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LEEDS: A transcription of Leeds Council Casualties, WW1.

A transcription of Leeds Council Casualties, WW1.

1916 JulyLance CorporalJTurver7thWest Yorks RegtArt GalleryLeeds Rifles
1916 AugustSec LtLFoster15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtCity Engineers 
1916 JulyCorporalHCoggill15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtCity Engineers 
1916 JulyPrivateW CShaw15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtCity Engineers 
1916 MarchSec LtG W H IMerry Machine Gun CorpsCity Engineers 
1918 NovemberPrivateE PTodd2nd BattalionWest Yorks RegtCity Engineers 
1918 OctoberPrivateHRoss3rd BattalionColdstream GuardsCity Engineers 
1918 SeptemberSergeantR GThompson Yorks HussarsCity Engineersattached Gloucester Hussars
1916 JulyLance CorporalG WAtkinson15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTreasurers 
1916 JulyCorporalW HBriggs15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTreasurers 
1916 JulyPrivateHBurnley15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTreasurers 
1916 JulyPrivateCJohnson15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTreasurers 
1916 JulyLance CorporalH H JMason15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTreasurers 
1916 JulyLance CorporalAMeeson19th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTreasurers 
1916 JulyPrivateFRayner15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTreasurers 
1916 DecemberSq QMSRStead Yorks HussarsTreasurers 
1917 MarchPrivateC HThompson15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTreasurers 
1917 JunePrivateJ SDavies8th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTreasurers 
1917 AugustPrivateAGreaves Royal Army Medical CorpsTreasurers 
1917 SeptemberPrivateR C CGrant11thDurham Light InfantryTreasurers 
1917 OctoberPrivateJ WMason19th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTreasurers 
1918 AprilCo Qm SergtA LHaley Army Service CorpsTreasurers 
1918 SeptemberLance CorporalFParker Yorks HussarsTreasurers 
1919 FebruarySergeantJ FCookson15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTreasurers 
1919 FebruaryPrivateGStannard Manchester RegtTreasurers 
1916 DecemberCaptainD LStrachan6th BattalionWest Yorks RegtLibraries 
1915 AprilCaptain & AdjC JBarker Royal EngineersSewerage 
1916 AprilSec LtPCoates Royal EngineersSewerage 
1916 JunePioneerT EWood Royal EngineersSewerage 
1917 AugustLance CorporalF JHainsworth West Yorks RegtSewerage 
1915 SeptemberPrivateHWilliams West Yorks RegtTown ClerksLeeds Rifles
1917 AprilSec LtG WDimery15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTown Clerks 
1917 OctoberLtB WPounder, B.A5th BattalionWest Yorks RegtTown Clerks 
1914 DecemberPrivateHCliff2nd BattalionRoyal Warwickshire RegimentTown Hall Support 
1914 NovemberPrivateSTaylor2nd BattalionYorkshire RegimentWaterworks 
1915 MarchPrivateFWilkinson3rd BattalionWest Yorks RegtWaterworks 
1916 JulyCaptainS T ANeil15th BattalionWest Yorks RegtWaterworks 
1916 JulySapperJ GFiler Royal EngineersWaterworks 
1917 MayPrivateIsaacWatts Machine Gun CorpsWaterworks 
1918 MayCoS M G RPaterson8th BattalionWest Yorks RegtWaterworks 

Data transcribed from:
Leeds Council Casualties, WW1
by the late David Simpson.© 2004