Harrogate, Incumbents transcription


Knaresborough parish:

Harrogate, Incumbents transcription:

The list of Ministers in St. Paul's United Reform Church, Harrogate.

Ministers of
St. Paul's
United Reformed Church

1876-1881Rev. James C. Laing 
1882-1887Rev. Robert E. Welsh(later Professor Welsh)
1888-1891Rev. George Moody
1892-1909Rev. J. Scott Cockburn
1910-1919Rev. J. Chalmers Lyon
1920-1936Rev. James Mitchell
1937-1947Rev. Peter McCall(later Moderator of the General Assembly)
1942-1946Rev. E.K. Brockman(Locum while Rev. P. McCall
served as Chaplain in the Royal Navy)
1948-1964Rev. A. Alan Ballie
1965-1979Rev. David Murray Main
1980-1990Rev. Stanley O. Jones
1991-2000Rev. Ian McLeod

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson