LEEDS: Transcription of the St Paul's Leeds, Burials 1796 to 1819


St Paul's Leeds, Burials

  • W/of = wife of
  • H/of = Husband of
  • S/of = son of
  • D/of = daughter of
  • S/W = single woman

Mesentery: A membrane in the abdominal cavity, used to hold the intestines and their apendages in the proper position. (Imperial Dictionary, 1862).

SurnameChristian nameDate
Date buriedAgeCause of
CLOSEThomas9th13th Jan 179634yrsFever Merchant & Adjutant to the Corps of Volunteer Infantry in Leeds
TURNERJoshua22nd25th Aug 179664yrsage & weakness Merchant
CARRUTHERSElizabeth29th Sep 1796?27yrsFeverW/of EdwardLieut in Marines
CALVERYCharles20th23 Oct 17961yr S/of JohnESQ Alderman
STROTHERThomas1st6th Jun 179875yrs   
ATKINSONMary22 Jul 1798?48yrsparalytic stroke at Kippax Most dear & valuable wife of the Rev Miles Atkinson Minster of St Paul's
BERWICKWilliam21st27th Sept 179840yrs  Tobacconist
SMYTHJohn Esq.25th Mar25th 179960yrs  Of Holbeck NR Leeds
CALVERYWilliam9th9th April 17998yrsFeverS/of John, Esq. aldermanHe died at school at Heald Hall nr Birstall & buried in the family vault
BROWNMartin3rd6th May 179986yrsold age Gent of Leeds
HODGSONEliza2024th Feb 180019yrsconsumptionD/of Williammaster of a academy in Park Row Leeds
SENIORSarah2nd4th Jul 180051yrsinfirmitiesS/Wvault 1
BARWICKJohn15th18th Jul 180060yrsDecline Surgeon & apothecary of East Parade
SAGARHarriet4th8th Nov 18008mthSmallPoxD/of JohnSexton at St Paul's
SHAWJohn22nd27th Dec 18007mthinfluenzaS/of JosephIronmonger Upperhead Row Butts Court Leeds
HEYJohn14th17th Jan 180124yrsconsumptionS/of Wm Esq. Alderman 
REYNOLDSFrances25th31st Jan 180120yrsConsumptionS/W D/of William a hardware man of Briggate
BERWICKMary31st Jan5th Feb24yrsconsumptionW/of Johna tobacconist At the same one of there children Betty who had been in St Johns was buried with her
HEYRichard19th21st Mar 18019mthCoughS/of WilliamJun surgeon
SAWYERJane23rd27th Mar 180120yrsconsumptionS/W 
BERWICKJames20th22nd Apr 18013yrsSmall poxS/of Johntobacconist in Leeds
NELSONBenson15th21st May 180126yrsdecline MerchantS/of Clement. 
TOTTIEJane17th18th June 180155yrs W/of Williama Clerk
BRIDGESMargaret25th Jan1st Feb 180271yrsold ageSis/ofMrs. Joshua Turner widow
TEALEMatthewMon 15th18th Mar 180233yrsdecline a mercer
SADLERMaria8th10th Apr 180224yrschild birthW/of Benjamin a mercer & linen draper
HEYRobert14th17 May 180223yrsconsumptionS/of Williambro/of John 1801
LAWTONDavid7th9th June 18029yrsfeverS/of Davidorganist at St Peters & St Paul's
BERWICKWilliam21st23rd June 18029yrsmeaslesS/of Johna tobacconist
SHAWElizabeth24th26th Feb 18036yrsscarlet feverD/of Josepha ironmonger Upperhead Row.
HOLMESAnn5th8th March 180370yrspalsyW/of Henrybreeches maker back of the Shambles
RUSSELWilliam4th9th March 180316yrsinflammation on the lungsS/of ThomasGent of East Parade
HOLDWHEDEJohn Frederick9th12th May 18032yrsworm feverS/of Fredericka merchant of Park Sq
REINHARDTSamuel19th23rd 180311mthsinflammation on the lungsS/of JohannChristian
STROTHERMary8th11th Aug 180419yrsconsumptionD/of Thomas decdmerchant
AARONElizabeth31st Oct4th Nov 180419yrsconsumptionD/of Johnof Newland in P/G/Pr of Drax nr Selby
FOSTERJohn24th24th 18053daysborn before its timeS/of Rev Mr Williamcurate at St Paul's
HEYIsabella3rd6th Aug 180536yrsdecline.W/of William Jnsurgeon in Leeds
BOTTOMLEYThomas19th21st Aug 1805 consumption wine merchant
HODGSONWilliam2nd5th Sept 180556yrsimpaired constitution & age  
READEAnn5th7th Oct 180561yrsinfirmities of agewidow 
INKERSLEYElizabeth11th13th Oct 18056mthscomplaint in the bowelsD/of Thomas 
THOMPSONWilliam27th Dec 18051st Jan 180632yrsasthma distiller in London
GLOVERSamuel23rd26th Jan 180663yrswater in the chest Tobacconist of little Woodhouse NR Leeds.
BANCROFT-READEAnn4th6th Apr 180614mthscomplaint in the mesenteryD/of Thomasmerchant
SMITHElizabeth5th7th Apr 180650yrsinfluenzaW/of Johnattorney at law Leeds
STOREYWilliam Edward30th May1st Jun 180623yrsinfirm constitutionS/of Thomasmerchant
WOOLSTAPLERRalph Rider11th16th Oct 180675yrsold age of Albion St
JAQUESRichard Lister22nd27th Oct 180655yrsinfirmities Gent of East Parade Leeds
RhodesWilliam3rd4th Nov 18064yrsscarlet feverS/of Abrahammerchant in Leeds
ShawElizabeth12th17th Nov 180633yrsconsumptionW/of Josephironmonger
CALVERLEYCharles12th16th Dec 180614yrs S/of John Esq AldermanFound dead in bed at school at Heald's Hall.
COATESHenry Holmes25th28th March 18076yrsinflammation in the bowelsS/of Thomasoilman
MANKSJames Amber2nd5th Apr 180710mthsinflammation on the lungsS/of Jamesmerchant NR Beeston
LAWTONDavid29th Apr4th May 1807 inflammation on the lungs Organist of St Peters & St Paul's
CRAWSHAWJohn2nd5th May 1808infant S/of Johniron merchant of Beeston
STOCKWOODFrancis5th7th May 180824yrsconsumption formally of Tooting Surrey only in Park Sq Leeds a few months
BERWICKJohn22nd25th Jun 180856yrsa fit by the immediate hand of the Almighty. tobacconist of Call Lane Leeds
TOTTIEWilliam25th29th Jun 1808 palsy age dresser Shipscar nr Leeds.
PETTERSONAnn Maria15th18th Jul 180837yrsdeclineW/of Jamesblanket merchant of St Peters Sq
BROWNAnn15th18thAug 18089yrsWater in The HeadD/of MrFountain merchant of Park Place.
REINHARDTJohn26th28th Aug 18089mthweaknessS/of JohannChristian druggist back of the shambles
KEMPRobert27th Aug1st Sep25yrsa fit linen draper Briggate
CRAWSHAWMargaret 14th Nov21yrsdeclineW/of Johnlate of Beeston Now of Sandall Sis/of Eliza Hodgson Feb 1800.
INKERSLEYCatherine12th14th Dec5yrsscarlet feverD/of Thomasmerchant of Park Sq.
BAYNESAnn15th20th Jan65yrsAge & Asthma Gentlewoman of East prade
MANKSCatherine 1st Feb9mth D/of James 
WAINWRIGHTElizabeth25th28th Feb33yrsconsumption.D/of jamesBarstow Skircoat Halifax.
TURNERAlice3rd9thMar79yrsold agewidowof Park Row Leeds
READEAnn3rd6th apr20mthhooping coughD/of ThomasBancroft merchant in Leeds.
SADLERJames1st4th May7yrsmeazles.S/of Benjaminlinen draper in Leeds.
PETTERSONMary12th16th Dec72yrs   
NELSONSabra6th10thJan67yrs. W/of Jacobnear Jacob's Well Leeds
SMITHJohn12th15th Jan55yrsage & infirm constitution Attorney At Law East Parade Leeds
RHODESMartha28th30thJan29yrsChild bedW/of Abrahammerchant
BERWICKJames20th24th Apr46yrsdecline. Tobaccos of Pleasant Dairy Leeds
GOTTElizabethJuneJune  W/of WilliamBurley Nr Leeds
WAINWRIGHTAnn8th13th Jul30yrsconsumptionW/of Jonathanmerchant of Leeds
GOTTWilliam29th Nov3rd Dec inflammation in the bowels  of Burley.
MAXWELLCharlotte17th19th Dec28yrsmeazlesD/of ??of Scotland
ATKINSONThe Rev Miles6th12th Feb 181170yrsDiseased Liver.Minister of this churchVicar of Kippax & Lecturer of the P/C in Leeds
ATKINSONWilliam20th25th Feb 181129yrsTyphus Fever.5th S/of the above Rev Miles Atkinson 
HOLMESHenry8th12th May 181177yrsOld Age Gentleman of Leeds
STROTHERThomas8th Aug 1811?34yrsConsumption.MerchantLeeds
MAXWELLGeorge Ferres11th14 Aug 181111yrsWater in the head.S/of Lieut. Col. MaxwellPaymaster of the Leeds district
RICHARDSONJames31stAug5th Sept 181157yrsPalsy. Attorney at Law Late of Leeds but now of Rothwell
KIRSHAWMrs5th7th Jan 1812?Old Age.Maiden Ladyof Leeds
SMITHMrs Mary3rd5th Aug 181229yrsConsumption.D/of JervisMarshall of Leeds Hosier
WAINWRIGHTJonathan27th30th Sep 181241yrsConsumption Merchant Leeds
KECKMaster Henry Anthony23rd26th Nov 181216yrsDiseased Mesentery.S/of Bazel Anthony Esqof Park Square Leeds Gent
CAMPBELLElizabeth3rd8th Feb 181335yrsChild Birth.W/of Col: Campbell Commander of Leeds district
HUDSONAlbert 6th Mar 18138mths S/of Edward 
BROWNMary 14th Dec 181313yrs D/off CharlesHunslet Lane
MANKSWilliam Arthur Wellington 28th Apr 18141yr+9mths. S/of Jamesof Carr Place
MAPOTHERWilliam 27th May 1814 Decline.S/of Charles Esq, Surgeon to the Leeds districtLieut: 84th Reg: of Foot
BOYDFrances 22 Jul 181479yrs. Wid/of William EsqHunslet Lane
BULKLEYAugusta 18th Sep 181417yrs.  died at Miss Sigston's School Park Row
THACKRAYFrances 14th Jul 181524yrs. W/of GeorgeMerchant
HARDESTYSarah 7th Sep 181580yrs. Wid/of EdwardPark Square
CRAWSHAWSarah Ellen 11th Sep 181526yrs W/of SamuelPark Square
BROOKEElizabeth 23rd Sep 181578yrs. Wid/of Robert Esq.Killingbeck
GREENWOODWilliam 16 Nov 181561yrs.  Boar Lane
TAYLORAnn 26 Nov 181569yrs. Wid/ WilliamBoar Lane
HARRINGTONHenry 30th Nov 181522yrs. S/of RobertM.D. Carlisle
PETTERSONWilliam 13 Jan 181676yrs.  Headingley
WORSWICKWilliam 28 Jan 181633yrs S/of JohnWoodhouse Lane .
CAMPBELLMary 31stJan 181612yrs. D/of theGeneral Park Row (Miss Dibb's School)
KENDELLCharles 8th Mar 18169mths S/of JohnPark Row
REINHARDTThomas 6 May 1816Infant. S/of Mrof Cross Parish
BRACKENElizabeth 4th Jul 181674yrs. WidowGarland Fold
READERobert 25th Jul 18161yr+1mth S/of Thomas ShawBancroft Park Place Leeds
BELLHOUSEAnn 28thJan 181732yrs. W/of WilliamPark Place
MANKSJames 16th Feb 181711days S/of JamesPark Square
WOODWilliam 25th Feb 181746yrs  New Street
TAYLORMary 27th Mar 181747yrs. W/of JonathanCommercial Street
REINHARDTAnn 11 May 181736yrs. W/of JohannChristian Cross Parish
STOREYMary 6th Jun 181766yrs. WidowAlbion Street
RAYNARDRobert 8th Dec 181748yrs.  Shipscar
PARKERAlexander B 27th Dec 181718yrs. S/of Timothy 
KECKJane 2nd Jan 181864yrs. W/of BasilAnthony Park Square
HIRSTDinah 26th Jan 181840yrs. W/of ThomasWoodhouse Lane
NUTTALLMary 11th Jun 181866yrs.  Park Square
HIRSTEllen 13th Jun 181814yrs.  School Close
READJohn Gould 13th Jun 181857yrs  Bean Ing
CASSElizabeth 25 Jul 181844yrs W/of AnthonySurgeon Albion Street
JOHNSTONEBell 12 Sep 181814yrs D/of JohnRobert St James Street
HAGUESamuel 16th Oct 181865yrs.  Park Row
RICHARDSONHarriot 23 Dec 181826yrs. D/of MaryQueen Square
HEYWilliam Esq: 27th Mar 181982yrs.  Albion Street
SHAWJoseph 28th May 181920yrs S/of JosephEsq: Park Place
WALKERMary9th Jul2ndAug68yrs. W/of Rev George Lucas NicholsonPark Sq.
PALEYAgnes 12th Aug72yrs Wid/of RichardEast Parade.
PETTERSONWilliam Henry 20th Nov27yrs  of Potter Newton.
ISAACAnn 25th Nov78yrs  Boar Lane.

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