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LAUGHTON EN LE MORTHEN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Laughton en le Morthen, 1830-1849

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationAgeGroom's FatherBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusBride's FatherAgeBride
03 02 1830PeterCOWARDSheffield    Lowesia SophiaOATES     
22 02 1830WilliamRODGERSThribergh Husbandman  MaryTINMOUTH     
08 08 1830GeorgeSTREETWickersley    MaryWELLS     
04 10 1830GeorgeMYERSRotherham Farmer  AnnBATTERSBY     
13 12 1830BenjaminROBINSON  Husbandman  HarriottOATES     
04 04 1831LukeHUTCHINSON  Labourer  CharlotteGREENSMITH     
28 06 1831John FenneyPARKINSheffieldWidowerEngraver  Mary Ann WhitakerMOWER     
18 07 1831HenryRODDIS  Cordwainer  FrancesPULLEN     
17 10 1831WilliamWALES  Husbandman  ElizabethGILBERTHORPE     
01 12 1831WilliamPARNIL  Husbandman  ElizabethWOODCOCK     
05 03 1832WilliamGREENSMITH  Husbandman  AnnBRADLEY     
06 03 1832JohnLOUNDTreeton Husbandman  SarahTAYLOR     
24 04 1832JamesBOAM  Farmer  MarthaTHOMPSON     
13 08 1832BenjaminWOOLHOUSE  Husbandman  HannahTHOMPSTONE     
15 10 1832ThomasSTURKEYAnston Labourer  SarahHALL     
22 10 1832JohnBARKER  Husbandman  AnnSINGLETON     
24 12 1832JohnTINOLER  Husbandman  RebeccaBILHAM     
21 01 1833CharlesWILDEN  Husbandman  EleanorTURNER     
28 07 1833CharlesSWANNACK  Tailor  HarriotRICH     
29 07 1833JohnPEARSON WidowerLabourer  ElizabethBILHAM     
07 08 1833GeorgeWINFROW  Labourer  MarthaTAYLOR     
13 12 1833JohnRIDGE  Husbandman  MarySHORE     
14 03 1834AbrahamCRABTREELiverpool, LAN Merchant  HelenCRABTREE     
05 06 1834ThomasMORTONFirbeck Tailor  ElizabethTURNER     
29 01 1835JohnDOBB  Saddler  MaryFIELD     
27 04 1835JosephTAYLOR     AnnGREENSMITH     
26 ? 1835CharlesTURNER     ElizaSAMPSON     
03 08 1835WilliamTAYLOR  Cordwainer  AnnBALDERSON     
13 11 1835JohnBAGGELEY     AnnPEARSONSt.John's    
30 11 1835CharlesWILSON     RebeccaTHOMPSON     
30 11 1835JamesASKRAM     AnneTHOMPSON     
09 05 1836JohnFISHER     MaryMORTON Widow   
12 05 1836CharlesSTEWART Widower   ElizabethKIDSON     
20 06 1836JohnHIBBERTSt.John's    Mary AnneTHOMPSONSt.John's    
13 09 1836FrancisPAWSON Widower   AnnWYNN Widow   
12 12 1836WilliamTURNER     BarbaraGLOSSOP     
09 05 1837RichardROBINSONBelton, LIN    SarahJENNINGS     
24 11 1837WilliamBELLAMYThurcroft Servant21George, a LabourerSarahAUTHORNEThurcroft William, a Labourer18Sarah a Servant
04 12 1837ThomasJENNINGS  Labourer22Richard, a FarmerAnneTAYLORBrookhouse William, a Labourer19 
15 02 1838WilliamKICK [KIRK]  Labourer George, a LabourerHannahSINGLETON  William, a Labourer Hannah a Servant
25 02 1838CharlesHALLENAnston Glazier  Mary AnnWASTENEY  ? , a Farmer  
24 11 1838JohnCOUCAMCarr Servant22Thomas, a LabourerMaryBIDEBYCarr Joseph, a Labourer Mary a Servant
26 11 1838GeorgeMOOREGildingwells Servant23George, a LabourerMaryTYEGildingwells Thomas, a Labourer Mary a Servant
22 05 1839JohnTUMMONDSheffield Accountant21Thomas, a LabourerEmmaSHAWRotherham George, a Builder21 
08 09 1839GeorgeCUTTSSheffield SilverSmith22Joseph, a SilverSmithSarahBAINESSheffield Thomas, a Silver Plater23Sarah a Servant
06 09 1839JohnINGALLSheffield Bookkeeper23Henry, a SiverSmithElizabethSPENCERSheffield Henry, a Metal Caster20 
