Atkinson Thomas (assignees of -- fullers) Bradley mills
  • Brook George, Lepton
  • Dawson William, Lepton
  • Wilkinson Abraham (scribbling) Bradley mills
  • Wilkinson Henry (scribbling) Bradley mills
  • Wilson Hannah & Co. Lepton
  • Wood John, Lepton

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Astwick John, Flockton
  • Beaumont William, Lepton
  • Blackburn Charles, Emley park
  • Bradley Edward, Flockton
  • Braithwaite Alice, Flockton
  • Broadbent Joseph, Dalton
  • Child William, Flockton
  • Clayton John, Lepton
  • Durrans James, Lepton
  • Dyson John & William, Emley moor
  • France Joseph, Kirkheaton
  • Garthwaite John, Kirkheaton
  • Haigh James, Lepton
  • Haigh John, Emley
  • Hallis Richard, Lepton
  • Helem Joseph, Emley moor
  • Littlewood Charles, Emley
  • Lodge Matthew, Lepton
  • Mallinson Elizabeth, Lepton
  • Marsh William, Kirkheaton
  • Moulson Robert, Lepton
  • Mountain Joseph, Flockton
  • Newhill Charles, Dalton
  • Norcliff Samuel, Lepton
  • North Richard, Lepton
  • Oldroyd Abraham, Kirkheaton
  • Pickard George, Flockton
  • Pickles Thomas, Grange moor, Lepton
  • Sheard Matthew, Kirkheaton
  • Silverwood John, Emley
  • Spivey John, Lepton
  • Stancliff Charles, Kirkheaton
  • Swallow Jonathan, Emley
  • Swift Martha, Emley
  • Sykes Charles, Kirkheaton
  • Sykes Joseph, Lepton
  • Tolson Robert James, Lepton
  • Webster George, Lepton
  • Wood Joseph, Lepton

Stone Masons,

  • Blakeley John, Flockton
  • Dickinson George, Flockton
  • Dyson Henry Leah, Emley
  • France James, Kirkheaton
  • Hirst Joshua, Dalton


  • Bennett Abraham, Flockton
  • Tatterson Joseph, Lepton


  • Beckett William, Emley
  • Bever John, Emley moor
  • Bever Thomas, Emley
  • Hoyle Jabez, Flockton
  • Johnson Thomas, Flockton
  • Lockwood Joseph, Emley
  • Townend Henry, Flockton

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Angel, George Mountain, Flockton
  • Beaumont Arms, David Thornton, Kirkheaton
  • Black Horse, Mary Gomersall, Dalton
  • Blacksmiths' Arms, Armitage Eaton, Kirkheaton
  • Blacksmiths' Arms, Charles Stockwell, Lepton
  • Brown Cow, James Hirst, Kirkheaton
  • Coach, Ann Hepworth, Emley
  • Druid's Arms, Thomas Lee, Kirkheaton
  • Freemasons' Arms, George Sheard, Kirkheaton
  • George & Dragon, Hannah Lyles, Flockton
  • Green Dragon, James Gill, Emley
  • Grove Inn, John Divers, Dalton
  • Kaye's Arms, Jane Ness, Lepton
  • Red Lion, Thomas Kaye, Lepton
  • Spangled Bull, William Schofield, Kirkheaton
  • Star, Joseph Sutcliffe, Lepton
  • Sun, John Abbott, Flockton
  • Tandem Inn, John Sykes, Lepton
  • Three Crowns, Charles Fitton, Lepton
  • White Horse, William Popplewell, Emley
  • White Horse, Thomas Wood, Lepton

Retailers of Beer,

  • Blacker Thomas, Emley
  • Clegg William, Flockton
  • Fearnhead James, Dalton
  • Hallas John, Emley moor
  • Kaye Eli, Flockton moor
  • Mountain Thomas, Flockton
  • Shaw James, Dalton


  • Adamson Thomas, Emley moor
  • Bedford James & Co. Emley
  • Clegg William, Flockton
  • Hardy John, Lepton
  • Kay David, Emley
  • Kay John & Son, Emley
  • Swift Benjamin, Dalton


  • Armitage James, card maker, Kirkheaton
  • Dyson Thomas, cooper, Emley
  • Parker Francis, ironmonger, Emley
  • Pontey William, gardener, Kirkheaton
  • Pontey William & Francis, nursery & seedsmen, Kirkheaton
  • Snowden Joseph, plumber &c. Lepton
  • Stringer William, hat manufacturer, Emley moor
  • Wilson John, land agent to Sir John L.L.Kaye, of Denby, Flockton


  • To London, Deacon & Co.'s Vans pass through Lepton, every Tues. Thurs. & Sat.
  • To Huddersfield, Deacon & Co.'s Vans pass through Lepton, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday -- & Robert Hepworth, from Emley, every Tuesday
  • To Wakefield, Deacon & Co. pass through Lepton, every Mon. Weds. Thurs. & Sat.

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000