Linton in Craven, Benefactions transcription


Linton in Craven parish:


Linton in Craven, Benefactions transcription:

The various donations for St. Michael's Church, Linton in Craven.

A Memorial of
the Charitable Benef=
action in the Parish of

Revd: Mr: Hewit Rector of the one
Mediety by Will April ye: 20th. 1674
Four Exhibitions.50=0=0
To the Master of the free School20=0=0
To the Usher10=0=0
For a Sermon on St. Matthew day0=10=0
And to the Poor 3=0=0
Paid Annually83=10=0
Ricd. Fountaine Esqr. July 16th 1721 by Will
For 2 Sermons on Whitsundy:1=0=0
To the Poor of the Parish2=10=0
To put out 4 Apprentices12=0=0
An Hospital for 6 poor Person.26=0=0
To the Ministers for Officiating20=0=0
Paid Annually61=10=0
Mdm: Redmaine.80=0=0
Mrs: Ann Green.50=0=0
Mr: Thos: Becket.50=0=0
Jane Sheepshanks.10=0=0
Thos: Topham.10=0=0
Henry Bland.25=0=0
Robt: Ibboson fo 8 Wids: Anuly.4=0=0
And in Money40=0=0
Mr. Thos. Hammond Anuly.1=0=0
And in Money10=0=0

£100 Left by the late Mrs. A. Fountaine to the poor of Linton. £93.13s.9d ( of the said £100) vested in the 5 per Ct Ann? In the name of the Church-warden in 1814

Data transcribed by
Lin Duke © 2015.
from photography by Colin Hinson