Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: KNARESBOROUGH.     Church dedication: ST. JOHN BAPTIST.     Church type: Vicarage in charge.

Area, 11,970 acres. Claro wapentake *1. -Population, 10,214 *2; Church-room, 2,000; Net value, £393. -The Church was originally given to the Priory at Nostel, but on Id. November 1230, it was appropriated to the Prebend of Bi-chill (subsequently styled the Prebend of Knaresborough), in the Cathedral Church of York, and a Vicarage was ordained in 1343.

Patron, the Prebendary.

Valued in the King's Books, at £9. 9s. 4½d.

Here was a Chantry dedicated to St. John Baptist and another to Mary Magdalen.

Inclosure Acts 10th, 12th, and 14th Geo. III.; 9th Geo. IV.

Glebe house fit.

The Register Books commence in 1561.

Free Grammar School.

Founded by Dr. Robert Chaloner, 26th October, 14th Jac. I., for the education of all boys, as well poor as rich, within the parishes of Goldsborough and Knaresborough, in " the grammar and accidence, and other inferior books :" the Rector of Goldsborough, and the Vicar of Knaresborough, and sixteen of the inhabitants of the two parishes are trustees. At the time of the Report there were no free scholars. Endowment ; house, rent charge of £20 per annum, and interest of £150, left in 1815, by R. Stockdale, Esq.

Thomas Richardson's Free School, founded by deed, 30th September 1765. Thirty boys and girls are clothed and taught reading, writing, arithmetic, and the principles of religion, and the boys are occasionally placed out apprentices. Endowment ; house, corn-mill, 33a. 2r. 6p. of land, and £1,560 three per cent. consols.

Alice Shepherd's charity, by will, 14th June 1806. Dividends on £8,333. 6s. 8d. three per cents. reduced, to which the Rev. Dr. W. Craven, by deed, in 1812, added £2,000. Navy five per cents.: £200 per annum is applied in clothing and putting out as apprentices fourteen poor boys, and £150 per annum is paid among widows and other aged poor, in sums of £5 each. At the time of the Report there was a balance in hand of above £200, and the Commissioners recommended a temporary increase in the number of annuitants.

Anthony Acham's gift, by will, 27th June 1638 ; £6 per annum. William Carter's charity, 1699 ; rent of 2a. 1r. 17p. of land. Christopher Yeates's, by will, 31st August 1807 ; dividends on £149. 16s. 9d. three per cent. consols. Andrew Holden's, by will, 15th December 1707 ; interest of £20. The above mentioned four Charities are all given in bread.

Lord John Craven's charity, by will, 28th May 1647. Rent of 36a. 2r. 32p. of land, given in sums varying from 6d. to 5s.


William Roundell's charity, by will, 5th July 1729. Moiety of rent charge of £4 per annum, given in sums of 1s. each.

Chris. Lewis's, by will, 1st May 1640. rent charge of 20s. per annum.


Sir Solomon Swales's charity, by deed, 1692. Three-fourths of the rent of 3a. 2r. 33p. of land. The Commissioners recommend that trustees should be appointed. -Vide 3rd Report, page 463.

Torre's MS., page 909. (Monuments, &c.) Bodleian MS., Nos. 5101. and 8487. Bawdwen's Domesday Book (Chenaresburg) pages 36. 167. 206, 207. Hargrove's Hist. of Knaresborough.

*1 A parliamentary borough.

*2 Knaresborough, 5,296 ; Arkendale, 260; Bilton with Harrogate, 2,812; Brearton, 248; Scriven with Tentergate, 1,598. Returned in 1834 at 7142 exclusive of the Chapelries.

Other information:
PRIORY OF KNARESBOROUGH. -This was founded by Geoffery Plantagenet, second son of King John, for Trinitarian Friars, for the redemption of captives, and was first commenced by Robert Flower, a York man, who became a hermit, and was afterwards canonized by the appellation of St. Robert of Knaresborough.

Mon. Angl., vol. vi. page 1565.

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