Harrogate, Memorial Plaque transcription


Knaresborough parish:

Harrogate, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The Memorial Plaque in St. Peter's Church, Harrogate.

The left hand panel. (see also Photo)

Aked, R.B.C. (M.C.)
Allen, R.
Baker, T.
Bell, D.S. (V.C.)
Billington, L.A.
Bradley, C.
Burton, R.
Carrick, R.L.
Carrick, G.H.
Chapman, G.H.
Chapman, E.D.
Colls, L.B.
Cook, J.B.
Coombes, A.J.C.
Crawford, J.
Croft, J.
Dawson, L.
Draper, A.
Drury, J.
Edgecombe, A.W.
Foote, T.M.
Franklin, J.A.
Gibson, E.H.
Graham, E.A.
Haddlesey, J.W.
Hodgson, W.C.M.
Holmes, H.B.
Hood, W.H.

The right hand panel. (see also Photo)

Ibbotson, W.
Jones, F.B.
Liddell, J.H.T.
Light, T.R.
Linfoot, F.M. (M.M.)
Long, W.A.
Lupton, S.
Malkin, N. H.
Preston, R.
Ramsay, W.
Roberts, R.H.
Rothery, J.W.
Shaw, W.
Sixton, G.H.
Skinner, H.
Smith, A.E.
Smith, H.
Smith, S.L.
Sutcliffe, K.W.
Thompson, C.H.
Thompson, R.
Topham, A.
Topham, C.
Turner, A.
Turner, H.
Waldby, R.A.
Wasling, R.
Webster, G.S.
Yeats, Olive.

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson