Knaresborough Directory of Trades and Professions for 1822


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for KNARESBOROUGH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Post Mistress, Henrietta Parr. Office, High Street.


Academies, Boarding and Day Schools,

  • Cartwright Thos. (classical and commercial) Gracious street
  • Fairlass Sarah, (ladies) High street
  • Free Grammar, Rev. R. Bainbridge master, Church yard
  • Gould Mrs. (day) Chapel yard
  • Jowsey Wm. (day) Savage yard
  • National, (Wm. Waterous) Castle yd.
  • Nursaw Frances Ann, (ladies) Beech hill house
  • Thackray Misses, (day) High street
  • Whitehead Mary, (day) High street
  • Winter John, (day) High street

Agents, (general and particular.),

  • Towlard John) (to the Leeds Mercury) Bond end
  • Ward John, (flax, tow, and yarn) Windsor lane


  • Allen J. M. High street
  • Collins William, Bond end
  • Dinsley William, High street
  • Earnshaw Peter, High street
  • Popplewell Pullan
  • Powell Samuel Gracious street
  • Richardson & Tolson, Market place
  • Taylor Peter, Castle yard


  • Forster Thomas, Castlegate
  • Simpson Richard, Stockwell lane

Bacon and Ham Factors,

  • Eteson William High street
  • Walker John, Market place
  • Walker Robert, High street


  • Coates John, (on Sir James Esdaile & Co. London) High street
  • Harrison, Terrys, and Harrison, (on Willis, Perceval, & Co. London) High street

Blacksmiths and Farriers,

  • Abbey Francis, Back lane
  • Clarkson George, Cistern hill
  • Clayton Wm. (and farrier) High st.
  • Dickinson Thomas, High street
  • Edson William, Cheapside
  • Mason & Mirfield, High street
  • Sanderson John, (& farrier) High st.

Booksellers and Stationers,

  • Barnby Stephen, (binder & stationer) High street
  • Langdale William, (printer and circulating library) High street
  • Wilson George, (printer & circulating library) High street

Boot and Shoe Makers,

  • Allison John, High street
  • Atkinson George, Briggate
  • Baldridge William, Castlegate
  • Broadley John, High street
  • Elwood & Co. High street
  • Heppel James, jun. Briggate
  • Heppel James, sen. High street
  • Jaques William, High street
  • Piers James, (ladies) Market place
  • Ruthven William, Synagogue
  • Scruton Wm. Windsor lane
  • Snow Richard, High street
  • Waite Henry, High street
  • Walker John, Market place
  • Whitehead Thomas, Briggate
  • Wood Benjamin, Briggate
  • Yates Christopher, Castlegate

Braziers and Tinsmiths,

  • Atkinson George, Briggate
  • Cowper William, Market place
  • Dalton Henry, Market place
  • Rawlinson John, High street

Bread Bakers,

  • Byron Robert, High street
  • Holmes William, Market place
  • Smithson David, Gracious street

Brewers, Ale and Porter,

  • Lambert John, High street
  • Paley Thomas, Top High street
  • Thackwray William, High street
  • Tuton Thomas, Low bridge

Bridle Cutters, &c.,

  • Horner Richard, Market place
  • Lofthouse Ann, High street


  • Atkinson William, sen. Market place
  • Bentley Thomas, High street
  • Dawson Edward, Finckle street
  • Dickinson Francis, High street
  • Eteson William, High street
  • Kirk Thomas, Back street
  • Lenforth Thomas, High street
  • Manners William, Cundell street
  • Milforth John, Bond end
  • Walker John, Market place
  • Walker Robert., High street
  • Walker William, Castlegate

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers,

  • Buck Peter, High street
  • Lambert William, High street
  • Smithies William, Market place

Calico Manufacturers,

  • Hawksworth & Tuton, Top High st.
  • Walton, Oates & Co. Market place
  • Wilkinson Thomas, Top High street

Chemists and Druggists,

  • Coupland John, High street
  • Gervas Robert, Market place
  • Lambert Mark, Market place
  • Weddall John, Market place

Clock and Watch Makers,

  • Fothergill John, High street
  • Garth John, (and jeweller) High st.
  • Garth Thornton, High street
  • Holmes William, High street
  • Johnson Christopher, High street
  • Myers Richard, Market place

Clog and Patten Makers,

  • Eason Wm. (patten) Cheapside
  • Sweeting Richard, Cheapside

Comb Manufacturers,

  • Purkis J. and R. (heckle, flax, gillpin and wool) High street


  • Barr Thomas, Market place
  • Jackson Martin, Finckle street

Coopers, White and Wine,

  • Aspden Rogerson, (white) Cistern hill
  • Bland James, Briggate
  • Matson Thomas, High street
  • Simpson George, High street

Corn and Flour Dealers,

  • Broadbelt Robert, High street
  • Byron Robert, High street
  • Coates William, Castlegate
  • Holmes William, Market place
  • Langton Francis, High street
  • Oxtaby William, High street
  • Scruton William, Castlegate
  • Sharper Samuel, Bond end
  • Spence Francis, (flour) Back street

Corn Millers,

  • Calverley John, Abbey
  • Johnson Thomas, Hay park
  • Lund Roger, Grimble

Curriers and Leather Cutters,

  • Clemshaw Thomas, Finckle street
  • Edmondson Christopher, Savage yard
  • Fairbank John, Rawgap lane
  • Hops Henry, High street

Fire and Life Insurance Offices,

  • Albion, Wm. Driffield, Back street
  • Atlas, Peter Earnshaw, High street
  • County, Richardson and Poison, Market Place
  • Phoenix, William Shaw, Market place

Flax and Tow Dressers,

  • Appleton Marmaduke, Briggate
  • Meadley James Blucher street

Flax and Tow Spinners,

  • Butterfield Rt. (yarn mfr.) High st.
  • Dewes Richard, High street
  • Ellison & Forster, (flax) Old mills
  • Eteson John, Windsor lane
  • Eteson Wm. jun. High street
  • Meadley Joseph, Blucher street
  • Meek Michael, High street
  • Robinson & Dearlove, High street
  • Shann John, Bond end
  • Shann Robert, near Beech hill
  • Simpson Thomas, High street
  • Thorp & Co. near High street
  • Turnbull John, Blucher street
  • Turnbull William, Bond end
  • Webster Richard & Son, High street

Gardeners and Nurserymen,

  • Bentley Thomas, High street
  • Meek Michael, High street
  • Oldfield Richard, Briggate
  • Saner Christopher, High street

Glass and China Dealers,

  • Burneston & Burrell, Market place
  • Lister Joseph, High street
  • Thurlwell Thomas, High street

Glove Makers,

  • Banks Augustus, High street
  • Hartley Betsey, Portland place

Grocers and Tea Dealers,

  • Andrews Thomas, Back street
  • Bainbridge Robert Market place
  • Bradford Joseph, Briggate
  • Burneston & Burrell, Market place
  • Calvert Michael, sen. High street
  • Carter John, Market place
  • Chapman William Briggate
  • Cooper Francis, High street
  • Eagle Robert, Cheapside
  • Elgie Wm. (& fruiterer) Market place
  • Enlock James, Back street
  • Greaves Samuel, Market place
  • Hollands James, Castlegate
  • Ibbetson John, Currant berry square
  • Lund William, (grocer) Briggate
  • Sharper Samuel, Bond end
  • Shaw William, Market place
  • Stevenson Handley, Market place
  • Taylor Thomas, Bond end
  • Walker Francis, Market place
  • Wikeley Benjamin, High street

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers,

  • Bramley Robert, High street
  • Cowan & Co. High street
  • Dawson Robert High street
  • Myers David, High street

Hair Dressers and Perfumers,

  • Bulmer John, High street
  • Simpson Thomas, Finckle street
  • Thurlwell Thomas, High street


  • Cowan and Co. High street

Hotels, Inns, Taverns, &c.,

  • Anchor, John Saunders, High street
  • Barrel, William Tiplady, High street
  • Bay Horse, Thomas Abbott, (posting house & Commercial Inn) High st.
  • Black Bull, Robert Clarkson, High St.
  • Black Swan, John Lazenby, High st.
  • Boar's Head, Edw. Dawson, Finckle st.
  • Brewer's Arms, John Shillito, High st.
  • Cheese, Richard Wood, Briggate
  • Cotton Mill, Thos. Terry, Market pl.
  • Crown, J. B. Robinson, principal posting house and Commercial Inn) High street
  • Crown, Robert Kettlewell, Bond end
  • Elephant and Castle, James Ibbetson, High street
  • George & Dragon, Wm. Pearson, Bggt.
  • George Inn, Thos. Cowper, High bdg.
  • Grapes, Market place
  • Green Dragon, William Walker, Castlegate
  • Half Moon, John England, Low bridge
  • Hart's Horns, Samuel Pearson, Market place
  • King's Arms, Wm. Tippling, High st.
  • Lord Nelson, Rd. Gilson, Blucher st.
  • Malt Shovel, Rt. Broadhead, High st.
  • Marquis of Granby, Richard Benson, High street
  • Mother Shipton, Ellin Lee, Dropping well house
  • Nag's Head, Sarah Berry Cheapside
  • Old Black Horse, Martha Dawson, Market place
  • Old Dragon, P. R. Mason, Castlegate
  • Old Elephant & Castle, Geo. Pullan, (posting house and Commercial Inn) High street
  • Old Royal Oak, Isab. Gill, Market pl.
  • Parnassus Mount, Joseph Blenkhorn, Back street
  • Red Bear, John Wells, High street
  • Red Lion, Matthew Druery, High st.
  • Robin Hood, Wm. Spence, Briggate
  • Royal Oak, William Clayton, bottom High street
  • Shoulder of Mutton, Richard Lister, High street
  • Star, Thomas Outhwaite, Bond end
  • Union, Joseph Pullan, Thistle hill
  • White Hart, Joseph Cocker, Market pl.
  • White Horse John Smith, High street
  • White Horse, Thos. Temple, Finckle st.
  • World's End, Wm. Pullan, Bond end

Iron and Brass Founder,

  • Warwick Joseph, Portland place

Iron Merchant,

  • Foster John, Kirkgate


  • Fothergill John, High street Gott Robert, Market place

Joiners, House Carpenters, &c.,

  • Buck Peter, High street
  • Cawood Benjamin, Pinfold hill
  • Lazenby Thomas, Briggate
  • Oxley Robert, Briggate
  • Pennington John Cheapside
  • Smithson Richard, Savage yard
  • Temple Jeremiah Fisher gardens
  • Umpleby John, High street
  • Young James, Blucher street

Lime Burners,

  • Chippindale Rosamond, Low bridge quarry
  • Pullan F. & W. Thistle hill quarry

Linen Drapers,

  • Dilcock Rachael, High street
  • Gass Gavin, Castlegate
  • Gass John, (Scotch muslin warehouse) Castlegate

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Calvert Michael, jun. High street
  • Dodsworth Thomas, High street
  • Ellingworth Thomas, Briggate
  • Eteson John, Windsor lane
  • Hanlock and Calcutt, (and check) Castlegate
  • Hawksworth & Tuton, top High st.
  • Jarman Andrew, Pinfold hill
  • Mainman Richard, High street
  • Matson Thomas, (& yarn) High st.
  • Meadley Joseph, Blucher street
  • Meek Michael, High street
  • Morley William & Robert, Briggate
  • Norfolk John Gracious street
  • Pullan Joseph, Briggate
  • Robinson John, Cheapside
  • Shann Robert, near Beech hill
  • Simpson Thomas, High street
  • Smithyes Charles, Market place
  • Taylor John, Bond end
  • Thorp & Co. High street
  • Turnbull John, Blucher street
  • Turnbull William, Bond end
  • Walton, Oatts & Co. Market place
  • Wilkinson Thomas, top High street

Linen Merchants, &c.,

  • Dewes Richard, High street
  • Driffield William, (flax) Back street
  • Matson Thomas, High street
  • Meek Michael, High street

Linen and Woollen Drapers,

  • Bramley Robert, High street
  • Cowan & Co. High street
  • Gass Gavin, Market place
  • Shaw William, Market Place
  • Stamper William, Market place
  • Walker Wm. & Son, top Briggate

Livery Stable Keepers,

  • Mason T. R. Castlegate
  • Saunders John, High street
  • Tiplady William, High street


  • Lambert John, High street
  • Paley Thomas, top High street
  • Pearson Samuel, Market place
  • Thackwray William, High street
  • Tuton Thomas, Low bridge

Milliners and Dress Makers,

  • Dilcock Rachael, High street
  • Gant Misses, High street
  • Harrison Jane (and straw hat manufacturer) High street

Oil Merchant and Dealer,

  • Weddall John, Market place

Painters, &c.

  • Bradfield Wm. (& gilder) Bond end
  • Fryer Wm. (animal & portrait) Bggt.
  • Mason Thos. (& gilder) Market pl.
  • Pickersgill Francis, (gilder and paper hanger) High street
  • Speight John, (gilder & paper hanger) Cheapside
  • Yeoman Charles, Castlegate


  • Murray Peter, Bond end

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Daniel William, High street
  • Masterman John, Gracious street

Porter Dealers,

  • Daniel and Cass, High street
  • Richardson Thomas, High street
  • Simpson Geo. (ale & cyder) High st.

Raff and Timber Merchants,

  • Driffield William, Back street
  • Foster John, Kirkgate

Reed Makers,

  • Potts James, Castle Ings
  • Spencer Christopher, Market place

Rope and Twine Manufacturers,

  • Webster Richard & Son, High street
  • Webster William, High street

Saddlers, Harness & Collar Makers,

  • Barr Thomas, (& trunk) Market place
  • Hemsley Thomas Castlegate
  • Lofthouse Ann, High street
  • Winter Thomas & Son, High street

Saddlers' Ironmongers,

  • Dinmore J. & T. High street
  • Lofthouse Ann, High street

Saddle Tree Makers and Platers,

  • Forster John, (maker) High street
  • Forster Thomas, (maker) Finckle st.
  • Jameson Thomas, (plater) Finckle st.


  • Richardson Thomas, High street
  • Stevenson Handley, Market place

Sheriff's Officers,

  • Ellison Wm. (borough) Market place
  • Simpson Richard, Pinfold hill


  • Spevell J. B. Cheapside

Spirit & Wine Merchants, Wholesale,

  • Cooper Francis, (brandy) High street
  • Daniel and Cass High street
  • Dinmore John high street
  • Lofthouse Richard, High street
  • Manby and Newton, High street
  • Matson Thomas, (spirit) High street
  • Meek Michael, High street
  • Richardson Thomas, High street
  • Shaw Wm. (British wine) Market pl.

Spirit & Wine Dealers, &c. Retail,

  • Gilson Richard, (& ale & ginger beer brewer) Blucher street
  • Pearson Samuel, Market place
  • Robinson Richard, Market place

Stone Masons, &c.,

  • Byram Joseph, Briggate
  • Gill W. and J. Kirkgate
  • Gott John, Castlegate
  • Myers Joseph, Cheapside
  • Myers Joseph, Windsor lane
  • Wilson George, Fisher gardens


  • Carr Benjamin, Market place
  • Cock John, Cheapside
  • Crowther Robert, Back lane, near Market place
  • Johnson Samuel, High street
  • Simpson & Bullock, near Back street

Tailors and Drapers,

  • Curry Matthew, Castlegate
  • Curry Matthew, High street
  • Hannay Johnson, (and habit maker) High street
  • Hoult James, (tailor) Windsor lane
  • Peckett Thos. (& habit mkr.) High st.

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Carter John, Market place
  • Fewster John, (& soap dealer) Market place
  • Stephenson Handley, Market place
  • Wheelhouse William, (& soap dealer) Market place

Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers,

  • Story & Judson, Market place

Turners in Wood and Metal,

  • Abbey Thomas, Castlegate
  • Whitaker John, Briggate


  • Bland William, White way head
  • Lawson Peter, Castle yard
  • Prockter John, Blucher street
  • Raw William, Briggate

Whitesmiths, Belt Hangers and Gunsmiths,

  • Goundry George, Briggate
  • Kirton Ralph, Finckle street
  • Stockburn Richard, Finckle street


  • Auchterlownie John, book keeper, Back street
  • Aucock Miss, High street
  • Bainbridge Edward, stocking manufacturer, Gracious street
  • Blakey William, supervisor of excise, High street
  • Calvert Michael, druggist, High street
  • Cartledge Truswell, music master, Windsor lane
  • Cheap Rev. Andrew, vicar Church ln.
  • Comin Isaac, shopkeeper Briggate
  • Curry Matthew, clothes broker, Castlegate
  • Dalton Hy. rag merchant, Market pl.
  • Daniel Saml. pawn broker, Market pl.
  • Darnbrough Catharine, fell monger, High bridge
  • Dawson Edw. cattle dealer, Finckle st.
  • Dearlove Ralph, gent. Castlegate
  • Dearlove Richard, gent. Castle Ings
  • Dixon John, shopkeeper, Market place
  • Earnshaw Chpr. gent. Gracious street
  • Foster Marmaduke, shpkpr. Back st.
  • Frost John, governor of the workhouse
  • Gallon Richard, gent. Nidd pavilion
  • Gell Thos. bankers' clerk Windsor ln.
  • Goodlad Jonathan, traveller, High st.
  • Graham Robert, rustic chair & flower basket maker, High street
  • Harris Philip, jeweller, Bond end
  • Heppel Thos. shopkeeper, Briggate
  • Hilt Helen, governess of Fort Montague
  • Howell Rev. William, Independent minister, Briggate
  • Ibbetson Chpr. dyer, near High bridge
  • Inman Samuel, perfumer & hardware dealer, Market place
  • Johnson Christopher, goldsmith, &c. High street
  • Letch Chas. Esq. officer, R. N. High st.
  • Moyser Miss, Bond end
  • Payley Misses, Top High street
  • Robinson William, mercer, &c. Market place
  • Smith Thomas, keeper of St. Robert's priory
  • Steel John, shopkeeper, Low bridge
  • Swales Timothy, shpkpr. High st.
  • Taylerson Wm. excise officer, Market pl.
  • Tipling Wm. butter and cheese factor, High street
  • Walsh John, gentleman, High street
  • Wells Henry, gent. Ings cottage
  • Williams Rev. John, High street
  • Wilson John keeper of the museum, Low bridge

From the Bay Horse, T. Abbott, High Street,

  • True Blue, to Selby Mon. Wed. & Fri. at 5 mg. to meet the steam packets. The same coach goes to Selby every Tue. Thurs. and Sat. at the same hour from the Old Elephant and Castle.
From the Old Elephant and Castle, George Pullan, High street,
  • North Highflyer to Thirsk, &c. every morn, at half past 9. The same coach returns to Leeds every evg. at half past 5 from the Crown Inn, High street
  • The Diligence a. from York, every Mon. Wed, and Fri. at 10 in the foren. proceeds to Harrogate and returns thence through Knaresborough (to York) the same afternoon.


  • Bernard Dickenson, Back street, to Harrogate every Mon. Wed, and Fri. at 12, ret. the same avg. and forwards goods to York, Malton, and Scarborough, &c.; to Wetherby every Thurs. at 7 in the morn, and meets the Tadcaster, Selby, and Doncaster carriers, ret. the same evg. and forwards goods to Thirsk & all parts of the North.
From the Black Swan, High street,
  • A Carrier from Bradford arr. every Tu. night, and ret, on Wed, at 1 noon; agent, John Lazenby.
  • A Waggon arr. from Skipton every Mon. Wed, and Fri. at 10 morn. ret. at 3 afternoon.
  • A Waggon arr. from Thirsk every Wed. & Sat. at 7, & ret. at 1 at noon.
  • A Waggon to York Mon. Wed, and Fri. at 12 night, ret, the following night at 12.
  • Wm. Pearson, (from the George and Dragon, Briggate) to Leeds every Sun. Wed. & Fri. at 10 evg. ret. every Tu. Thurs. and Sat. at the same hour.
From the Brewer's Arms, High street,
  • Thomas Marshall to Leeds Tu. Thurs. and Sat. ret, the following days; agent, John Shillitoe.
From the White Horse, High street,
  • Waggon from York arr. every Mon. Wed. and Fri. ret, the same evg.; agent, John Smith.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ARKENDALE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Cookson Rev. John, perpetual curate

Miscellany of trades

  • Clark William, tailor
  • Thompson William, vict. Blue Ball
  • Umpleby Francis, blacksmith


  • Dickson John
  • Flower Thomas
  • Noble John


  • Derbyshire Peter
  • English John

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BILTON in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Hullah Geo. vict. Admiral Cornwallis
  • Milner G. Bilton park


  • Inman Charles
  • Inman Thos. & Wm.
  • Pullan Richard

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BREARTON in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Dunwell Thomas, vict. Malt Shovel
  • Outhwaite William, wheelwright
  • Parlour John, vict. Gray Horse
  • Pennington Francis, shopkeeper
  • Smith William, blacksmith


  • Duffield Robert
  • Ellis William
  • Jackson Christphr.


  • Dickinson Robert
  • Duffield William

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for CONYNGHAM HOUSE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Harrison William, M.D.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HARROGATE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Post Mistress, Sarah Goodlad. Office, High Harrogate. (Lodging h.)
  • Letters arrive at 7 mg. in Summer & 8 in Winter; dep. ½p. 4 evg.


  • :High Harrogate must be understood, except where the letters L. H. are inserted. those marked thus * are lodging houses. Those marked thus † are boarding houses.
  • *Agar Elizabeth
  • *Alderson Dorothy, milliner
  • Allanson Thomas, smith
  • Baker William, confectioner
  • *Barf Wm. draper and tailor, L. H.
  • Barker Henry, boot and shoe maker
  • Barrett David boot and shoe maker
  • Batchellor Samuel, working jeweller and goldsmith, L. H.
  • Benson Ann, laundress
  • †Binns Mrs. L. H.
  • *Blackburn Hannah
  • Blackburn Richard promenade news room and circulating library, wine and porter merchant, and agent to the Atlas Fire and Life Insurance office, L. H.
  • Bradley William, wheelwright
  • Bramley & Dent, boot & shoe makers
  • Butler Samuel, manager of the theatre
  • *Calvert Christiana
  • Carbutt Thos. breeches & glove maker
  • *Carter Nicholas, joiner and hosier
  • *Clark Thos. boot and shoe maker
  • Clayton Margaret, Rose Hill Cottage,
  • Clayton William, saddler, &c.
  • Coupland John, chemist and druggist
  • Cullingworth Joseph, victualler, Wellington Inn, L. H.
  • Dearlove John, butcher
  • Dinsley ----, Esq.
  • *Dobson Jane, straw hat manufacturer
  • Ellis Richard, blacksmith
  • Elwood & Co. boot & shoe makers
  • Emmald Francis, stone mason
  • *Emmatt Thomas, stone mason
  • *Fitzgerald Mrs.
  • Fletcher Joseph, saddler and harness maker
  • Forrest Catherine
  • *Forrest John, tailor
  • *Francis John
  • Frankland J. B. silk mercer
  • Franklin .Tames, grocer, &c. L. H.
  • Garth John, watchmaker & jeweller
  • Gascoigne J. T. Hotel, spirit, wine, and porter vaults
  • *Gilbertson and Holmes, mercers and drapers
  • Gledhill & Edeson milliners, &c.
  • Gratton ----, butcher
  • Greaves John, vict. Granby Hotel
  • Hardaker John, baker & flour dealer
  • Hardisty Peter, farrier
  • †Harper John, L. H.
  • Harrison John, victualler, New Inn
  • Hartley Elizabeth, glove manufacturer
  • Hattersley Michael, Hotel, Cross roads
  • *Hind Mrs.
  • *Hoadley Thomas, fish monger
  • *Hobson William, L. H.
  • Hornby and Co. boot and shoe makers
  • Horner Benjamin, cabinet maker
  • Hudson Thos. blacksmith and farrier
  • Inman John, school master
  • Inman Robert, school master
  • Jaques Elizabeth, confectioner
  • Jaques John, M.D.
  • Johnson Francis musician, L. H.
  • Kabery Leonard, victualler and shopkeeper, Star
  • *Kay Elizabeth Kendall Hannah, vict. Bay Horse
  • Kettlewell Thomas, glass and china dealer
  • Lambert Mark, chemist and druggist
  • Langdale T. and W. printers, booksellers, stationers, circulating library, and news room
  • Lawrance William, gentleman
  • *Lewis Thomas
  • *Linforth Thomas
  • Linforth Thomas, Crescent Inn, L. H.
  • *Lohmeyer Wm. tailor and draper
  • Lonsdale Thomas, boot & shoe maker, shop, L. H.
  • Lonsdale Thos. glass & china dealer
  • *Lupton Francis, gardener, L. H.
  • Lupton Sarah, laundress
  • Malthouse Wm. linen manufacturer
  • Marshall Elizabeth, laundress
  • *Marshall Joseph
  • Mills Robert, grocer, &c.
  • Milner Mary, milliner and straw manufacturer
  • *Mitchell John
  • Mitton Rev. Robert, perpetual curate
  • Morley William, baker, confectioner and flour dealer
  • Muschamp Rt. grocer & flour dealer
  • *Oddy John
  • *Parker John
  • Parry Catharine, ladies' seminary, Strawberry Dale cottage
  • *Pearcy Thomas, coach and harness maker
  • Pearson John, spar manufacturer, collector and dealer in fossils and minerals
  • Pennington Mary, honey mcht. Bogs
  • Piercey William, painter
  • Piers Jas. ladies' boot & shoe maker
  • Plint Jane milliner and dress maker
  • Pollard John, M.D. L. H.
  • Pullan Francis, lime burner and livery stable keeper
  • Pullan James, shoe maker, L. H.
  • Pullan William, gardener and seedsman, and lime burner
  • *Pulleyn Ann, toy & perfumery dealer
  • Render John, saddler & harness mkr.
  • Richardson Robert, surgeon
  • Ripley Thomas, Dragon Hotel
  • *Roberts Thomas, laundry L. H.
  • Robey Thomas, jeweller, &c.
  • Robinson William, linen draper and mercer
  • Sanderson R. H. George Inn, L. H.
  • Settle James, Queen's Head hotel
  • Shilleto John surgeon
  • *Shutt Jonathan, sen.
  • Shutt Jonathan, jun. Swan Inn, near the sulphur wells
  • *Simpson David, sets, stone mason
  • *Simpson David, jun. stone mason
  • Simpson John, keeper of the subscription billiard room
  • Smith Ann, milliner, dress maker
  • Spink Peter, tailor, Cobourg cottage
  • *Stoner David, grocer and tea dealer, bath rooms, livery stables, and coach house
  • Stott John, grocer and iron monger
  • Tengatt James, White Hart hotel, L.H.
  • Thackwray Joseph, Crown hotel, L.H.
  • *Thackwray Joseph, joiner and carpenter, L. H.
  • Thackwray Major, stone mason, L.H.
  • Thackwray Margaret, dress maker, L.H.
  • *Thackwray Margaret, exporter of the mineral water
  • *Thackwray Mary
  • Thackwray Matthew, gentleman
  • *Thompson John
  • Tiplady Mrs. ornamental whale bone manufacturer
  • *Tomlinson John, joiner
  • *Tuton Ann
  • Waite Joseph, Black Swan Inn
  • Walker Thomas, grocer
  • Wardman Richard, agent to the London genuine tea company
  • *Wardman Richard, jun. boot & shoe maker
  • Wardman Samuel, butcher
  • Westmoreland Mary, laundress
  • Wheelhouse Richard, gentleman
  • *Whincup Richard
  • Whitehead William, Promenade Inn, L.H.
  • Wildsmith Jane, ladies' seminary, Grove cottage, adjoining Grove house
  • Wildsmith Rev. T. B. gentlemen's seminary & select boarding house, Grove house
  • Wilson George, circulating library
  • *Winterburn Benjamin, stone mason
  • Wood Charles smith, L.H.
  • Wormald Croft, surgeon
  • *Wright George, miniature painter
  • Wright George, tailor and draper
  • Young Jas. hair dresser & perfumer

From Gascoigne's Hotel, High Harrogate:

  • The Royal Telegraph, to Ripon, at 7 in the morn. and to Leeds at 5 in the evening.
  • The Tally-Ho, to Leeds, at 7 morn. To Ripon at 4 afternoon.
From Joseph Waite's, Black Swan, High Harrogate:
  • A Coach from York on Mon. Wed. and Fri. during the season, and ret. at 3 in the afternoon.
  • The Union, to Leeds at 7 morn, and to Ripon at ½ p 4 in the afternoon.

Land Carriers,

  • Joseph Cullingworth, (Low Harrogate) to the Horse and Jockey, Leeds, Tu. and Sat, at 1 morn. ret, at 9 in the evg.
  • Pickersgill & Sons, Leeming lane, convey goods by way of Cross roads, Hattersley's hotel, Harrogate, to Leeds on Mon. and Thu. at 7 in the evg, and to Ripon and the North, on Wed, and Sat, at 8 in the morning.
  • Samuel Farrar, to White Hart, Cross parish, Leeds, on Tu. & Sat. and ret. the same evg.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SCRIVEN in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Slingsby Sir T. P. Scriven park

Miscellany of trades

  • Johnson Abraham, vict. Lord Nelson
  • Prentice Mary, vict. King's Head

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for STARBECK in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Benson George, blacksmith
  • Deighton Henry, corn miller
  • Ellison John, brick maker
  • Marshall John, vict. Mason's Arms
  • Marshall Thos. oat Sheller
  • Procter Jas. fishmonger & carrier
  • Taylor David, bleacher
  • Whitehead Edmund, B. & S. maker, & governor of the workhouse
  • Wilkinson John, bleacher, &c.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003