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LAUGHTON EN LE MORTHEN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Laughton en le Morthen, 1930-1939

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationAgeGroom's FatherBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusBride's FatherAgeNotes
25 01 1930William HaroldWHETTONLaughton Common Miner22Andrew, a MinerEdnaWALLIS  Walter, a Miner19 
08 02 1930George WilliamQUINTONNew Street, Dinnington Miner21George, a LabourerLillianLATHAMGranville Street Daniel, a Miner17 
31 03 1930John ThomasIVE44 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft BlackSmith's Striker26James Henry, an Engine WrightEva AdelaideWARCUP7 The Riddings, Thurcroft Arthur Edward, a Colliery Coal-Worker20 
21 04 1930AlfBARLOW  Farm Hand45George, deceasedMary ElizabethWILCOX  Samuel, a Pit Hand29 
21 04 1930EricHILL29 Meadow Street, Laughton Common Miner25William, a MinerConstance MaryHALL29 Meadow Street, Laughton Common Fred, a Miner26 
21 04 1930William AlfredGREENWAY23 School Road, ThurcroftWidowerMiner30William, a GentlemanEliza MinnieANTCLIFF116 School Road, Thurcroft John William, a Miner26 
21 04 1930William HenrySYLVESTER  Miner25Samuel, a FitterAnnie ElizabethJACKSON  George Thomas, a Miner18 
04 06 1930LeonardJEFFERSONSlade Hooton Hall Farmer24William, a FarmerElsieLUDLAMBrookhouse William, deceased24 
05 06 1930WilliamMIRFIN38 Crescent Road, Shanow, SheffieldWidowerClerk?Joseph, deceasedElizabethWRIGLEYStation Road John, deceased26 
09 06 1930FrankBURKINSHAW21 Starchhouse Road, nr Anston Miner25Frank, a Plate LayerNancyFOLLOWS  Thomas, a Labourer24 
18 06 1930James AlfredGREETHAM120 Cowlishaw Road, Sheffield Manager33Lot, a ManagerKathleen WentworthNICHOLSON  Walter, deceased21 
23 06 1930George WilliamWALLACENew Street, Dinnington Miner25William, a MinerMary EllenQUINTON  Sam, a Miner22 
19 07 1930AlbertBROTHERHOOD8 Lorden's Hill, Dinnington Collier22Albert, a MinerAgnesPHILPOTT30 Granville Street William, a Miner19 
21 07 1930Charles ReggieWASS47 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Colliery Fitter26Charles Robert, a MinerAnnieBRODDLE  John Thomas, a Colliery Road Man20 
28 07 1930George HenryFLOYDRAF Manston Camp, Minster, KEN Transport Driver22William, a WoodmanNoraBELLLaughton Common Tom, a Miner21 
18 08 1930WalterASPINALL54 Doe Quarry Lane, Dinnington Clerk28Walter, a Retired Police InspectorMary ElizabethLOWE18 St.John's Road John Henry, deceased Coke Burner19 
30 08 1930JeraldWILSONBrampton, Thurcroft Time Keeper26Percy Joseph, a ClerkMarjorieSPIVEY16 Sawn Moor Avenue Charles, a Miner20 
04 09 1930Leslie StewartHALLIDAYStocks Gardens, Mytholmroyd Laundry Proprietor28John Arthur, an AccountantFrances ElizabethDARGAVEL2 Firbeck Avenue Christopher Cairns Hyslop, a Teacher24 
20 09 1930William FrederickRHODES42 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Clerk27George Thomas, a Surface WorkerElsieSHENTON  John, a Collier24 
20 09 1930John EdwinHATSWELL  BrickLayer26Henry, a LabourerMargaret EdithSMITH34 South Street, Thurcroft John Charles, a Miner23 
04 10 1930John GeorgeFOLLONHigh Street Labourer28Arthur, a Farm LabourerElsie EvelynHATSWELLHigh Street Henry Horatio, a Labourer29 
25 10 1930WilliamSMITH  Miner26Alfred, a ShaftsmanSarah ElizabethDOBB  Walter, a Coke Oven Foreman21 
01 11 1930George HenryPLATTSLime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Farmer22John William, a MinerLilyHALL15 West Street, Thurcroft Thomas, a Miner20 
08 11 1930DanielSTALEY32 School Road Miner27Daniel, a LabourerFlorenceHOLLINGGreen Arbour Road Walter, a Miner24 
20 12 1930JohnMILLSRotherham Road, Laughton Common Haulage Hand25John, deceasedRosalia MayROSS4 Park Terrace, Kiveton Park William, a Miner25 
25 12 1930Robert HenryEGGLESTONEGoldthorpe Farm, Oldcoates Surface Worker25Joseph, a Farm LabourerMabelSTEVENSONThe Riddings, Thurcroft William, a Miner25 
25 12 1930JoeFARMER1 Geneva Square, Moors End, Thorne Miner28Thomas, a MinerElizabethWASS47 Katherine Street Charles, a Miner25 
26 12 1930Samuel AshtonTHOMPSON169 Kilton Road, Worksop Plumber24William, a Brass FinisherNellieCROFTS  James, a Sexton22 
10 01 1931Joseph HenryROOME7 Church Street Miner48Samuel, a deceased MinerJemima MaryMARSHALL7 Church Street Zachariah, deceased Miner35 
12 01 1931JosephYOUNG12 Church Street, Thurcroft Miner23Anthony, a MinerBeatrice MayASHMORE22 South Street, Thurcroft Thomas, a Miner19 
19 01 1931Frederick JamesBERRIDGEChrist Church, Preston Traveller26William, a BuilderKathleenBARNES  ??, deceased20 
24 01 1931AnthonyNEWBOLDKiveton Park Miner22Arthur, a MinerEdnaROBERTS  Thomas, deceased Miner19 
07 03 1931DennisWALMSLEYMeadow Street, Laughton Common Gas Mechanic24Sydney Alfred Reuben, a Gas MechanicEvelynASPINALLBrookhouse Walter, a Gentleman26 
04 04 1931CharlesROYSTON73 East Crescent, Sunnyside, Dalton Joiner27Charles, deceasedVera BlancheROBINSON22 Steadfolds Lane, Thurcroft George, a Miner22 
11 04 1931JohnBROWNCopper's Farm, Shuttlewood Farm Labourer31Charles, a FarmerHenriettaELLIOTT8 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Harry, a Miner28 
11 04 1931JasperHAWKSWORTH26 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Miner22Jasper, a MinerRose HannahLAMBERT26 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft John Henry, a Miner20 
18 04 1931SolomonBOOT16 Granville Street Miner23Edmund, a MinerBernice AnneHILL73 Rotherham Road William Henry, a Miner20 
29 06 1931Frederick JamesBROCKLEY  Grocer20George, deceasedGwendolineBILTON  Walter, a Caretaker17 
01 08 1931George HerbertHAYWOOD10 The Crescent, Thurcroft Miner27George, a MinerSarahWALLS12 The Crescent, Thurcroft William Benjamin, a Labourer20 
01 08 1931Daniel GilbertVERNON  Plasterer22Fred, a PlastererElsiePLATTS31 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft William Arthur, a Miner20 
08 08 1931ArthurRHODES42 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Miner25George Thomas, a Surface WorkerPhyllisSPIVEY16 Sawn Moor Road Charles, a Miner23 
08 08 1931John ThomasRODDISBrookhouse Labourer22John, a Farm LabourerElsie MayBARTERThurcroft Charles, a Poultry Farmer19 
19 09 1931Wilfred DouglasSTONES18 Rotherham Road, Thurcroft Surveyor23William Henry, a JoinerIdaBAGSHAW14 Church Street, Thurcroft Joseph, a Stone Mason24 
17 10 1931Bertram CyrilBURGESSWest Thorpe, Thorpe Salvin BlackSmith26George, a BlackSmithElsie MayWILTSHIRE  Norman, a Gentleman23 
31 10 1931William HenryABRAHAMS98 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Miner27William Henry, a MinerEuginiaRODGERS35 Granville Street John, deceased25 
31 10 1931WalterJARVISHooton Roberts, nr Rotherham Lorry Driver22Ernest James, deceasedFlorence MaryDAY  Henry, deceased20 
14 11 1931HaroldCOULTON44 Plantation Avenue, Dinnington Collier24Charles, a MinerEmilyASKEW  Joseph Arthur, a Plate Layer22 
26 12 1931John HaddonBURBRIDGEThurcroft Miner24John Edward, a DraperAlice EvaDILLEY17 West Street John William, a Miner  
26 12 1931ErnestPORTAS37 The Crescent, Thurcroft Fruiterer20Walter, a Coke Oven OfficialLenaOLLIVENT57 West Street Charles Edward, a Fruiterer21 
26 12 1931John RadleighSMITHSt.John's Road Haulage Hand26Thomas, a General LabourerAlice JaneCHORLEYAnston James Henry, a Carter23 
26 12 1931ArthurBRUNT57 Rotherham Road Collier21Albert, a Gas EngineerIvy MaySTEPHENSStation Road, Laughton Common George, a Collier26 
30 01 1932George JamesQUINTONStation Road, Laughton Common Labourer25Sam, a CollierConstanceADAMS15 Doe Quarry Lane, Dinnington William, a Miner20 
20 02 1932Walter PeaceREVITTStannington, Sheffield Engine Driver29William, a Ganister? WorkerFlorence HildaWATSONStation Road John Jervis, a Fitter24 
12 03 1932Harold SydneyTINDELLGrange Lane, Maltby Miner22George Henry, a MinerNoraFOSTERBrookhouse Arthur, a Plate Layer27 
28 03 1932JohnCROOKSModel Village, Maltby Butcher25James, a retired ButcherElizabethCOURTBrookhouse William, a Crane Driver28 
06 04 1932Charles EdwinDEARDENBrooms Cottage, Bradfield Labourer25Ernest, a LabourerIvy MayBARLOWBrookhouse John William, a Miner19 
23 04 1932Albert HenryHALL113 Silver Dales, Dinnington Miner25Benjamin Digby, a MinerElsieHOPKINSON  George, a Miner22 
16 06 1932FredHATTON788 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield Butcher23William Henry, deceasedJessieBARRACLOUGH  George Henry, an InnKeeper22 
27 06 1932John HerbertCULLINGTON142 Rayne Road, Braintree, ESS Asst Master Public Institution25Herbert John, a Railway GuardFlorenceFEEK21 Green Arbour Road, Thurcroft Albert, an Engine Winder27 
01 08 1932RedfernFERGUSON9 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Miner22Richard, a MinerMaudTOMLINSON104 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Joseph, a Miner21 
01 08 1932Keith CastletonBURGIN8 William Street, Sheffield Machine Grinder31Joseph Edmund, deceasedEvaPARTINGTON57 West Street, Thurcroft Robert, a Miner25 
01 08 1932WilliamREDFERN30 Charles Street, Thurcroft Miner24Edward, deceasedIvyMARSHALL11 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Herbert, a Sawyer21 
06 08 1932John RobertABRAHAMS98 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Miner26William Henry, a MinerElizabethRANDALL12 Church Street, Thurcroft Frederick, a Miner20 
24 09 1932DavidASHMORE10 Church Street, Thurcroft Miner25Thomas, a MinerElsie Mary ElizabethYOUNG12 Church Street, Thurcroft Arthur, a Miner18 
26 09 1932GeoffreyDAVENPORTHepthorn, Lidget Lane, Dinnington Decorator24William Henry, a DecoratorLucy HannahFELVUS26 Steadfolds Lane, Thurcroft Oswald, a Miner Lucy a School Teacher
15 10 1932William ArthurWADELamb Court Farm, Bradley, Huddersfield Farm Labourer29Arthur William, a Farm LabourerFlorence MayPARKIN  Alfred, a Colliery Surface Worker  
26 12 1932GeorgeKNIGHT8 Derry Mount, Arnold, NTT Miner25William, a MinerBeatriceSANDERS4 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft William, deceased23 
26 12 1932HenryBEIGHTON5 Station Road, Parkgate, Rotherham Carter25John, deceasedPhyllisWARD1 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Thomas, a Miner21 
27 12 1932CyrilTHACKER63 Rotherham Road Retailer25Frederick Charles, a Provision MerchantWinifred AlmaTHORNTONSawn Moor Garage, Thurcroft Ernest, a Coach Proprietor25 
14 01 1933ArthurGRIFFINSt.John's Road, Deepcar Miner31Solomon, deceasedElizaSHIRESLaughton Common Alfred Hastings, a Coke Oven Worker23 
21 01 1933BernardEVANS35 Queen Street, West Retford Silk Finisher22Benjamin, deceasedMaud InaFOWLER82 Katherine Street, Thurcroft George, a Miner22 
22 03 1933Edric ErnestHIGHFIELD11 Princess Street Engineer33Ernest, deceasedSarah AnnisHIRST32 Barley Croft Lane, Dinnington Herbert, deceased39 
15 04 1933ArthurHARRIS15 Western Avenue, Dinnington Surface Worker25Thomas, a CollierEdnaBLACKBURN  Henry, a BlackSmith Foreman26 
15 04 1933AlfredHENRY29 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Colliery Surface Worker24Alfred, a Screen MechanicOliveBARKS  Aaron, a Gentleman22 
15 04 1933Edward ArthurBRADLEY21 Sawn Moor Avenue, Thurcroft Collier29George William, a Boot RepairerLilyWALKERSawn Moor Villas, Thurcroft William, a Brick Contractor21 
17 04 1933Frederick StanleySMITH38 Smith Street, Thurcroft Miner27John Charles, a MinerJennyWAININGUlley Richard, deceased24 
17 04 1933RolandHOLDER13 Steadfold Lane, Thurcroft Miner23George, deceasedMadgeOLLIVANT57 West Street, Thurcroft Charles Edward, a Fruiterer19 
29 04 1933AlfredBLACKWELL  Miner18Robert Henry, a MinerRuthTONGUE  Joseph, a Miner17 
03 06 1933HaroldGILBERTHORPE108 Park Street, Masborough BrickLayer23George, a LabourerBerthaCOTTAM6 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Robert George, a BlackSmith's Striker21 
05 06 1933JohnMETCALFE6 Bloomfield Street, Derby Motor Driver31Gorel ?, deceasedEthelTURNER  William, a Miner24 
08 07 1933JamesGARDENER15 Central Avenue, Dinnington Miner24James Thomas, a MinerHelenaAMAS20 Crescent End, Thurcroft William, a Miner20 
07 08 1933JamesMATTHEWSUlley Screen Hand26Henry James, a MinerEdnaPARTINGTON  Robert, a Miner24 
19 08 1933HarryORRIDGE18 Woodhouse Green, Thurcroft Miner22Samuel, a MinerLucyBAGGALEY21 Steadfolds Lane, Thurcroft Joseph, a SilverSmith25Lucy, a Café Manageress
26 08 1933Stanley DealyWHEATCROFT4 Scarsdale Street, Dinnington Assistant Surveyor37 DorisMITCHELL17 Firbeck Avenue William, deceased Stone Mason34 
20 09 1933Samuel BeachMCGREATH ?58A Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield Wholesale Jeweller33John, deceased Wholesale JewellerEnid MayPORTAS37 The Crescent, Thurcroft Walter, a Coke Oven Foreman24 
21 10 1933FrederickNEEDHAM9 Hangmans Lane Miner24William, deceasedMary EdithSTURMAN57 Granville Street Robert, deceased21 
11 12 1933ErnestKENNEDY15 Meadow Street Labourer24Allan, a LabourerEileen LilianTAGG15 Meadow Street William Charles, a Miner19 
21 12 1933Leslie DavidEMERYBrinsworth nr Rotherham Colliery Engineer24Ezra, a Colliery OfficialAnnieCHORLEYMonksbridge Road James, a Carter22 
23 12 1933HarryCARRINGTONBulford Camp, WIL R.A. Gunner27Lucas, deceasedGladysNEEDHAM112 Katherine Street, Thurcroft William, a Collier20 
25 12 1933JohnBRUNTMaltby Gas Fitter24Albert, a Gas FitterElsieMARRIOTT  Arthur, a Coke Oven Worker21 
25 12 1933AlbertSENIOR  Miner22James, a MinerLilyTONGUE  Joseph, a Miner20 
30 12 1933Richard VictorHARTLEY62 Haywood Road, Sheffield Time Keeper36Charles William, a ClerkEdith MarySTEEDMAN  Joseph, a By-Product Worker27 
20 01 1934Joseph RonaldLAX45 The Crescent, Thurcroft Coal Filler23Henry George, a MinerIdaSTALEY32 School Road, Thurcroft Daniel, a Colliery TubSmith18 
27 01 1934Frederick HenryBUNFIELD6 Leopold Street, Dinnington Miner32Horace Charles, deceasedEvaNEEDHAM  William, deceased27 
27 01 1934JohnOLIVANT62 Hunting Tower Road, Sheffield Decorator26Alfred, a JoinerGladysBECKETT17 Rotherham Road Peter, a Miner23 
03 02 1934LutherSTALEY32 School Road, Thurcroft Colliery Surface Worker25Daniel, a Colliery TubSmithRose MaryMANGHAM138 Main Street, Bramley, Rotherham John Henry, a Boiler Smith21 
02 04 1934John WilliamTONGUE37 Granville Street Miner22Joseph, a MinerHannahBLACKWELL37 Granville Street William, a Miner17 
12 05 1934Harry CraneRICHARDSON37 Doe Quarry Terrace, Dinnington Milk Dealer25Thomas, deceasedAnnieBOWER  Herbert, a Miner20 
19 05 1934BernardHOPKINSON  Labourer22George Henry, a Pit WorkerLucyHUMENew Street, Dinnington  18 
19 05 1934HarryELLIOTT8 Sandy Lane, ThurcroftWidowerMiner59Henry, deceasedFannyDEAKINBrookhouseWidowHenry Roddis, a Gentleman  
19 05 1934AllanBINGHAM46 Harboro Road, Sheffield Warehouseman31Thomas Mitchell, a GentlemanAlice EmmaNEWTON  Samuel, deceased27 
19 05 1934Thomas WilfredDRURY114 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Miner24James Wilfred, deceasedMinnieJUGGINS114 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Frederick, a Miner19 
19 05 1934RogerTROTH30 Steadfolds Lane, Thurcroft Miner26George, a MinerDinah AnnBURNETT24 School Road, Thurcroft Charles Ernest, an Engine Winder23 
21 05 1934ErnestDEARDEN33 Circular Road Miner25Thomas, a Check WeighmanChristie ElizabethBOOTH  William, deceased26 
21 05 1934JosephALDREADToll House Bar, Woodthorpe nr Claycross BrickLayer23Joseph, a DraperMarjorieGRUNWELL7 West Street, Thurcroft George, a Miner21 
21 05 1934GeorgeSMITHLaughton Common Bus Driver25John Henry, a MinerAnnieBOOTH37 Rotherham Road William Henry, deceased23 
23 06 1934JohnWILLIAMS53 Granville Street Miner25George, a MinerEthelSMITH38 South Street, Thurcroft John Charles, a Miner23 
14 07 1934Joseph HenryROLLITT22 Sawn Moor Avenue, Thurcroft Lampman24Edwin Barker, a MinerCaroline Lilian MayWARCUP7 The Riddings, Thurcroft Charles Edward, a Colliery Surface Worker21 
14 08 1934EdgarASPINALL  Teacher24Walter, retiredDorisCRAVENDinnington Thomas, an InnKeeper21 
15 09 1934Frederick WilliamWADEc/o Lady Balfour, Reverdale Grange, Farmhurst Footman27Frederick William, deceasedClaraBOSWORTH  Harry, a Railway Man24 
20 10 1934HaroldDOBBFirbeck Lane Coke Oven Worker21Walter, a Coke Oven ForemanLilyVERNONThe Riddings, Thurcroft Fred, a Plasterer20 
01 12 1934Douglas WilfredCOTTAM  Farmer34Sydney, deceasedHildaPARKIN  Alfred, a retired Miner34 
08 12 1934Horace SpencerWOODCarr Colliery Screen Hand27Horace Middleton, a Farm HandEvelynMUNDAYCarr Ernest, a Collier20 
15 12 1934Francis Henry EdwardDREWITT7 Steadfold Lane, Thurcroft Haulage Hand23Edward James, a Colliery DeputyLilian IrenePORTAS37 The Crescent, Thurcroft Walter, a Coke Oven Foreman22 
15 12 1934Thomas WalterSMITHLaughton Common Motor Driver24John Henry, a retired EngineerHannahWILLIAMS53 Granville Street George, a Miner20 
22 12 1934NelsonWHYSALL46 School Road, Thurcroft Miner24Frederick, deceasedElizabeth DeanRHODES1 Crescent End, Thurcroft George Thomas, deceased24 
24 12 1934WillisWALL94 Katherine Street Haulage Hand19John Henry, deceasedEdith MatildaHOULDEN94 Katherine Street William Henry, deceased20 
23 02 1935BernardSMITHGreen Arbour Road, Thurcroft Miner22Benjamin Heeley, a FruitererHannahSMITH38 South Street, Thurcroft John Charles, a Stone Worker18Hannah a Domestic
20 04 1935Percy VictorGREENCoaley Fitter33Samuel Carey, a Road ManAda ElizabethHIGGINBOTTOMBrookhouse John, a Crane Driver26Ada a Domestic Servant
20 04 1935GeorgeDICKINSON1 Firbeck Avenue Piston Driver31George William, a Colliery Surface WorkerJanet LucyBAGLEYSt.John's John, a Coal Carter26 
22 04 1935LeslieWAINWRIGHTLaughton Common Brickyard Labourer21William Henry, a MinerHildaGRICE  Herbert, a Miner21Hilda a Domestic Servant
22 04 1935CampbellWILSONNorthampton Evangelist36John, deceased WeaverAmelia ChristianaWHARTON  Charles James, deceased Miner38Amelia a Teacher
22 04 1935AlbertREYNOLDS  Labourer23Edwin Thomas, a LabourerJessiePARKER  George, a Labourer19Jessie a Domestic Servant
24 04 1935Thomas KennethLAXThurcroft Miner27Henry George, a MinerEdith WinifredHOLMESUlley Isaiah, a retired Colliery Official22 
25 04 1935JosephHUTCHINSON57 Katherine Street Miner21James Ernest, a MinerAliceSAWKILL9 Green Arbour Road James, a Builder's Labourer20 
26 04 1935JohnWELCHFish Shop, Laughton Common Miner23 Mary EllenUNWIN1 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Leonard, a Council Employee21 
18 05 1935Frederick WilliamMORTON WidowerCoke Oven Worker46Benjamin, a BlackSmithDorothy IsabelSMITH WidowErnest Highfield, deceased Coke Oven Foreman37 
29 05 1935JohnTHORNTONThurcroft Motor Driver23Ernest, a Motor DriverFlorenceWAININGThurcroft Richard, deceased24 
22 06 1935ArthurBAMFORD23 The Crescent, Dinnington Pattern Maker24Edwin, an On-SetterClarice MabelKING8 Sawn Moor Villas, Thurcroft Arthur, a Miner24 
29 06 1935HarryGRIMSHAW1 Warley Edge, Warley, Halifax Lock Keeper23John William, an Iron TurnerEdnaGARNERLaughton Common Zechariah Thomas, deceased21 
27 07 1935Ronald WilliamCHILCOTTSteadfolds Lane, Thurcroft Miner27William Thomas, an Army PensionerPhyllisKIDGERThe Crescent, Thurcroft George Henry, a Miner26 
03 08 1935John RichardROUGHDinnington Miner23Arthur, a MinerEmilyRODDA  George, a Miner22 
03 08 1935FrederickEVANS  Miner23William, a MinerMabelTONGUE  Joseph, a Miner17 
05 08 1935John WilliamMILMAN32 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Miner23George Henry, a Colliery OfficialEnidCATTLE17 Quarry Fields, Wickersley Charles Edward, a Miner21 
10 08 1935Joseph ArthurTAYLOR3 Hangmans Lane, Laughton Common Rubber Moulder22John, deceasedDorothySIMCOX21 Katherine Street, Thurcroft George, a PitHead Worker  
12 08 1935FredBAREN130 Bolton Hall Road, Bradford Weftman27James Alfred, a ShopKeeperPhyllis EdnaCHILCOTT5 Steadfold Lane, Thurcroft William Thomas, a Military Pensioner24 
24 08 1935Horace CharlesCLARKEAnston Teacher28Barnett Hanson, a MinerMollyROBERTS  William John, a BrickLayer Foreman23 
11 09 1935Cyril HenryMORRIS8 Wellbeck Street, Creswell Fitter28William, a Colliery DeputyHarriet RobinsonFELVUS26 Steadfolds Lane, Thurcroft Oswald, a Collier24 
16 11 1935ArthurGABBITAS26 Suffolk Close, Manor Estate, Sheffield Miner23Albert, deceasedElizabethRUSHBYGranville Street, Laughton Common William, a Miner21 
21 12 1935AlbertTURNER  Colliery Clerk34Gervase, a Builder's ForemanEdith EdnaEDWARDSMoor End, Thorne James, a Colliery Deputy32 
25 12 1935HerbertHIBBERT45 Recreation Terrace, Dinnington Grocer20David, a Mine WorkerFlorenceSMITHHangmans Lane, Laughton Common Joseph, a Haulage Contractor20 
26 12 1935ErnestJACKSON12 Park Grove, Bramley Steel Worker22William, a LabourerRosePREECE2 Crescent End, Thurcroft James Frederick, a Miner20 
14 03 1936William BillamGAUNTLEY26 Wades Row Farm Horseman22Charles, a LabourerElsie MaudBLACKWELL36 Granville Street Robert Henry, a Labourer19 
21 03 1936HaroldGREAVES83 Lordens Hill, Dinnington Farm Hand18Wilfred, a Coke Oven WorkerDorothy EmmaPOULTON  Alban, a Collier17 
11 04 1936Philip JohnCHRISTIAN136 Effingham Street, Rotherham Plumber22John James, a Hair DresserMaryQUINTON6 Firbeck Avenue  20Daughter of Hezekiah
11 04 1936George ThomasABRAHAMS98 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Miner26William Henry, a MinerIdaPARKER4 Granville Street Ernest, a Miner18 
11 04 1936JosephPARKES38 Canon Street, Glass Houghton, Castleford Colliery Worker25Joseph, deceasedSarah EmmaWEBB118 Katherine Street, Thurcroft John William, deceased22 
11 04 1936HarryANTCLIFF11 The Crescent, Thurcroft Miner22John William, a MinerElsieGLEDHILL10 Crescent End, Thurcroft Henry, a Miner20 
02 05 1836ThomasHINCHCLIFFE39 Bishops Street, Sheffield Lamp Attendant29Charles Frederick, a Spring DrillerEthel MaryHARRISON  George, a Collier22 
23 05 1936GeorgeDYKESLaughton Common Miner25Thomas, deceasedFlorenceMCFARLOWEWades Row Albert, deceased19 
01 06 1936DennisSELWOOD18 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Plate Layer23Albert Henry, a Permanent Way InspectorAlice EvaHELLIWELL36 Earsham Street, Sheffield Bernard, a Joiner21 
01 06 1936Clarence GodfreySTOCKDALEBroome Mill Lane, Clarborough Farm Labourer24Joseph, a JoinerGladys EmmaBELLRotherham Road, Laughton Common Thomas, a Screen Hand22 
01 06 1936ReedWIDDISONGoosecar Lane, Todwick Surface Worker36Joe, a Colliery Horse KeeperEthelNICHOLS8 Granville Street, Laughton Common George William, a Miner34 
06 06 1936JosephBAGSHAW14 Church Street, Thurcroft Carter32Joseph, a MinerMargaretCODDINGTON1 The Riddings, Thurcroft Albert, a Miner27 
27 06 1936WilfredPARKERWestview Collier25Arthur, a CollierEdna MayBECKETT17 Rotherham Road, nr Dinnington Peter, a Miner22 
18 07 1936RonaldBARRACLOUGH22 Oakwood Road, Rotherham Lorry Driver21George Henry, a Farm HandMinnie EnidWILTSHIRE  Thomas, a Gentleman25 
01 08 1936BrianSTEEPLE23 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Moulder24Victor Hugo, deceasedRosemaryJOLLANDS21 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Henry, deceased21 
01 08 1936NormanSCOTT7 Sawn Moor Avenue, Thurcroft Labourer26Edward, deceasedDorisHALL18 West Street, Thurcroft Thomas Henry, a Labourer18 
03 08 1836FrankCLEARY39 Recreation Terrace, Dinnington BrickLayer's Labourer25Thomas, a BrickLayer ForemanRosie IreneSTOREYSt.John's Road  18 
03 08 1836HerbertDUCKMANTON58 Dovercourt Road, Rotherham Joiner33William, a GangerEvelynJEFFREY9 Sawn Moor Villas, Thurcroft Frank, an Asphalter28 
29 08 1936AlfredWRIGHT5 Laughton Road, Thurcroft Mining Engineer27Alfred, a Colliery Engine ManConstance MaryWILDEThe Villas, Thurcroft Edward, a Colliery TimeKeeper24 
05 09 1936Henry LlewellynENGLEY7 The Avenue, Carr Collier25James, deceasedViolet HelenWARCUP7 The Riddings, Thurcroft Charles Edward, a Washery Charge Hand18 
19 09 1936Albert EdwardCLIFFORD15 Enderley Square, Lenton Abbey Estate, NTT Chauffeur26William, deceasedWinifred RubyJEANES30 School Road, Thurcroft  22 
03 10 1936TomSHENTON28 St.John's Cottages Colliery Clerk29John, a MinerEdith MaryARDRON8 Firbeck Avenue Matthew Henry, a Coke Oven Worker26 
07 10 1936WilliamBACON4 Meadow Street, Laughton Common Boot Repairer36Horace, a Brick BurnerNellieSHIRES14 Granville Street, Laughton Common Alfred, a Boiler Fireman26 
17 10 1936EdwinTHRESH  Joiner25Edwin, deceasedEva AnnieTODDBrookhouse Joseph, a BlackSmith20 
01 11 1936Bernard CecilHILL64 Findon Street, Hillsborough Hair Dresser28Frederick, a Traffic RegulatorMarjorieFEEK21 Green Arbour Road, Thurcroft Alfred, an Engine Winder23 
26 12 1936EdgarHAYWOOD10 The Crescent, Thurcroft Miner25George, a MinerElizabethBELL47 School Road, Thurcroft Thomas, deceased22 
26 12 1936William HenryWALKER35 School Road, Thurcroft Miner23Richard, a MinerLilySWIFT5 Brampton Road, Thurcroft Thomas, a Miner22 
26 12 1936Reginald AlbanPANKS8 Howard Road, Bramley Farm Labourer25Ernest Robert, a Farm LabourerVeraKEMPSTERSawn Moor Cottage, Thurcroft Harold, deceased19 
02 01 1937GeorgeWILDE64 St.Luke's Terrace, Shireoaks Electrician23Robert, a Colliery Weigh ClerkAveril LouisaROLLITT22 Sawn Moor Avenue, Thurcroft Edwin Barker, a Miner23 
21 01 1937LeonardLAUGHTON3 Doe Quarry Terrace, Dinnington Grocer's Assistant29Frederick, deceasedJoyceBELL47 School Road, Thurcroft Thomas, deceased25 
30 01 1937Vincent CalvertWALKER16 Dinnington Terrace, Dinnington Miner23David Alfred, deceasedMabelBROCKLEY3 South Street, Thurcroft Albert, a Miner17 
29 03 1937Stanley NoelGABBITAS42 Ryton Road, North Anston School Teacher25George Henry, deceasedDoreen AinsworthFOWLER19 Steadfolds Road, Thurcroft James Ainsworth, a Miner25 
29 03 1937Oscar JohnREEVE16 Eastern Avenue, Dinnington Miner29Richard John, a MinerAgnes IreneMERRY6 Station Road, Laughton Common Henry Richard, a PowerHouse Attendant22 
04 05 1937JohnSMITH21 Granville Street, Laughton Common Labourer46Samuel, deceasedElizabethMCFARLANE NEE TOPLEY21 Granville Street, Laughton CommonWidowWilliam Topley, deceased47 
15 05 1937VictorBROOKE1 Scholes Road, Birkley, Huddersfield Gardener28Amos, a Mill HandGertrude MayKEEGAN22 St.John's Cottages Harry, a Miner28 
05 06 1937Henry LudlamRODDIS2 Wellbeck Terrace, Dinnington Labourer25John, a LabourerBeatriceBELL2 Carr Avenue, Thurcroft Henry, a Labourer20 
05 06 1937ReggieSAYLES11 Folly Road, Cowcliffe, Huddersfield Warehouseman22Arthur, a WarehousemanSarah KathlynPHILLIPS9 South Street, Thurcroft Ernest, a Collier20 
05 06 1937John CharlesSMITH38 South Street, Thurcroft Miner24John Charles, a MinerAnnieALLEN35 South Street, Thurcroft Harold, deceased23 
07 06 1937WalterDOBBFirbeck Lane Brick Maker25Walter, a Coke Oven ForemanMarySPOTISWOODESt.John's Road Walter, a File Hardener25 
10 07 1937AlbertWHITE15 Eastern Avenue, Dinnington Coke Oven Worker32John Philip, a MinerGladysTHOMPSONBrookhouse James Edward, a Miner27 
17 07 1937George AlbertWRIGHTSt.John's Road Coke Oven Worker43William, a Plate LayerLilyRODDISSt.John's Road Thomas, deceased47 
21 08 1937JamesREED28 Waverley Avenue, Thurcroft Collier29Thomas William, a Boiler ManHarriet AnnieWRIGHT3 Cross Street, Thurcroft George Fred, a Collier25 
21 08 1937Henry ArthurCONEY28 Coggan Street, Worksop Motor Driver26Arthur Ernest, a MinerDorothyBURROUGH21 Laughton Road, Thurcroft Basil Charles, an Engine Wright24 
09 09 1937John EdwardJOHNSONBrookhouse Farmer29Herbert Charles, a DraperMaggieTHICKETTBrookhouse Frank Chapman, a Farmer33 
11 09 1937John WilliamNEEDHAM9 Hangmans Lane Miner31William, deceasedEthelPALMER66 Granville Street John Thomas, a Miner26 
04 10 1937FrankTELLINGChadham Villas, Rotherham Butcher25Harry, a ButcherNoraJEFFERSONSlade Hooton Hall William, a Farmer24 
16 10 1937William JamesWINSTANLEY22 Plantation Avenue, Dinnington Miner22James, a MinerKathleenHALL3 Morthing Villas George, deceased21 
16 10 1937George EdwardVOLANS5 Crown Terrace, Scarborough Hotel Proprietor23George Henry Lambert, deceasedKathleen MaryWRIGHT5 Laughton Road, Thurcroft Alfred, a Winding Engine Man27 
30 10 1937EricBOOTHThe Villas, Station Road, Laughton Common BrickLayer26Joseph William, deceasedMuriel MaudSTRATFORDHangmans Lane, Laughton Common Edward Harold, deceased20 
06 11 1937John ErnestBRITTAIN1 Brampton Avenue, Thurcroft Miner21Alfred, a MinerMabel MarjoryWALKER17 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Arthur, a Miner22 
27 11 1937George FrederickHALL144 Gaksfolds Road, Shiregreen, Sheffield Labourer33George Frederick, Inspector's LabourerAgnes MaudBOSWORTHSlade Hooton Henry, a Plate Layer23 
18 12 1937HaroldMAYNARD47 View Road, Heeley Crane Driver26Walter, a Credit DraperEdna MaySHIPMAN10 Central Drive, Thurcroft John Henry, a Labourer24 
23 12 1937Horace EdwardWILLIS18 Steadfolds Lane Machine Hand27Horace Edward, a BlackSmith ForemanJean WinifredDIXONBrookhouse John George, deceased19 
25 12 1937JamesHALLHangmans Lane, Laughton Common Plate Layer23Harry, a Surface WorkerGladys MayNEEDHAMRectory Farm John, a Collier24 
27 12 1937HarryMARSHALL169 Cartmell Road, Woodsetts Steel Straightener28Frederick, a Crane DriverAliceHARRISON13 St.John's Cottages George, a Collier21 
12 02 1938ClaudeNORTONCowick Vicarage nr Goole Clerk in Holy Orders38George William, a GentlemanIreneSOARThe Villas, Thurcroft Benjamin, an Assistant Colliery Manager20 
04 06 1938LeopoldHUMPHREYS36 Harrisons Street, Kimberworth Brick Drawer28Leopold, deceased Gas MinderDorisMILLARD42 The Crescent Peter, a Miner24 
02 07 1938William LeslieMARKLEWSt.John's Road Miner26William, a MinerEdnaBELL43 School Road, Thurcroft William, a Miner23 
16 07 1938John WilliamBOWEN12 Morthing Villas, Thurcroft Collier31Samuel, a CollierRhodaWATSON20 The Crescent, Thurcroft Robert, a Painter25 
28 07 1938WilliamHARROP12 Sheaf Bank, Sheffield Turner26John, a LabourerVeraCARR6 Meadow Street Frederick, a BlackSmith26 
30 07 1938Ivor ThomasJONES4 Station Road, Rotherham Engineer31Morganhess?, a SurveyorDorothy MurielPECKOVER3 Sawn Moor Avenue, Thurcroft Charles Henry, a Collier21 
01 08 1938John ThomasARROWSMITH25 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Labourer20John Thomas, a CollierJessieWARD1 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Thomas, a Collier22 
06 08 1938WalterWRIGLEY8 Station Road, Laughton Common Colliery Screen Hand29John, deceased Pump ManFannyBRIGGS19 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington Adin, a Collier23 
27 08 1938EdwardQUINTON6 Firbeck Avenue Surface Worker24Hezekiah, a CollierKathleenHOLLING10 Sawn Moor Road, Thurcroft Walter, a Collier24 
20 10 1938Tom SmithJENNINGS101 James Street, RotherhamWidowerMotor Mechanic33Solomon, deceased Hotel ProprietorWinifredSHENTON28 St.John's Cottages John, a Collier27 
22 10 1938HaroldFREEMAN43 Central Avenue, Dinnington Colliery Clerk30George, a LabourerMatildaNORBURY4 Breck Lane, Throapham James William Croft, a Sexton33Previously married; divorce granted 30 May 1938
12 11 1938Robert TomTOWNSON51 Church Lane, DinningtonWidowerQuarryMan30Samuel, a Coke Oven WorkerMary ElizabethHILL73 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common William, a Collier20 
26 11 1938EdwardHOLMESFieldgate, Rotherham Road, Laughton Common BrickLayer21Alfred, a FarmerEdna RubySIMPSON7 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft George, a Surface Worker19 
03 12 1938ArthurBURRELL25 Leicester Road, Dinnington Miner34George Thomas, a Surface WorkerAgnes FredaBUCKLOW38 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington Arthur, a Miner40 
17 12 1938FrederickCROFTSTownend Farm, Brampton en le Morthen Farmer25William, a FarmerDaisy EvelineNICHOLSON24 South Street, Thurcroft Walter, a Surface Worker21 
24 12 1938Frederick ArnoldWILLIAMSON35 The Crescent, Thurcroft Haulage Hand22Fred, deceased CollierDenise CynthiaPARKER35 The Crescent, Thurcroft Leonard, a Collier19 
24 12 1938George HenryMERRY6 Station Road, Laughton Common Electrician25Henry Richard, an ElectricianLydiaRADFORS20 Woodhouse Green, Thurcroft Oliver, a Collier21 
24 12 1938John WilliamBUTLER53 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Collier21William John, a CollierAdaBULMER75 Rotherham Road, Dinnington Arthur Ernest, a Collier20 
24 12 1938Frederick ThomasABBOTT2 Steadfolds Lane, Thurcroft Miner25Frederick George, a MinerBeatriceWELDON118 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Harold, a Night Watchman20 
26 12 1938Francis HerbertBLACKWELL36 Granville Street, Laughton Common Collier19Robert Henry, a CollierMargaret HildaDUKE35 Granville Street, Laughton Common Edmund Allison, a Collier19 
26 12 1938HaroldWILDE58 Coronation Avenue, Dinnington Collier22Matthew, a CollierFlorence EdnaSALE31 St.John's Road Edward, a Collier20 
26 12 1938Samuel Leonard JarvisBREARLEY57 Recreation Terrace, Thurcroft Collier34Benjamin, a CollierWinifredMILLER12 Brampton Road, Thurcroft Albert, deceased Railway Clerk24 
12 01 1939John WilliamANTCLIFF11 The Crescent, ThurcroftWidowerRetired Collier66George, deceased Furnace ManMary AnnSCHOFIELD8 Waverley Avenue, ThurcroftWidowJames Gagen, deceased Miner71 
04 02 1939LewisCOTTAM6 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Labourer24Robert George, a LabourerIsabel IreneBENNETT22 Woodhouse Green, Thurcroft Henry, a Collier25 
15 02 1939AlbertKITSON41 Caroline Street, Hull Police Constable24Horace, deceased LabourerEmilyFELVUS26 Steadfolds Lane, Thurcroft Oswald, a Collier24 
25 02 1939LeonardWRIGHT5 Laughton Road, Thurcroft Clerk21Alfred, a Colliery WinderEnid MarjorieHOLMESKatherine Road, Thurcroft Isaiah, a Grocer20 
04 03 1939CyrilLAMBERT26 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Collier26John Henry, a CollierFredaTEBB58 School Road, Thurcroft George, a Collier19 
18 03 1939William EdwinWHITEHOUSE64 Granville Street, Laughton Common Surface Worker29Joseph Henry, a CollierDorisBROCKLEHURST64 Granville Street, Laughton Common George, deceased Quarry Hand27 
01 04 1939JackCORNWELL5 Clumber Terrace, Dinnington Collier19Enoch, a ContractorAnnieTONGUE30 Granville Street, Laughton Common Joseph, an invalid18 
10 04 1939ThomasWINSTANLEY22 Plantation Avenue, Dinnington Collier23James, a CollierUnaMARSHALL11 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Herbert, a Woodman20 
29 04 1939Tom ColinBELL67 Rotherham Road, Dinnington Collier21Thomas, a CollierAnnie ElizabethNEEDHAM9 Hangman's Lane, Laughton Common William, deceased Collier20 
27 05 1939John EdwardJACKSON17 The Crescent, Dinnington Colliery Fitter25Harry, deceased Brush MakerMarjorie KathleenJAMES9 Church Street, Thurcroft William Arthur, a Collier24 
03 06 1939Thomas ArthurCRESSWELL84 West End Lane, Rossington Colliery Official24John, a Colliery OfficialElsieWATKINS7 Brick Lane, Dinnington George, a Colliery Official23 
05 06 1939WalterHOLLING16 John Street, ThurcroftWidowerCollier55Absolem, deceased CollierAlice HenriettaBARLOWBrookhouseWidowJohn Cann, deceased Labourer50 
17 06 1939EdmundBOOTIvanhoe Cottage, Laughton Common Professional Footballer23Edmund, a CollierWinifred AnnieHOLMESLavenia, Brampton Road, Thurcroft David, a Colliery Official23 
01 07 1939HarryWOLLERTON30 Westgate, Sleaford, LIN Collier27Robert, a Furniture DealerVioletHUBBARD11 St.John's Road Henry Alfred, a Quarry Labourer24 
08 07 1939GeorgeVAUGHAN16 Duke Avenue, Maltby Colliery Official26Isaac, retired CollierAlice AmeliaGREYSt.John's Road John, an Insurance Agent23 
15 07 1939Walter CyrilCHAPMAN16 Crescent End, Thurcroft Collier28John, a CollierIrene MayGRIMSBY23 Laughton Road, Thurcroft Robert, a Collier29 
05 08 1939James ErnestWOODS2 Lordens Hill, Dinnington BrickLayer's Labourer21James Edward, a BrickLayerEmmaCROOT37 Meadow Street, Laughton Common Thomas, a Collier21 
05 08 1939Henry HerbertFITZAKERLEY162 Worksop Road, Swallownest Collier27Alfred, a CollierEdnaARROWSMITH25 Rotherham Road, Dinnington John Thomas, a Collier24 
05 08 1939Robert JohnWHITEHURST12 Woodhouse Green, Thurcroft File Fixer22Richard, a ChauffeurDorothy LucillaHARRISON12 Woodhouse Green, Thurcroft Thomas, a Collier20 
26 08 1939LionelSEYMOUR29 St.John's Road Potato Merchant21Edward, a QuarryManNellieBEEHigh Street Harry, a Farm Labourer20 
23 09 1939John AlexanderMOORBY9 Bradford Terrace, Dinnington Collier21John Alexander, deceased CollierNellieSMITHURST3 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Hallam, a Plasterer22 
01 10 1939RobertFRANCE1 Addison Square, Dinnington Machine Operator26Simeon, deceased CollierFreda EuphomiaWASTENEYHangmans Lane, Laughton Common John William, a Collier22 
21 10 1939CharlesSTEVENSON15 Sawn Moor Villas, Thurcroft Surface Worker27Charles, a CollierDorothy NelsonWALLACE32 Sawn Moor Avenue, Thurcroft Henry, a Surface Worker24 
21 10 1939Richard CharlesMILLER15 Bentley Road, Bramley Collier24Richard Charles, a CollierEllenPURSEGLOVE10 Kingswood Avenue Colin, deceased Private in HMS24 
13 11 1939Charles KennethSTANDINGFowley's Farm, Maltby Farmer20Charles William, a FarmerEthel MinnieGARRETTLow Farm Carr, Maltby George Henry, a Farmer18 
23 12 1939William EdwardFIRTHThe Post Office, Laughton Common Surface Worker27Joseph, a CollierPhyllis MayJOHNSON1 Waverley Avenue, Thurcroft Joseph, a Labourer22 
23 12 1939Charles WilliamSTRINGER5 Malthouse Cottages, Kiveton Park Station, West Thorpe Steel Worker25Charles Edward, a Corn MillerDorothySHELDON79 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common George, a Collier20 
26 12 1939Stanley CyrilDAY2 St.John's Road Labourer25Thomas, a WRCC Length ManAdaHURD2 Hangmans Lane, Laughton Common George William, a Labourer22 

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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