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LAUGHTON EN LE MORTHEN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Laughton en le Morthen, 1900-1919

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationAgeGroom's FatherBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusBride's FatherAgeNotes
16 04 1900JamesDEAKINWales Miner21Herbert, a MinerSarah AnnINMAN  George, a Farm Labourer22 
21 07 1900FrankPARKERChapel Allerton Stationer36Alfred Samuel, deceasedRebecca LouisaHOOFE  William, a Gentleman36 
26 09 1900PhilipDABELLRotherham Policeman28William, deceasedMinnieTURNER  Gervase, a Mason26 
26 12 1900Herbert Edward GeorgeEATONBirmingham Mechanic31Edwin, a Word EngraverMaryBRAMALL  George, a Farmer30 
27 12 1900Ernest HarryWRIGHT  Farm Labourer22William, a Farm LabourerEmmaHANSTOCK  William, a Groom19 
14 02 1901SamuelRILEYSheffield Railway Guard28John, a PuddlerEuniceCOTTAM  William, a Farmer29 
18 02 1901John CharlesCHAMBERS  Labourer23Charles, a LabourerEmilyRODDIS  William, a Labourer24 
28 08 1901John CharlesLUDLAMBrookhouse Joiner33Samuel, a JoinerSarah AnnTURNER  George, a Mason31 
12 09 1901Charles AlbertSPENCER  Farm Labourer23George, a Brick MakerAdaCOTTAM  William, a Farmer24 
26 02 1902Francis AugustineKITCHENCarr Engine Driver22William, a FarmerLottieBONDHeeley John, a Miner18 
31 03 1902JohnGRINDLE  Farm Labourer25George, a CollierAmy HayesBAKER  John, a Farm Labourer23 
19 05 1902John ThomasBRODDLE  Farm Labourer21Joseph, a LabourerIda ElizabethHALL  Henry, a Labourer20 
02 08 1903WilliamLONGDEN WidowerFitter33James, deceasedGertrudeTURNER  Gervase, a Mason24 
01 09 1903Charlie WilliamKING  Labourer21Joseph, a Farm LabourerElizabethCROFTS  Joseph, a Labourer20 
15 09 1903Edward JosephHOUGHTON  Farm Labourer21Robert, a CarrierHannahCROFTS  Joseph, a Labourer25 
21 12 1903WilliamMELLORS  Fireman22Robert, a BlackSmithAgnes Ellen CottamFIELDING  Edwin, deceased22 
24 02 1904George HirstWARD  Labourer20 EmilyHEWES  George, deceased22George, son of Emily, a Spinster
27 03 1904WilliamGRATTON  Labourer26George, deceasedElizabethSHEPHERD  John, a Farm Labourer18 
04 04 1904RichardPARKINWoodhouse BlackSmith21Mathias, a GardenerMaud ElizabethGUEST  George, a BlackSmith23 
24 05 1904ErnestWESTTodwick Gardener22William James, a PolicemanAnnieMILLSBrookhouse James, a File Cutter25 
27 10 1904AlbertMESSENGERWhistonWidowerFarmer42William, deceasedAdaTURNER  Reuben, deceased31 
14 12 1904HarryINWOOD  Labourer29Thomas, deceasedFlorence EleanorJUDGE  Henry, a Builder21 
24 04 1905EphraimMELLORS  Fireman26Robert, a BlackSmithClarissaDOBB  Henry, a Saddler23 
31 07 1905WilliamHEWES  Farm Labourer21Joseph, deceasedJaneMERRICK  James, a Miner20 
01 08 1905AlexanderPERRIE  Banksman23James, an ex-PolicemanAnnieHEAPS  John, a Licenced Hawker23 
23 12 1905JamesHUNTER  Joiner23William Thomas, a JoinerEllenTAYLOR  Edward, deceased17 
21 03 1906HenryLUDLAM  BlackSmith32Samuel, deceasedEllen AnnATKINSON  Thomas, a Farmer27 
05 04 1906LeviJACKSON  Labourer24James, a LabourerRisaRANDALL  William, a Labourer20 
04 06 1906VerdonLACEY  Miner20William George, a MinerLilyBENTLEY   19Lily, daughter of Annie, a Spinster
20 06 1906George WilliamHALLIDAY  Labourer23William, a LabourerMary SusannahSMEDLEY  John, deceased29 
14 07 1906Henry GeorgeCAVEDinnington Colliery Miner24Richard, deceasedElizabeth AnnSCHOFIELDDinnington Colliery Joseph, a BlackSmith19 
08 09 1906SamuelNEWTON  Navvy40William, a CoachmanAnnie GoodhallHEATH WidowWilliam, a Labourer29 
22 10 1906HerbertKEWBrookhouseWidowerLabourer40Charles, deceasedSarah ElizabethLAMBGreen Arbour Robert, a Labourer29 
25 12 1906WilliamCOLLEYDinnington Colliery Labourer24William, deceasedSilvia AnnGRAYRotherham Road John Thomas, deceased19 
12 05 1907SamuelTROTH  Miner24George, a GrocerElizabethGLOSSOP  George, a Gardener18 
20 05 1907ThomasCROOT  Miner29Thomas, a CarterAnnieRILEY  Frederick, a Miner19 
05 08 1907TomJACKSONCarr Labourer20Thomas, a LabourerMarionCROFTSCarr James, a Labourer19 
12 09 1907RobertROUTHRanmoor, Sheffield Gardener39Thomas, deceasedEdithDENNISS  Thomas, deceased29 
15 09 1907Charles HenryBARTER  Fitter23Foster Willis, a Railway Second??FloraBIRCH  Joseph, a Fitter22 
24 09 1907IsraelASH WidowerLabourer62Thomas, deceasedEsther SophiaKNIGHT WidowJames Hackey, deceased38 
28 09 1907GeorgeCROWDER  Miner21William, deceasedMary AnnLACEY  William, deceased23 
30 10 1907ArthurATKINSONCommon Farm Farmer23Thomas, a FarmerMary Hannah AtkinsonFIRTH  William, deceased26 
03 12 1907GeorgeBOHAMThrybergh Joiner27Michael, a FarmerFlorence GertrudeGREENFIELD  John, a Coachman25 
18 12 1907George BillamRODDISBrookhouse Labourer25Thomas, a Game KeeperMelissaBEIGHTON  Joseph Christopher, a Joiner25 
25 12 1907AlbertCODDINGTON  Labourer24Joseph, a MinerFlorenceLEEWorksop Joseph, deceased23 
25 12 1907Mark WilliamDAWKES  Miner20James, deceasedRuth HannahROSE  John, a Miner20 
26 12 1907Henry GeorgeJUBBCarr Carpenter & Joiner28Henry, a TinnerIdaGREAVESCarr Thomas, a Milk Dealer & Carrier25 
26 12 1907JosephSPAFFORD  Labourer21William, a ForemanLizzieBRODDLE  Charles, a Foreman19 
21 01 1908Walter CharlesNICHOLSONMexborough Decorator25Walter Wentworth, a DecoratorKateDOBBS  William, a Contractor & Farmer30 
07 03 1908ErnestGILLDinnington Miner27Thomas, a MinerHarriettMOUNTFORDDinningtonWidowWilliam Burgin, a Carter30 
30 04 1908WilliamRICHWalkley, Sheffield Joiner27Edwin Lesall, deceasedAgnesMELLISH  John Sykes, deceased30 
20 06 1908William JamesSTEDMANCarr Butcher21Alfred Thomas, a ButcherMartha HannahBALLCarr Joseph, a Foreman23 
22 06 1908HenryDAY  Machine Man20John Thomas, a Machine ManChristianaHEWES  Joseph, deceased20 
03 08 1908JamesTURNERBrookhouse Agricultural Labourer22James, a LabourerBerthaPALMERBrookhouse David, a Well Sinker23 
05 09 1908Arthur WilliamROOME  Miner22Joseph, a MinerMarthaKING  Enoch, deceased22 
12 10 1908ThomasMADDISONBrookhouse Labourer23Thomas, a FarmerMaggieTEMPLEBrookhouse Sam, a Fitter20 
28 10 1908JohnBAGLEY  Carter29John, a FarmerAnnieBILLAM  Anthony, deceased20 
26 12 1908JosephGREGORY  Miner22John Thomas, a MinerAmyFLETCHER  William, a Miner20 
28 01 1909John ThomasCOTTINGHAMShireoaks Grocer24John, a Colliery DeputyClaraWOOD  John, a Miner21 
13 02 1909Duies ?WILLIAMSONLaughton Common Miner21Henry, a MinerHannahROOMELaughton Common Joseph, a Miner19 
23 02 1909JamesROUTH  Farmer30William, deceasedEllenSTENTON  John, a Farmer37 
01 03 1909JohnELLIOTT WidowerMiner28Thomas, a LabourerAnnieMELLORS  Robert, a BlackSmith23 
22 03 1909JamesWEBSTERBrookhouse Joiner32John, an Engine WrightAdaPIKEBrookhouse Alfred, a Mason23 
12 04 1909WalterFLETCHERDinnington Miner23William, a MinerHarrietBROCKLEHURSTDinnington Fred, a Miner22 
12 04 1909WilliamSIMPSON  Labourer22George, a MinerLilySTOREY  John, a Labourer20 
16 05 1909John WilliamMARSH  Butcher23Harvey, deceasedPattieHIBBARDBrampton Arthur, a Licenced Victualler19 
31 05 1909GeorgeWHINCUP WidowerLabourer53George, deceasedAnniePADGET WidowThomas Hodgson, deceased47 
02 06 1909EdwinDRABBLEThrybergh Engine Driver27Charles, a FarmerAlice Maud MayGREENFIELD  John, a Coachman29 
13 09 1909AlbertPOLLITT  Labourer22Joseph, CarrierBerthaDAY  John Thomas, an Engine Driver18 
19 10 1909FrankHUNTERLaughton Common Joiner21Frank, a JoinerMaryMARSHALLLaughton Common George, deceased20 
13 11 1909George HenryBADDELEY  Miner19William Henry, a MinerAnnie MariaBLACKWELL   19Daughter of Mary Jane, a Spinster
25 11 1909ThomasBRAILSFORDEastwoodWidowerMiner57George, deceasedPollyBURTON  Thomas, deceased46 
05 12 1909Charles EdwinCOCKAYNESouth Street, Dinnington BlackSmith's Striker26Charles, a BlackSmithAnnie VioletTAYLOR  George, a Labourer25 
23 12 1909ThomasHUTCHINSONEastwood Stone Blower44William, deceasedHannahRODDIS  James, deceased37 
27 12 1909George HarryKENNANCarr BlackSmith23George, a BlackSmithBetsyJACKSONCarr Thomas, a Labourer20 
27 03 1910Walter JohnROBERTS  Steel Worker35George Frederick, an Engine DriverCharlotteTURNER  Gervase, deceased26 
09 04 1910Samuel HarryPARKERStation Road Miner21Henry, deceasedClaraMALEStation Road Charles Henry, a Miner20 
16 05 1910Charles GilbertDALLISON  Coke Lifter24Charles Maddock, deceasedMargaretHEADLEY  William, a Farm Labourer24 
04 06 1910ColinPURSEGLOVEStation Road Miner23John, a MinerEllenQUINTONStation Road Edmund, a Carter18 
20 06 1910Alick ArthurBARLEYGranville Street Miner22James, a MinerEmily MaryPOLLENDINEGranville Street Dearsley, deceased22 
01 08 1910JosephELLKSLaughton Common Miner36Richard, a MinerEvaMALELaughton Common Charles Henry, a Miner24 
03 08 1910JohnRODDISBrookhouse Farm Labourer25Henry, a Road ForemanMary JaneLUDLAMBrookhouse Samuel, deceased32 
24 08 1910Ernest LivereyTOMLINSONSouthport Trader27John Liverey, deceasedMary ElsieBEMROSE   23Daughter of Mary Jane, a Spinster
29 08 1910James WilliamRILEYGranville Street Miner24Frederick, a MinerAnnieJOHNSONGranville Street Thomas, deceased20 
12 09 1910John WilliamBARLOW WidowerLabourer32John, deceasedAlice EttyCANN  Frederick, deceased21 
17 09 1910John EdwardWESTNew Street Miner25Solomon, deceasedElizaSAXTONNew Street William, deceased24 
08 10 1910John ThomasWILKIN5 Springfield Terrace Miner22John, deceasedAlice MaudSTONESpringfield TerraceWidowJohn Thompson, deceased31 
30 10 1910Arthur FrederickTHROWERWright's Cottages Corporal26Thomas, a Game KeeperAnnie MariaSANDERSLaughton CommonWidowCharles Maddock Dallison, deceased37 
24 12 1910Sidney EdricSHOREDinnington Miner21Sidney Herbert, deceasedNellieHALLDinnington William, deceased23 
15 04 1911TomHOLMESLaughton Common Joiner & Builder27William Charles, a ContractorHannah LucretiaDOBBS  Frederick, a Farmer & Butcher30 
17 04 1911FrankESSAMSheffield Butcher24Frank, a CoachmanEthelBEECHSlade Hooton Frederick a Farmer31 
17 04 1911HaroldSULLEYLaughton Common Miner22Henry, a MinerFlorence EllenHUGHESGranville Street James, a Miner22 
04 06 1911John Edward CarnellROBINSONSt.John's Road Miner30John Edward, deceasedBerthaWOODSt.John's Road John, a Miner25 
05 06 1911MatthewWILKINSONSt.John's Road Banksman28Matthew, a Farm LabourerCarolineSMITHGranville Street John, deceased19 
19 06 1911JohnMALERotherham Road Rope Splicer23Charles Henry, a MinerMary AnnWRIGHT WidowHenry Roe, deceased38 
26 06 1911EdmundPEARSONShipley Warp Dresser30John, a Warp DresserNellieCHARLESWORTHLaughton Common Sam, a Miner21 
04 09 1911AlickTUFTMonksbridge Road Miner24John, a Mill HandAdaDOVEMonksbridge Road Harry, a Miner21 
05 10 1911OscarBARRACLOUGHRawmarsh Colliery Official23George Henry, a ManagerIvyREVITTCarr Priestley, a Farmer22 
12 10 1911WalterDEAKINBrookhouse Plate Layer21Arthur, a LabourerFannyRODDISBrookhouse Henry, a Road Foreman24 
12 10 1911PercyJARVISSt.John's Road Labourer30John, deceasedAda EvelynROLLETT   26Daughter of Ann Eliza, a Spinster
19 10 1911GadHOLLING  Miner22Absolain [Absolom], a MinerMartha ElizabethFOWLER  James, an Engine Driver22 
23 12 1911JoeLEEGranville Street Miner26George, deceasedAgnesFISHERGranville Street Archibald, a Miner18 
25 12 1911ArthurMARRIOTTLaughton Common Labourer27Hiram, a LabourerElsieBRITTANIlkeston George, a Pipe Finisher23 
25 12 1911JamesSCOBBIDEThurcroft Colliery Sinker23Alexander, a ManagerJessieDUNCANThurcroft Colliery William, a Contractor27 
25 12 1911Charles HenryGRIMLEYDoe Quarry Lane Miner23Thomas, a MinerWinifredFORDDoe Quarry Lane George, a Miner21 
12 02 1912PercyTURNER  Sinker24James, a MillerSarah SilviaMERRY  Edward, a Fitter20 
25 02 1912HenryNEEDHAMGranville StreetWidowerMiner26William, deceasedRuthSHEEHAMGranville Street Michael, deceased25 
25 05 1912GeorgeENGLISHMeadow Street Plumber24Arthur, an EngineerEdith AnnieWRIGHTLaughton Common William, deceased21 
03 06 1912JohnBOYFIELDWorksop Labourer28William, deceasedAdaBAINESLaughton Common Frank, a Labourer26 
29 06 1912Robert ErnestGRIFFITHSMonksbridge Road Miner23Robert, a MinerFlorenceDOVEMonksbridge Road Harry, a Miner18 
03 08 1912JosephROOMERotherham Road Miner20Joseph, a MinerMabel AliceBEEVERSRotherham Road John James, deceased18 
10 08 1912GeorgeBOSWELLGranville Street Miner28George, a LabourerAgnesBARLEYGranville Street James, a Miner21 
04 09 1912Frederick WilliamJOHNSONBawtry Physician & Surgeon35William John, a SurgeonMary IreneSTEPHENSONSlade Hooton Hall Herbert, a Gentleman22 
22 09 1912EdwardTHORNHILLBrookhouse Traveller34Charles Henry, deceasedEliza FieldTURNERBrookhouse James, a Miller30 
09 10 1912ArchibaldFISHERGranville Street Miner20Archibald, a MinerVioletCROFTSCarr Samuel, a Farm Labourer20 
09 11 1912ArthurBAILEYMonksbridge Road Miner22George, a MinerBeatriceGRIFFITHSDoe Quarry Lane ??,a Miner19 
31 11 1912FrankBARLOWGranville Street Miner24Samuel, a MinerCarolineCHARLESWORTH20 Granville Street Samuel, a Miner18Date is Wrong
21 12 1912AlbertPUGH45 Plantation Avenue Miner21Charles, a MinerLouisaDRIVERDinnington Thomas, a Miner20 
23 12 1912WilfredKNOWLES  Miner24William, a MinerLily AnnJACKSON  Charles Henry, a Steam Crane Driver25 
25 12 1912HerbertSICKLER  Railway Guard26John, a Farm LabourerEleanorTURNER  Charles, a Mason23 
25 12 1912WalterHOYLEThroapham Miner22George, a MinerBerthaTAYLOR  Frederick, a Farmer18 
25 12 1912ThomasAIMSONDinnington Miner21James, a MinerIsabellaCOCKBURNDinnington John, a Miner20 
24 02 1913StephenWILKINSON WidowerLabourer39MatthewMary AnnBIRKS  Thomas, a BrickLayer35 
22 03 1913James GeorgeREYNOLDSLaughton Common Labourer23John, a LabourerLilian MayBULMERLaughton Common John, a Horse Keeper22 
12 05 1913WilfredMARLOW64 Granville Street Labourer21John Frederick, a LabourerLilian VictoriaMELLARD1 Granville Street William, a Miner17 
16 06 1913Horace OswaldHADFIELD54 Granville Street Collier21George, a CollierEstherBENNETT54 Granville Street James, a Collier16 
05 07 1913SamuelMARPLES33 Granville Street Miner23Samuel, a MinerAliceCOX31 Granville Street Thomas, a Moulder20 
26 07 1913AbrahamCHAMBERSGranville Street Miner27George, deceased MinerFlorence MaudTAYLORGranville Street Thomas, an Engineer22 
04 08 1913William HenryNEEDHAMLaughton Common Miner23Frederick, a MinerJaneSPENCERGranville Street David, a Miner19 
13 09 1913JamesSPENCE34 Doe Quarry Lane Police Constable33John, deceased CarterLucyRUSHBY34 Doe Quarry Lane George, a Labourer22 
22 09 1913William RobertCHAMBERSAnston Miner24Thomas, a MinerSusannahTAYLOR47 Granville Street Thomas, an Engine Driver19 
10 11 1913GeorgePARKINMaltby Labourer29George, a LabourerTeresaKEWBrookhouse Herbert, a Labourer22 
19 11 1913George DouglasJUDGESt.John's Road Miner26Joseph Henry, a BrickLayerMabelSTANDINGSt.John's Road George, a BrickLayer25 
27 11 1913ArthurGREGORY4 Station Road Miner23John, a FiremanViolet EthelROSE4 Station Road John, a Miner23 
25 12 1913ThomasSYLVESTER3 Granville Street Labourer29Sam, a FitterMaudRODGERS3 Granville Street John, a Miner20 
25 12 1913EdwardMORGAN5 Granville Street Miner20John Henry, a CarterEdithFIRTH5 Granville Street William, a Labourer18 
14 01 1914Robert LangleySMITHRotherham Painter25John Coleman, a GardenerIda MayROLLITTHooton Lane  26 
24 01 1914Charles JamesDRIVER2 Granville Street Miner22Thomas Wain, a MinerCissie MayBAMFIELD2 Granville Street Horace, a Miner20 
14 02 1914WalterSTOREYSt.John's Road Miner21John, a LabourerMargaret JaneWRIGHTPlantation Avenue Robert, a Labourer20 
14 05 1914FredINMANSt.John's Road Labourer22George, a LabourerEva AdaleneROLLITTSlade Hooton Road  24 
16 05 1914AlfredANDREWS13 Granville Street Collier33George, a LabourerMary AnnBAMFORD13 Granville Street Richard, a deceased Collier35 
18 07 1914FrankDILKSRose Cottage, Carr Collier21William, deceased CollierMaud AliceMONTGOMERYRose Cottage, Carr Fred, a Clerk19 
03 08 1914RichardINGAMELLSStation Road Telephone G.P.O.25Richard, an Engine DriverMary AnnRODDISStation Road Thomas, a Fireman26 
12 09 1914ArthurHENSONShirebrook Engine Man26William, an Engine ManEliza RebeccaCOLEMAN  Alexander, deceased Licenced Victualler21 
08 11 1914WalterSPOONER3 Granville Street BlackSmith21??, a BlackSmithRhodaRODGERS3 Granville Street John, a Collier21 
28 12 1914EdwardWILTSHIRELaughton Common Motor Man21Thomas, a Colliery ForemanElsie MariaWHARTONLaughton Common Charles James, a Collier20 
03 02 1915FrederickKITCHENMaltby Labourer24William, deceased LabourerFrancesHARISTOCKSlade Hooton Willie, a Groom21 
12 02 1915WilfredGREAVES64 Granville StreetWidowerLabourer27John, a LabourerAnnieBLAKEBOROUGH64 Granville Street John, a Farm Labourer20 
20 03 1915ThomasHUGHESSt.John's Road Miner22James, a MinerEdithBAINESSt.John's Road John William, a Miner21 
07 04 1915George EdwardBRAMALL  Farmer30Thomas, a FarmerCharlotteMITCHELL  William, a Stone Mason31 
24 05 1915JosephTODDDinnington BlackSmith29Joseph, a Farm LabourerVioletHOPEThurcroft Lodge Charles, a Night Watchman24 
24 05 1915Albert EdwardLUNNSt.John's Road Joiner27Albert, a LawyerEdith BeatriceSAUNDERSSt.John's Road John, a Potter23 
06 07 1915George HenryHEADES??? Hall Private, 3rd Leicestershire25William, a LabourerMona IsabelTAYLORLaughton Common George William, a Plumber25 
24 07 1915ErnestEMERY3 South Street, Thurcroft Collier35William, deceased CollierLizzieMOON3 South Street, ThurcroftWidowJohn Sayden, a Miner25 
31 07 1915HarryFOSTERSouth Ussett Miner26Alfred, a MinerMabel AliceGUEST  George, deceased BlackSmith26 
02 08 1915HenryOLDFIELDSt.John's Road Labourer24John Henry, a LabourerDorothy MayVERNONSt.John's Road David, a Miner21 
14 08 1915James EdwardHUGHES  Collier25James, a CollierEva AnnieSHEEN   22 
11 09 1915William ThomasCASTLEWade's Row Pit Labourer24William Thomas, a Wagon LoaderGertrude ElizabethCROFTSChurch Corner James William, a Labourer21Gertrude a Domestic Servant
27 09 1915WilliamLEEDHAMBrookhouse Miner21Alfred, a PainterNellieWHEATLEY67 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Charles, a Painter21 
04 10 1915George WilliamMOLERichmond near Sheffield Farm Labourer24William, a FarmerAda EmilyMARSHALL  James, a Gardener19 
08 11 1915JesseTEW14 Catherine Street, ThurcroftWidowerCollier26Herbert, a CollierMabel EvelynCLAY15 Catherine Street, Thurcroft Joseph, a Miner20 
15 11 1915Edgar DavidMOON36 South Street, Thurcroft Collier21William, a CollierAmyTEW14 Catherine Street, Thurcroft Herbert, a Collier22 
21 12 1915Thomas AlfredWASLING  Soldier34George, a LabourerMary EllenHUGHES  Henry Winfrey, a Labourer21 
25 12 1915WalterHENSHAW  Miner28William, a MinerJessieWHEATLEY  Charles, a Miner23 
27 12 1915Percy BertramTHICKETTThe Riddings, Thurcroft Butcher26William, a FarmerElsieSELBYThe Riddings, Thurcroft Arthur Herbert, an Engineer23 
28 02 1916ErnestNAYLOR109 College Road, Rotherham Grocer29Samuel, deceased GrocerAlice GertrudeWHITTINGTONCommon Farm William, a Farm Labourer22 
22 04 1916SilvanusWOOD26 Millgate, BentleyWidowerMiner37David, a MinerClaraWILLIAMSNew StreetWidowMatthew Sykes, deceased Grinder27 
24 04 1916Charles HerbertMOON36 South Street, Thurcroft Miner23William, a MinerFlorenceTEW14 Catherine Street, Thurcroft Herbert, a Miner18 
25 04 1915John HenryFIRTH5 Granville Street Miner29William, a Coal WasherMary Elizabeth BiramLAW41 Granville Street  26 
26 04 1916BruceREVITTCarr Farmer29Priestley, a FarmerAda MaySHEPHERD  Charles, a Farmer22 
12 06 1916John WilliamEYLEYRotherham Road Steel Erector24William, a CollierFlorence IdaPROUDLEYRotherham Road William, deceased Hair Dresser24 
25 07 1916JosephKNOWLES5 The Riddings, Thurcroft Miner23Richard, a SignalmanGladysLITTLE4 The Riddings, Thurcroft Harry, a Labourer19 
06 08 1916ErnestPARKER31 Granville Street Miner35Richard, deceased MinerMaudSYLVESTER31 Granville StreetWidowJohn, a Miner22 
04 09 1916William JohnBUTLER32 South Street, Thurcroft Miner26Henry, a MinerMatildaBELL32 South Street, Thurcroft Thomas, a Miner17 
24 09 1916CharlesROBERTSThe Villas, Thurcroft Miner27Thomas, an InnKeeperLillianWALLERThe Villas, Thurcroft Isaac Coleman, a Miner23 
17 10 1916James Henry WallaceBARRATTStation Road Miner23Charles, deceased MinerAnnieCOULBECKStation Road John, a Benzol Maker21 
23 10 1916WilliamTHOMAS23 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Miner22William, a MinerJaneBERRY20 Charles Street James, a Miner20 
19 11 1916John ReesWEAVER  SchoolMaster30John, a WoodWorkerNeuretta JuliaCOWLING  Henry, a Grocer25 
26 12 1916John JamesWILDE47 Doe Lea, Chesterfield Collier21Thomas, a MinerEthelDILKSStation Road Joseph, deceased Labourer23 
10 01 1917JamesWOODROWLaughton Common Miner22Thomas John, a BakerSarah HildaTHACKERLaughton Common Frederick, a Book Dealer22 
20 01 1917GeorgeGREAVES38 Firth Crescent, Maltby Clerk31Robert, a Stone ContractorAnnie SophiaDOBBS  William, a Joiner30 
11 02 1917Charles ErnestFOSTER16 Doe Quarry Lane Miner22William Henry, a MinerElizaPARKERThroapham Lodge Ernest, a Farmer19 
21 03 1917Herbert BeechKINGBrookhouse Farmer35William, deceasedMaggieCONNORBrookhouse  35 
16 04 1917James HaroldSCHOLEY15 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Miner19George, deceasedGertrude AliceDRAPER15 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Daniel, a ShoeMaker [on active service]19 
28 05 1917George WilfredPYM26 Kathleen Street Miner20Ernest, a MinerLilianSTALEY24 South Street Daniel, a Miner19 
28 05 1917ThomasHASLAMNew Lane, Hilcote, Blackwell Miner23 OliveBURNHAMRotherham Road Thomas, a Miner21 
28 05 1917WilliamCOULBECKStation Road Miner23John, a Benzol MakerJessieBROCKLEHURSTChurch Lane, Dinnington Fred, a Miner23 
28 05 1917ErnestSENIOR69 Whitestone Lane, Huddersfield Dyer23Raynor, a LabourerSusan EllenMARKHAM  Alfred, deceased18 
23 06 1917William ZacheusTHROWERFox Lane, Brampton Miner28Thomas, a Colliery LabourerFlorence AgnesTURNER  Charles, a Stone Mason25 
11 07 1917AlfredHURT58 Granville StreetWidowerLabourer62Robert, deceasedEllenCOOKE58 Granville StreetWidowWilliam Smith, deceased65 
06 08 1917JamesWILSON17 Rotherham Road Miner30Joseph, deceasedEmmaKNOWLES17 Rotherham Road William, a Miner26 
13 08 1917JohnLEWIS8 Katherine Street Miner22Samuel, a MinerEvaBURTON29 Katherine Road Ralph, a Miner19 
08 09 1917William RoseCLARKSON396 Green Arbour Road, Darnall Machinist26George, a FarmerGladys AnnieWHITFIELD  Joseph Winfrow, a Driller26 
16 09 1917LeonardPARKER35 Station Road, Anston Miner26George, a MinerSarah AnnWASSLaughton Road Samuel Sheldon, a Miner20 
29 10 1917William HenryBOOT16 Charles Street Miner20Mark William, a MinerRoseHARRIS23 Katherine Street John Henry, a Miner20 
10 12 1917HaroldDEATON9 Green Arbour Road Miner19Thomas, a MinerRosella MayROBERTS24 Green Arbour Road William, a Miner19 
25 12 1917WilliamOLDFIELD6 Dinnington Terrace Miner20William, a MinerLilianHEWITT6 Dinnington Terrace  20 
01 01 1918GeorgeBOOTH6 Clarence Street, Dinnington Miner27William, a MinerAmeliaWRIGLEY8 Station Road John, a Colliery Pump Man23 
02 04 1918George WilliamROLLITT  Miner24 KathleenSMITHSt.John's Road John Coleman, a Gardener25 
12 08 1918Thomas HenryHOPKINSONSt.John's Road Miner26George Henry, a MinerGertrudeTURNERBrookhouse James, a Labourer28 
05 09 1918ThomasCOULTARDRotherham Road Miner22Thomas, deceasedEsther HannahTIMPERLEYRotherham RoadWidow 28 
17 10 1918HoraceHILLHarthill Collier20Jacob, a CollierRebeccaHILLRotherham Road Edmund, a Collier19 
11 11 1918John WilliamPOULTON8 South Street, Thurcroft Miner [on active service]22John William, deceasedLilianLOWE8 South Street, Thurcroft David, a Miner20 
16 11 1918Clement ThomasWILLIAMS46 Bute Street, Crookes, Sheffield Labourer30George Henry, a BrickLayerRose HannahBARLEYStation Road James, a Collier23 
23 12 1918Alfred JamesPARKERCarr Miner21William, deceasedEmmaGRATTONCarr Fred, a Miner20 
15 03 1919George HenryMILMAN19 Katherine StreetWidowerCollier35Thomas, a GentlemanNellieYOUNG19 Katherine Street John, a Colliery Surface Man26 
19 04 1919John JamesAINSWORTHRotherham Road Miner29Thomas, a LabourerAnnie ElizabethHEATHCOTERotherham Road John Thomas, deceased30 
19 04 1919Ernest WilliamHURST7 Sydney Street, Newark Turner24George, a MoulderMaud MarianCASTLE  William Thomas, a Screen Hand24 
21 04 1919Charles JacksonFEATHERSTONE  Banksman24 Ethel AdelaideLOMAS  Walter, an Insurance Agent23 
21 04 1919WilliamGOUNDRY  BlackSmith28Robert, deceasedAnnie ElizabethCOLEMAN  Alexander, deceased Licenced Victualler22 
06 05 1919Walter GeorgeNAIRNEHorn Church, ESS Tailor26Walter, deceasedElsieHOPE  Charles, a Gardener23 
06 05 1919TomTODDBrookhouse Labourer29Joseph, a CottagerEthel MellorFISHERBrookhouseWidowCharles, a Gardener31 
19 05 1919William ErnestSTAPLETON  Miner20William, a MinerLouiePARKER  Arthur, a Miner20 
20 05 1919LoxleyBIRDCarr Labourer44Harry, deceasedElizabethTURNERSouth Street, ThurcroftWidowJohn Wilson, deceased37 
23 06 1919CharlesSHEPARD  Farmer27Charles, a FarmerEmmaBEECH  Herbert, a Farmer31 
05 08 1919CharlesSAVERY37 Rotherham Road Miner29John, deceasedHannah WelburnHALLIDAY7 Granville Street William, a Miner33 
30 08 1919ArthurMURDENDinnington Miner22John William, deceasedCharlotteRODDISBrookhouse Henry, a Road Foreman22 
25 09 1919William JamesTREMAYNE9 Katherine Street Miner26William John, a MinerEmily JaneJEFFREY9 Katherine Street Alfred, a Miner27 
08 12 1919Joseph HenryMILLWARD31 Granville Street Miner28Edward, deceasedMyrahRODGERS35 Granville Street John, a Labourer22 
11 12 1919Titus RobertBEETONActon Wagon Repairer27Titus, a Wagon RepairerAmy EllenMORRISNewhall William, a Farm Labourer25 
25 12 1919ThomasHARRIS15 Rotherham Road Collier21Thomas, a CarterFaithMAYCOCK31 Rotherham Road Thomas, a Collier22 
29 12 1919FrankAUTYPickburn, Doncaster Miner25George, a Farm LabourerClaraMORRISNewhall William, a Farm Labourer24 

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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