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LAUGHTON EN LE MORTHEN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Laughton en le Morthen, 1940-1949

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationAgeGroom's FatherBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusBride's FatherAgeNotes
06 01 1940AlbertLUCKOCK8 Eldon Road, Rotherham BrickLayer Foreman30Albert, a Motor GrinderElizabeth EllenRIGBY119 Laughton Road, Thurcroft William, deceased Colliery Deputy26 
20 01 1940ArthurBOOTH6 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington Collier25William, A Coke Oven WorkerNellieTALBOT49 Granville Street, Laughton Common John Thomas, deceased Mill Worker19 
22 01 1940John HenryLUDLAMBrookhouse Miller33Samuel, deceased MillerAnnieWESTLaughton Road, Dinnington Job, an Engine Winder31 
27 01 1940Cecil JohnFOSTERDumpton House, Brick Lane, Dinnington Motor Driver37Samuel John, a Police ConstableHilda AnnieROSSBrick Lane, Dinnington Henry, deceased Colliery BlackSmith38 
27 01 1940James William LeslieDAY2 St.John's Road Shunter25Thomas, a WRCC Length ManWinifredHURD2 Hangsman Lane, Laughton Common George William, a Labourer20 
03 02 1940HerbertWATSON41 Plantation Avenue, Dinnington Surface Worker26Walter, a MinerMargaret JaneBOSWELL5 Hangsman Lane, Laughton Common George, a Surface Worker22 
20 02 1940ThomasKING16 Carrington Terrace, Kiveton Park Soldier [Driver in RASC]21Harold, a CollierMaryDIXON57 Rotherham Road, Dinnington Thomas, a Collier20 
25 03 1940FredWHITE337 Springvale Road, Sheffield Works Manager Asst27Fred, deceased Department ManagerSusanDAVIESOakdene, Brick Lane, St.John's, Throapham Walter George, retired26 
25 03 1940George HenryTURNERManor Farm Farmer30Fred, a FarmerPhyllisPARKINHome Farm Fred, a Farmer27 
06 04 1940Thomas WilfredGARRETTLow Farm, Carr Farmer27George Henry, a FarmerIsabellaBELL2 The Avenue, Carr Henry, deceased Chemical Worker20 
11 05 1940HoraceBOYER20 Waverley Avenue, Thurcroft Soldier23John, a MinerAgnesWRIGHT3 Cross Street, Thurcroft Frederick, unemployed21 
11 05 1940David AlfredHOLMESLavenir, Brampton Road, Thurcroft Collier23David, a DeputyViolet MurielTODDThe Lodge, Brookhouse Tom, a Boiler House Charge Hand20 
11 05 1940James RowelLOVELYGrange Farm, Brampton Farmer27John, a FarmerVioletBELL47 School Road, Thurcroft Thomas, deceased Miner23 
15 06 1940Ronald HubertGARNERRoseley Cottage, Rotherham Road Soldier24Zachariah, IRTGladysQUINTON5 Meadow Street, Dinnington Sam, a Miner23James Williams, deceased Soldier written after Zachariah, IRT
19 06 1940NormanSCHOFIELDAvalon, Woodhouse Green, Thurcroft Soldier23William, a MinerMurielBUCKLOW42 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington Horace, a Miner23 
10 08 1940John LeslieSTEAD25 New Road, Birkdale, Southport Motor Driver31George Frederick, a Railway ManBlanchePALMER66 Granville Street, Laughton Common John Thomas, retired35 
09 09 1940Kenneth JohnTURNER24 Ivy House Road, Ishermoor, MDX Craftsman23John William, a FarmerDorisTURNERBrookhouse James, a Miner27 
14 09 1940Luther StanleyTHOMAS58 Bentley Road, Bramley Screen Hand Worker22John William, deceased Coke Oven WorkerGwendoleneRODDA23 School Road, Thurcroft Elyah, a Collier27 
12 10 1940Gordon StewartBENNETT22 Woodhouse Green, Thurcroft Steel Worker23Henry, a LabourerHildaJACKSON3 Laughton Road, Thurcroft John, a Labourer20 
23 12 1940John HenrySNOWBALL100 Tenter Street, Rotherham Gas Welder26Charles, a Steel DresserBeatriceALTON27 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Fred, a Joiner20 
26 12 1940JosephBROOKS57 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Stone Contractor29William, a Surface WorkerMonicaJENNINGS165 Gresborough Road, Rotherham William, a ShopKeeper27 
22 02 1941Alfred EdwardWALKER38 Polter Street, WorksopDivorcedOmnibus Driver43John Richard, deceased MinerPhyllisTURNERBrookhouse James, a Builder & Contractor30 
20 03 1941Charles HaroldKIDGER39 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Teacher26George Henry, a Colliery On-SetterElsieTURNERBrookhouse James, a Sand Merchant26Elsie a Secretary
24 03 1941John CharlesBENNETTFirbeck RAF Airman30John Headley, deceased RNDorothyLOWTON13 Meadow Street Francis, a Contractor18 
29 03 1941OswaldJERVIS69 Chesterfield Road, Staveley Fireman29Alfred, deceased CollierMayBURROWSHigh Street James, a Farmer29 
12 04 1941WilfredCHADWICK14 Huddersfield Road, Elland Fish Frier29William, a Fish FrierElsiePARKER40 The Crescent, Thurcroft James Philip, a Miner26 
12 04 1941EddleyTHORPEMaryville, Brampton, Thurcroft BrickLayer24Joseph, a MinerDorothyBELL47 School Road, Thurcroft Thomas, deceased Miner20 
12 04 1941LeslieDYAL65 Sedon Street, Pitsmoor, Sheffield Engineer22Harold, a JoinerDoris PeaceCARR6 Meadow Street, Laughton Common Frederick, a BlackSmith21 
14 04 1941NormanARCHER10 Rotherham Road, Thurcroft Collier23Harry, a Colliery DeputyMary IreneCOTTAM41 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Archie Sidney, a Ripper22 
02 06 1941JosephHILTON14 Lot Street, Bircoates, Bawtry Miner32James, deceased MinerEthel FredaTODD17 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Joseph, a BlackSmith22 
12 07 1941Joseph VincentBOYDHigh Street Soldier21Robert, a FarmerDorisBENNETT48 Dinnington Terrace, Dinnington Alfred, a Miner20 
23 07 1941ReginaldLUDLAMBrookhouse Joiner & WheelWright John Charles, deceased Joiner & WheelWrightMary ElizabethBROOKS57 Rotherham Road, Dinnington William, a Surface Worker31 
30 07 1941Harry BeanTAYLORGrossfield House, Skellow Farmer34Robert, a FarmerKathleen EleanorBRAMLEYNewhall Grange Richard Newby, a Farmer24 
09 08 1941John ArthurSMITH6 Nursery Crescent, North Anston, nr Sheffield Miner25Herphelus ?, a MinerDorothyHIND2 Hangsman Lane, Laughton Common George William, a Water Department RDC21 
18 08 1941EdwardSMITHRotherham Road, Laughton Common Soldier23Sonny, a ??FlorenceSMITHRotherham Road, Laughton Common George, a Dealer21 
25 08 1941ColinBENNETT166 Euston Road, Morcambe Instructor & Fitter26Joseph, a Colliery OfficialCynthiaBACKLOW42 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington Horace, a Miner22 
27 08 1941KennethYORK47 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Soldier20Herbert William, a BackYard HandFlorenceSTIMPSON49 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Percy, a Wagon Repairer20 
30 08 1941HerbertGATES7 Hangsman Lane, Laughton Common Miner24Arnold Bertie, a MinerGwenFISH59 Granville Street, Laughton Common John Henry, a Miner18 
06 09 1941RichardSQUIRES5 Verford Villas, South Molton, DEV Soldier24Richard, a Farm LabourerMabel FlorenceTURNER42 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Percy, a Miner28 
20 09 1941Clarence LeslieBOARD11 Victoria Road, Dorset Professional Soldier35Ginger Alfred, retired Professional SoldierWinifred KathleenCHAPMAN16 Crescent End, Thurcroft John, a Contractor27 
20 09 1941CyrilFULLWOODMonksborough Farm, GuiseboroughWidowerFarmer35William, a MinerAmyBAILEY31 Kingswood Avenue Alick Arthur, a Labourer26 
25 10 1941GeorgeDUKE15 Granville Street Conveyor19Edmund, a MinerJoan ElizabethWILLIAMS32 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Robert, a Colliery Deputy20 
22 11 1941WilliamCHEESMAN12 Cross Church Street, Marlborough Farmer36William, a LabourerMarjorie AliceEVANS3 Hangsman Lane, Carr James, a Miner24 
14 12 1941George JosephPOWISWales Road, Kiveton Park Architect25Albert, deceased UndertakerWinifred MargaretREEVEBrick Lane, Dinnington Josh, a General Dealer25 
22 12 1941HoraceELVIN141 Highfield Park, Maltby Machine Setter28Amos, retiredMary ElizabethHEMSLEY29 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Edwin, a Factory Inspector25Mary a Machine Operator
06 04 1942ErnestPRESCOTT128 Dinnington Road, Eastwood View, Rotherham L.A.C.30Fred, a Bus DriverBeatrice Mary StringerPEATBrick Lane, Throapham Ginger William, a Collier19 
23 05 1942AlbertWILLIAMS53 Granville Street, Laughton Common Fitter24Ginger, a Fire WatcherEvelynWHITE51 Granville Street, Laughton Common Thomas, a Collier23 
13 06 1942RobertWRIGHT3 Cross Street, Thurcroft Gunner-Cook, 107th AA, Z Battery, RA #157582024George Fred, a Munitions WorkerLilianLAWSON3 Cross Street, Thurcroft Robert, retired20 
11 07 1942Arthur JosephBRIGGS19 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington Miner30Adin, deceased MinerCarolineNEEDHAM9 Hangsman Lane William, deceased Miner21 
01 08 1942Alfred ArthurMILNER24 Firth Crescent, Maltby Lance Corporal, R.T.R.22Harry, a MinerMaryWILKINSON10 Kingswood Avenue Joseph, a Miner21 
24 10 1942James WilliamBALL73 Broughton Lane, Sheffield Mill Hand23John William, deceased LabourerLilianPLANT195 John's Road Edwn, a Guard19 
21 11 1942ColinHAGUEStation Road, Laughton Common Infantry Man21Thomas Archie, an Army GuardIrene HannahVERNON31 Western Avenue, Dinnington David, a Miner18 
28 11 1942LeonardHUDSONCrown Farm, Distfield nr Thirsk Soldier21Alfred, a FarmerFrances MurielFLAKERTY ?11 John Avenue, Carr James, a Labourer19 
25 12 1942GeorgeRUSHBY52 Granville StreetWidowerSurface Worker53George, deceased Surface WorkerNellie BlancheTALBOT49 Granville Street, Laughton CommonWidowThomas Taylor, a Crane Driver46 
26 12 1942AlbertBUXTONLaughton Road, Dinnington Ripper25Joseph, deceased MinerPhyllis DorothyDOOLEYGranville Street Thomas Henry, a Miner26 
26 12 1942HerbertVERNON5 John's Road Fitter21William Henry, a LabourerRenieMITCHELL7 Brampton Avenue, Thurcroft Fred, a Labourer21 
26 12 1942Edward RobertCURTIS32 Wellesley Avenue, Norwich, NFK RAF Pilot Officer20Alfred, a JewellerMary StentonSTEEDMAN25 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Cyril, a By-Product Worker17 
06 02 1943Horace WilliamGREEN7 Wrights Crescent, Wombwell Royal Navy Stoker23John, deceased Farm LabourerPhyllis MayCROFTSCarr Samuel, a Labourer21 
20 02 1943Benjamin FrancisPRESLEYWhitewall Farm, Dinnington Fitter20George Edward, a FarmerBetty AmeliaWELLSFirbeck Farm William, an Engine Wright18 
20 02 1943Percival JohnELSTON50 Springfield Road, Wickersley Grinder21Albert Edwin, an Electrician's FitterMargaret MaryBOWES3 St.John's Road John Henry, deceased Land Worker  
20 02 1943OswaldPEARSON19 Park Avenue, Whiston Farm Hand28George, a MinerMargaretHERRINGTONHigh Street Charles Herbert, a Labourer24 
04 03 1943DenisMILLER301 Tarmack Drive, Kohimarama, Aukland, NZ Flight Lieutenant, R.N.L.A.F.24Montague Hortis, a SurveyorMargaretSMITHCastle Hill Cottages John Arthur, deceased Steel Representative24 
06 03 1943John ThomasRUSHFORTH15 Nelson Road, Maltby Examiner34Thomas Henry, an Underground Road LayerRosePEAT2 The Riddings, Thurcroft Henry, a Miner30 
06 03 1943Derek WalterCRAPPERKingswood Avenue RAF Airman Fitter20Charles, a Boiler SmithElsieEYLEYWiltshire Villa, Green Arbour Road, Thurcroft John William, an Engineer19 
22 03 1932FrankBENNETTHangsman Farm, Laughton Common RAF L.A.C.21Frank, a Surface WorkerHildaCLARKEHangsman Lane, Laughton Common Thomas, a Butcher24 
12 04 1943AlbertWAINWRIGHTRecreation Terrace, Dinnington Gunner, R.A.23Albert, a LabourerDorisSTIMPSONRotherham Road, Dinnington Percy, a Wagon Repairer20 
17 04 1943Kenneth WilliamDEXTER20 Western Avenue, Dinnington Pioneer Corps23William Henry, a MinerElsieTAYLOR5 St.John's Cottages Horace, a Labourer19 
15 05 1943FrederickBAKERThe Lodge, Dinnington Soldier19George, a GardenerIrene MaryPARKIN1 Arbour Farm George, a Miner20 
18 05 1943Aubrey CliffordHOGGARD41 Victoria Street, Dinnington Stoker, P.O.R.N.25William, a MinerJoanFEATHERSTONEPost Office Charles Jackson, a PostMaster20 
05 06 1943MatthewHIGGINBOTTOMBrookhouse Corporal Armourer21John, a Haulage DriverGraceWILDSMITHThurcroft Roger, a Watchman20 
12 06 1943Reginald ErnestBOWES3 St.John's Road Miner21John, deceased Lorry DriverMiriamWALKER30 John Street, Thurcroft Thomas Henry, deceased Miner20 
19 06 1943AdolfDROSTRAF Attlebridge, Norwich, NFK Dutch Navy LAC Mechanic25Adolf, retired Merchant NavyBeatrice Martha HannaMARKLEW22 St.John's Road William, a Labourer22 
26 06 1943Jack StanleyRAVENSCROFTRAF Camp Wyton, Hunts RAF A.C.T.23Jack, deceased Navy Pilot OfficerViolet MayLAMBERT26 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft John Henry, a Miner27 
31 07 1943FrederickJUGGINS114 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Haulage Man33Frederick, a MinerJessieBRADBURY21Waverley Avenue, ThurcroftWidowJohn Thomas Bletchley, deceased BlackSmith38 
04 09 1943Donald RoyPYKETT2 Brick Lane, Dinnington Trooper20George, a Railway ShunterFredah FremaCOLLEDGE2 Brick Lane, Dinnington Thomas, a Caretaker18 
01 01 1944CyrilWHEELER42 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Fitter & Turner22John, a FiremanOliveTURNER42 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Percy, a Miner21 
10 01 1944Leslie StephenWRIGHT210 Kent Household, Bechenham Civil Service23John, a BuilderOlive WinifredSTEEDMAN10 Frederick Avenue Arthur, a Haulage Engine Driver18 
26 02 1944ArthurBOOTH39 Haigh Road, Moor End, ThorneWidowerMiner57William, a MinerAmeliaBOOTHSouthville, Station Road, Laughton CommonWidowJohn Wrigley, a Colliery Pump Man49 
08 04 1944CyrilLOCKING13 St.John's Road Miner31Herbert, a MinerDoris JuliaWRIGHT13 St.John's Road Walter Charles, a Police Officer29 
08 04 1944JoeBULMERHartfield Farm Farm Labourer21Arthur Ernest, a MinerFlorence MayHOPKINSON11 Firbeck Avenue George Edward, a Colliery Official23 
10 04 1944RobertACOMBCoronation Avenue, Dinnington Boiler Fireman36John Thomas, deceased Boiler FiremanSylviaDOOLEYGranville Street, Laughton Common Thomas Henry, a Miner25 
15 04 1944RonaldHOPKINSONCauseway Sett, Delph nr Oldham RAF Corporal25Stanley, a LabourerPhyllis ThelmaHOLMES5 The Riddings, Thurcroft Arthur, a Colliery Banksman22 
20 05 1944HubertEVERETT7 Doe Quarry Lane, Dinnington Engineer26Hubert Charles, a MinerMarjorie IreneMOLE2 Kingswood Avenue George William, a Coke Worker21 
17 06 1944ErnestHODKIN45 School Road, Thurcroft Collier25William, a CollierGladysBROOKE39 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Benjamin, deceased Collier24 
24 07 1944Stanley ReginaldHIGGINSON4 Silverdale, Dinnington Collier22Joseph, an InspectorDorothySMITHRotherham Road, Dinnington George, a Horse Dealer18 
29 07 1944AlbertLAMBERT26 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Haulage Hand25John Henry, deceased MinerKathleen JoanJEFFREY9 Sawn Moor Villas, Thurcroft Frederick, an Asphalter23 
12 08 1944JohnBOOTHStation Road, Laughton Common Joiner23George, a MinerMarianCOURTKingswood Avenue Leslie, a Colliery Winder25 
12 08 1944WilliamHINDLEY48 Norfolk Road, Southampton R.N.48George, a Commercial TravellerAlice IreneBARLOWHigh Street John William, a Miner28 
19 08 1944HaroldCAUNTManor FarmWidowerClerk53William, deceasedEdith MaryTURNERManor Farm Fred, a Coke Oven Foreman27 
09 09 1944FrederickEYLEYWiltshire Villas, Thurcroft RAF L.A.C.22John William, a MillWrightJosie MaryFREEMANWiltshire Villas, Thurcroft Thomas, a Clerk26 
25 11 1944Roland ArthurYORKCatherine Road, Thurcroft Army C.F.M.21Fred, a MinerMargaret JosephineSMITHLaughton Common Joseph, a Motor Engineer21 
23 12 1944Leslie LawsonRALPHFirbeck Farm Doctor23Harry, a Pump ManAnnieJACKSONLaughton Road, Thurcroft James, an Inspector23 
23 12 1944ThomasPODMORE50 Smith Street, ThurcroftWidowerCoal Cutter42Thomas, deceased Farmer's ManAda CuttsRUSHBY5 Hangsman Lane, Laughton Common William, a Miner48 
23 12 1944George EdwinGOODWINEast Ham, London HMF Corporal29William Frederick, deceased Customs OfficerSarahWILKINSON10 Kingswood Avenue Joe, a Miner21 
25 12 1944John WalterBLACKWELL37 Granville Street, Laughton Common Labourer26William, a MinerRubySTEPHENS33 Granville Street, Laughton CommonWidowJames Bagnall, deceased Labourer27 
20 01 1945AlfredROWETT10 Park View, Woodsetts Lance Corporal, R.E.M.E.26Frederick, a CollierWinifred ElsieMERRYKingswood Avenue Frederick, a Collier24 
31 03 1945JamesALLSOPP72 Doe Quarry Lane, Dinnington Miner29Albert, a MinerEdith PhoebePALMER66 Granville Street, Laughton Common  21 
09 04 1945Thomas EdwardHAGUEGrand Club, Laughton Common Miner22Thomas Arthur, a StewartFlorenceBROCKBANK47 West Street, Thurcroft James, a Glazier19 
28 04 1945Charles IngramLITTLEThe Bungalow, Carr Colliery Worker37Henry Hoch, deceased Farm LabourerEdna MayABRAHAMS98 Kathleen Street, Thurcroft William Henry, a Miner32 
07 07 1945Alfred SydneyKINGGreenwich, London Labourer20Herbert Percy, a LabourerAudrey MayCHARLTON2 The Avenue, Carr Martin, a Labourer19 
28 07 1945JosephKAY1 The Avenue, CarrWidowerMiner58Joseph, deceased MinerLilian MayTHOMPSON1 The Avenue, CarrWidowGeorge Frederick Wale, deceased Electrician51 
31 07 1945ArthurWINFROW31 Main Street, North Anston Fleet Air Arm21Arthur, a MinerIrisBOWER25 St.John's Road George Henry, a Labourer18 
04 10 1945Alfred HenryPENISTON23 Newhall Avenue, Wickersley RAF Sergeant25Alfred Henry, a GardenerDorisQUINTON19 Station Road, Laughton Common William, a Miner24 
06 10 1945HenryKELSO17 Granville Street, Laughton Common RAF Flight Sergeant20Samuel, a FarmerFlorenceISLES17 Granville Street, Laughton Common Norman, a Miner21 
11 10 1945John HunterANDERSON122A Leggate Lane, South Shields, DUR Lance Corporal, K.R.R.C.24Alexander, a Marine EngineerMurielDOBBFirbeck Avenue Walter, deceased Foreman25 
13 10 1945Albert SamuelJUGGINS114 Katherine Street, Thurcroft RAF L.A.C.29Frederick, a MinerVeraTOLLEY23 Booth Street, Guiseborough William, a Labourer28 
06 11 1945AlanBOYDChurch Corner Staff Sergeant, R.E.M.E.41Robert, a QuarryManMarjorieBUTCHERClare, SFK Alfred James, deceased Grocer41 
17 11 1945Thomas BenjaminHOPE16 Plantation Avenue, North Anston, Sheffield RAF L.A.C.25Thomas Benjamin, a StokerAvice [Avis?]BARLEY31 Kingswood Avenue Alick Arthur, a Caretaker23 
01 12 1945FredMARSDEN25 Sandhill Street, Worksop Miner22George William, a LabourerIrisLATHAM41 Granville Street, Laughton Common Daniel, a Labourer23 
08 12 1945Joseph HenryTIMBS67 Lowther Street, Axly Road, York R.A.S.C. Driver25Arthur Thomas, a Market GardenerArleneGRICEHangsman Lane, Laughton Common Herbert, a Sawyer22 
29 12 1945John HillTHOMPSON7 Henry Street, East Sunderland Private, D.C.L.I.28John Hill, a BrickLayerHepzibahBULMERHatfield Farm Arthur Ernest, a Farmer26 
19 01 1946Frederick HenryBUNFIELD1 Barley Croft Lane, DinningtonWidowerMiner44Horace, a Colliery DeputyRuthNEEDHAM9 Hangsman Lane William, a Miner31 
02 02 1946William StanleyRICHMONDLaurel Farm, Barkston Ash nr Tadcaster Private, R.A.M.C.31James, deceased ShepherdSylviaNICHOLS8 Hangsman Lane, Laughton Common George William, a Miner29 
02 02 1946AlveyRUSHBY38 Granville Street, Laughton Common Miner25George, a MinerStellaNICHOLS8 Hangsman Lane, Laughton Common George William, a Miner23 
23 02 1946HaroldWALLER61 Addison Square, Dinnington Fitter24Harold, deceased MinerEileenSTEEDMAN25 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Cyril, a Coke Oven Worker23 
20 04 1946Eric BeaumontSMITHSlade Hooton Hall Farm nr Sheffield Farmer28Joseph, a FarmerMarianBRAMALLSt.John's Farm, Throapham Charles Mottram, a Farmer24 
04 05 1946Granville Rex EtchellNAYLORPear Tree Farm MD25Granville, a SchoolMasterNathalie JeanneBROOKSPear Tree Farm Nathaniel Preston, an MD26Nathalie Jeanne an MD
11 05 1946StanleyMIZON16 Edinson Gardens, London, W R.A.S.C. Driver24John, a LabourerMayNEEDHAM112 Katherine Street, Thurcroft William Henry, a Labourer21 
15 06 1946JohnCOWIE35 Campton Crescent, Cleethorpes Fisherman23William, a LabourerGladysCHORLEY18 Monksbridge Road, Laughton Common James, a Farmer23 
15 06 1946William ErnestLEWIS18 Lime Tree Avenue, Thurcroft Miner20William, a Foundry WorkerEdnaCROFTS2 Carr, Maltby Samuel, a Farm Labourer19 
03 08 1946Joseph CyrilDUNHILL24 Brampton Avenue, Thurcroft Craftsman, R.E.M.E.24Harold Norman, a Steel ErectorEva LouisaMILLS24 Brampton Avenue, Thurcroft George Henry, an Agriculturist22 
05 08 1946KennethSPOONER14 Granville Street, Laughton Common Private, A.C.C.19Francis W., a MinerCarolineELLIOTT42 Granville Street, Laughton Common William, a Labourer17 
05 08 1946Albert EdwardDUFFIN5 Cross Street, Thurcroft RAF A.C.221Alfred, a Surface WorkerJeanFISHGranville Street, Laughton Common John Henry, a Surface Worker20 
08 08 1946Ian ArthurMARSHALLAsh Lea, Nursery Road, Anston Sub-Lieutentant, R.N.V.R.21Ernest Edgar, a Colliery ElectricianAudreyPICKERING75 Brick Lane, Dinnington Henry Moore, a Surface Worker17 
24 08 1946ArthurPARKER15 Cross Street, Thurcroft Farmer39Harry, deceased ClerkHarriette AnnieREED3 Cross Street, ThurcroftWidowGeorge Frederick, a Labourer34 
31 08 1946Albert KennethCARLISLE8 Brampton Avenue, Thurcroft Machinist21Albert William, deceased Council EmployeePatriciaRODGERS17 Brampton Avenue, Thurcroft John Henry, a Surface Worker21 
07 09 1946Albert EricBARRETTStation Road, Laughton Common Draughtsman28James Henry Wallace, a DeputyConnieSTEVENSON15 Sawn Moor Villas, Thurcroft Charles, a Miner29 
14 09 1946George WilliamHOPKINSON42 Main Street, Keyworth, NTT RAF L.A.C.23John William, a Warehouse ManagerMarjorieJACKSONLaughton Road, Thurcroft James, a Miner21 
14 09 1946Henry HerbertELSTON50 Springfield Road, Wickersley Farm Worker21Albert Edwin, an ElectricianEdith EmilyMOLEKingswood Avenue George William, a Coke Worker21 
28 09 1946HaroldTRICKETT6 Green Lane, Listerdale, Wickersley Plasterer31Thomas William, a MinerMaryTHROWERChurch Corner William Zacheus, a Colliery Foreman24 
28 09 1946Alfred WilsonBULMERHatfield Farm Miner35Arthur Ernest, a FarmerRuthBRADLEY26 Kingswood Avenue Ernest Henry, a Sewerage Hand32 
21 12 1946FrankHORSMAN59 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Miner22John Christopher, a MinerBetty MaryBATEMAN92 Gilberthorpe Street, Rotherham Moses, a Factory Hand23 
24 12 1946EricSHEPHERD19 St.John's Road Craftsman, A.M.S.19Harry, a Stock TakerMarianPLANT19 St.John's Road Edwin, a Labourer19 
26 12 1946WillieBLACKWELL37 Granville Street, Laughton Common Miner33William, deceased MinerEstherWILLIAMS53 Granville Street, Laughton Common George, a Labourer23 
26 12 1946Leslie HaroldCOOPER7 Dunstan Green, Thatcham, BRK Lance Corporal, W.M.F.19John, a LabourerIvy CynthiaEYLEYWiltshire Villas, Thurcroft John William, an Engineer18 
28 12 1946GeorgeSMITH83 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Labourer24George, a LabourerBeatriceBLACKWELL37 Granville Street, Laughton Common William, deceased Miner25 
18 01 1947StanleyALLDER150 Castle Road, Greensford, MDX H.M.F.24Richard Henry, a Night WatchmanJosephine MarjorieLACEY3 Lidget Lane, Dinnington Harold, a Miner23 
22 02 1947PatrickO'BRIAN31 Chalmont Street, Dublin, IRE  22Daniel, a Painter & DecoratorJoanSULLIVAN32 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Robert William, a Miner25 
18 03 1947Charles EdmundTROOPThe House, Thornhill Playing Fields, Rotherham Labourer23John, a Coke Oven WorkerMarian BettyBOOTHOak Lea, Hangsman Lane John Willie, deceased InnKeeper20 
30 03 1947StanleyJOWITT26 Westfield Road, Balby, Doncaster Police Officer30Christopher, an EngineerJoan MaryGOUNDRYThe Riddings, Thurcroft William, a General Dealer24 
05 04 1947WilliamFROST39 Fircroft Avenue, Sheffield Biller26William, a Table Blade ForgerMarjorie EdithWOODROWHangsman Lane, Laughton Common James, a Miner24 
14 04 1947RonaldHOLMESSykes Farm, Laughton Common Farmer30Henry, deceased FarmerVera BishopTURNERRed House, Brampton en le Morthen Charles J., a Butcher26 
24 05 1947AlbertOLDALE17 Scarsdale Street, Dinnington Miner20George Lewis, a BakerJoanSTEVENSON57 Rotherham Road, Dinnington John, a Miner19 
26 05 1947Geoffrey SharpleyTHICKETTMann Farm, Brampton Farmer29William Charles, a FarmerGladys MayHOWARDHigh StreetWidowEdward Oliver, a Butcher26 
07 06 1947JackNEAL14 The Crescent, Dinnington Private, H.M.F.20Richard Marshall, a MinerSheila ElizabethRODDISScammings Farm Joseph Anthony, a Coke Oven Worker18 
14 06 1947Colin HenryBRODDLE1 St.John's Road Police Constable22Henry, a CaretakerJeanGODWINThe Crescent, Thurcroft William, a Factory Worker19 
14 06 1947John ThomasPAINTING27 John Street, Worcester Lorry Driver25John William, a Plasterer's LabourerEuniceCOTTAM41 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Arthur Sidney, retired24 
21 07 1947ReginaldPRESLEYLorden's Hotel, Dinnington Farmer21George Edward, a FarmerFredaGIBSONLorden's Hotel, Dinnington Frederick, a Hotel Proprietor18 
31 08 1947WilfredARCHER2 Laughton Road, ThurcroftWidowerLabourer56William Henry, a Boot MakerSarah MurielLITTLE2 Laughton Road, Thurcroft Henry Hach, deceased Farmer42 
11 10 1947William StanleyWILLIAMSMapple Yard Farm, Hooton Pagnall Farm Worker32Albert Henry, a Railway WorkerEthelDOBB7 New Street Fred, a Coke Oven Worker35 
15 10 1947TomBURMANRoche Abbey, Maltby Labourer64Richard, a Steed GroomBeatrice AmeliaLAWSRoche Abbey Mill, Maltby Edward Beamon, a ?? Superintendant52 
20 12 1947Derrick HenryCOWLINGHigh Street Commercial Traveller24Norman Henry, a GrocerMargaret EmilyHARRISON2 Firbeck Avenue Wilfred Edgar, a Grocer20 
26 12 1947CyrilHAYWOOD13 Station Road, Laughton Common Screen Hand23George, deceased MinerNorahSALE13 Station Road, Laughton Common Oswald, a Labourer19 
17 01 1948CyrilCLAY10 Granville Street, Laughton Common Miner21Herbert Edward, a MinerDorothy JeanHARRIS25 The Crescent, Thurcroft John Henry, a Colliery Deputy19 
24 01 1948Norman CaudwellWEBSTERLaughton Road, Dinnington Miner25Hiram Thorpe, a Colliery UnderManagerMaryBROCKBANK47 West Street, Thurcroft James, a Shot Blaster25 
26 01 1948CyrilBROCKBANK47 West Street, Thurcroft Miner20James, a Shot BlasterRubyGATER7 Hangsman Lane, Laughton Common Arnold Bertie, a Caretaker20 
06 03 1948Alice ?VAUGHAN87 Laughton Road, Dinnington Electrician23Albert, a Colliery DeputyEsma HelenSALE33 St.John's Road John Edward, a Miner22 
06 03 1948KennethNORBURY17 Plantation Avenue, Dinnington Fitter's Mate22Thomas, a MinerKathleenBURDETT12 New Street Sidney, a Labourer21 
20 03 1948Charles HerbertHERRINGTONHigh Street Labourer26Charles Herbert, deceased LabourerDorothy MayMURDEN14 Addison Square, Dinnington Arthur, a Miner21 
27 03 1948StuartBEEVERS27 Birkinshaw Lane, Birkenshaw nr Bradford Lathe Turner24Harry, a Collier WinderMaryBRADLEY24 Kingswood Avenue Ernest Henry, a Council-Labourer25 
29 03 1948AlbertHALLAM3 Salisbury Road, Maltby Labourer21John Henry, a MinerBettyBOYNTONFairway Cottages, Slade Hooton Cyril, a Stone Mason22 
29 03 1948AlfredPORTENS15 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington Labourer23William, a LabourerIvyGURNER10 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington Edward, a Wire Worker21 
03 04 1948Harold Hugh DavidPHILIPHigh Street, Tillicoulty, Clackmananshire Garage Proprietor25George Simpson, a Garage ProprietorRitaWHITAKERHigh Street Bertie Dennis, an Engineer22 
03 04 1948JohnCOURCEY13 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington Miner40John, a MinerDorisBECKETT17 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Peter, deceased Miner27 
03 04 1948HoraceWATSON11 Meadow Street, Laughton Common Fitter22FrederickMaryBECKETT17 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Peter, deceased Miner22 
22 05 1948HoraceSMITH6 Nursery Crescent, North Anston, nr Sheffield Miner27Theophilus, a MinerAliceHURD2 Hangsman Lane, Laughton Common George William, a Labourer25 
05 06 1948ThomasCLAYTONBrookhouse Farm Farmer29Thomas, a FarmerMary EllenGARRETTLow Farm, Carr, Maltby George Henry, a Farmer24 
21 06 1948KennethJOLLY21 Crescent End, Thurcroft RAF Flight Officer24Frank, retiredMary StentonCURTIS25 Arbour Drive, ThurcroftWidowSidney Steedman, a By-Product Worker23 
10 07 1948Ivor JohnCHILDS63 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Carpenter & Joiner28Alexander, a General ForemanMarjorie AnnieHOPKINSON63 Katherine Street, Thurcroft Albert, a Miner26 
31 07 1948HaroldWATTS41 Meadow Street, Dinnington Driver24Percy, a Check WeighmanDorothyMARRIOTT41 Meadow Street, Dinnington Joseph, a Miner22 
28 08 1948Cyril ErnestALLPORT8 West Garth Terrace, New Street, Dinnington Miner21James, a Gas WorkerHilda MaryTURNER33 Kingswood Avenue Cyril, a Farm Worker20 
04 09 1948PaulJENNINGS36 Greasborough Street, Rotherham Police Constable32William Stanley, a GrocerHildaVERNON17 St.John's Road William Henry, a Miner24 
04 09 1948John HerbertSIMMONITEThe Lodge, Throapham Fitter's Mate36Herbert, deceased Lamp Room AttendantEmmaVERNON17 St.John's Road William Henry, a Miner22 
04 09 1948JamesLOVE24 Western Avenue, Dinnington Miner23John Gray, a Coke Oven ForemanMarjorie GwendolineJUDSON34 St.John's Road Tom H., Colliery Surface Worker20 
18 12 1948Colin StuartMORRIS75 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Miner23John Noel, an Electrician's LabourerJessieMAPPIN75 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common George Ernest, deceased Engineer23 
01 01 1949Andrew GlendyneCALDER82 Market Street, Brechin, Angus, SCT Engineer22George Balfour, a LabourerDorisAINSWORTH65 Rotherham Road, Laughton Common Danie, a Miner19 
19 02 1949Charles FrederickMACEFIELD25 Rotherham Road, Carlton in Lendrick Miner25Charles, a LabourerEdithSMITH1Monksbridge Road, Dinnington William, a Miner19 
26 02 1949HarryROTHERSFORTH91 Laughton Road, Thurcroft Miner24George, retiredMary ElizabethSMITH10 St.John's Road William, deceased Labourer18 
19 03 1949FrancisHART35 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Labourer29Thomas, retiredMaggieGATER7 Hangsman Lane, Laughton Common Arnold Bertie, a Caretaker24 
26 03 1949Ernest CecilWIGMORE2 West View Ammunition Worker25Cecil, a MechanicJosephineBALL2 West View Walter, a Labourer19 
02 04 1949JohnSMITH14 Sunderland Street, Tickhill Miner24Harry, a Road ForemanElsie ElizabethBOSWORTHSlade Hooton Henry, retired20 
02 04 1949FrankMUNDAY11 The Crescent, Thurcroft Miner25Ernest, a MinerDoreen FrancesYORK134 Katherine Road, Thurcroft Fred, a Miner22 
18 04 1949AlbertSEED22 Sandy Lane, Thurcroft Miner19Albert, a MinerDoreenBURDETT8 New Street Sidney, a Steel Worker17 
18 04 1949John ArthurSTEEDMAN10 Firbeck Avenue Civil Servant27Arthur, a Coke Oven WorkerKathleenBRAMALLSt.John's Farm, Throapham Charles Mottram, a Farmer22 
21 04 1949Geoffrey JohnFARNSWORTHBuckwood Farm, North Carlton Farmer27John Henry, a FarmerBeatriceTURNERCommon Farm, Laughton Common Charles, a Butcher22 
21 04 1949JamesTWIBELLHall Farm, Dinnington Farmer28Albert, deceased FarmerMaisie ElizabethTURNERCommon Farm, Laughton Common Charles, a Butcher24 
17 05 1949Peter PurdonTHICKETTGrange Farm, Morthen Farmer26Lawrence, a FarmerBarbaraBEECHFarm Villas Herbert, a Farmer23 
01 06 1949George CliffordFISHERAlder Cottage, Gleedless Common, Sheffield Dentist47William Ellison, deceased DentistJoanALTONNewhall Grange, Maltby Walter, deceased Farmer34 
04 06 1949LeslieROBERTSStation Road, Laughton Common Brick Worker29William, a Surface WorkerBarbara AlexandreSMITH11 Princess Street, Laughton Common Frederick Wilson, deceased Joiner23 
04 06 1949Robert BruceDOBBSHigh Street Farmer21Frederick Bruce, a FarmerJoyce AverilHIBBERT18 Carson Mount, Gleedless, Sheffield Percy, a Civil Engineer21 
11 06 1949Sidney CliffordDOOLEY7 South Street, ThurcroftWidowerMiner38Thomas Henry, deceased MinerBeatriceCOURCEY13 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington John, deceased Miner47 
25 06 1949GeoffreyDOBSONBrentwood, Brick Lane, Throapham Butcher23Ronald, a ButcherFlorence LaviniaPOULTON15 St.John's Road Albert, a Miner21 
09 07 1949HaroldEGGINTON21 School Road, Thurcroft Brick Drawer23Harold, deceased MinerKathleen EdithTHOMAS46 Monksbridge Road, Dinnington William Henry, a Burner's Coal Man22 
09 07 1949John EdwinSPENCEWest Hall, Middleton-Tyne Richmond, York Architect25James Calvert, a DoctorJulie MargaretELLISFour Lane Ends, Firbeck Percy Wilfred, a W.C.B. Manager24 
23 07 1949JackRAPER49 Fircroft Avenue, Shiregreen Police Constable23Albert Richard, a Conveyor OperatorMargaret ElizabethBISHHangsman Lane, Laughton Common George, a Civil Servant23 
01 08 1949Donald JohnHOYLANDFawley's Farm, Carr Farmer23William Hodgson, a FarmerKathleen PhyllisCLARRICOATES5 The Avenue, Carr James Henry, a Miner19 
13 08 1949Charles EdwardMARLOW7A Coronation Avenue, Dinnington BlackSmith22Charles Thomas, a ForemanMargaret WinifredWRIGHT12 Princess Street, Laughton Common George, an Insurance Agent19 
01 09 1949AlanSMITHNew House Farm, Clifton Farm Worker22Thomas Edwin, a Horse ManEthel MinnieSTANDINGLow Farm, Carr, MaltbyWidowGeorge Henry Garrett, deceased Farmer28 
10 09 1949George RonaldPRIESTLEY87 Brampton Road, Sheffield Wages Clerk27George, a Steam RaiserAline MavisTODD17 Arbour Drive, Thurcroft Joseph, a BlackSmith22 
17 09 1949JohnBOWES3 St.John's Road Miner22John, deceased Haulage HandFrances MarjoriePOULTON15 St.John's Road Alban, a Miner20 
24 09 1949Thomas ArthurDICKENS5 Leicester Road, Dinnington Miner24William George, a MinerDorisWILKINSON10 Kingswood Avenue Joe, a Miner25 
08 10 1949PhillipVICKERS20 St.John's Road Miner23 Joyce AverilRODDISScammings Farm Joseph Anthony, a Foreman18 
22 10 1949AlanGOUNDRY101 Laughton Road, Thurcroft Fitter23George, a Green GrocerDoreen JoanARGYLEHigh Street Herbert, a Progress Man22 
22 10 1949AlbertBREARLEY57 East Street, Dinnington Steel Worker29Benjamin, retiredLouvainBARKER  Horace, a Steel Worker19 

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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