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Laughton en le Morthen parish:

Laughton en le Morthen, Roll of Honour transcription:

The Roll of Honour in All Saints Church, Laughton en le Morthen.

The names of the men from
Thorpe St John
who have served in His Majesty's Forces during the European War 1914-1918

Askew Jos A  Bradford W H  Dooley J  Hague G  Pursglove ColinX Taylor W 
Askew Joe  Butler W  Darby C W  Holliday H  Perry R  Taylor J H 
Askew Walter  Briscoe H  Douglas R  Holliday E  Plant F  Taylor H W 
Askew G H  Burton J  Dawson J  Hemsley H  Parker A  Thacker W 
Ainsworth D  Burton R  Dale H  Holland F  Palmer H J  Thacker J 
Ainsworth J J  Bennett T  Deaton H  Holmes J H  Palmer H  Turner T 
Ainsworth T  Church W  Eames F  Henderson J  Palmer W  Turner A 
Ainsworth Wm  Church  Fox DX Heywood C  Palmer J T  Thickett W R 
Ainsworth P  Cliffe J A  Featherstone C J  Hogg T  Phillips F  Thornsby H 
Aldred W  Connell S H  Francis G C  Hogg Q  Pursglove Chas  Turner S 
Aspinall H  Connell T J  Foster A  Hemsworth H  Peckover C H  Tomlinson T 
Applewhite C  Cowling T H  Foster R  Jonas D  Peat J H  Tindall H 
Appley T  Cowling N H  Fretwell H  Johnson L  Pritchard G  Tweedale A 
Appley W  Crofts J A  Frost W  Jones AX Rollitt G WX Tomlinson W 
Appley S  Crofts EX Fox J  Kirk HX Roddis J A  Vizard A 
Allport J  Cunning T  Goundry JohnX Kew J O  Revitt D V  Watts P 
Atkinson H R  Chilcott W F  Goundry JosX Keates J  Revitt T G  Wright C 
Abrahams W H  Crawley C  Grimsby RX King F  Revitt P  Wright A 
Allsopp Cyril  Coddington A  Grice J WX Kerry R  Rose G E  Weaver J R 
Allsopp Chas  Court W  Goundry W  Kearsley T  Richards L C  Wilson H 
Allsopp W  Cox H  Goundry R  Loy HX Roddis H  Wilson T 
Anderson JX Cottam D  Grice H  Lister CX Roddis G  Wiltshire R W 
Benson GX Clarkson W H  Gomersall E  Little W  Reeve J  Wiltshire T 
Brown J X Chambers J C  Gomersall W  Leedham S  Roddis L  Wiltshire J 
Brittain WX Cockerill J  Gomersall J  Lister G  Rowbotham R  Weldon H 
Bryan J SX Chaloner J  Goodall TX Lunn A E  Roddis Jas A  Weldon W 
Bryan FX Connell J C  Greaves G  Longden R  Roddis John A  Weldon G 
Bailey FX Connell H D  Gregory W  Lee W E  Roberts W  Williams G 
Barrett A EX Connell R C  Goodall J E  Leaning H  Roberts J  Waterworth J 
Benton G H  Clewes T  Gough G  Little W  Read AX Williams F K 
Broddle J T  Clay J  Garner Z  Liddon W  Steedman W  West J H 
Boyd R  Clay G  Groves G W  Lomas A  Steedman A  Ward E H 
Bramall A V  Cloke SX Godfrey T  Marshall H  Steedman C  Walton A J 
Blackwell A  Crossley J  Gosling BX Marriott H  Sulley H  Wilson WX
Barrett J  Cusworth H  Gorst J E  Maddison T  Sulley W  Wilburn P 
Belt H J  Cox T  Holder BX Mellors E  Simpson W  Wright G A 
Belt W E  Carlisle G  Hodgkinson G HX Mottram G E  Storey Geo  Woodhead J 
Brigg A  Clarke C  Holmes H  Mallinder W  Smith G  Woodrow G 
Barnes W H  Clarkson W  Holmes H  Mugglestone J  Smith R S  Washington G 
Barker P  Crawley F  Holmes W  Marsden G  Searstone G A  Waller P 
Bell J  Clayton L  Holmes A  Marples S  Slack T  Washington D 
Boot E  Crawley F  Holmes C  Myers J  Stanley G  Wright J 
Blakeborough H  Clark F S  Hannible T  Mallett W  Smales G  Wood H 
Ball H  Dowley JX Holling G  McCarron M  Spooner E  Wilkin G 
Barnes G F  Dobbs J  Holling W  Moon E  Savery A J  Wilkinson J 
Burton CX Dobbs G  Homer T  Moon C  Savery C  Wilkinson F 
Beech E  Day G W  Holden H  Myers AX Seaman P  Wilkinson S 
Beech H  Day H  Hanstock J  Naylor AX Stray T S  Walker G 
Burnham S  Day W  Hope E  Needham W HX Searstone J W  Whetton G 
Birkenshaw T M  Deakin W  Hall H  Needham T  Spencer J  Whitham EX
Brocklesby B  Deakin G  Harrison G  Needham B  Savage A  Ward T W 
Brocklesby J W  Deakin F W  Healey R  Oldfield J A  Sheppard W C  Ward A 
Brocklesby T H  Deakin J  Healey W  Oldfield F  Smith F  Young JX
Brain J W  Dargavel J S  Hope T B  Oakes S  Smith P L  York A PX
Bell J W  Dunhill C  Hughes W  Orgill J  Stray B  York H 
Boot W H  Dunhill R  Hogg  Olivant C  Thorpe A HX   
Barber T  Dunhill H N  Harris T  Pursglove TX Taylor JX   
   Dooley C HX Harris G  Parkin WX      

X Indicates 'Killed' 'Died of Wounds' or 'Missing'

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson