Normanton, War Memorial transcription


Normanton parish:

Normanton, War Memorial transcription:

The War memorial and plaques at Normanton

The front of the memorial (see also Photo)

This Monument
Is Erected
To Perpetuate
The Memory Of
The Men
Of Normanton
In The Great War
1914 - 1919
Fought The Good Fight
In The Cause
Of Humanity
That Honour
Might Live.

The right hand side of the memorial (see also Photo)

At The Going Down
Of The Sun And In
The Morning We
Will Remember Them.

The rear of the memorial (see also Photo)

In Memory
Of The Fallen
Their Names
Are Inscribe
On The
Roll Of Honour
Is Deposited In
Council Chamber

The left hand side of the memorial (see also Photo)

Greater Love Hath
No Man Than This
That A Man Lay
Down His Life
For His Friends.

The World War I plaque (see also Photo)

1914 World War 1918
This Tablet Records The Names Of The Men of Normanton
Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice In The Service Of Their
Country, And To Whose Memory It Is Dedicated.

Adamson, J.S. Clay, E. Harding, T. Lee, W.H. Oates, J.E. Rush, J.
Akester, W. Coling, H. Hardy, T.A. Leek, G. Oates, J.J. Rushton, J.H.
Ambler, E. Coling, L. Harrison, J. Lees, T.L.    
Ambler, G.H. Coling, R. Harriss, G.H. Leighton, C. Page, J.W. Sadler, A.
Ambler, J. Cook, S. Hayden, G. Lewis, V.C. Page, W. Sanderson, G.E.
Arnold, C. Corley, J.W. Higgins, J. Light, G. Parfitt, W. Sankey, D.
Aspinall, E. Craven, T. Hill, G.W. Lightwood, C. Parke, W. Sargeant, J.
  Cressey, G.W. Hill, T. Lilley, J. Parkes, D. Senior, J.
Bacon, H. Crowther, B. Hinchcliffe, T. Lloyd, A.D. Parkinson, C.E. Shaw, G.
Bacon, J. Cryer, A. Hirst, M. Loader, W. Parkinson, H. Smith, Alf.
Bagnall, J. Cunliffe, G. Hobbs, G. Lodge, C.S.F. Parrott, S. Smith, Arthur
Bailey, T.M. Cunniffe, E. Hodgson, W. Lodge, T.D. Parton, J.H. Smith, J.T.
Ball, C.E.   Holland, T. Lodge, V. Patrick, A. Smith, S.
Ballard, H. Daniels, J. Holmes, E. Lovatt, J. Pell, A. Smith, W.
Batham, J. Derry, H. Holmes, E.W. Lowe, W. Pell, C. Smith, W.W.
Bean, A. Dunford, E. Horner, G. Lythe, G. Pell, H. Snowden, W.D.
Beardmore, A.   Howell, J.   Pell, N. Squire, J.
Beaumont, H. Eames, F. Hubble, T.H. Maddison, R. Pell, V. Stapleton, G.H.
Beaumont, J. Eames, H. Hudson, E. Mann, D. Pepworth, M. Stringer, H.
Beecher, D. Eardley, A. Hudson, M. Marchant, Aaron Pitt, T. Swales, W.
Beddard, H. Eaton, Y Hudson, S. Marchant, Arthur Poole, J. Swann, J.
Beedle, B. Elkin, P. Hunt, L. Marsh, A. Poole, J.W. Sweeting, T.
Bellwood, A. Evans, T.W. Hutchinson, E. Matthews, A. Poston, G.H.  
Bird, E.     McCullagh, E. Poxton, A. Taberner, T.
Bird, J. Farrar, J. Idle, W.E. Mellish, H. Pritchard, A.R. Talbot, J.T.
Blakeley, F. Finnigan, T.   Mellor, G.H. Pritchard, G. Tansley, H.
Bolton, W. Flint, H. Johnson, E. Melvin, J.J. Pritchard, H. Taylor, F.
Bowery, T. Flint, J.L. Johnson, T. Merries, C.E. Pritchard, P. Taylor, W.
Bowles, G. Forkes, J. Jones, A. Miles, W. Proctor, E. Thatcher, W.
Box, E. Fowler, C. Jordan, C. Milner, C. Proctor, Ernest  
Bradley, W. Fowler, G. Joyce, C. Milner, E. Proctor, S. Vause, A.
Bragger, R. Fox, E. Joyce, J. Moore, F. Purssord, R.H.  
Breakwell, W. Fox, F.   Moorhouse, W.R.   Wagstaff, T.
Briggs, H. Fradgley, J.J. Keegan, F. Morgan, J. Quarmby, A.R. Waites, A.
Broadhead, P.   Kelly, T.J. Morley, H.   Walker, R.
Broadhouse, E. Gee, C. Kelshaw, A. Morris, R.P. Ramsden, W. Wandless, R.
Broadhouse, H. Geeson, F.A. Kew, L. Morris, T.H. Ramsden, W. Ward, V.
Brodrick, T. Golding, G. King, J.H. Mountain, E.W. Randle, E. Webster, R.
Brunyee, A.W. Gough, W. Kinsey, M. Mevil, J. Randles, S. White, J.A.
Burgess, A.H. Green, F. Kynaston, T. Muldoon, G. Rayner, E. White, P.
Burrows, E.M. Greenaway, H.   Mullins, G. Richards, L. Wild, W.
Bushby, H. Gregson, T. Lacey, A. Murfin, W. Richardson, N. Wilde, J.
Button, H. Griffiths, B.R. Lacey, P. Myers, G. Ripley, S. Wildey, A.
  Griffiths, N. Land, W.   Roberts, J. Williams, A.
Carson, T. Grinsell, J. Langford, W.H. New, W. Rogers, G.H. Willis, A.
Chapman, W.   Langley, A. Newton, N. Roper, W.L. Winnard, M.
Churchill, T. Hale, A.V.W. Leake, W. Newton, W.H. Rudge, G. Wright, M.
Clark, J. Halman, J. Learoyd, A. Noble, E. Rummings, S. Yates, G.T.

The World War II plaque (see also Photo)

1939 World War 1945
This Tablet Records The Names Of The Men of Normanton
Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice In The Service Of Their
Country, And To Whose Memory It Is Dedicated.

Adams, H.L. Bird, D. Douglas, D.C. Jennings, L. Nichols, A. Shaw, P.
Akester, H. Birkinshaw, A.E. Dunn, W. King, J.   Slater, T.J.
Allerton, K. Boyse, H.   King, R.E. O'Shaughnessy, W.W. Smith, E.
Allsebrook, J.W. Brittain, J.A. Edwards, C.G. Knowles, G.A.   Spawforth, H.
Appleby, W. Busfield, C.W.E.     Parkes, J.S. Spink, J.
Appleyard, E.T.   Gill, A. Lumb, G.S. Poundall, G. Stott, D.
Atha, J.L. Chapman, W. Gillard, S.   Price, H.  
Atkinson, F. Clawson, L.W.G. Graham, J. Marchant, R.A. Pritchard, R. Tilford, H.
  Cook, S.T. Green, L. Mears, E.E.    
Baker, H. Cotton, P. Gregory, C. Mellor, G.L. Ramsbottom, M. Walker, W.
Batty, M. Coulter, F.   Millership, F. Reynolds, R. Ward, B.U.
Bean, A.W. Cudworth, W.G. Hancox, J.H. Millership, H. Rice, F. Watton, J.
Beddard, W.   Hardwick, W. Moorhouse, E. Ryder, R.H. Wilkinson, J.
Beddard, W.H. Deakin, A.E. Holmes, F. Morley, H.   Williams, R.D.
Bennett, J.W. Donoghue, J. Humphries, J.W. Morris, J. Selwood, J.O. Young, L.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson