High Bentham, Memorial Plaque transcription


Low Bentham parish:

High Bentham, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The Memorial Plaque for the 1914-18 War in St. Margaret's Church, High Bentham.

To the Glory of God
and in Loving Memory

J. Atkinson W. McCann
C. Bargh J. Maudsley
S.C. Bartley E. Magoolagan
C. Beck D. Morrison
E.W. Briscoe L. Nelson
W. Carr E. Newhouse
R. Wilcock Carr W. Pollard
E. Clapham W. Robinson
C. Clarke W. Sanderson
R. Clarke H. Smith
L. Dowbiggin E. Smith
E.C. Eccles E. Stephenson
T.D. Edmondson H. Taylor
J. Hutchinson R. Wearing
J. Jackson P.P. Whitfield
E. Leeming T. Wilcock
T. Wilcock
Who gave their lives for Justice
and Right in the Great War
1914 ~ 1918

They are in Peace

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson