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MIRFIELD: Poll Book of 1835 for Mirfield

Poll Book of 1835 for Mirfield

A listing of all those entitled to vote, kindly supplied by Deborah Walker
Armitage, George Balderstone Hall
Armitage, Thomas Mirfield
Armitage, William Castle Hall
Asquith, John Shillbank
Atkinson, Rev Thomas Greenhouse
Barrowclough, Benjamin Northorpe House
Blackburn, John Inner Temple, London
Blackburn, John Handbank, Hopton
Brook, Benjamin Gib Hole
Brook, James Hopton
Brook, John Bradley, Huddersfield
Buckley, Benjamin Back Lane
Burden, Thomas Dublin
Chadwick, Elijah Mirfield
Clarkson, Edward Mirfield
Clarkson, James Knowl Lane
Clay, Samuel Northorpe
Collins, Richard Easthorpe Lane
Crossley, Joseph Mirfield
Crowther, Benjamin Mirfield
Crowther, George Knowl Cottage
Crowther, John Earthorpe Lodge
Dawson, Samuel Upper House
Dearden, Joseph Mirfield
Eccles, William Hopton
Ellis, David Northorpe
Ellis, George Greenside House
Ellis, George Hopton
Ellis, Thomas Well House
Fairburn, John West Mills
Farrer, David Heckmondwike
Farrer, John Moor Top
Fillingham, Charles Bracken Hill
Firth, Joseph Greenside
Firth, Thomas Soothill
France, Isaac Back Lane
Garside, Joshua West Field House
Gill, George Earthorpe Lane
Haigh, George Dusty Miller Inn
Haigh, James jack Royd Lane
Haigh, Joshua Towngate
Harling, Henry Hopton
Healey, John Knowl
Hebblethwaite, John Mirfield Lane
Hebblethwaite, John Hopton
Hebblethwaite, Samuel Mirfield Lane
Hinchcliffe, Edward Cooper Bridge
Hirst, George Slipper House
Hirst, Richard Easthorpe
Holdsworth, Charles Top Moor
Holdsworth, Richard Battyeford
Holdsworth, Robert Wakefield
Ingham, James Taylor Tanfield Court, Temple, London
Ingham, Joshua Blake Hall
Jackson, Abraham Mirfield Moor
Jackson, Joseph Mirfield Moor
Jackson, William Mirfield Moor
Jackson, William Jnr Mirfield Moor
Jennings, George Mirfield
Kitson, John Mirfield
Langley, James Well House
Lawton, John Nabb
Lawton, William Greenside
Leadbetter, John Nabb
Ledgard, edward Bank
Ledgard, FrancisBank
Lee, Bernard Mirfield Lane
Lee, Joseph Lee Green
Lee, Joseph Towngate
Lee, Joseph Shillbank House
Lister, John Battyeford
Lister, William Madgecroft
Maude, Rev Ralph Hatfield Hall, Wakefield
Micklethwaite, Daniel South Parade Wakefield
Micklethwaite, James Hopton Hall
Nortcliffe, William Northorpe
Oates, Benjamin Shepley Bridge
Oates, William Wellhouse Farm
Oxley, John Northorpe
Peace, Abraham Jackroyd Hill Hopton
Pearson, Benjamin near Dusty Miller
Pilling, John Mirfield Low Mills
Pilling, William Free School
Popplewell, Thomas Earthorpe
Pratt, Joshua London Park
Rhodes, Samuel Dunbottle
Rhodes, William Clough House
Sheard, Abraham Crossley
Sheard, David Mirfield Lane
Sheard, John Towngate
Sheard, Joseph Wateroyd Lane
Stancliffe, John Overhall
Stancliffe, Joseph Mirfield
Stancliffe, William Broadoakes, Hopton
Stephenson, John Woodsome
Sykes, Michael Top of Moor
Sykes, Richard Mirfield Low Mills
Turner, Charles Hopton
Turner, William Hopton
Tyas, John Cinderhill House
Walker, Benjamin Littlemoor
Walker, John Roberttown
Walker, Michael Stocks Bank
Walker, Richard Clifton
Walker, Samuel Littlemoor
Webster, Peter Stocksbank
Wheatley, Charles Sandshouse
Wheatley, Joseph Hopton
Wheatley, Richard Brighouse
Wheatley, Thomas Cote Walls
Wheatley, William Royds House
Whitehead, Benjamin New Hall
Wilson, Benjamin Greenside
Wilson, Thomas South Parade, Huddersfield
Winn, Thomas Battyeford
Wood, George Snake Hill
Wooler, Charles Ledgard Mills
Wraith, James Thornhill Lees

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