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LEEDS: Headingley Chapel Burial Register, 1812-1815

Transcribed by Carol & Joseph Parker, 1997

1812January28SNOWDENMaryD/ofWilliam,of Burley. 
1812January31TRANTIsabellaD/ofWilliam & Isabella (3 weeks)
1812February4ASHLEYLydiaD/ofNathan,of Kirkstall. 
1812March7DERHAMRobert  of Leeds(44 Yrs)
1812March22SCOTTJohn  of Weetwood. 
1812April20HALLEWELLRobert BarS/ofBenjamin & Hannah (10 Mths)
1812April30TEALEMargaret EllertonD/ofWilliam & Henry (2 Mths)
1812May11PROCTERWilliam  of Headingley. 
1812May17CRAVENSamuel  of Burley. 
1812May31BUCKLESusanna (Bastard)D/ofMaryof Burley Factory. 
1812June11GASCOIGNEMary   (77 Yrs)
1812June17BAILEYAnnWife ofJoseph,of Headingley. 
1812June17SMITHHannahD/ofRichard,of Headingley. 
1812June25BOWERSWilliamS/ofBenjamin,of Leeds. 
1812July10LASSEYJohn  of Burley. 
1812July14BIRKHEADJoshua  of Burley. 
1812July20GREAVESJohnS/ofJoseph,of Headingley. 
1812July20WADEJohn  of Woodhouse. 
1812August12COCKERHAMSamuelS/ofWilliam,of Burley. 
1812August28DIXONJohn  of Kirkstall. 
1812November25SNOWJohn  of Headingley. 
1812November25STROTHERAnn  of Leeds(63 Yrs)
1812November29LASSEYJames  of Burley. 
1812December2WADDINGTONMaryRelict ofWilliam, of Wither in Bramley. 
1812December18READAnn  of Leeds(38 Yrs)
1813January3PAGEAnn  of Burley.(6 Mths)
1813January27NORTHElizabeth  of Wakefield.(77 Yrs)
1813February4HEBBLETHWAITEJohn  of Woodhouse.(17 Yrs)
1813February4GLOVERChristopher  of Kirkstall.(6 Mths)
1813February8CRABTREEElizabeth  of Headingley.(46 Yrs)
1813February9STEADMary  of Headingley.(36 Yrs)
1813February15WRIGHTSarah  of Headingley.(31 Yrs)
1813February16ATKINSONMaria  of Woodhouse.(11/2 Yrs)
1813February18STEADRobert  of Headingley.(2 Wks)
1813February24BALMFORTHJoseph  of Bowling.(44 Yrs)
1813February28PARKINMartha  of Kirkstall.(4 Yrs)
1813April25MURGATROYDThomas  of Burley.(21/4 Yrs)
1813April25ATKINSONWilliam  of Burley.(14 Mths)
1813May6PROCTERJames  of Woodhouse.(1 Yr)
1813June8PULLANBerria  of Headingley.(2 Wks)
1813June9ATKINSONAnn  of Headingley.(54 Yrs)
1813June21HODGSONLucy  of Woodhouse.(2 Yrs)
1813June25MIDGLEYJohn  of Burley.(15 Yrs)
1813June30BECKWITHWilliam  of Woodhouse.(5 Days)
1813July1HORSEMANWilliam  of Kirkstall.(74 Yrs)
1813August30HARTLEYGeorge  of Headingley.( Mths) 
1813September7WRIGHTWilliam  of Headingley.(43 Yrs)
1813September19MURGATROYDBenjamin  of Burley.(10 Yrs)
1813September22PARKINSONJoseph  of Woodhouse.(55 Yrs)
1813September26WAITEElizabeth  of Headingley.(38 Yrs)
1813September27THORNBERJohn  of Headingley.(31 Yrs)
1813October17NAYLORMary  of Headingley.(56 Yrs)
1813October24BAILEYJoseph  of Headingley.(95 Yrs)
1813October31POWELLPriscilla  of Headingley.(84 Yrs)
1813October31SAMPSONThomas Hinchcliffe  of Leeds.(5 Mths)
1813November20BROWGeorge  of Kirkstall.(84 Yrs)
1813November21SNOWThomas  of Headingley.(26 Yrs)
1813December1WALKERSarah  of Armley.(53 Yrs)
1813December26HINCHCLIFFEJohn  of Leeds.(68 Yrs)
1814January4HASTEDaniel  of Headingley.(3 Yrs)
1814January7CLARKSONJames  of Burley.(22 Yrs)
1814January27RINDERMary  of Headingley.(73 Yrs)
1814January29DENISONHannah  of Woodhouse.(1 1/4 yrs)
1814February2POOLEliza  of Leeds.(1 Yrs)
1814February2TOLSONMary  of Earlsheaton.(71 Yrs)
1814February10SCOTTThomas  of Woodhouse.(10 Mths)
1814February13WADEJohn  of Woodhouse.(64 Yrs)
1814February13ASQUITHDavid  of Burley Factory.(2 Yrs)
1814March2KIRKEliza  of Woodhouse.(1 1/4 yrs)
1814March13HILEYJames  of Burley.(90 Yrs)
1814March23HAINSWORTHJohn  of Kirkstall.(17 Yrs)
1814March24LISTERWilliam  of Bramley.(70 Yrs)
1814April30NICHOLSONJeremiah  of Burley.(8 Yrs)
1814May5HOWGATEBenjamin  of Headingley.(3 Mths)
1814May16SMITHWilliam  of Kirkstall.(3 Yrs)
1814June14ATKINSONMary  of Burley.(92 Yrs)
1814June24MOOREHannah  of London.(58 Yrs)
1814June29PRIESTLEYSamuel  of Leeds.(59 Yrs)
1814July10CARRETTRobert  of Headingley.(63 Yrs)
1814August5WADDINGTONMaria  of Bramley.(17 Yrs)
1814September25LEATHAMJohn  of Woodhouse.(28 Yrs)
1814September26DENISONThomas  of Woodhouse.(2 Yrs)
1814September29DAVISONWilliam  of Cookridge.(22 Yrs)
1814September30GREENMary  of Headingley.(69 Yrs)
1814October2DENISONIsaac  of Woodhouse.(32 Yrs)
1814October11VICKERSJohn  of Woodhouse.(3 Yrs)
1814October21HEPWORTHMary Ann  of Burley Factory.(1 mnth)
1814October23ATKINSONJames  of Woodhouse.(63 Yrs)
1814October27MOXONSarah  of Headingley.(3 Wks)
1814November15RIPLEYWilliam  of Kirkstall Forge.(83 Yrs)
1814November22SETTLEElizabeth  of Headingley.(47 Yrs)
1814December11WRIGHTEdwin  of Woodhouse.(2 Yrs)
1815January15ATKINSONElizabeth  of Chapel Allerton.(31 Yrs)
1815January18HUTCHINSONThomas  of Headingley.(19 Yrs)
1815January22MANNJohn  of Burley.(54 Yrs)
1815January24FURNISHAbraham  of Burley Factory.(1 Wk)
1815January25YATESMary  of Leeds.(3 Yrs)
1815March17ASQUITHWilliam  of Burley.(78 Yrs)
1815March26STEADSamuel  of Armley.(35 Yrs)
1815April6PARKINSONHannah  of Woodhouse.(66 Yrs)
1815April9FURNISHJames  of Burley Factory.(10 Yrs)
1815April14POOLCharles  of Leeds.(14 Wks)
1815April20ATKINSONJoshua  of Kirkstall.(17 Yrs)
1815April30LEATHAMElizabeth  of Woodhouse.(66 Yrs)
1815June15COOKBarbara  of Kirkstall Forge.(23 Yrs)
1815June27PRINCEElizabeth  of Woodhouse.(44 Yrs)
1815June29DENISONJames  of Headingley.(82 Yrs)
1815July1ATKINSONMary  of Burley.(28 Yrs)
1815July12LASSEYMary  of Woodhouse.(16 Yrs)
1815July31HARRISONJohn  of Burley.(70 Yrs)
1815August9SNIPEWilliam  of Headingley.(65 Yrs)
1815September24LEEJoseph  of Headingley.(3 Yrs)
1815October2BACKHOUSEWilliam  of Burley.(63 Yrs)
1815October2KIRKJohn  of Woodhouse.(5 Yrs)
1815October4SETTLEElizabeth  of Headingley.(83 Yrs)
1815October11DUTTONGeorge  of Kirkstall Forge.(14 Yrs)
1815October26LISTERSarah  of Bramley.(71 Yrs)
1815November12SENTONGeorge  of Bramley.(56 Yrs)
1815December13RAMSDENDavid  of Burley Factory.(10 Mths)
1815December25SCOTTAnn  of Woodhouse.(8 Mths)

Copyright © 1997 Carol & Joseph Parker. All rights reserved.
Transcribed by David Simpson. ©2008
If you find an error (small or large) in the transcription
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