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LAUGHTON EN LE MORTHEN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Laughton en le Morthen, 1880-1899

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationAgeGroom's FatherBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusBride's FatherAgeNotes
29 02 1880Frederick PacyJENKINSONMexborough Mason24George, a Stone MerchantMary ElizabethCROFTS  Thomas, a Labourer & Sexton22 
07 06 1880ThomasGREAVESLaughton Common Labourer20John, a LabourerMary JaneMARSHLaughton Common William, a Labourer18 
22 02 1881ThomasSLEDMOORRoche Abbey Labourer23JamesMillicentJEPHSONBrookhouse William, a Labourer19 
15 03 1881ThomasBURTONCarr Labourer23William, a LabourerElizabethHILEY  John19 
27 04 1881Thomas WrightBADGERRed House, Whiston Solicitor32 IdaFOSTERNewhall Grange John, a Gentleman20 
29 07 1881WalterSTANIFORTHBeighton Clerk39Thomas, a ManufacturerHarrietHIBBERD  George, a Butcher & Publican36 
28 11 1881ThomasCROFTS  Labourer27Thomas, a LabourerJaneOTTERThroapham John, a Labourer25 
15 12 1881RichardGREAVESCarr Farm Bailiff24Edward, a FarmerHarriet HannahLEVITTThurcroft Robert, a Game Keeper18 
09 02 1882ThomasRODDISBrookhouse Labourer James, a LabourerElizabeth EllenBILHAM  Anthony, a ShoeMaker18 
20 03 1882JohnGREAVESThe Common Labourer23John, a LabourerMary JaneCODDINGTONThorpe Salvin Joseph, a Labourer21 
25 04 1882John CharlesHAMILTON  Clerk in Holy Orders32Abel, a GentlemanMaryHEPPLETHWAITEHutton le Hole Thomas, a Colliery Viewer27 
29 05 1882GeorgeWOODHEADDarnall BlackSmith20Charles, a BlackSmithAnn ElizabethCLAYTONSlade Hooton John, a Labourer19 
30 05 1882CharlesCLIFFESlade Hooton Draper25William, a LabourerElizaCOTTAM  William, a Labourer25 
24 09 1882JosephHUNDLEBY  Engine Driver28Thomas, an Engine DriverAnnieINMAN  ???, a Carrier21 
25 09 1882Charles WilliamWHITEBrightside Signalman32David, a LabourerFannyBOOTH  Edward, a Labourer23 
27 12 1882ErnestREVITTCarr Farmer George, a FarmerSusanLESITER  George, a Gentleman  
30 10 1883WilliamCHAPMAN  Gentleman William, a GentlemanMary JaneALSOP  George, a Farmer  
03 12 1883Richard HenrySMITH  Butcher John, a JoinerMaryHIBBERD  John, a Farmer  
10 01 1884JohnLAYCOCK  Labourer George, a LabourerMatilda EmilyTAYLOR  Charles, a Labourer  
19 08 1884GeorgeBENNETT  Clerk in Holy Orders of the Close, Salisbury George, deceasedCaroline ElizabethMARRIAN  Thomas, deceased  
16 02 1885William ThomasAVILLDarfield QuarryMan22Thomas, a QuarryManMartha AnnCLIFFSlade Hooton William, a Shepherd25 
21 09 1885ThomasWILTSHIRE  Hawker21Thomas, a HawkerMary ElizabethHEAPS  John, a Hawker20 
24 12 1885HarryWELDONCarr Farmer21William, a FarmerEllenRODDISCarr James, a Farm Labourer20 
22 02 1886JohnWADEWathWidowerJoiner42Edwin, deceasedSarah AnnRIDGILL WidowWilliam Parnell, deceased  
29 03 1886JohnWARD  Farm Labourer18 Mary AnnGREAVES  John, a Farm Labourer21 
10 11 1886FrederickBLANDBrookhouse QuarryMan27William, a QuarryManElizaTURNERBrookhouse Edward, a Farm Labourer23 
15 11 1886GeorgeRUSHBY  Farm Labourer26William, a Farm LabourerHannahCOOPER  Matthew, a Farm Labourer19 
29 12 1886John ThomasHALL  BrickLayer27John, deceasedMaryTURNER  Reuben, a Mason23 
01 02 1887FrancisBARLOWHooton Roberts Mason26James, a Farm LabourerHarrietHICKS  John, a Gardener29 
30 05 1887Edwin WilliamWELDON  Farm Labourer20William, a Farm LabourerSarahSTAINROD  William, a Farm Labourer21 
20 06 1887AnthonyBILLAM  Joiner26Anthony, a ShoeMakerEllenPICKERING  George, a Farm Labourer19 
05 07 1887JohnDEIGHTONKersal, Manchester Labourer23John, deceasedSarahCROFTS  Joseph, a Labourer24 
14 12 1887William BrookesNICHOLSONSt.Thomas, Kingston upon Hull Butcher William, a PlumberFannyCOTTAM  William, a Farmer26 
26 12 1887JosephLISTERRotherham Joiner26George, a Quarry OwnerRosinaPICKERING  George, a Foreman20 
21 05 1888Peter WilliamMAKINMaltby Farm Labourer21Charles, a Farm LabourerEmilyHEAPS  John, a Hawker20 
28 11 1888Samuel HeathcoteCROFTSCarr Farm Labourer25James, a GardenerEllenBROOKCarrWidowWilliam Stainrod, a Labourer30 
03 02 1889ArthurWILKINSONHoyland Miner23George, deceasedFlorence AnnieCROSBYCarr John, a Dealer20 
10 06 1889Herbert JosephTWIGGSt.Mathias, Sheffield Lead Chaser24Benjamin, a Model DesignerMary HannahKITCHENCarr William, a Farmer20 
05 08 1889SamuelWARINGSt.Johns Farm Servant22Gervase, a QuarryManLilyWINFREY  John, a Labourer19 
14 09 1889JohnREEVES  Labourer27Henry, a LabourerSarah JaneROSS  James, a Joiner19 
26 11 1889AlfredTURNER  Servant22William, deceasedAlice AnnTAYLOR  Charles, a Carrier24 
25 12 1889IsrachELLISSharrow Mason25Thomas, a MasonSarah ElizabethWINFREY  John, a Labourer22 
17 02 1890ThomasRODDISBrookhouse Farm Labourer26William, a QuarryManElizaSIDDALLBrookhouse John, a Miner25 
07 04 1890JohnSTEEDMANSlade Hooton Farm Labourer25Abraham, a ForemanElizabethCOTTAMSlade Hooton John, a BlackSmith28 
04 08 1890GeorgeHONEYBONEParkgate Grocer's Porter24George, deceasedMary HarrietGUEST  George, a BlackSmith22 
25 11 1890ArthurWARD  Farm Labourer21Thomas, a TailorElizaBEECH  Charles, a Horse Keeper20 
11 12 1890HenryCOWLINGLaughton, LIN Miller37George, a FarmerLouisaMAKIN  Thomas, deceased30 
18 03 1891CharlesMAPPERSONWentworth Grocer29Edward, a GentlemanEmmaTURNER  Reuben, a Mason23 
30 03 1891JosephSTEEDMAN  Farm Labourer Abraham, a Farm BailiffMatilda AliceCROFTS  Thomas, a Parish Clerk  
30 03 1891JobWESTWath Miner24Abel, an EngineerPolliePICKERING  George, a Farm Bailiff20 
07 04 1891JosephMORRELLMaltby Farmer37Joseph, a FarmerAnn ElizaRAINS  Stephen, a Farmer32 
18 04 1891EdwardDAVISONManchester Traveller25Joseph, Pattern MakerHarriettGREEN  Richard, a Shepherd21 
22 09 1891Whitmore JosephPENNINGTONYork Land Surveyor28Joseph, a Commercial TravellerAnnie CharlotteDOBBS  George, deceased27 
21 10 1891ThomasTHORNTONRotherham Grocer30William, a GardenerHarrietCOTTAM  William, a Farmer27 
26 12 1891ArthurPICKERING  Labourer26George, a Farm BailiffAnnieHUNDLEBY  Thomas, a Labourer27 
16 05 1892RobertHEPWORTHTodwickWidowerMiner26John, a Farm LabourerHarriet AnnWOOD  Joseph, deceased20 
17 07 1892BenjaminBARNETTChesterfield Furnace Man20Thomas, a LabourerMaryBURTON  William, deceased22 
29 03 1893HarryBOWLERCarr Farm Labourer21Luke, a Farm LabourerThirzaCROFTSCarr James, a Farm Labourer20 
23 05 1893AlbertAVILE OR AVILLThurnscoe Mason20Thomas, deceasedElizabethBURTON  Thomas, deceased26 
07 06 1893JonathanHOWENew Orchard Farmer Jonathan, deceasedFlorence NicholsDYSON  Jonathan, deceased  
03 08 1893WalterMOTTRAMBradfield Farmer37Charles, deceasedEllenCLIFFE WidowGeorge Trickett, a Fish Dealer39 
09 10 1893JohnWINFREY WidowerLabourer48John, a LabourerSarahCHAMBERSBrookhouseWidowJohn Coucam, a Labourer50 
25 12 1893HarryHONEYBONEWoodhouse  22George, a CoachmanAnnie MariaGUEST  George, a BlackSmith20 
19 06 1894HenryWINFREY WidowerLabourer John, a LabourerHarrietHEWES WidowGeorge Wilson, a Labourer  
25 07 1894ArthurTURNER  Saddler30George, a MasonAlice AnnieROGERSONBraithwell John, a Provision Dealer23 
31 07 1894ArthurTAYLOR  Carrier32Charles, deceasedLucyPICKERING  George, a Farm Bailiff22 
20 07 1896GeorgeBROOKE  Farmer25Thomas, a FarmerFlorence AnnieSHEPHERD  Thomas, deceased22 
19 08 1896ClaudeCRESWICKGatefield, Sheffield Mining Engineer23Alfred, a GentlemanEdith Annie EcclesRIGBYLaughton Vicarage Thomas, Vicar of Laughton23 
23 09 1896ArthurPARKER  Labourer28John, a LabourerAnnieWINFREY  Henry, a Labourer18 
26 11 1896RobertAPPLEYARDUlley Farm Servant25George, a Farm LabourerMary HannahLAMB  Robert, a Farm Labourer22 
02 12 1896EdmundMOTTRAMCarr Farmer Robert, a FarmerHilda ElizabethKITCHENCarr William, a Farmer20 
21 04 1897HarryRODGERSWickersley Farmer26Henry, deceasedEdithWOOD  Joseph, a Farm Bailiff21 
04 09 1897Frederick WilliamWRIGHTSt.Clements, Fulham, London BlackSmith24Arthur, deceasedPollieBROOKE  William Wilson, a Mechanic23 
17 10 1897ArthurFOSTER  Labourer23Thomas, a Colliery DeputyRoseHEATHCOTE   27Daughter of Rebecca
01 12 1897Samuel GeorgeKITCHENCarr  23William, a FarmerMary AliceSWIFTCarr Thomas, a Farmer23 
07 12 1897WilliamBAKER  Drayman23John, a LabourerAlice AnnWHALEY  Joseph, a Chimney Sweep21 
18 12 1897HenryLUCASSheffield Drayman34Thomas, deceasedMarthaRODDISCarr James, a Farmer33 
02 02 1898LeonardBIZBY  Farmer23George, a Licenced VictuallerJaneSTENTON  John, a Farmer21 
23 06 1898Henry HoratioHATSWELL  Farm Labourer23Francis, deceasedSarah ElizabethROLLETT  Henry, deceased27 
12 07 1898EdwardATKINSONPurston Farmer29William, a FarmerMary ElizabethATKINSON  Thomas, a Farmer29 
23 05 1899George FrederickBATTYRotherham Labourer26Thomas William, deceasedElizabeth FlorenceMARCHANT   23 
24 10 1899CharlesHAIGHDenby Farmer27John, a FarmerCatherineROUTH  William, a Farmer23 
27 12 1899GervaseTURNER  Mason24Gervase, a MasonJuliaSTENTON  John, a Farmer26 

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
This transcription has not been checked.
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