23 09 1839GeorgeLINDLEYLingodell Servant19Francis, a CarpenterMariaHUTCHINSONNewall James, a Labourer18Maria a Servant
17 03 1840Thomas FrancisHUDSONRossington Farmer21John, a FarmerAnne MariaJENNINGSThurcroft Thomas, a Farmer21 
20 04 1840JohnGREY  Farmer's Servant21James, a LabourerHarrietEYRE  George, a Labourer21Harriet a Servant
04 05 1840JohnBOWSKILLLetwell Labourer22Samuel, a LabourerHannahHILLLetwell Joseph, a Labourer26Hannah a Servant
06 01 1841WilliamWASTENEY  SchoolMaster George, a LabourerSarahTHORPE MinorWilliam, a Labourer  
01 02 1841George WilliamVALENTINE  Labourer James, a CutterCarolineTURNER  Thomas, a Mason  
29 11 1841EdwardTYZACKSheffield Farmer Thomas, a FarmerMary AnnKIRKLaughton Common Samuel  
24 03 ???GeorgeSHAW  Saddler Francis, a FarmerElizabethINMAN WidowMathew Belt, a Farmer  
28 08 1843WilliamLONGDENSteadfolds Labourer George, a LabourerHannahBEIGHTONSteadfolds John, a Labourer  
18 09 1843Thomas BartholomewDAWSONTickhill Cabinet Maker Bartholomew John, a Cabinet MakerEmmaDENTON  Isaac, a Gardener  
01 09 1844JoelMOZLEY WidowerClockMaker William, a ClockMakerDelphaTAYLOR  Samuel, a Labourer  
17 09 1844William StephenJACOB  Lieutenant, Bombay Engineers Regiment Stephen Long, Vicar of Woolating, SOMElizabethCOATSThurcroft Mathew, a Merchant  
09 03 1845ThomasWOODCOCK WidowerWheelWright Charles, a WheelWrightHannahSTORKEY  Thomas, a Labourer  
28 08 1845GeorgeLAYCOCK  Farmer John, a FarmerAnnFISHER  Francis, a BlackSmith Ann a Servant
30 11 1845FrancisBARKER Widower  Francis, a WheelWrightLucySTEER  Henry  
01 12 1845GeorgeHEWES WidowerLabourer Joseph, a LabourerElizabethBELLWorksop Jonathan, a Labourer  
27 01 1846FrancisFISHER WidowerBlackSmith John, a BlackSmithMaryTRADDLEDalton, RotherhamWidowJoshua Wigfield, a Miller  
02 03 1846JohnGREAVESBrookhouse Labourer William, an Excise ManMary AnnGILBERTHORPESlade Hooton William, a Labourer  
13 04 1846JohnSMITH  Grocer Thomas, a MinerSarahGREAVESEdlington    
08 08 1846GeorgeSHIMMELL  Cordwainer William, a CordwainerAnnWHALLEYSanbach, CHS James, a Farmer  
02 11 1846GeorgeSMITHAston Farmer's Labourer Thomas, a LabourerJaneHALL  Jonathan, a Labourer  
09 08 1847WilliamPICKERING  Labourer James, a LabourerCharlotteWILSON  John, a Labourer  
16 08 1847ThomasGILBERTHORPEDinnington Servant  AnnHEWES  George, a Labourer20 
14 12 1847ThomasGRANTBrookhouse Labourer Thomas, a LabourerHannahBARKERBrookhouse Francis, a Labourer  
21 12 1847WilliamRAYNESThurcroft Servant John Morris, a FarmerMarthaHEPWORTHThurcroft John, a Publican Martha a Servant
08 02 1848HoratioSORBYFence Farm, Aston Gentleman Edwin, a GentlemanMarthaCHAPMAN  William, a Gentleman  
22 02 1848WilliamGOSLINGSlade Hooton Labourer George, a FarmerElizabethCOOKESlade Hooton Nathaniel, a Labourer  
25 09 1848StephenMORRIS  Labourer John, a LabourerMariaWILSON  John, a Labourer  
26 11 1848JohnHALLEN  Labourer William, a LabourerElizaASHLEY  George, a Labourer  
27 11 1848WilliamCOTTAM  Labourer John, a LabourerCatharineSHELTON     
20 01 1849GeorgeINNOCENTSheffieldWidowerModeller Joseph, a SawyerAnnGIBSONBrookhouse Thomas, a ShoeMaker  
22 01 1849JamesJOHNSONDarfield Labourer Joseph, a LabourerSalinaSAMPSONColdwell Green Henry, a Labourer  
26 03 1849JohnBLANKBrookhouse Labourer Joseph, a FarmerElizaHEATONBrookhouse Jacob, a Labourer  

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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