Little Ouseburn parish:


Little Ouseburn, Benefactions transcription:

The Elizabeth Colston benefaction in Holy Trinity Church, Little Ouseburn.

Benefaction of
Mrs. Elizabeth Colston
to the Parish and Church
of Little Ouseburn;
who on the 13th day of Sep't, 1750, in grateful remembrance of the Intentions of her late, dear Mother and Sisters, by Deed indented and inrolled, gave A Close called Copthom Containing seven Acres in Great Ouseburn, to Mr. Isaac Webster and Others and their Heirs, upon trust that out of the Rents, shall be paid, to the Curate of this Parish Church, three Pounds every Year, on the 29th of Sept'r. and the 25th of Mar'h, by equal Portions, towards the Augmentation of the Income of the said Curate, and to the Schoolmaster of the School of Great Ouseburn Forty Shillings every Year, on the same days for teaching three Boys and two Girls of the Township of Little Ouseburn to be named by her Trustees, to read English, until each child shall in their judgment of the same Trustees, be Thought fit to be removed from the said School, who are to place other Boys and Girls, instead of those removed , so as that number may be allways filled up: if any Overplus of the Rents remain, the same is to be divided between the Curate and Schoolmaster, in proportion as the above Sums are appointed to them. -Note-this Augmentation, given by Mrs. Colston to the Curate hath obtained the late Queen Ann's Bounty to this Church. She also gave A large Silver dish for the Communion Service.

The above silver dish is now converted into a silver Tankard and Plate for the same use by and with the consent of Isaac Webster Esq'r. her Executor.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson