Linton in Craven, War Memorial transcription


Linton in Craven parish:


Linton in Craven, War Memorial transcription:

The World wars I and II memorial at Linton in Craven

The front of the memorial (see also Photo)


Pte.Reginald DouthwaiteSfm.R.
L/Cpl.Edward Gilbert, M.M.C.H.
Cfn.Edwin HarkerR.E.M.E.
Sgt.John H. HarkerR.A.F.
Dr. Fred LongthorneR.A.S.C.
W.O.Claude S. MaxfieldR.A.F.
Salute The Brave Who Gave

Their All For Us.

Pte.James W. PicklesP.C.
Pte.John R. PicklesG.H.
C.S.M.Alfred StubbsR.E.
Lt.John B. Sturgeon, D.S.C.R.N.V.R.
F/Lt.William A. Tetley, D.F.C.R.A.F.
Sgt.Alfred WaterworthR.A.F.

The right hand panel of the memorial (see also Photo)

Pte. Herbert BlakeyT.R.
Pte. Robert BownasD.Y.R.
Pte. William M. BurleyD.W.R.
Pte. William G. CampbellA.E.F.
Pte. Christopher ChapmanD.W.R.
Pte. Jack ChapmanA.S.C.
Pte. Raymond ChapmanN.V.D.R.
Pte. Maurice CrowtherL.P.R.
2nd Lt.Norman Crowther3rd C.R.
Cpl.Tom Duckett8th N.S.R.
Arti. Cpl.Richard JebdellR.E.
Sig.Clifton EmmottD.W.R.
Sgt.Romille HarkerK.L.R.
L.Cpl.Phillip G. HolmesA.E.F.
Capt. Robert C. Perks, D.S.O.D.W.R.
Pte.Thomas WhiteheadD.W.R.
Pte.Benjamin BeaumontS.F.R.

The left hand panel of the memorial (see also Photo)

Sig.John InmanR.F.A. M.M.
Pte.Robert JackmanD.W.R.
L.Cpl.Harry KirkleyM.T.
Sgt. John T. LimmerY.R.
Pte.Walter LimmerD.Y.R.
Gnr.John E. LambertR.F.A.
Gnr.Tom NichollsR.F.A.
Sig.Ellis RichmondC.C.
Pte.Tom WatersE.L.R.
Pte.Edgar WhitakerD.W.R.
Pte.Sidney WhitakerW.Y.R.
Sap.John W. WhitfieldR.E.
Sig.Hubert WoodD.W.R.
Pte.Charlie WoodD.W.R.
L.Cpl.Timothy H. SimpsonD.W.R.
L.Cpl.Arthur NewbouldL.N.L.R.

The rear of the memorial (see also Photo)

Greater Love Hath No Man
Than This.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson