HARROGATE: Harrogate Congregational Church History up to 1868.



Rev. O. Heywood was an occasional preacher at Harrogate and Knaresborough.

In more recent times, a room was engaged for preaching at the Hope Inn, High Harrogate, now Gascoigne's Hotel. The Rev. W. Howell, of Knaresborough, took the superintendence, and was assisted by students from Rotherham. The successive pastors were-

  • Rev. T. WILDSMITH.
  • In 1821 the Cross Chapel was built near the Dragon Inn.
  • July 17, 1823. Rev. W. ELTRINGHAM (Rotherham College) was ordained.
  • 1827. Rev. J. WHITRIDGE.
  • In 1831, a new chapel was built in Central Harrogate, that being supposed to be the situation best adapted for a congregation, the materials being bought of the Episcopalians, who had previously purchased the Cross Chapel for a national school. After much discomfort the previous church dissolved itself.
  • Rev. H. C. O'DONNOGHUE.
  • After this the chapel was supplied during many years by ministers in the summer, and by students in the winter.
  • The present chapel, which is a beautiful and well-placed edifice, was opened in 1862.
  • 1863. Rev. J. H. GAVIN. After a brief but most effective ministry, Mr. G. died Jan., 1868.

* By aid of W. Howell, Esq.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the Appendix to
Congregationalism in Yorkshire
by James C. Miall, 1868.