Linton In Craven, Rectors transcription


Linton In Craven parish:


Linton In Craven, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors of Linton in Craven.


Of the one Mediety  Of the other Mediety
1279Dominus Rob.de Swinlington, Diaonus. 1229Dominus Walter de Hedon.
1289Dominus Hugo de Symundeston 1251Dominus Joh. Le Gras< Clericus
1320Dominus Nic. Fe Moreby, Clericus 1254Dominus Ric.de la TurrI, Presbyter
1353Master Ric, (vel Rald) Blaykeston, Cap 1268Dominus Joh. de Gray, Clericus
1358Dominus Joh. de Brikenhale, Cap. 1295Dominus Wm. de Caumpe'den, Acolyte
1361Dominus Rog. de Dalton, Clericus 1310Dominus Symon de Graas, Acolyte
1380Dominus Joh. Gamelyn, Presbyter 1310Dominus Ric. de Morby, Clericus
1409DomInus John Coke, Presbyter 1316Dominus Wil. de Gras, Clericus
1438Dominus Rad. Hewyke, Clericus 1337Dominus Joh. de Skypton, Clericus
1457Dominus Ric. Knott, Presbyter DomInus Joh. de Gillings
1462Dominus Joh. Toller, Presbyter 1382Dominus Joh.de Hayton, Capellanus
1483Dominus Hen. Walton, Clericus Dominus Henric Pollys
Master Rob. Este, in decr. Ba. 1409Dominus Joh. Dene, Cappelanus
1486Dominus Joh. Burgh Dominus Joh. Sherburne.
1508Dominus Joh. Procter 1436Master Rob Pyke, Capellamus
1536Dominus Tho. Stephenson, Cap. 1436Dominus Tho. Gednay, Clericus
Dominus Nic. Paver 1438Dominus Joh. Ingleby, Capellanus
1551Dominus Robt. Deyne, Clericus 1453Master Wm. Lowe, in Decr. Ba.
1596Gualt. Currer, Clericus, A.M. 1468Dominus Peter Toller, Capellanus
1602Richard Burton, Clericus, A.M. 1492Dominus Peter Toller, Presbyter.
Anthony Procter, Clericus Dominus Joh. Torne
1615Thomas Topham, Clericus, A.M. 1498Master Tho. Bakehouse, Prebyter
Matthew Hewitt, Clericus, A.M. 1521Master Humph. Gascoigne, A.B.
1674John Tennant, Clericus, A.M. 1540Dominus Wm. Cumberlamd, Cap.
1716Thomas Gale 1570Anthony Proctor, Diaconus
Tobias Croft, A.M. 1607Tho. Squire, Clericus, A.M.
1765Thomas Welch, A.M. 1615Henr. Hoyle, Clericus, A.M.
1806Edward Unwin 1621John Akeroyd, Clericus, A.M.
Charles Wray Haddlesey 1655Thomas Lancaster
1833Henry Crofts 1700James Roberts
1855Alexander Dawson Nowell, M.A. 1733Benjamin Smith, B.D.
  1777Christopher Naylor, A.M.
On the death of the Rev. Alexander Nowell M.A. 1780John Preston, A.M.
the two medieties of Linton were consolidated 1821Edward Coulthurst
by an Order in Council dated 4th July 1866 1850John Walker

1866John Walker
1883Edward W.Brereton, M.A.
1890William Astom, ll.D., B.A.
1892Frederick Arthur Colbatch Share, M.A.
1911James Leighton, B.A.
1927Frederick Arnold Mosby, B.A.
1949John Charles Theodore Baker, M.A.
1963John Elliott Barlow, M.Sc., B.D.
1975George Knight O.B.E., M.A., R.N.
1986Stephen Newton Hobson, B.Th.
1992Christopher Joseph Hayward. M.A.

There were Rectors of Linton before 1229 but they are not mentioned in ecclesiastical records.
One, William "persona de Lintona" witnessed a charter granted between 1180 and 1200. Scriptsit, E.J. Milton Smith 1966

Data transcribed by
Lin Duke.
from photography by Colin Hinson