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LAUGHTON EN LE MORTHEN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Laughton en le Morthen, 1850-1879

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationAgeGroom's FatherBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusBride's FatherAgeNotes
19 03 1850GeorgeHIBBERTEcclesfield Farmer Thomas, a FarmerElizabethNELSONBrookhouseWidowThomas Gibson, a Carpenter  
09 05 1850JamesCADEGreen Arbour Farmer John, a ButcherMaryMOTTRAMSheffield Thomas, a Farmer  
27 09 ????Charles CalowBEARDSHAWSheffield Merchant George, a MerchantLetitiaPEOPLESSt.John's Henry, a Stamp Distributor  
04 01 1853ThomasELKINGTONSheffield Coachman John, a LabourerHarrietFROGGATESheffieldWidowWilliam Gilberthorpe, a Labourer Harriet a Servant
17 03 1853AnthonyBILLAMThroapham ShoeMaker John, a LabourerMary AnnCOTTAM  George, a Publican  
16 05 1853JohnGUEST WidowerLabourer William, a FarmerBarbaraTURNERBrookhouseWidowBenjamin Glossop, a Farmer  
08 03 1854IsaacHAWCROFTSheffield Razor Manufacturer William, a Razor ManufacturerAnnCADEGreen Arbour John, a Butcher  
04 05 1854JosephCAXTONRotherham Plumber & Glazier  Eliza AnnTHORPE  William, a Farmer  
05 06 1854JamesPALIN [POLIN]Worksop Labourer Peter, a TravellerElizabethGILLEYCarr George, a Husbandman  
27 07 1854JohnHIBBERDThroapham    HannahWHEATCROFTSawn Moor    
05 12 1854DavidGILL  Labourer Saul, a LabourerMaryWOOLEY  Charles, a Labourer  
11 12 1854CharlesSMITHSheffield Joiner William, a TailorSarah AnnTURNER  William, a Labourer  
25 01 1855Augeta ?NEWTONGilthwaite Gentleman John, a GentlemanMary AnnHALLSlade Hooton George  
21 04 1856EdwardBENSON  Servant Edward, a LabourerMaryGRETTON  George19 
04 08 1856WilliamHERRINGBrookhouse Labourer George, a LabourerMariaGREGGBrookhouseWidow??, a Mason  
11 09 1856RogerHAYWOODRotherham Iron Master George, an Iron MasterMargaretBARTON  James, a Gentleman  
23 09 1856GeorgeBURDENWath upon Dearne Potter24Joseph LakeMariaPASHLEY  Charles, a Labourer20Maria, a Servant
27 11 1856StephenPOLIN [PALIN]Barlborough   Peter, a TravellerSarah AnnGILLEYCarr John, a Labourer  
03 12 1856JohnTURNER  Labourer  SarahRUBBINS  John, a Labourer  
15 12 1856GeorgeBENNETTAnstonWidowerButcher George, a ButcherElizaARDRON WidowSamuel Beech, a Miller Eliza an InnKeeper
16 12 1856WilliamBURTONCarrWidower  John, a LabourerKeziaWINFREYCarrWidowGeorge Pashley  
15 05 1857ThomasLAUNDBrookhouse Servant John, a LabourerElizabethTURNERBrookhouse Job, a Nail Maker  
06 10 1857WilliamRODDIS  Labourer Henry, a ShoeMakerSarahBARLOW  George, a Labourer  
27 01 1858RowlandWARDHandsworth, WoodhouseWidowerAuctioneer William, a Cattle SalesmanCarolineHALLSlade Hooton George, a Fitter  
06 06 1858ThomasROGERSCarr Farmer Benjamin, a LabourerSarahPASHLEYCarr George, a Labourer  
24 04 1859WilliamBUCKWentworth Plasterer JamesMaryNORTONBrookhouse Thomas  
21 11 1859SamuelWILKINSONFirbeckWidower  William, a LabourerSarahROLLET WidowGeorge Lee, a Tailor  
27 12 1859HenryROLLET  Mason Joseph, a MasonMaryBARKER  John, a Labourer  
12 01 1860RobertCOTTAM  Joiner George, an InnKeeperElizabethRODDIS  Thomas, a Farmer  
29 07 1860WilliamBOLER  Tailor  MarySWANNACK  Charles, a Tailor  
10 09 1860WilliamHALL  Labourer Jonathan, a LabourerSarahFOSTER  George, a Farmer  
09 07 1861William CharlesINMAN  Vicar of Great Gonerby, LIN Richard, Rector of TodwickJudithKENT WidowPeter Mansel, a Gentleman  
23 07 1861WilliamHEELEY  ShoeMaker Jonathan, a LabourerMaryHURSTBrookhouse William, a Labourer  
08 01 1862CharlesJOHNSONBrookhouse Labourer WilliamAnnHURSTBrookhouse William, a Labourer  
16 01 1862JosephDENTONBarmby Moor Groom Isaac, a GardenerKitty CawdingWELLSBrookhouse John Cawding  
09 06 1862JosephOTTERRampton Labourer Robert, a LabourerHannahPEARSON  John, a Labourer  
31 07 1862JohnFISHERAnstonWidower  James, a BlackSmithMaryDAWSON  John, a Farmer  
25 12 1862SamuelPASHLEYCarr Labourer George, a LabourerMaryDUCKMANTONCarr John, a Labourer  
06 04 1863ThomasTURNER  ShoeMaker Emanuel, a BlackSmithMaryTHORNTON  William Samuel, a Cabinet Maker  
28 05 1863ThomasGILLINGBrookhouse Farmer George, a FarmerCharlottePOWELLBrookhouse Henry, a ShoeMaker  
17 08 1863GeorgeTURNER  Mason George, a MasonElizabethDOBB  John, a Saddler  
13 04 1864RobertMOTTRAMCarr Farmer Thomas, a FarmerHannahRENSHAWCarr    
03 05 1864SamuelAPPLEYCarrWidowerFarmer Thomas, a FarmerMary AnnHARRISON WidowSamuel Beech, a Miller Mary Ann a Publican
17 05 1864JohnSTREET  Saddler George, a FarmerSarah EllenGUEST  Thomas, a Carrier  
27 06 1864JosephROBINSONRotherham Maltster William, a SaddlerMaryMOTTRAMCarr Charles, a Farmer  
11 07 1864GeorgeRICHMOND  Machinist John, a LabourerElizabethADAMS  Joseph, a Farmer  
25 12 1864JohnNETTLESHIP  Labourer William, a LabourerSarahWILSONAnston William, a Labourer  
10 09 1865ThomasARDRONBrookhouse BlackSmith Paul, a BlackSmithElizabethNEWBOULD  Charles, a Farmer  
26 12 1865John WilliamMAKIN  Labourer Thomas, a LabourerMary AnnGUESTThroapham William, a Labourer  
04 01 1866ThomasBROWNOrmaston Farmer William, a FarmerFrances AugustaCOTTAM  George, an InnKeeper  
12 02 1866JohnBOOTHCarr Labourer Benjamin, a CarpenterMary AnnBLATHERWICKCarr William, a Farmer  
22 02 1866George BeeverBLACKBURNSheffield Joiner George, a FarmerMarySHIRTCLIFFE  James, a ShoeMaker  
08 03 1866GeorgeHIBBERDBrookhouse Farmer George, a Farmer & PublicanSarah AnnSAYLESCarr William, a Farmer  
20 05 1866William HenryHOOLESandback, CHS    Lydia JaneRICH  George, a Joiner  
21 05 1866WilliamRUSHBY WidowerLabourer William, a LabourerMaryCURTISTuxford William, a Gardener  
24 05 1866GeorgeGUEST  BlackSmith27Thomas, a FarmerMary JaneADAMS  Joseph, a Farmer19 
29 07 1866ThomasKAYDinningtonWidowerButcher Thomas, a FarmerAnnSMITHBrookhouseWidowJonathan Lockwood, a Farmer  
18 11 1866ThomasASKERNJump, Darfield   ThomasAnnRICHMOND  John  
13 12 1866JohnBAKER  Labourer William, a LabourerAnnRUSHBY  William, a Labourer  
30 12 1866JohnEMPSONHardwick, Todwick Farmer George, a LabourerElizabethCOTTAM WidowThomas Roddis, a Farmer  
07 02 1867JohnHALL WidowerLabourer William, a LabourerAnnLAYCOCK WidowFrancis Fisher, a BlackSmith  
04 07 1867JosephBROWNLOWDeptford WarehouseMan George, a FarmerFannyBARTON  James, a Gentleman  
28 05 1868EdwardLEESheffield Grocer John, a FarmerElizabethACOM  John, a Grocer  
31 05 1868George EdmondOWEN  Coach Painter Thomas, a DyerSarah WilsonVALENTINE  George Wilson, a Labourer19 
03 06 1868JosephROBINSON  Labourer22 Mary Ann BirthnelGUEST  Thomas, a Carrier  
20 09 1868GeorgeRODDIS  Labourer28Henry, a ShoeMakerMaryBEECHWhiston George, a Labourer22 
21 10 1868ThomasNEABOULD  Farmer Charles, a FarmerMaryARDRON  Paul, a BlackSmith  
01 11 1868GeorgeGILLEYRose CottageWidowerFarmer George, a LabourerElizabethSIMPSONBrookhouse John, a Labourer  
24 11 1868JohnKEMPSALLBrookhouse Farmer21James, a LabourerElizaGREAVESBrookhouse John, a Labourer20 
15 04 1869CharlesMCCASKIEAnston  25 Frances JaneHARTLEY  William S, a Clerk in Holy Orders20 
10 06 1869WilliamNEEDHAM  Labourer24James, a FarmerSarahLAYCOCK  George, a Labourer20 
09 08 1869ThomasCHAMBERSTodwick Labourer John, a GardenerFannyRODDIS  Henry, a ShoeMaker  
29 11 1869RobertLAMBGreen Arbour Labourer30Samuel, a LabourerPriscillaGETHARDGreen Arbour William, a Labourer20 
25 12 1869WilliamPARNEL WidowerLabourer James, a FarmerCharlottePIMLOT  James, a Farmer  
28 02 1870AlexanderCRAGGSWickersley   WilliamAnnCROFTS  Thomas, a Labourer20 
28 04 1870HenryDOBB  Saddler28John, a SaddlerSarahRICHThroapham Amon, a Carpenter27 
05 09 1870JamesLAWRENCELetwell Labourer27Francis, a LabourerMary AnnGREEN  Richard, a Labourer18 
03 10 1870RobertBARKER WidowerLabourer John, a LabourerBetsyTURNER  James, a Labourer  
29 05 1871John EdwardTHORPEBrookhouse BlackSmith21George, a TailorPathey ?SARGISONBrookhouse John, a Labourer20 
03 09 1871EdwinFIELDING  Policeman John, a Wine DrawerSarahCOTTAM  George, an InnKeeper  
31 10 1871RowlandHIBBARD   23George, a PublicanMary EllinSAYLESCarr William, a Farmer24 
31 10 1871WilliamGAWNESheffield Draper24James, a MillerHarrietSAYESCarr William, a Farmer21 
12 11 1871RichardNETTLESHIP  Labourer23William, a LabourerHannahHARPHAMLetwell Joseph, a Labourer22 
26 12 1871JosephMIRFIN  Saw Maker24John, a BlackSmithEmmaHARRISON  William, a Tailor22 
26 11 1872EdwinMOORHOUSERotherhamWidower  George, a MillerJaneACOM  John, a Grocer  
28 11 1872GeorgeHOUGHTONCarr Labourer22Thomas, a LabourerHannahMOTTRAMCarr Charles, a Farmer25 
23 12 1873JamesCADESlade HootonWidowerFarmer John, a ButcherFrances ParkinLEGGESlade HootonWidowJohn Naylor, an Iron Monger  
17 02 1874Alfred ScottGATTYEcclesfield Gentleman Alfred, a Clerk in Holy OrdersElizabeth EmmaFOSTERNewhall John, a Gentleman  
08 09 1874AndrewMURRAYPetworth Banker George, a GentlemanElizabethHARTLEY  William S, a Clerk in Holy Orders  
05 11 1874AlfredMASONWhittington Sawyer William, a Bank ManagerElizabeth AnnADAMS  Joseph, a Farmer  
10 11 1874JosephWOODNew Orchard Farmer29Benjamin, a FarmerAnnTURNERSteadfolds Edward, a Farm Bailiff21 
02 01 1875AlbertVICKERSSt.George's, Hanover SquareWidowerManufacturer Edward, a ManufacturerEdithFOSTERNewhall Grange ??, a Gentleman  
13 01 1875JosephADAMS  Farmer  MaryLESITERThe Common Farm Charles, a Farmer  
06 02 1875HenryWALKERMicklebring Labourer20?Henry, a LabourerElizabethSAITTLE ?Newhall Grange Kel???, a Labourer38 
07 03 1875William JamesCOUSINSTodwick Collier24William, a Model MakerSarah AnnGILLATT  Joseph18 
29 03 1875George HenryROPS [ROSS?]Wales Miner20Richard, a MinerEllenMITCHELL  Richard, a Farmer19 
21 11 1875AlfredMEADWELLHarthill Mason Joseph, a MasonHelenBARLOW  William, a Woodman  
09 02 1876GeorgeINMAN   21William, a CarrierMaryMITCHELL  Richard, a Labourer23 
04 03 1876JamesTURNERBrookhouse  23Edward, a LabourerRebeccaFIELDBrookhouse George, a Farmer18 
04 01 1877ThomasAPPLEY  BlackSmith Samuel, a Farmer & PublicanEmmaPOLINBrookhouse    
21 06 1877CharlesAPPLEY  Joiner22Samuel, a Farmer & PublicanMaryHARRISON  Thomas, a BlackSmith20 
16 07 1877ArthurBOOTHCarrWidowerLabourer42Archibald, a CarrierMaryDENHAMCarr  26 
17 07 1877AmosASHBolton BlackSmith25Henry, a FarmerElizabethMAKIN  Thomas, a ShopKeeper23 
? ? 1877GeorgeSMITH WidowerLabourer Edward, a LabourerMary AnnTAYLOR  William, a ShoeMaker  
29 11 1877GeorgeTURNERDinnington Labourer27Henry, a JoinerEmmaMORTONDinnington  20 
29 11 1877JohnWINFREY WidowerLabourer John, a LabourerElizabethBOOTHDinningtonWidowBenjamin Hartley, a Labourer  
26 12 1877ThomasAVILLWickersley Cabinet Maker23George, a MasonLucyKIRKBYNewhall James, a Coachman21 
10 07 1878GeorgeBEECHSlade Hooton Labourer26Samuel, a FarmerHarrietWALKERSlade Hooton William, a WarehouseMan22 
19 09 1878HenryHALL  Labourer21John, a LabourerAnnieLAYCOCK  George, a Labourer18 
24 10 1878JosephCHILDLingodell Farmer28Joseph, a FarmerMary Elizabeth HeatonRHODESSlade Hooton Peter Barnard, a Farmer27 
23 06 1879JamesGROVESBrookhouse Labourer24James, a CoachmanFannyGRATTONBrookhouse George, a Labourer23 

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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