Knaresborough Directory of Trades and Professions for 1829


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for KNARESBOROUGH in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • Kirkgate, Thomas Taylor, Post Master.
  • Letters for London, Liverpool, Manchester, and the West Of England, are despatched, by horse post to Harrogate, every morning at ten minutes past five, and arrive every evening at eight.
  • Letters for Edinburgh are despatched, by mail gig to Boroughbridge, every afternoon at one, and arrive every morning at seven.
  • Letters for Glasgow are despatched, by mail gig to Harrogate, every evening at five, & arrive every morning at half-past 7.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy,

  • Addison Rev. Thomas, River side
  • Bramley William, gent. Tenter gate
  • Brewerton John, gent Ings cottage
  • Brown Mrs. Jane, High street
  • Casson Rev. Thomas, Goldsbro'
  • Cheap Rev. Andrew, Stone fall
  • Collins Rev. Thomas, High street
  • Collins William, esq. Bond end
  • Ellison Mrs. Sarah, Park row
  • Fairbanks Thomas, gent. Bond end
  • Fothergill Misses, High street
  • Gott Rev. Richard, Goldsbro'
  • Grime Mrs. Bond end
  • Hart Captain, R. N. Byard's lodge
  • Hartley Rev. Richard, Staveley
  • Howell Rev. William, Gracechurch street
  • Lascelles Hon. Henry M.P.. Goldsbro'
  • Lee John, esq. Abbey house
  • Letch Capt. Charles R. N. High street
  • Manby Rev. Aaron, High street
  • Maude Rev. Henry Roxby, Arkendale
  • Moyser Miss Mary, Tenter gate
  • Pratt Joseph, gent. Church lane
  • Slingsby Sir Thomas, bart. Scriven park
  • Smith Mrs. Bond end
  • Strangwayes Richard, esq. Oak villa
  • Turner Rev. John, Church lane
  • Wailes Mrs. Hannah, High street
  • Walton Mrs. High street
  • Wells Henry, gent. Windsor lane
  • Young Mrs. Tenter gate

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Cartwright Thomas (boarding and day) Gracechurch street
  • Dawson George, Savage yard
  • Free School, High street-John Winter, master
  • Grammar School, Church-yard -Rev. William Barker, master
  • Jowsey William, Back lane
  • National School (boy's) Castle yard-James Jackson, master
  • National School (girl's) Vicarage lane-Mary Jackson, mistress
  • Nursaw Frances Ann (boarding) Beech-hill house
  • Raper Samuel, Savage yard
  • Thackray the Misses (boarding) High street
  • Whitehead Mary (boarding) High street
  • Wilson Joseph, Castle yard


  • Allen Joseph Mosey, High street
  • Dewes Richard, jun. Market place
  • Earnshaw Peter, High street
  • Gill Matthew, High street
  • Powell Samuel & Son, Castle yard
  • Richardson Martin, Market place
  • Stubbs William Morley, High street
  • Taylor Peter, Chapel yard
  • Tolson Peter, Kirkgate


  • Braim John, High street
  • Penrose John, Briggate
  • Simpson Richard (& sheriff's officer) High street

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Byron Robert, High street
  • Holmes William, High street
  • Swale Timothy, Gracechurch street
  • Ward William, High street


  • Coates John, High st-(draw on Esdaile & Co. London)
  • Harrison, Terrys & Co. High st- (draw on Willis, Percival & Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank, High st-George Stead, treasurer


  • Abby Francis, Chapel yard
  • Clarkson George, Cistern hill
  • Dickinson Thomas High street
  • Edson William, Cheapside
  • Harrison William, Savage yard
  • Saunders John, High street


  • Taylor David, Star beck
  • Wilkinson John, Star beck

Booksellers & Stationers,

  • Barnby Stephen, High street
  • Langdale William, High street
  • Tarbotton Henry, Market place
  • Wilson George (and distributer of stamps) High street

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Allinson John, High street
  • Atkinson George, Briggate
  • Baldridge William, Chapel yard
  • Bell William, Jockey lane
  • Bradley John, High street
  • Curry Michael, High street
  • Dawson Ann, Savage yard
  • Dawson Robert, High street
  • Ellwood George, High street
  • Evans Edward, Savage yard
  • Falkingham Richard, (ladies') Cheapside
  • Heppel James, High street
  • Hornby Mountain, High street
  • Jacques William, High street
  • Richardson Thomas, Cheapside
  • Saunders Thomas, Bond end
  • Scruton William, Windsor lane
  • Shaw John, High street
  • Sinclair William, High street
  • Snow Richard, Marketplace
  • Waite Henry, High street
  • Yates Christopher, Castle gate

Braziers & Tinmen,

  • Dalton Henry, Market place
  • Kay Thomas, Market pace
  • Rollinson John, High street
  • Todd Charles, Market place

Brewers & Maltsters,

  • Lambert Thomas, High street
  • Paley Thomas, High street
  • Thackwray William, High street
  • Tuton Thomas, Low bridge


  • Atkinson William, Market place
  • Bentley Thomas, High street
  • Crosby John, Castle gate
  • Dickinson Francis, High street
  • Gill William, Market place
  • Kirk Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Linforth John, Castle gate
  • Matterson Peter, Swine market
  • Walker Joseph, Market place
  • Walker Robert, High street

China Glass & Earthen-Ware Dealers,

  • Gervas Robert, Market place
  • Gilbertson William, Market place
  • Thirlway Thomas, High street

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Cameron Daniel, High street
  • Dawson Henry, Marketplace
  • Gervas Robert, Market pace
  • Lambert Mark, Market place
  • Weddall John, Market place


  • Barr Thomas, Silver street
  • Payler William, Market place


  • Bland Martin, Low bridge
  • Matson Thomas, High street
  • Rogerson William, Star beck
  • Simpson George, High street
  • Simpson John, High street

Corn and Flour Dealers,

  • Calverley Jonathan, (miller) Abbey
  • Deighton Henry, (& miller) Forest lane head
  • Hudson John, Windsor lane
  • Lund Roger (& miller) Grimble bridge
  • Mushamp George, High street
  • Scruton William, (& miller) Castle gate
  • Spence Francis (& miller) Back street
  • Turner John, Church lane

Curriers and Leather Sellers,

  • Clemesha Thomas, Swine market
  • Fairbank John, Savage yard
  • Hartley Richard, High street
  • Hopps Henry, High street
  • Thompson Robert, Back lane


  • Ibbetson William, Water side
  • Pullan Thomas, Portland place


  • Darmborough Cath. High bridge
  • Grimston Robert, High bridge

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Albion, William Driffield, Kirkgate
  • Alliance, Peter Tolson, Kirkgate
  • Atlas, Peter Earnshaw, High street
  • County, Robert Gott, Market place
  • Grown, Matthew Gill, High street
  • Leeds & Yorkshire, Samuel Powell, jun. Castle yard
  • Norwich Union, Robert Dearlove, High street
  • Phoenix, William Shaw, Market place
  • Royal Exchange, Isaac Newton, High street
  • Yorkshire, Christopher Carter, High street

Flax Dressers & Linen Yarn Spinners,

  • Appleton Marmaduke, Castle gate
  • Dewes Richard, sen. Tenter gate
  • Eagle Robert, jun. Castle gate
  • Ellison Lambert, High street
  • Eteson John, Windsor lane
  • Fawcett Simon, Briggate
  • Forster Roger, Water Side
  • Forster William, Old Mill, Waterside
  • Grimston Ralph & Thomas, High bridge
  • Matson Thomas (and merchant) High street
  • Meadley James, Savage yard
  • Robinson & Dearlove, High street
  • Settle John, Tenter gate
  • Simpson Thomas, High street
  • Taylor John, Bond end
  • Thorpe Francis & Co. High street
  • Turnbull John, Blucher street
  • Turnbull William, Tenter gate
  • Tyson Andrew, Bond end
  • Walton, Oates & Co. High street, & 12 Walton's buildings, Manchester
  • Webster Richard & Sons, High street

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Bentley Thomas, High street
  • Foster Robert, Kirkgate
  • Oldfield Richard, Briggate
  • Saner Christopher, Park-row field

Glove Manufacturers,

  • Banks Augustus, High street
  • Hartley Betsy, Portland place

Grocers & Tea Dealers,

  • Carter John, High street
  • Cooper Jane (& brandy dealer) Market place
  • Davison Sawden (& draper) Market place
  • Elgie William (& fruiterer & seedsman) Market place
  • Gilbertson George, Market place
  • Greaves Samuel, Market place
  • Heslington William, High street
  • Ibbetson John, High street
  • Inchboard Isaac & William, Market place
  • Scott Charles, Market place
  • Shaw William, Market place
  • Taylor Thomas, Market place
  • Walker Francis, Market place
  • Whiteley Benjamin, (& seed merchant) High street

Hair Dressers and Perfumers,

  • Bulmer John, High street
  • Mann James, High street

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers,

  • Atkinson Jonathan, (manufactr.) High street
  • Dawson Robert, High street
  • Myers David, (manufacturer) High street


  • Abbotts' Hotel, Thomas Abbotts, High street
  • Crown (and posting house) John Baxby Robinson, High street
  • Elephant & Castle (& excise office) George Pullan, High street
  • George & Dragon, William Pearson, Briggate
  • Union, Thomas Pearson, High street


  • Fothergill John, High street
  • Gott Robert (and dealer in bar iron) Market place

Joiners Cabinet Makers and Builders,

  • Allinson Thomas, Briggate
  • Anderson John, Windsor lane
  • Bland William, Low bridge
  • Buck Peter, Savage yard
  • Cawood Benjamin, Pinfold
  • Lambert William, High street
  • Lister William, High bridge
  • Livsey George, High street
  • Pennington John, Briggate
  • Temple Jeremiah, Fisher gardens
  • Thompson George, Church lane
  • Umpleby John, High street

Lime Burners,

  • Driffield William, (& timber merchant) Kirkgate
  • Pullan F. & W. Thistle-hill quarry

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Gass Gavin, High street
  • Gass George & Co. Market place
  • Greaves Samuel, Market place
  • Heslington William, (and silk mercer) High street
  • Hobson & Bainbridge, High street
  • Shaw William, Market place
  • Stamper William, Market place
  • Walker William, Cheapside

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Dodsworth Thomas, Cheapside
  • Ellingworth Thomas, Briggate
  • Henlock James, Kirkgate
  • Houseman William, Briggate
  • Jarman Andrew, Brewerton street
  • Matson Thomas, High street
  • Thorpe Francis & Co. High street
  • Walker Joseph, Market place
  • Walton, Oates & Co. High street, & 12 Walton's buildings, Manchester
  • Ward John, Windsor lane
  • Wilkinson Thomas, (& cotton) High street

Milliners and Dress Makers,

  • Barr Rachael, Silver street
  • Bell Mary & Jane, Brewerton street
  • Dobson Ann, Gracechurch street
  • Ellwood Jane, High street
  • Metcalf Frances, Castle gate
  • Plowes Hannah, Windsor lane

Painters-House, Sign, &c,

  • Fryer William Motley & Co. (& paper hangers) Briggate
  • Hodgson William, Bond end
  • Lawson William (& paper hanger) Market place
  • Mason Thomas, (ornamental) Market place
  • Pickersgill Francis, High street
  • Whitehead William, Cheapside

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Daniel William, High street
  • Farrah Michael, Kirkgate
  • Masterman William, Gracechurch street
  • Scaife John, Back lane

Porter Dealers,

  • Daniels William, High street
  • Matson Thomas, High street
  • Richardson Thomas, (& seed) High street
  • Simpson George, High street


  • Langdale William, High street
  • Wilson George, High street

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Webster Richard & Sons, High street
  • Webster William, High street


  • Barr Edward, Silver street
  • Hemsley Thomas, (& trunk mkr) High street
  • Horner Richard, Market place
  • Winter Thomas, High street

Saddlers, Ironmongers and Bridle Cutters,

  • Dinmore John, High street
  • Lofthouse Ralph, High street

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Atkinson William, High street
  • Benson William, High street
  • Clark Thomas, Briggate
  • Clegg William, Fisher gardens
  • Cliff Samuel, Briggate
  • Dixon Ann, Market place
  • Eagle Robert, sen. Castle gate
  • Eubank Robert, Horse-mill yard
  • Foster William, High street
  • Goode Samuel, Bond end
  • Graham Samuel, Gracechurch street
  • Henlock James, Kirkgate
  • Hollands James, Cheapside
  • Holmes James, High street
  • Holmes William, Church lane
  • Houseman William, Briggate
  • Jarman Andrew, Brewerton street
  • Jeffrey William, Cheapside
  • Lonsdale John, Cheapside
  • Malthouse Thomas, Windsor lane
  • Oxtaby William, High street
  • Pullen Joseph, Fisher gardens
  • Rhodes John, Bond end
  • Robinson Robert, Briggate
  • Routh James, Swine market
  • Sharper Samuel, Bond end
  • Steel Elizabeth, Low bridge
  • Swales William, Park row
  • Tarran Margaret, Union street
  • Watson Thomas, Briggate
  • Watson William, Kirkgate
  • Whittaker Elizabeth, Briggate
  • Wildridge Robert, Castle gate

Stone Masons,

  • Gill William, Castle yard
  • Gott John, Castle yard
  • Jerrison Joseph, Savage yard
  • Myers & Pratt, Windsor lane
  • Wilson George, Fisher gardens

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Braim Elizabeth, High street
  • Cliff & Pullen, Market place
  • Clift Jane, Market place
  • Dawes Tabitha, Pump lane
  • Horner Hannah, Market place
  • Mawson Rosamond, High street
  • Outhwaite Elizabeth, Tenter gate
  • Robinson Sarah, Market place
  • Scaife Hannah, Cheapside
  • Simpson Ann, Market place
  • Temple Ruth, Swine market


  • Bullock Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Carr Benjamin, Market place
  • Cock John, Cheapside
  • Johnson Samuel, High street
  • Powell Christopher, High street


  • Cliff John, Market place
  • Curry Charles, High street
  • Curry John, High street
  • Curry Matthew, sen. High street
  • Gibson William, Briggate
  • Hanney Johnston, High street
  • Hoult James, Windsor lane
  • Parkin John, Dock lane
  • Peckett Thomas, Castle gate
  • Simpson William, Market place
  • Slater Richard, Market place
  • Theakston Joseph, Kirkgate

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Carter John, High street
  • Greaves Samuel, Market place
  • Inchboard Isaac & William, Market place
  • Wheelhouse William, Market place

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Anchor, John Saunders, High street
  • Barrel, William Tiplady, High street
  • Black Bull, John Fawcett, High street
  • Black Horse, Thomas Johnson, Marketplace
  • Black Swan, Jonah Dinmore, High street
  • Boar's Head, Peter Matterson, Swine market
  • Brewers' Arms, William Darnbrough, Back lane
  • Cheese, Robert Wood, Briggate
  • Cotton Mill, Thomas Terry, Market place
  • Crown, Robert Kettleworth, Bond end
  • Elephant & Castle, Mary Aveson, High street
  • George, William Lister, High bridge
  • Grapes, Archd. Colquhoun, Castle gate
  • Green Dragon, Stephen Sweeting, Castlegate
  • Half Moon, John England, Low bridge
  • Hart's Horns, Samuel Pearson, Market place
  • King's Arms, Jonathan Pennington, High street
  • Lord Nelson, Richard Aveson, Back street
  • Marquis of Granby, Richard Benson, High street
  • Mother Shipton, George Howe, Low bridge
  • Nag's Head, William Robson, Cheapside
  • Old Dragon, Timothy Raynor, Castle gate
  • Parnassus Mount, Joseph Blenkard, Kirkgate
  • Queen Catherine, John Lacey, Castle gate
  • Red Bear, John Wells, High street
  • Red Lion, Elizabeth Druery, High street
  • Robin Hood, William Spence, Low bridge
  • Royal Oak, Ann Clayton, Bond end
  • Royal Oak, Isabella Gill, Market place
  • Shoulder of Mutton, Mary Lister, High street
  • Spaw, William Waudby, Star beck
  • Star, Sarah Outhwaite, Tenter gate
  • Waterloo Tavern, Henry Swales, Blucher street
  • White Hart, Joseph Cocker, Market place
  • White Horse, John Smith, High street
  • White Horse, William Wilson, Swine market
  • World's End, Samuel Pullen, Tenter gate

Turners in Wood,

  • Abbey Thomas, (& metal) Castle gate
  • Whitaker John, Briggate

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Fothergill John, High street
  • Garth John (&jeweller) High street
  • Garth Thornton, High street
  • Johnson Hannah & Mary (& jewellers) High street
  • Myers Richard, Market place
  • Snow Robert, High street
  • Whitehead Edward, Gracechurch street


  • Bland William, White-way head
  • Lawson Peter, Castle yard
  • Morley Robert, Bond end
  • Nichols Samuel, Forest-lane head
  • Prockter John, Savage yard
  • Raw William, Gracechurch street


  • Goundry George, Kirkgate
  • Stockburn Richard, Swine market

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Auchterlownie John, High street
  • Daniels William, (wine) High street
  • Dinmore John, High street
  • Lofthouse Richard, High street
  • Matson Thomas (wine) High street
  • Newton Isaac, High street
  • Richardson Thomas, (spirit) High street


  • Acomb William, basket maker, Chapel yard
  • Bainbridge John, hosier, Gracechurch street
  • Bake Richard, geer maker, Castle yard
  • Blewitt William, keeper of the museum, Low bridge
  • Cartledge Truswell, organist, Tenter gate
  • Collier Aaron, gun maker, High street
  • Forster John, saddle-tree maker, Finkle street
  • Gas Works, the Ings-William Leaf, manager
  • Gass George & Co. tea dealers, Market place
  • Gell Thomas, nail maker, Market place
  • Hardisty John, coach maker, Church lane
  • Hattersley William, millwright, Windsor lane
  • Hawgate John, architect and land surveyor, High street
  • Leckenby William, veterinary surgeon, Bond end
  • Manners John, supervisor, High street
  • Mason Thomas, carver & gilder, & paper hanger Market place
  • Murphy john, engraver, Cheapside
  • Myers David, brick maker, High street
  • Oliver Robert, pawnbroker, Market place
  • Peacock Henry, governor of the poorhouse, Star beck
  • Potts James, reed maker, Windsor lane
  • Purks Joshua & Richard, hemp and flax, gill pin & heckle makers, Park row
  • Sweeting Jonathan, clogger, Brewerton street
  • Tipling William, cheesemonger & ham & bacon factor, Market place
  • Towland John, parish clerk, Bond end
  • Warwick Joseph, iron & brass founder, Portland place
  • Water Works, the Ings-William Forster, manager


  • To Leeds, the Union, from the Union Inn, every morning at six, and returns the same evening at five-the first Phoenix, (from Newcastle) calls at the above Inn, every evening(Sunday excepted)at five; goes thro' Harrogate- & the second Phoenix (from Newcastle) calls at the Old Elephant & Castle, every evening (Sunday excepted) at five; goes thro' Wetherby
  • To Newcastle, the first Phoenix (from Leeds) calls at the Old Elephant & Castle, every morning at six; goes through Boroughbridge-- the second Phoenix (from Leeds) calls at the Union Inn, every morning at eight; goes through Thirsk, Stockton and Durham. N. B. In the summer months, a coach from Harrogate to York, passes thro' this place every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, and returns the following days.


  • To Bradford, James Dunwell, from the Old Elephant & Castle, every Wednesday and Saturday, at noon.
  • To Leeds, John Pennington, High st. and William Pearson, Briggate, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday-and Yates, from the Old Elephant & Castle, every Wednesday.
  • To Tadcaster, William Shaw, from the Anchor, every Wednesday afternoon.
  • To Wetherby, Hannah Dickinson, Back street, and William Harrison, Windsor lane every Thursday morning.
  • To York, Thomas Newcombe, from his warehouse, High street, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening; goes through Green Hammerton-and John Nelson, Back street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HARROGATE in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • Low Harrogate, Joseph Goodlad, Post Master, and a Receiving-house at Robt Mill's, grocer, High Harrowgate.
  • Letters to London and all parts of the South are despatched by In Glasgow Mail every morning at half-past six, and arrive every evening at seven.
  • Letters to Edinburgh, Glasgow, &c. are despatched every evening at seven, and arrive every morning at six.
  • Letters to York, Hull, Newcastle, &c. are despatched by a Mail gig to Boroughbridge every day at half-past twelve, and arrive every morning at seven.
  • Letters to Knaresborough are despatched every morning at five and six in the evening, and arrive every morning at six, twelve at noon, and half-past seven in the evening.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • 'High H' signifies high Harrogate, and 'Low H' Low Harrogate
  • Burrell Abraham, gent. Low Harrogate
  • Charlesworth Samuel, esq. High Harrogate
  • Dinsley John, esq. High Harrogate
  • Holme Rev. J. Pannal
  • Kennion Rev. Thomas, High Harrogate
  • Maude Thomas, esq. Woodlands
  • Rawson J. esq. Nidd
  • Sheepshanks William, esq. High Harrogate
  • Thackwray the Misses, High Harrogate
  • Thrush Capt. Thomas R.N. Belle vue
  • Watson John Farside, esq. Bilton Park

Academies & Schools,

  • Agars Elizabeth (day) High Harrogate
  • Daniels Mary Ann (boarding) Harley cottage, Low Harrogate
  • Free School, High Harrogate- Robert Inman, master
  • Palliser Pickersgill (day) Low Harrogate
  • Parry Catherine (boarding) Strawberry dale

Professional Persons,

  • Gray William, attorney, High Harrogate
  • Greeves Charles, land agent and land surveyor, Low Harrogate
  • Greeves John, surgeon, High Harrogate
  • Jacques John, physician, High Harrogate
  • Laurence William, architect, Forest lodge
  • Richardson Robert, surgeon, High Harrogate
  • Shilleto John, surgeon, High Harrogate
  • Thompson William, surgeon, High Harrogate
  • Wormald Croft, surgeon, High Harrogate

Inns & Hotels, Taverns & Public Houses,
Marked thus * are Posting Houses.

  • Bay Horse, Hannah Kendall, High Harrogate
  • Binns' Hotel, James Binns, Low Harrogate
  • Black Swan, Joseph Waite, High Harrogate
  • Crescent, Thomas Linforth, Low Harrogate
  • *Crown, Joseph Thackwray, Low Harrogate
  • *Gascoigne's Hotel, John Turner
  • Gascoigne, High Harrogate
  • George, Joseph Dickinson, High Harrogate
  • *Granby, Jonathan Benn, High Harrogate
  • *Green Dragon, Thomas Frith, High Harrogate
  • *Hattersley's Hotel, Michael Hattersley, Low Harrogate
  • New Inn, Jonathan Harrison, High Harrogate
  • Promenade, Francis Wade Johnson, Low Harrogate
  • Prospect House Hotel, Nicholas Carter, Low Harrogate
  • *Queen's Head, James Settle, High Harrogate
  • Swan Jonathan Shutt, jun. Low Harrogate
  • Wellington, Joseph Cullingworth, High Harrogate
  • *White Hart, James Tengatt, Low Harrogate

Shopkeepers & Traders,

  • Allanson Thomas, blacksmith, High Harrogate
  • Barf William, tailor & draper, Low Harrogate
  • Barker George, boot, &c. maker, Low Harrogate
  • Barker Henry, boot, &c. maker, High Harrogate
  • Batchellor Samuel, goldsmith & jeweller, Low Harrogate
  • Beaumont Jane, stay and umbrella maker, High Harrogate
  • Benson Christopher, tinman and brazier, High Harrogate
  • Binns Francis, shopkeeper, Low Harrogate
  • Blackburn Richard, proprietor of the promenade room, dealer in wine and porter, bookseller, &c. and agent to the Atlas fire office, Low Harrogate
  • Bolland George, bookseller, High Harrogate
  • Bradley William, wheelwright, High Harrogate
  • Bramley & Dent, boot & shoe makers, High Harrogate
  • Carbutt Thomas, breeches and glove maker, High Harrogate
  • Carter Nicholas, builder, Low Harrogate
  • Clark Thomas, chymist & druggist & sole proprietor of the genuine Harrogate salts, Low Harrogate
  • Coupland Jonathan, chymist & druggist, High Harrogate
  • Cuthbertson Ann, milliner, High Harrogate
  • Dennison Jonathan, tailor & haberdasher, High Harrogate
  • Dobson Jane, tea dealer, High Harrogate
  • Dunn John, hair dresser and toy dealer, High Harrogate
  • Ellis Richard, blacksmith, High Harrogate
  • Fletcher Joseph, saddler and trunk maker, Low Harrogate
  • Frankland John B. silk mercer, High Harrogate
  • Franklin James, grocer and draper, Low Harrogate
  • Gilbertson Robert, linen and woollen draper, High Harrogate
  • Gratton Horatio, butcher, High Harrogate
  • Hardaker John, baker, High Harrogate
  • Harper William, blacksmith, Low Harrogate
  • Holdsworth Joseph, boot & shoe maker, High Harrogate
  • Holdsworth William, boot & shoe maker, Low Harrogate
  • Horner Joseph, cabinetmaker, High Harrogate
  • Hudson Thomas, blacksmith, High Harrogate
  • Inman Thomas, glass and china dealer, High Harrogate
  • Inman William, bleacher, High Harrogate
  • Jackson Anthony, shopkeeper Low Harrogate
  • Kay Richard, butcher, Low Harrogate
  • Kirton Christiana, milliner, High Harrogate
  • Langdale William, bookseller, High Harrogate
  • Lohmeyer William, tailor & draper, High Harrogate
  • Lonsdale Thomas, boot & shoe maker, High Harrogate
  • Lupton Marmaduke, grocer and blacksmith, High Harrogate
  • Malthouse William, bleacher, High Harrogate
  • Mawson John, shopkeeper, High Harrogate
  • Mills Robert, grocer, High Harrogate
  • Milner Mary, milliner and straw bonnet maker, High Harrogate
  • Morley George, baker, Low Harrogate
  • Morley William, baker, High Harrogate
  • Outhwaite George, baker, Low Harrogate
  • Pearson John, spaw manufacturer, collector & dealer in fossils, minerals, &c. High Harrogate
  • Pullan Francis, lime burner, High Harrogate
  • Pullan Js. boot & shoe maker, Low Harrogate
  • Pullan Richard, bleacher, Bilton
  • Pullan William, gardener & seedsman, High Harrogate
  • Render John, saddler, High Harrogate
  • Richardson John, chymist & druggist, Low Harrogate
  • Robey Thomas, jeweller, & agent to the Protector & Eagle offices, High Harrogate
  • Shuts Thomason, milliner, High Harrogate
  • Smith Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Low Harrogate
  • Stott John, grocer & tallow chandler High Harrogate
  • Thackwray James, carpenter and joiner, Low Harrogate
  • Thackwray Margaret, milliner, Low Harrogate
  • Walker Elizabeth, milliner, High Harrogate
  • Walker Thomas, shopkeeper, High Harrogate
  • Wardman Henry, butcher, High Harrogate
  • Wardman Richard, jun. boot & shoe maker, High Harrogate
  • Wardman Richard, sen. tea dealer, High Harrogate
  • Winterton Benjamin, builder, Low Harrogate
  • Wood Charles, blacksmith, Low Harrogate
  • Wright George, coach maker, High Harrogate
  • Wright George, tailor, High Harrogate


  • To London, the Royal Mail (from Glasgow) calls at the Crown Inn, every morning at half-past six; goes through Leeds, Doncaster, &c.
  • To Glasgow and Edinburgh, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Crown Inn, every evening at seven.
  • To Leeds, the Telegraph (from Newcastle) calls at Gascoigne's Hotel, every, afternoon at half past five-the Pilot, calls at the Black Swan, every evening Sundays excepted) at six-the Union (from Ripon' calls at Hattersley's Hotel and Black Swan, every morning at land the Courier, calls at Hattersley's Hotel, every morning (Sundays excepted) at half-past nine.
  • To Newcastle, the Telegraph (from Leeds) calls at Gascoigne's Hotel, every morning at a quarter ore eight, goes thro' Darlington- and the Pilot, calls at the Black Swan, every morning (Sundays excepted) at the same time; goes thro' Knaresboro', Stockton & Durham.
  • To Ripon, the Union (from Leeds) calls at Hattersley's Hotel and Black Swan every afternoon at half-past three-and the Courier, calls at Hattersley's Hotel, every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at 4.


  • To Leeds, George Outhwaite & Samuel Farrer, from their houses, every Tues. day and Saturday mornings.
  • To York, William Benson, from his house, every Monday and Friday mornings; goes through Knaresborough.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003