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Help and advice for LAUGHTON EN LE MORTHEN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Laughton en le Morthen, 1920-1929

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LAUGHTON EN LE MORTHEN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Laughton en le Morthen, 1920-1929

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationAgeGroom's FatherBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusBride's FatherAge
14 02 1920RobertWARBURTON  Engineer23John Robert, a PublicanWinifred AmeliaWALKER  Wade, a Labourer21
03 04 1920JosephKIRTONThe Riddings Watch Maker37Francis, a SawyerRose HannahDANIELSThe Riddings Ralph, deceased37
05 04 1920George FrederickBARNESBrookhouse Fitter23John George, a BlackSmithClarice MaryHOLMESBrookhouse William, a Labourer23
05 04 1920Cecil GeorgeDUNHILLBrookhouse BlackSmith24Joseph, a PublicanHildaALLCOK [ALLCOCK]Rotherham Road Samuel, a Miner22
24 05 1920George EdwardHOPKINSONSt.John's Road Miner24George Henry, a MinerFlorenceMERRYSt.John's Road Edward, a Mechanic21
15 06 1920HarryPICKERINGThroapham Farmer23Henry, a FarmerEdith AnnieGALLEYMORELaughton Vicarage Charles, a Clerk in Holy Orders21
15 06 1920ByronREVITTCarr Farmer29Priestley, a FarmerLilian Maud GertrudeHOWECarr Jonathan, a Farmer 
21 06 1920SydneySUTCLIFFESt.John's Road Joiner19Harry, a WarehouseManLilianVERNONSt.John's Road David, a Miner21
03 07 1920FrankLEA11 South Street, DinningtonWidowerLabourer38Edward, a Boiler SmithSarahSTOREY  John, a Colliery PumpMan23
05 07 1920Leslie WilfredBONDEastwood, Rotherham BlackSmith20John, a Farm LabourerMatildaPILSWORTH  William, an Engineer's Labourer20
18 07 1920WalterASKEW46 Granville Street Miner24Joseph Arthur, a PlateLayerWinifred DorisHOLBEN7 Sellen Street, Abbey Dale Road, Sheffield  25
02 08 1920John CharlesFULLWOODNewhall Grange Miner22Charles, a Screen ManElsieMARSHALLNewhall Grange George Thompson, a Shepherd22
02 08 1920WilliamHOLMESBrookhouse Labourer27William, a LabourerMabelLOMAS  Walter, a Port Master20
02 08 1920John InghamBEDFORDPrincess StreetWidowerCoke Oven Worker38Samuel, a LabourerFrances EdithSYLVESTERPrincess StreetWidowJohn Tookey, deceased31
23 08 1920Frederick JohnSHAW WidowerPublican45John, deceasedMary AnnGOUNDRY WidowJohn Haycock, deceased53
28 08 1920FrankEVANS6 The Riddings, Thurcroft Joiner23Charles Louis, a Colliery Engine ManHildaCOPLEY1 West Street, Thurcroft Samuel, a Rope Splicer19
29 08 1920ArchieBROWN6 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Miner24Ephraim, a CarpenterMayDAVIESUpper Gornal, STS Joseph, a Stoker25
18 10 1920HoraceHANSTOCKSlade Hooton Pit Hand18Willie, a Groom & GardenerMayRODDA12 Green Arbour Lane George, a Miner18
25 12 1920RobertMARRIOTT WidowerMiner40Rhodes, deceasedJessicaFRANCIS  William, an Engine Driver24
27 12 1920LewisRODDISCarr Labourer31 FlorenceCROFTSCarrWidowJohn Etheridge, deceased26
08 02 1921Charles MottramBRAMALL  Farmer33Thomas, a GentlemanSarahPOTTS  Joseph, a Gentleman29
21 02 1921Henry CecilCRAWLEY7 Hunt Lane, Bentley Road, Doncaster Miner25Palathiel, deceasedMayROSEStation Road John, a Miner20
08 03 1921FrankREDFERN45 Granville Street Miner25Thomas, a LabourerAnnie ElizabethBAILEY65 Granville StreetWidowWilliam Eastwod, deceased29
09 03 1921Waterhouse FoxHAYTON25 Oxford Street, AshbyWidowerGas Worker47 Hannah SophiaLINGARD WidowGeorge William Hather, deceased52
26 03 1921EdwinPLANTSouth Anston Miner21George, a GentlemanDorisREYNOLDS  Edwin Thomas, a Miner19
28 03 1921GeorgeAPPLEY  Farmer40Charles, a Rate CollectorIvyBARRACLOUGHCarrWidowPriestley Revitt, a Farmer32
28 03 1921Alfred PhilipHOLLIS33 South Street, Thurcroft Miner21Alfred Enoch, a MinerLucy AnnANTCLIFF18 South Street, Thurcroft John William, a Miner20
25 04 1921CyrilHOLMESBrookhouse Electrician22William, a ScreenerGladysCHESHIRESawn Lawn, Thurcroft William, a Colliery Official19
16 05 1921Thomas WalterBERESFORD27 West Street, Thurcroft Miner25 May GraceSANDERS27 West Street, Thurcroft Joseph, deceased24
13 06 1921PercySTIMPSONStation Road Wagon Repairer19Edwin, a LabourerFlorenceBOOTH3 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington William, a Miner18
04 07 1921George EdwardJEPSONMaltby Labourer20Joseph, a LabourerHildaSTOREY  John, a Colliery PumpMan19
25 07 1921Frederick BruceDOBBS  Butcher30Frederick, a ButcherElsie MitchellHIBBERD  George, a SchoolMaster24
01 08 1921Richard ClaudEYLEY  Erector23William, a GentlemanEthelHATFIELD  Samuel Henry, a Labourer19
10 08 1921John WilliamBELL25 South Street, Thurcroft Miner23Thomas, a MinerEdith AnnieNEEDHAM1 Charles Street, Thurcroft Thomas, a BrickLayer21
13 08 1921William HenryLAND40 Granville Street Miner21William Henry, deceased Engine DriverRoseCOX43 Granville Street Thomas, deceased Moulder18
12 09 1921JosephHARRIS15 Rotherham Road Miner21Thomas, a MinerAlice ElizabethBUCKLOW34 Monksbridge Road Arthur, a Miner25
17 09 1921WilfredSCHOFIELD21 West Street, Thurcroft Miner25Joseph, deceasedAnniceWALKER35 West Street, Thurcroft John, deceased24
03 11 1921Harold MarriottBARLOW65 Laughton Road, Dinnington Engineer20Frederick William, an EngineerLilian MayTHICKETTBrown House Farm Frank Chapman, a Farmer21
24 12 1921AlbertHOPKINSON  Miner21George Henry, a MinerWinifred DaisyCOTTAMSt.John's Road Arthur Sydney, a Miner21
26 12 1921WilliamMALLINDERSt.John's Road Fitter22John, a MinerAnnie ElizabethCOTTAMSt.John's Road Arthur Sydney, a Miner20
26 12 1921DanielAINSWORTHRotherham Road Miner25Thomas, a LabourerAnnieRUSHBYGranville Street William, a Miner22
26 12 1921JesseDAVISONBolsover Miner24William Tobias, a MinerMaggieELLIOTT8 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Harry, a Miner22
31 12 1921James HaroldTAYLORThroapham Horse Man26Frederick Barthorpe, a Farm ForemanFrances AdelaideDAYSt.John's Road Thomas, an Engine Driver20
06 03 1922George EdwardROSE7 Hunt Lane, Bentley Road, Doncaster Miner25John, a MinerGladysOWENStation Road John, deceased20
21 03 1922Thomas WilfredHANDLEY9 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Miner24William, deceased Farm BailiffLilyHARSTON23 Green Arbour Road, Thurcroft Harston, a Club Steward23
15 04 1922Thomas WilliamCLAY90 Katherine Street Miner19Joseph, a MinerEdith Annie DorothyMARSDEN90 Katherine Street George William, a Labourer21
15 04 1922George EdwardTHORPE16 West Street Screenhand20James, deceasedEmilySPENCER16 West Street  19
15 04 1922AlfredDICKSON23 Starch House, North Anston Miner24Thomas Henry, a Picture FramerMayMILLS  John, deceased21
20 05 1922William ErnestBEESTON18 Katherine Street Miner23JosephNelliePARKER18 Katherine Street Arthur, a Miner19
03 06 1922Robert SpencerPICKWELLTodwick Miner25Joseph Walter, a GardenerGladysDOBBS  Walter, a Foreman21
05 06 1922WilliamSPURR  Labourer23Frederick John, deceasedEdith IvyWATSON  Arthur, deceased23
06 06 1922Richard WilliamDAYBrodsworth, Doncaster Miner25William, deceasedMarthaRILEY  Frederick, deceased28
24 06 1922JosephWRIGHTDinnington Labourer22Robert, a BrickLayerGertrudePRICE  Ezra, a Miner23
28 10 1922John WilliamLITTLE  Labourer29Henry, a LabourerJessieCROFTS  James William, a Sexton21
14 11 1922Victor PealWIDDOWSONLaughton Street Draughtsman23Edward Arthur, a GentlemanGertrude Larmie ?THICKETT  Frank Chapman, a Farmer24
26 11 1922HaroldLACEY61 Recreation Terrace, Dinnington Miner23Thomas, a MinerHelena MarySTEEDMAN  Joseph, a Sulphate Maker20
26 12 1922John AlbertCROFTS  Labourer26James William, a SextonJennieFIRTH  William, a Labourer21
31 12 1922FrederickDUNN132 Duchess Road, SheffieldWidowerOrgan Builder43Frederick, deceasedLilyALLCOCK  Samuel, a Miner29
17 03 1923William HerbertANTCLIFF  Miner21John William, a MinerHelenDAY  John James, an Engine Driver22
31 03 1923EllisGRIFFITHSThurcroft Miner23Griffith, a MinerAliceDOWNThurcroft Charles, deceased23
02 04 1923John WilliamGREAVESArmthorpe, Doncaster Farmer20Charles, deceasedMaryREVITTCarr Priestley, a Farmer21
02 04 1923FrederickHARRISON90 Katherine Street Miner23Frederick, a LabourerKate ElizabethWEBB88 Katherine Street John, deceased20
19 05 1923WilliamRUSHBY50 Granville Street Miner20William, a MinerViolet MaySHIRES14 Granville Street Alfred Hastings, a Labourer20
21 05 1923Thomas WilliamCAUSEBROOK22 Peter Street, Thurcroft Miner22Thomas Ward, a MinerMercy BeatriceWILDE2 West Street, Thurcroft Thomas George, a Miner21
22 05 1923HerbertWINFREY  Colliery Banksman41John, a Road ManKathleenROLLITT WidowJohn Coleman Smith, a Gardener34
23 06 1923Sidney EdgarMARSHALLMaltby Miner21Walter Parish, a MinerEmmalineWELDONCarr Harry, deceased23
06 08 1923ThomasSTEPHENSON67 Broughton Avenue, Bentley Road, Doncaster Plate Layer34Harrison, a Road ManLucy Ethel AnnLITTLEThe Riddings Henry Hace, a Labourer28
24 12 1923RonaldPURSEGLOVELaughton Common Joiner22Tom, a CollierGeorginaOLIVER136 Laughton Road, Dinnington Tom, a Joiner Foreman23
24 12 1923RobertLOMAS10 Asward Road, Bramley Miner21Thomas Ernest, deceasedMaryASHLEYLaughton Common Robert Henry, a Labourer24
26 12 1923JosephCARLIN  Miner22Joseph, a MinerAnnieASKEW  Joseph Arthur, a Plate Layer21
26 12 1923ArthurWALL94 Rotherham Street, Thurcroft Miner22John Henry, deceasedCharlotte AudryWATSON  Arthur, a Miner21
19 02 1924John WilfredSTEEDMAN  By-Product Worker29Joseph, a By-Product WorkerAliceFOXSt.John's Road Benjamin, a Miner23
29 03 1924John HenryRODGERS31 Granville Street Miner22John, a MinerLucy Annie Sylvia MuscroftTHORMSBY31 Granville Street Albert Edward Muscroft, a Miner19
19 04 1924Albert EdwardALLCOCK18 Monksbridge Road Miner23Samuel, a GentlemanEdithWILDSMITH18 Monksbridge Road Roger, a Watchman21
21 04 1924TomCHAPPELLThrybergh Labourer24Thomas, a Farm LabourerElsieRODDISBrookhouse Thomas, a Labourer23
21 04 1924William HenryATKINSON WidowerPork Butcher50Thomas, a FarmerMary JaneANYAN  Robert, an Outfitter52
22 04 1924HerbertBEECHSawn Moor Farm, Thurcroft Farmer29Herbert, a FarmerKathleen MayADAMSGrange Farm, Brampton George, a Farmer25
14 05 1924Archibald LeslieFLETCHER4 Rotherham Road, Thurcroft Colliery Deputy28Joseph, a Mining ContractorIdaHIBBARDBrampton en le Morthen Arthur, deceased24
07 06 1924GeorgeHALLAM42 Katherine Street BrickLayer39John, deceasedRose CarolineVARLEY42 Katherine StreetWidowAlfred, deceased42
09 06 1924Arthur HaroldBARNESThurcroft Hall Cottage Fitter24John George, a BlackSmithAnnieHOPEThe Lodge, Brookhouse Charles, a WatchMan25
30 06 1924HenryBRODDLE  Labourer21John Thomas, a LabourerLilianSTALEY80 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Daniel, a Labourer19
04 08 1924DavidLAKIN48 Dinnington Terrace Miner21Edward, deceasedDorisCROFTS  James William, a Sexton21
20 09 1924Charles FrederickPIKE14 Sandy Lane, ThurcroftWidowerMiner30William, deceasedAnnie ElizaWARD14 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Thomas, a Miner24
26 12 1924Charles FrederickWHYSALL114 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Miner23Frederick, a MinerEdithBELLAMY114 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Harry, deceased24
26 12 1924Frederick ThomasDAVISON  Electric Wire Man21Frederick Arthur, a ClerkDaisyWILLIS6 Charles Street George Herbert, a Mason20
03 01 1925HaroldHOGGAnston Caretaker29William, deceasedAdaBLACKBURN  Henry, a BlackSmith24
24 01 1925Thomas HenryBROCKLESBY  Plate Layer26James, a Plate LayerMabelSTOREY  Sidney, a Miner26
28 02 1925EdwardSPENCERDinnington Miner21William, deceasedLilianCOURTBrookhouse William, a Crane Driver19
11 04 1925WilliamGREAVES10 Steadfold Lane, Thurcroft Miner23William, a MinerFlorence MayBAKER10 Steadfolds Lane, Thurcroft Jeremiah, a Miner21
11 04 1925Frederick WilliamEAMES15 Peter Street, Thurcroft Miner27Alfred Victor, a MinerPhyllis EvelynSTEEDMANCastle Hill Cottage Joseph, a Sulphate Maker27
02 05 1925James EdwinMORTON34 The Crescent, Thurcroft Miner24Joseph, a MinerLilyTHOMPSON34 The Crescent, Thurcroft John Edward, a Miner19
23 05 1925CharlesWOODHEAD WidowerMiner58George, deceasedAliceWHITTAKER WidowWilliam Humphries, deceased52
02 06 1925Henry HerbertDUNN  Colliery Worker26Henry Herbert, a Club StewardDorisSTIMPSON  Edward, a Surface Worker25
12 07 1925JosephPOLLITTLaughton CommonWidowerCoke Oven Worker67John, deceasedElizabeth AnnKNOWLESLaughton CommonWidowMark Brownlow, deceased60
01 08 1925JosephPHILLIPSSawn Moor Road, Thurcroft Haulage Hand21Joseph, deceasedIrene Jessie RebeccaWHARTONRotherham Road Charles James, a Miner22
? 08 1925William AlfredGREENWAY22 West Street, Thurcroft Miner25William Alfred, a Railway FiremanElsieMACKIE19 Peter Street Thomas, a Miner21
03 08 1925EdwardBARBER9 West Street, Thurcroft Haulage Hand22John Thomas, deceasedElsie MayPEARCENewhall Grange George Henry, a Foreman19
14 09 1925CliffordBURROUGH11 West Street, Thurcroft Motor Driver19Basil Charles, an Engine WrightElsie MayWALKER10 West Street, Thurcroft Richard, a Collier19
19 09 1925ArthurSNELLGROVE15 The Crescent, Thurcroft Miner25Charles, a MinerElsieDAVIES15 The Crescent, Thurcroft William John, a Miner27
19 09 1925Francis ThomasFRETWELL36 Monksbridge Road Miner25James, a MinerAdaKAYE14 Monksbridge Road William, a Labourer20
12 10 1925WilliamAPPLEYLaughton Common Labourer43Thomas, a CarterEdith MaudMARSHALL  James, deceased31
14 10 1925GeorgeGOUNDRY  Confectioner27Robert, deceasedAdaDAWSON12 Sarah Street, Mexborough George, deceased23
05 12 1925CharlesSTONE22 Katherine Road, Thurcroft Collier29Samuel, a Colliery Under-ManagerNellieASHMORE44 South Street, Thurcroft Thomas, a Miner20
26 12 1925RichardHOWIS7 West Street, Thurcroft Miner22Albert, a MinerBerthaSPURR48 The Crescent, Thurcroft John William, a Miner20
26 12 1925William IbbotsonCROOKES55 Station Road, Kiveton Park Miner27George, a SignalmanSarah LizzieCASTLE  William Thomas, a Surface Worker28
28 12 1925Walter LeonardWARD14 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Haulage Hand22Thomas, a MinerAdaLYONS13 South Street, Thurcroft John, a Miner19
05 04 1926SamuelHARRIS37 Rotherham Road Police Constable24Thomas, a MinerMaryDEARDEN17 The Crescent, Dinnington Thomas, a Check Weighman21
24 04 1926Herbert Joseph JohnsonBLOOMFIELD46 The Crescent, Thurcroft Miner23Walter Henry, a QuarryManIvy MayFLETCHER46 The Crescent, Thurcroft John William, a Miner20
22 05 1926WilliamWESTWOOD22 Katherine Street Colliery Fitter24Henry, a Colliery WinderMabel EvelynCHAMBERLAIN20 Katherine Street James Henry, deceased27
22 05 1926AlfredPOWELL43 The Crescent, Thurcroft Miner25Edwin, deceasedEmilyKAIL43 The Crescent, Thurcroft Robert, a Fettler25
24 05 1926George ArthurSEARSTONE44 Granville Street Coke Oven Worker30Arthur, a MinerSarah JaneRATHMELL44 Granville Street Benjamin, deceased31
24 05 1926OswaldSALESt.John's Road Miner23Edward, a MinerFrancesROBERTSHAW29 Granville Street Edward, deceased19
17 07 1926Robert WilliamSEYMOUR22 Katherine Road, Thurcroft Miner25Elijah, a MinerEdith MaudMITCHELL26 Katherine Street William, a Miner21
20 07 1926Francis WilliamSPOONER9 Granville Street Miner20Elijah, a BlackSmithMiriamRUSHBY50 Granville Street William, a Miner20
04 08 1926AlfredLOMAS  News Agent22Walter, a News Agent & PostMasterLucy EllenTOMLINSON  Arthur, a Miner23
23 10 1926WilliamHUGHESWest Lane, Carr Labourer21William, deceasedEvelynABRAHAMS26 Peter Street, Thurcroft William, a Collier19
06 11 1926George WilliamBARKER22 The Crescent, Thurcroft Dental Mechanic26John, deceasedEstherWILDE18 Rotherham Road George, a Miner21
04 12 1926RobertWATHDinnington Motor Driver27Thomas, a GentlemanMaggieDUNNLaughton Common Henry Herbert, a Steward23
25 12 1926AlbertBERRY105 Newhall Road, Addlestone, Surrey Coach Builder28Graham, a FarmerWinifred AliceSTEEDMANCastle Hill Joseph, a Sulphate Maker27
10 04 1927John ArthurGUESTWorksop Lane, Dinnington Works Chemist26Arthur, a MinerDoris ElithaHAYWOOD  James, deceased29
18 04 1927George HenryDAVISON1 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Miner35Charles, a GardenerFlorence AnnieCHAPMAN16 Crescent End, Thurcroft John, a Miner27
18 04 1927Edward WilliamSULLIVAN50 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Soldier23Edward William, a Plate LayerNellieTURNER50 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Herbert, deceased24
07 05 1927ReginaldPOTTS15 Scarbro Crescent, Maltby Miner23John, a JoinerDorisMERRIMAN34 Sand Lane Joseph, a Miner19
04 06 1927HaroldWILSON18 Larens Hill, Dinnington Miner20Harry, a MinerRuthPURTONSt.John's Road Edward Hampson, a Mason20
04 06 1927ArthurHANDLEYGreen Arbour, Thurcroft Miner24William, deceasedEmily LouiseVIZARDGreen Arbour, Thurcroft Charles, deceased24
18 06 1927JohnHALLWillow Cottage, Brampton Fitter23George, an Engine WrightEuniceJOHNSON18 School Road, Thurcroft John, a Collier23
30 07 1927Arthur RoyalBARKER37 Katherine Road, Thurcroft Miner23John Thomas, deceasedFanny MargaretWARD14 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Thomas, a Miner18
01 08 1927George FrederickWAINWRIGHTThe Crescent, Thurcroft Miner33Thomas, deceasedSarah EllenBARNETT24 School Road, Thurcroft Charles Ernest, an Engine Winder25
03 08 1927John HaroldDOBBS  Dentist40Frederick, a FarmerLouie PickeringBEIGHTON  Charles, a Caretaker30
27 09 1927ThomasTHICKETTPear Tree Farm, Brookhouse Farmer25Frank Chapman, a FarmerKateSHOREThe Gardens, Brookhouse Isaac, a Mason24
28 12 1927MatthewDOOLEY55 Granville Street Miner26Thomas Henry, a MinerEmilyGREENLaughton Common Bernard, a Miner24
29 01 1928ArthurDILLEY17 West Street, Thurcroft Collier25John William, a CollierEdith WinifredWARD14 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Thomas, a Collier21
24 03 1928George WilliamHORBY20 Monksbridge Road Engine Fitter32George, deceasedCatherineTHORPE20 Monksbridge Road George, deceased24
07 04 1928Walter HenrySTANCILL1 The Crescent, Thurcroft Miner27Walter, a MinerDoris MillicentSTALEY32 School Road, Thurcroft Daniel, a Labourer24
09 04 1928ThomasDEARDEN20 Park View, Royston nr Barnsley Miner26Thomas, a Check WeighmanJoyceMURDENSawn Moor Avenue, Thurcroft William, a Miner20
09 04 1928FredFLETCHERWood House Green, Thurcroft Electrician27Frederick, a MinerGladys BerthaBURBRIDGEWood House Green, Thurcroft John Edward, a Gentleman24
12 04 1928CyrilNAYLOR106 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Coke Oven Worker23William, a Coke Oven WorkerPriscillaPARKER106 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Phillip James, a Miner23
26 05 1928Leslie RolandDUNHILLBrookhouse Labourer21Joseph, a PublicanLilyWALL94 Katherine Street, Thurcroft John Henry, deceased23
28 05 1928ArchibaldHOWEDinnington Grocer's Assistant24Frank, a CollierEthelMILLS  John, deceased26
09 06 1928Alfred YoungSMITH10 Sawn Moor Villas, Thurcroft Miner25Alfred, a ShaftsmanJaneHANSTOCK10 Sawn Moor Villas, Thurcroft William, a Road Man29
09 06 1928?TAYLORKilton Finas? Farm, Worksop Farmer21Abraham, a Farm ForemanSarah AnnFIRTHThurcroft William, a Labourer22
18 06 1928George WilliamTAYLORHighwall, Tuxford, NTT Omnibus Driver26John WilliamEdna MaryANDREW6 Katherine Street William Edward, deceased23
23 06 1928FrankFROST1 The Crescent, Thurcroft Collier26Frank, a BuilderGladysSTANCILL1 The Crescent, Thurcroft Walter, a Collier25
18 07 1928Reginald HenryBROOKEThorne Levels nr Doncaster Farmer26Sam, a FarmerEdith MayJEFFERSONSlade Hooton Hall William, a Farmer24
26 07 1928Richard OliverMIDGLEYHandsworth Road, Sheffield Haulage Contractor27Thomas, a CaretakerFlorence LaviniaWHYSALLKatherine Street, Thurcroft Frederick, a Miner24
04 08 1928John AlfredWASEY23 Oak Grove, Anston Labourer22John William, deceasedAnnieCOOPER61 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Samuel, a Miner22
06 08 1928George WilliamMOUNTNEY46 Granville Street Miner20Frank Pearce, deceasedElizaASKEW46 Granville Street Joseph Arthur, a Plate Layer24
06 08 1928HoraceWESTWOOD52 South Street, Thurcroft Miner21John, a MinerGladys MaryCLOKE100 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Frank, deceased20
06 08 1928JohnRHODES42 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Colliery Time Keeper24George Thomas, a LabourerMabelBELL36 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Thomas, deceased22
09 08 1928Walter AlwynHAYWOOD10 The Crescent, Thurcroft Miner20George, a MinerLenoraREYNOLDS  Edwin Thomas, a Miner18
11 08 1928John StanleyDARGAVEL  Co-op Accountant30Christopher Cairns Hyslop, a SchoolMasterLouisa ElizabethSMITH  John William, deceased27
11 08 1928John WilliamSANDERSThurcroft Miner28 Mabel WinifredDEATON  Thomas, a Miner24
20 08 1928John Henry DrinkleLOVELYBrampton Farmer22John Henry Drinkle, a FarmerMaryCROFTSThurcroft  21
22 12 1928GeorgeNORBURY36 The Crescent, Dinnington Miner23James, a MinerMatildaCROFTS  James William, a Sexton23
26 12 1928Archie JamesLANE51 Granville Street Miner27George, a MasonIvySHIRES57 Granville Street Alfred Hastings, a Coke Oven Worker23
26 12 1928RichardPEMBLETON65 East Street, Dinnington Miner22John Walter, a MinerClaraTOMLINSON  Arthur, a Miner23
26 12 1928HenryELLIOTT8 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Miner27Harry, a MinerEthel MaySPURRThe Crescent, Thurcroft William, a Miner20
26 12 1928WilliamLAMBERT3 Leeds Terrace, New Street, Dinnington Miner22Frank, deceasedLydiaTOMLINSON  Arthur, a Miner22
05 01 1929FrederickPOWELL7 Carlisle Terrace, DinningtonWidowerBoiler Foreman54Thomas, deceasedEleanor SpencerHARRIS WidowGeorge Spencer, deceased54
20 04 1929WilfredPLATTSCommon Side Farm Farmer25John William, a CollierEleanorMOORE32 South Street, Thurcroft Samuel, deceased 
25 04 1929Herbert LeslieBLOCKLYMonksbridge Road Miner26George, a MinerAnnieHALLLaughton Common Henry, a Labourer21
27 04 1929JohnSHENTON WidowerMiner53John, deceasedElizabethLOWE Widow? Copley, deceased48
04 05 1929James WilliamPITCHFORDLaughton Road, Thurcroft Miner21Stephen, a MinerEmma LetitiaBLACKWELL36 Granville Street Robert Henry, a Miner19
19 08 1929James HoraceLAX45 The Crescent, Thurcroft Miner23Henry George, a MinerEdna MaySHARPE45 The Crescent, Thurcroft Ernest, deceased20
12 10 1929JohnNEWSOME32 South Street, Thurcroft Collier23Herbert, Railway Coal ManIsabella MellorsSPAULTON32 South Street, Thurcroft Edwin, deceased19
26 11 1929EricSNARE2A Green Lane, Westborough, Dewsbury Builder27Ernest, a BuilderHildredFEEK21 Green Arbour Lane, Thurcroft Alfred, an Engine Man21
26 12 1929GeorgeREDFERN37 Granville Street Miner21George, a MinerGladysWALL94 Katherine Street, Thurcroft John Henry, deceased22
26 12 1929FredWARING34 D'Arcy Close, Manor Estate, Sheffield Decorator26Fred, a DecoratorElsieSAVERY26 Granville Street John, deceased28
26 12 1929Charles FrederickJONES271 Kilton Road, Worksop Clerk25Arthur, a BrickLayerMurialDUKES11 Green Arbour Road, Thurcroft James William, a Colliery Deputy22
26 12 1929Lindley FishDOOLEY55 Granville Street Miner22Thomas Henry, a MinerDorothyALLCOCK12 Granville Street  19
26 12 1929ArthurSTONESWhiston Engine Driver26William, a Farm HorseManGladysCUTTSGreen Arbour Road, Thurcroft Thomas, deceased21

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