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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for KNARESBOROUGH in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for KNARESBOROUGH in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Kirkgate, Thomas Taylor, Post master

Nobility, Gentry & Clergy,

  • Barker Rev. William, Vicarage lane
  • Benn Rev. Henry, Bond end
  • Blegborough Miss Maria, Church lane
  • Blesard Mrs. Mary, Kirkgate
  • Bowes Miss Elizabeth, Vicarage lane
  • Bradfield Mr. William, Bond end
  • Bramley Captain William, Bond end
  • Bramley Mr. William, Bond end
  • Brewerton Mr. John, Brewerton st
  • Byron the Misses, High st
  • Calvert Mr. Michael, High st
  • Cheap Rev. Andrew, Vicarage house
  • Christian Hugh, esq. Bilton hall
  • Cockcroft Mr. John, Star beck
  • Collins Rev. Thomas, High st
  • Collins William, esq. Kirkman bank
  • Craven Mrs. Elizabeth, High st
  • Dearlove Mr. Robert, Park row
  • Edgeworth Lady Emma, Water side
  • Ellison Mr. Lambert, Rose hill
  • Ellison Mrs. Mary, Park row
  • Fison Rev. William, Bond end
  • Forster Mr. Roger, Windsor lane
  • Fothergill Miss Sarah, High st
  • Gallon Mrs. Elizabeth, Kirkgate
  • Gott Rev. Richard, Goldsborough
  • Harrison Mr. William, Belmont cottage
  • Hartley Rev. Richard, Staveley
  • Howell Rev. William, Gracious st
  • Lascelles the Right Honourable Henry, Goldsborough hall
  • Lee John, esq. Abbey house
  • Letch Captain Charles, R.N. High st
  • Manby Rev. Aaron, High st
  • Masterman Mrs. Mary, Gracious st
  • Mayers Mrs. Sarah, Kirkgate
  • Morley Miss Frances, Bond end
  • Moyser Miss Mary, Bond end
  • Paley the Misses ---, High st
  • Pratt Rev. Ralph, Bond end
  • Rothery Mrs. Mary, Rose hill
  • Simpson Miss Dorinda, High st
  • Slingsby Sir Thos. bart. Scriven park
  • Smith Mrs. Mary, Bond end
  • Thackwray Mr. William, High st
  • Wailes Mrs Hannah, Bond end
  • Walsh Mrs. Elizabeth, High st
  • Walton Mrs. ---, High st
  • Wells Miss Mary Ann, Windsor lane
  • Wetherill Miss Isabella, High st
  • Wigglesworth Mrs. Elizabeth, Brewerton st
  • Wilson Mrs. Sarah, Windsor lane
  • Worsley Marcus, esq. Conynghun hall

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools,

  • Benn Rev. Henry, Bond end
  • Calcutt John, Gracious st
  • Cartwright Thomas, Gracious st
  • Catholic School, Church lane -- Ralph Gibson, master
  • Free School, High st -- John Winter, master
  • Grammar School, Vicarage lane -- Rev. William Barker, master
  • Howgate Mary (ladies' boarding) Grove house
  • National School (boys) Castle yard -- William Blanchard, master
  • National School (girls) Vicarage lane -- Mary Jaques, mistress
  • Nursaw Frances Ann (ladies' boarding) Beech hill house
  • Thackray the Misses (ladies' boarding) Prospect house, High st
  • Whaley Christopher, Savage yard


  • Dewes Richard, jun. High st
  • Earnshaw & Kirby, High st
  • Gill Matthew, High st
  • Gott Robert, jun. Market place
  • Powell Samuel & Son (under stewards of the honour of Knaresborough, and clerks to the magistrates) Castle yard
  • Richardson Martin, Market place
  • Stubbs William Morley, High st
  • Taylor Peter, High st
  • Tolson Peter, Kirkgate


  • Cliff Samuel, Kirkgate
  • Fawcett George, Kirkgate
  • Frost Thomas, High st
  • Penrose John, Briggate
  • Simpson Richard (& sheriff's officer) High st

Bacon & Ham Factors,

  • Dickinson Francis, High st
  • Herrington Samuel, Cheapside
  • Tipling William (& cheesemonger) Market place
  • Walker Joseph, Market place

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Byron Robert, High st
  • Forster William (& confectioner) Kirkgate
  • Hill John, High st
  • Holmes William, Briggate
  • Hoy William, Gracious st
  • Ward William, High st


  • Coates, Meek & Carter, High st -- (draw on Esdaile & Co. London)
  • Knaresborough & Claro Banking Company, High st -- (draw on Barnetts, Hoare & Co. London) -- Thomas Gell, agent
  • Terrys', Harrison & Co. High st -- (draw on Willis, Percival & Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank, High st -- George Stead, secretary

Basket Makers,

  • Hunter Matthew, High st
  • Poulter John, Union place, Low bridge


  • Abbey Francis, Back lane
  • Abbott George, Blucher st
  • Benson George, Brewerton st
  • Buck Robert, Top of Bond end
  • Dickinson Thomas, High st
  • Dickinson Thomas, jun. Low bridge
  • Edson William, Cheapside
  • Hall John, Briggate
  • Harrison William, Savage yard
  • Mirfield John, High st
  • Mirfield John, Forest lane

Booksellers & Stationers,

  • Barnby Stephen (& bookbinder) High st
  • Langdale William (& dealer in patent medicines) High st
  • Tarbotton Henry, Market place
  • Wilson George (& sub-distributer of stamps) High st

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Allinson John, High st
  • Bell William, Jockey lane
  • Bradley John, High st
  • Clemishaw William, Cheapside
  • Dawson Ann & Son, High st
  • Dawson James, Wellington st
  • Dawson Robert, Castle gate
  • Elwood George, High st
  • Falkingham Richard, Cheapside
  • Haw William, Market place
  • Holmes William, Portland st
  • Hornby Peter, Cheapside
  • Jaques William, High st
  • Kay William, Kirkgate
  • Kettle Thomas, Cheapside
  • Saunders Thomas, Windsor lane
  • Scruton Joseph, Gracious st
  • Sinclair William, High st
  • Snow Charles, High st
  • Snow Richard, Market place
  • Spink John, Market place
  • Sturdy Francis, Gracious st
  • Waite Henry, High st
  • Wardell Richard, Briggate
  • Whitaker William, Briggate
  • Whitehead George, Briggate
  • Whitehead Thomas, Briggate
  • Yates Christopher, Castle gate

Braziers & Tinmen,

  • Dalton Henry, Market place
  • Daniel Robert, Market place
  • Kay Thomas, Market place
  • Rollinson John, High st
  • Scott John, Castle gate

Brewers & Maltsters,

  • Lambert Thomas, High st
  • Matson Thomas (brewer) High st
  • Paley Thomas, High st
  • Pearson Samuel (maltster) Market place
  • Tuton Thomas, Briggate


  • Atkinson Ann, Market place
  • Bentley Thomas, High st
  • Buckle Walter, Star beck
  • Corker Thomas, Market place
  • Curry Robert, Bond end
  • Dickinson Francis, High st
  • Fawcett Joseph, High st
  • Linforth John, Castle gate
  • Matterson Albany, Kirkgate
  • Matterson Peter, Fincle st
  • Spence William, Briggate
  • Summersall John, Briggate
  • Walker Joseph, Market place

China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Barf John (earthenware) High st
  • Simpson John, Market place
  • Thirlway Thomas, High st
  • Winter Thomas, Market place

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Cameron Daniel, High st
  • Gervas Robert, Market place
  • Lambert Mark, Market place
  • Sheppard George, Cheapside
  • Weddall John, Market place

Clog & Patten Makers,

  • Robertshaw William, Cheapside
  • Sweeting Jonathan, Wellington st


  • Barr Thomas, Silver st
  • Rainforth Js. (to His Majesty) Market place


  • Bland Martin, High st
  • Simpson George, High st
  • Wardle James, Cheapside

Curriers & Leather Sellers,

  • Addyman Thomas, High st
  • Clemesha Thomas, Fincle st
  • Hartley Richard, High st
  • Hopps Henry, High st


  • Bell Maria (silk, &c.) Brewerton st
  • Ibbetson John, High st
  • Whaley Mary (silk, &c.) Kirkgate

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Alliance, Peter Tolson, Kirkgate
  • Atlas, Earnshaw & Kirby, High st
  • County, Robert Gott, jun. Market place
  • Guardian, William Morley Stubbs, High st
  • Leeds & Yorkshire, Samuel Powell, jun. Castle yard
  • Newcastle, Thomas Gell, High st
  • Norwich Union, Robert Dearlove, Park row
  • Phoenix, William Shaw, Market place
  • Protector, Richard Dewes, jun. High st
  • Royal Exchange, Isaac Newton, High st
  • Sun, Matthew Gill, High st
  • Yorkshire, Christopher Carter, High st

Flax Dressers,

  • Bell George, Church lane
  • Curry Robert, Bond end
  • Dodsworth Thomas, High st
  • Gill Robert, Bond end
  • Goodall Thomas, High st
  • Henlock James, Kirkgate
  • Hutton William, Brewerton st
  • Jarman Andrew, Brewerton st
  • Lumley & Brown, Brewerton st
  • Pearson William, Briggate
  • Robinson William, High st
  • Taylor John, Church lane
  • Turnbull William, Bond end
  • Tyson Andrew (& commission agent) Bond end
  • Ward John, Windsor lane
  • Webster Richard & Son, High st

Flax Spinners,

  • Eteson William & John, Windsor lane
  • Forster William (& thread manufacturer) Plompton mill & Fincle st
  • Pearson Samuel, Market place
  • Render John, High st
  • Thorpe Francis & Co. Back lane
  • Walton, Oates & Simpson, High st
  • Wilkinson Samuel (& thread manufacturer) Old mills

Flour Dealers,

  • Herrington Samuel (& corn) Cheapside
  • Scruton William, Castle gate
  • Smith Mary, Union place, Low bridge
  • Spence Francis (& corn) Market place
  • Swale Robert, Cheapside
  • Sweeting Jonathan, Gracious st
  • Tipling William (& corn) Market place
  • Turner John, Church lane
  • Watson David, Kirkgate

Game -- Dealers In,

  • Allinson John, High st
  • Barr Thomas, Silver st
  • Myers David, High st

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Abbott Thomas & Son (& nurserymen) High st
  • Craven William, High st
  • Jopling Edith, Windsor lane
  • Matson Thomas, High st
  • Lumley John (& nurserymen) Hay park

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers, and also Tea Dealers)

  • Carter John, High st
  • Catton William, High st
  • Cooper Jane, High st
  • Dixon Joseph, Market place
  • Gilderdale J. & Co. High st
  • Greaves Samuel, Market place
  • Ibbetson John, High st
  • Inchboard William, Market place
  • Roberts Ann, High st
  • Scott Charles, Market place
  • Shaw William, Market place
  • Taylor Thomas, Market place
  • Weller Charles, Market place
  • Wikeley Benjamin, High st

Hair Dressers & Perfumers,

  • Bulmer John, High st
  • Mann James Hartley, High st
  • Pawson John Valentine (& toy dealer) High st
  • Simpson Thomas, Fincle st
  • Thirlway Thomas, High st
  • Thistleton William, Castle gate

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Atkinson John, High st
  • Dawson Robert (& dealer in shoes) Castle gate
  • Myers David, High st
  • Oven William & Samuel, Market place


  • Commercial Hotel, John Render, High st
  • Crown (commercial & posting) John Baxby Robinson, High st
  • Elephant & Castle (commercial & posting, and excise office) George Pullan, High st


  • Fothergill John (& jeweller) High st
  • Gott Robert (& dealer in bar iron) Market place

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Anderson John, High st
  • Benson John, High st
  • Benson William, Back lane
  • Boldison Mark, Fincle st
  • Buck Peter, Savage yard
  • Bussey Samuel, Horse mill yard
  • Cawood Benjamin, High st
  • Dawson Bryan, High st
  • Fawcett George, Kirkgate
  • Lister William, High bridge
  • Livsey George, Cheapside
  • Pennington John, Briggate
  • Pullen Timothy, High bridge
  • Rhodes John, Bond end
  • Thompson George, Beech hill
  • Umpleby John (& builder) High st

Lime Burners,

  • Driffield William, Kirkgate
  • Pullan Francis & George, Thistle hill

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Bainbridge Samuel (& silk mercer) High st
  • Brown Daniel, High st
  • Gass George, Briggate
  • Greaves Samuel, Market place
  • Hope Thomas, Castle gate
  • Jardine David, High st
  • Marshall James (linen) High st
  • Park Richard, Silver st
  • Shaw William, Market place
  • Steel Richard (linen) Jockey lane
  • Walker William, Briggate

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Bake Richard, Castle gate
  • Clint John, Low bridge
  • Dodsworth Thomas, High st
  • Eteson William & John, Windsor lane
  • Hutton, Wilkinson & Co. (& thread) High st
  • Jarman Andrew, Brewerton st
  • Malthouse Thomas, Windsor lane
  • Matson Thomas (& merchant) High st
  • Mountain Ann & Son, Gracious st
  • Walton, Oates & Simpson, High st
  • Ward John (& dealer in manganese and oil of vitriol) Windsor lane


  • Calverley John, Abbey mill
  • Coates William, Hay park
  • Deighton Henry (the executors of the late) Spofforth
  • Lund Roger, Plompton mill
  • Pullein Mark, Forest lane
  • Scruton John, Goldsborough mill
  • Swale Thomas, Fulwith mill

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Armitage Ann, High st
  • Bell Mary & Honour, Brewerton st
  • Berry Ann & Elizabeth, Cheapside
  • Church Ann, Cheapside
  • Elwood Jane, High st
  • Kay Rebecca & Mary, High st
  • Wilson Mary, Bond end

Miscellany of trades

  • Painters -- House, Sign, &c.
  • Hodgson Mary, Bond end
  • Lawson William (ornamental, and paper hanger) Market place
  • Mason Thomas (ornamental, & carver & gilder & upholsterer) Market place
  • Snow George, Church yard
  • Whitehead William, High st

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Bentley Henry, High st
  • Brotherton John, Kirkgate
  • Farrah Michael (& fitter-up of gas apparatus) Kirkgate
  • Scaife John, Back lane
  • Turnbull Robert, Blucher st

Porter Dealers,

  • Matson Thomas, High st
  • Richardson Thomas, High st
  • Simpson George, High st

Printers -- Letter Press,

  • Atkinson Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Langdale William, High st
  • Wilson George, High st

Reed & Geer Makers,

  • Bake Richard (geer) Castle gate
  • Potts Henry, Windsor lane
  • Potts James, Windsor lane

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Cooper William, High st
  • Johnson William, High st
  • Webster Richard (& sacking) High st
  • Webster William, High st

Rug & Mat Manufacturers,

  • Clapham John (sheep skin) Low bridge
  • Clapham William & Co. (sheep skin) Low bridge
  • Edmondson Jacob (rush matting) Savage yard


  • Barr Edward (& trunk maker) Silver st
  • Fawcett William, High st
  • Hemsley Thomas (& trunk maker) High st
  • Horner Richard, High st
  • Scruton John, High st
  • Winter Matthew, High st

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Allinson John, High st
  • Atkinson ---, High st
  • Benson William (& dealer in earthenware) High st
  • Clark Thomas, Briggate
  • Clegg William, Wellington st
  • Cliff Samuel, Kirkgate
  • Fell William, High st
  • Frost Thomas, High st
  • Goodall Thomas, High st
  • Henlock James, Kirkgate
  • Hollands James, Castle gate
  • Holmes James, High st
  • Holmes William, High st
  • Houseman William, Briggate
  • Lonsdale John, Cheapside
  • Potts Henry, Windsor lane
  • Powell Robert, Kirkgate
  • Rhodes John, Bond end
  • Sly Alexander, Kirkgate
  • Smith Benjamin, Low bridge
  • Steele Elizabeth, Low bridge
  • Tyson Andrew, Bond end
  • Watson Thomas, Portland st
  • Wells John, Briggate
  • Wells William, Portland st
  • Whitaker William, Briggate

Slate Merchant & Slater,

  • Kellett William, Briggate

Stone Masons,

  • Gill John & John, Castle yard
  • Gott John, Castle yard
  • Jerrison Joseph, Savage yard
  • Livock Daniel, Savage yard
  • Pratt Joseph, Windsor lane
  • Walker William, Windsor lane
  • Wilson George, Brewerton st
  • Wilson George, jun. Park row

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Barr Rachael (dealer) Silver st
  • Bell Mary & Honour, Brewerton st
  • Dawes Tabitha, Castle gate
  • Gibson Hannah, Briggate
  • Holmes Ruth, High st
  • Linbart Hannah, High st
  • Milthorpe Hannah, Kirkgate
  • Outhwaite Elizabeth, Tenter gate
  • Robinson Sarah, Market place
  • Simpson Ann (& milliner) Market place
  • Stoner Hannah, Cheapside
  • Wood Mary, Church lane


  • Bullock Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Carr Benjamin, Market place
  • Cock John, Cheapside
  • Newton Isaac, High st
  • Powell Christopher, High st


  • Curry John (& draper) High st
  • Curry Matthew (& draper) High st
  • Fallis John, Gracious st
  • Gibson William, Briggate
  • Hawkridge John (& draper) Cheapside
  • Hoult James, Windsor lane
  • Luty Samuel, Fincle st
  • Peckitt William, Kirkgate
  • Slater Richard (& draper) Market place
  • Smith James, Briggate
  • Smith Thomas, Cheapside
  • Theakston Jonathan, Savage yard
  • Thompson Joseph, Briggate
  • Wardle Charles, Cheapside
  • Whitehead William, Market place

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Carter John, High st
  • Inchboard William, Market place
  • Wheelhouse William, Market place

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Anchor, Samuel Raper, High st
  • Barrel, Henry Bentley, High st
  • Black Horse, James Dawson, Market place
  • Black Swan, Jonah Dinmore, High st
  • Boar's Head, Thomas Freeman, Fincle st
  • Brewer's Arms, John Dickinson, Back lane
  • Cotton Mill, Thomas Terry, Market place
  • Crown, John Greenwood, Bond end
  • George, William Lister, High bridge
  • George & Dragon, William Pearson, Briggate
  • Grapes, Archibald Colquhoun, Market place
  • Green Dragon, Stephen Sweeting, Castle gate
  • Half Moon, Thomas Dickinson, Low bridge
  • Hart's Horns, Samuel Pearson, Market place
  • King's Arms, Thomas Knapton, High st
  • Lord Nelson, Mary Sanderson, Beech hill
  • Mother Shipton, George Howe, Low bridge
  • Nag's Head, William Edson, Cheapside
  • Old Dragoon, George Tarran, Castle gate
  • Old Elephant & Castle, Mary Aveson, Market place
  • Old Royal Oak, John Ridsdale, Market place
  • Parnassus Mount, John Goodall, Kirkgate
  • Punch Bowl, George Dawes, Castle gate
  • Red Bear, John Smith, High st
  • Red Lion, Elizabeth Druery, High st
  • Robin Hood, William Spence, Briggate
  • Royal Oak, Ann Clayton, Bond end
  • Shoulder of Mutton, George Lister, High st
  • Spaw, Samuel Bates, Star beck
  • Star, Matthew Outhwaite, Low Bond end
  • Union, Joseph Bulmer, High st
  • Union, Joseph Pullan, Thistle hill
  • Waggon & Horses, William Benson, High st
  • Waterloo, William Beaver Brown, Jockey lane
  • Watson's Arms, James Whiteley, Forest lane
  • White Hart, Joseph Cocker, Market place
  • White Horse, Marmaduke Beamley, High st
  • White Horse, William Wilson, Fincle st
  • World's End, Timothy Pullan, High st

Retailers of Beer,

  • Benson Mary, High st
  • Buckle Walter, Star beck
  • England John, Market place
  • Hodgson Thomas, High st
  • Penrose Thomas, Briggate
  • Pullan Joseph, Portland st
  • Robinson Robert, Briggate
  • Wood Richard, Briggate

Tea Dealers,

  • Brown David, High st
  • Gass George, Briggate
  • Hope Thomas, Castle gate
  • Park Richard, Silver st

Timber Dealers,

  • Driffield William, Kirkgate
  • Fawcett Walter, Blucher st

Turners in Wood, Iron, & Brass,

  • Abbey Thomas, Castle gate
  • Whitaker John, Briggate

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Fothergill John (& jeweller) High st
  • Garth John (& jeweller) High st
  • Johnson Hannah & Mary (& jewellers) High st
  • Snow Thomas (& jeweller) High st
  • Whitehead Edward, Gracious st


  • Bland William, Low bridge
  • Fawcett Walter, Blucher st
  • Lawson Joseph, Castle yard
  • Procter John, Savage yard
  • Raw William, Briggate


  • Goundry George (& bell hanger) Kirkgate
  • Stockburn Richard (& bell hanger) Fincle st

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Auchterlownie John, High st
  • Cooper Jane (spirit & British wines) High st
  • Dinmore John, High st
  • Matson Thomas, High st
  • Newton Isaac, High st
  • Pearson Samuel, Market place
  • Richardson Thomas (spirit & seed) High st


  • Bainbridge John, worsted manufacturer & dealer in hosiery, Gracious st
  • Blewett William, keeper of museum, Low bridge
  • Bond John Henry, professor of singing, piano-forte & organ, Briggate
  • Collier Aaron, gunsmith, High st
  • Dewes Richard, perpetual overseer, High st
  • Dinmore John, saddlers' ironmonger, High st
  • Edson Martha, patten maker, Cheapside
  • Forster Thomas, saddle tree maker, Fincle st
  • Gas Works, Ings bottom -- Thomas Storey, secretary
  • Gee Thomas, sail maker, Market place
  • Grimston Robert, fellmonger, Landleed house, Waterside
  • Hartley Elizabeth, glove maker, Briggate
  • Hattersley William, millwright, High st
  • Howgate John, land agent & surveyor, High st
  • Jackson Samuel, clothes dealer, Briggate
  • Knaresborough Spaw Baths & Wells, Star beck -- Thomas Taylor, keeper
  • Leckenby William, veterinary surgeon, Bond end
  • Manners John, supervisor of excise, High st
  • Meadley Jane, flax merchant, Savage yard
  • Murphy John, engraver & copper plate printer, Cheapside
  • Oliver Robert, pawnbroker & draper, Market place
  • Pearson Thomas, coach proprietor, High st
  • Purkis Joshua, heckle maker, High st
  • Stead George, surveyor of taxes, Bond end
  • Swales Henry, billiard table keeper, Brewerton st
  • Walker William, winnowing & straw cutting machine maker, High st
  • Warwick Joseph, iron & brass founder, Brewerton st
  • Water Works, Waterside -- James Henry Gould, secretary
  • Wilson Hannah, stay maker, Gracious st
  • Wilson Thomas, rag & bone dealer, Briggate
  • Workhouse, Church yard -- Thomas Dixon, governor


  • To Boroughbridge, Matthew Gallaway & Robert Tipling, from their respective houses, daily
  • To Darley, John Petty, from the Cotton Mill, every Wednesday
  • To Great Ouseburn, Joseph Bickerdike, from the Old Royal Oak, Wednesday
  • To Leeds, William Pearson, from the George & Dragon, and John Pennington, from his house, Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • To Otley, Robert Dibb, from the Brewers' Arms, every Wednesday
  • To Ripon, George Tarran, from the Old Dragoon, every Tuesday & Saturday
  • To Skipton, William Hardisty, from the Black Swan, every Mon. Wed. & Fri.
  • To Thirsk, Samuel Briggs, from the Black Swan, every Wed. & Sat.
  • To Wetherby, Hannah Dickinson, from her house, every Thursday
  • To York, John Benson, from the Waggon & Horses, and Matthew Gallaway, from his house, every Mon. Wed. & Fri. -- and George Tarran, from the Old Dragoon, every Tuesday & Saturday

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HARROGATE in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Post Office,

  • High Harrogate, Sarah Goodlad, Post mistress

Receiving House,

  • Sarah Blackburn, Low Harrogate

HH signifies High Harrogate, and LH Low Harrogate:

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Bingley William, esq. HH
  • Blackburn Miss Hannah, HH
  • Burnell Abraham, esq. LH
  • Charlesworth Samuel, esq. HH
  • Christian George Hugh, esq. Bilton hall
  • Dinsley John, esq. HH
  • Donnoghue Rev. H.C. Harrogate
  • Heyworth Rev. James, LH
  • Holme Rev. James, LH
  • Kennion Rev. Thomas M.A. HH
  • Lawrence William, esq. HH
  • Marshall Col. Josiah, HH
  • Mitton Rev. Henry, HH
  • Parry Mr. Thomas, Harrogate
  • Richardson Mr. Martin (attorney) HH
  • Ripley Mr. Thomas, HH
  • Sheepshanks William, esq. HH
  • Thackwray the Misses, HH
  • Thackwray Captain Matthew, HH
  • Thompson John, esq. LH
  • Thrush Thomas, esq. Belle vue
  • Van Mildert Right Rev. William, Lord Bishop of Durham, D.D. HH
  • Williams Mr. John, Portugal house
  • Williamson John, esq. Hampsthwaite Hollins
  • Wilson George, esq. LH
  • Wormald Mrs. C. HH
  • Wrottesley Mrs. Ann, HH

Academies & Schools,

  • Agars Elizabeth (day) HH
  • Free School, Bachelor's gardens -- Francis Idel, master
  • Lancasterian School, LH
  • Marshall William (day) HH
  • National School (boys' & girls' ) HH -- Marsh Turner, mistress
  • Palliser Pickersgill (day, & private teacher) Harrogate
  • Parry Catherine (ladies' boarding) Strawberry dale
  • Stanley & Daniel (ladies' boarding, and day) LH
  • Thackwray Joseph (day) LH
  • Tomlinson Anna (gents preparatory boarding) HH


  • Morley George (& confectioner) LH
  • Morley William (& confectioner) HH
  • Outhwaite George, LH

Baths -- Public,

  • Thackwray Joseph (Crown) LH
  • William John (Royal) LH


  • Allanson Thomas, HH
  • Ellis Richard, HH
  • Harper William, LH
  • Hudson Thomas, HH
  • Lupton Marmaduke (& white) HH
  • Simpson Thomas, LH
  • Wood Charles (& farrier) LH


  • Malthouse William (& linen manufacturer) HH
  • Pullan Richard, Bilton

Boarding Houses,

  • Arthur Mrs. Grove house, HH
  • Binns Joseph, LH
  • Harper John, LH
  • Husband Mrs. Cornwall house, LH

Booksellers, Libraries & Reading Rooms,

  • Blackburn Sarah (& exporter of Harrogate water, late of the Promenade rooms) LH
  • Langdale William, HH

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Barker George, LH
  • Barker Henry, HH
  • Holdsworth Joseph, LH
  • Lonsdale Thomas, HH
  • Paley John, HH
  • Paley Thomas, HH
  • Smith Samuel, LH
  • Thackwray Jonathan, HH
  • Wardman Richard, HH

Braziers & Tin Plate Workers,

  • Benson Christopher, HH
  • Knowles John, LH


  • Askew Thomas, HH
  • Bearpark Abel, HH
  • Jarratt John, HH
  • Lawn William (& dealer in game) LH
  • Long John, LH
  • Wardman Henry, HH
  • Wilkinson Thomas, HH
  • Wray Robert, LH

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Coupland Eleanor, HH
  • Richardson John, LH
  • Waite Joseph, HH

Coach Builders,

  • Wright Christopher, LH
  • Wright George, HH

Fire Office Agents,

  • Globe, John Dunn, HH
  • Yorkshire, Pickersgill Palliser, Harrogate

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Barf Thomas (& flour dealer) LH
  • Daniel William (& brewer) LH
  • Franklin James, LH
  • Hardisty Henry, HH
  • Jaques John (& corn and flour dealer) HH
  • Morley George, LH
  • Ridsdale William (& dealer in Harrogate water) HH
  • Rymer George, HH
  • Slater James (& confectioner) LH
  • Stott John (& tallow chandler) HH

Inns & Hotels,

  • Binns' Hotel, Mary Binns, LH
  • Brunswick (posting) William Waudby, HH
  • Crown (posting) Joseph Thackwray, LH
  • Dragon (posting) Thomas Frith, HH
  • Gascoigne's (commercial & posting) John Turner Gascoigne, HH
  • Granby (posting) Jonathan Benn, HH
  • Prospect Hotel, Nicholas Carter, Harrogate
  • Queen (posting) John Dearlove, HH
  • Swan, Jonathan Shutt, Harrogate
  • White Hart, William Forrest, LH

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Hagley John, HH
  • Horner Benjamin, HH
  • Horner Joseph, HH
  • Thackwray Joseph, LH
  • Thompson William, HH
  • Tomlinson & Burgess, LH

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Barf William, LH
  • Burniston Thomas, LH
  • Daniel William, LH
  • Wilson Martin, HH

Livery Stable Keepers,

  • Anguss Joseph, LH
  • Harper James, LH
  • Horner Joseph, HH

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Franklin Isabella, HH
  • Hardisty Mary, LH
  • Kirton Christiana, HH
  • Milner Mary, HH
  • Morley Ann, HH
  • Pearson Maria, LH
  • Rushworth Sarah, HH
  • Simpson Elizabeth, HH

Painters -- House & Sign,

  • Morley Robert (& plumber and glazier) HH
  • Newton William Stoward (ornamental painter & gilder) LH
  • Parslow John, HH


  • Robson Thomas, HH
  • Simpson John, HH

Saddlers & Trunk Makers,

  • Fletcher Joseph, LH
  • Tomlinson George, HH

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Fortune Riley, HH
  • Goodall John, LH
  • Hodgson William, HH
  • Hopkinson Leonard, LH
  • Howard Jonathan, LH
  • Mills Robert, HH
  • Walker Thomas, HH

Stone Masons,

  • Bentley Matthew, HH
  • Emmett Francis, HH
  • Faviell Charles (& builder) HH
  • Waterhouse James (& builder) HH
  • Winterburn Benjamin & Sons (& builders) LH

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Burgess Elizabeth, LH
  • Hagley Charlotte, HH
  • Long Elizabeth, LH
  • Mason Elizabeth & Isabella (& dress makers) LH
  • Wane Elizabeth, HH


  • Berry Grove, HH
  • Cookson Ambrose Dawson, HH
  • Frobisher Jo, HH
  • Johnson Samuel, HH
  • Richardson Robert, HH
  • Walker James, LH

Marked # are also Drapers,

  • # Barf William, LH
  • # Burniston Thomas, LH
  • # Dennison John (& stay maker and haberdasher) HH
  • Harrison William, LH
  • Hodgson William, HH
  • # Linforth Thomas, LH
  • Lupton John, LH
  • Rooke James, HH
  • # Ripley Francis, HH
  • # Wilson Martin, HH
  • Wright George, HH

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, Thomas Hudson, HH
  • Black Swan, Joseph Waite, HH
  • George, William Barber, LH
  • New Inn, Joseph Dickenson, HH
  • Promenade, Dorothy Johnson, LH
  • Ship, John Harrison, LH
  • Star, George Dodsworth, HH
  • Wellington, George Harper, LH

Retailers of Beer,

  • Bailey Joseph, LH
  • Blackburn William, HH
  • Clarkson John, HH
  • Mawson John, HH
  • Moss William, HH
  • Scruton William, HH
  • Wilson William, HH

Tea Dealers,

  • Jackson Esther, HH
  • Wardman Richard, HH


  • Batchelor Samuel, goldsmith & jeweller, LH
  • Bown Peter, jet manufacturer & fancy repository, HH
  • Bradley William, wheelwright, HH
  • Carbutt Thomas, glover & breeches maker, HH
  • Dunn John, hair dresser, perfumer, & toy dealer, HH
  • Harrison Joseph, excise officer, LH
  • Harrogate Reading Society -- Robert Inman, treasurer ; P. Palliser, secretary
  • Holdsworth James, timber dealer, HH
  • Inman Sarah, china, glass, & earthenware dealer, HH
  • Promenade Rooms, LH -- Thomas Walker, proprietor
  • Pullan Francis & George, lime burners, HH
  • Pullan George, gardener, seedsman, & fruiterer, HH
  • Young William, watch & clock maker, HH


  • To Leeds, Samuel Farrah and George Outhwaite, from their houses, every Tues. & Sat. -- Edward Pearson, from the George, every Mon. Thurs. & Fri. and John Richmond and F. Pickersgill, every Tues. & Thurs.
  • To Leeming Lane, F. Pickersgill, from the George, every Tues. & Thurs.
  • To Ripon and all parts of the North, Edward Pearson, every Weds. & Sat. -- and F. Pickersgill and John Richmond, every Weds. & Fri. all from the George
  • To York & Knaresborough, William Benson, from his house, every Mon. Weds. & Fri.

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000