Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: OTLEY.     Church dedication: ALL SAINTS.     Church type: Discharged Vicarage.

Area, 23,060 acres. Skirack wapentake, U. D *1. - Population, 10,163 *2 ; Church-room, 700; Net value, £160. -The Archbishop of York holds the manor of Otley of the King, in capite, as pertaining to his barony of Sherburne.

23rd August, 23rd Henry III., the King granted to the Archbishop and his successors, the liberty of a fair yearly at his manor of Otley, on St. Mary Magdalen's day, and a Monday market weekly.

One mediety of the Church belonged to the Prebend of South Cave, and the other mediety to the Archbishop of York; and Archbishop Roger appropriated it to the Chapel of St. Mary and the Holy Angels at York, charging the sacrist with payment of eight marks per annum to the poor of the parish, and a Vicarage was ordained therein, 3 Non. May 1258.

A Chantry is named in the Valor. Ecc.

Patron, the Lord Chancellor.

Impropriators, F. Fawkes, Esq. and the executors of Edward Barker, Esq.

The Vicarage is valued in Pope Nicholas's Taxation at £6. 13s. 4d.; and in the King's Books at £13. 1s. 8d. Procurations and Synodals, 5s.

In the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xviii. page 331, it is stated, " Vicarage, £13. 6s. 8d., paid by the impropriator."

An Inclosure Act was passed 18th Geo. III.

Glebe house fit for residence.

The interior of the Church is worthy of observation, as containing tombs of some of the families of Fairfax, Fawkes, Vavasour, Palmer, and Dineley.

25th July 1757, and 27th September 1793, faculties to erect galleries.

5th September 1822, an additional burial-ground consecrated.

Torre gives a catalogue of the Vicars to 1662, which is continued by Dr. Whitaker.

The parish of Otley contains six chapels, of which four, viz. Burley, Baildon, Farnley, and Poole, have been augmented, and Denton and Branhope have not. Denton is a donative.

The Register Book for marriages commences in 1562 ; for baptisms in 1583 ; and for burials in 1588. There are chasms in the marriages from 1564 to 1583. The registers include Bramhope and Poole.

Grammar School, founded by King James I. 30th April, in the fifth year of his reign. Gratuitous instruction in the learned languages to the sons of the parishioners. Seldom above four or five applicants. Only endowment, school-house and reserved rent of £26. 13s. 4d.

Queen Elizabeth's dole. £5. 6s. 8d. per annum.

Poor-folks Close. 2a. 2r. of land, and also an annual payment of £2. 14s. in lieu of common right.

Garden and two Cottages. Donors unknown.

Plum free garth, &c. 1a. 2r. of land, and annual payments of £1. 11s. and £1. 6s.

Doles. Collective annual amount £2. 15s. The book of particulars is missing from the vestry chest.

Jenkinson's dole, by will, 18th October 1642. 40s. a year, paid by the corporation of Boston.

Hugh and Dorothy Saxey's gift, in 1615, to 20 widows, 12d. each yearly. To the parish-clerk 2s. yearly, and to a preacher 8s. yearly.

Thomas Barker's gift, by will, dated 2nd April 1724. 50s. per annum, in bread. -Vide 15th Report, page 681.

A post town.

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*1 The parish of Otley is partly in the lower and partly in the upper division of Claro wapentake.

*2 Viz. Baildon, 3,044; Bramhope, 359; Burley, 1,448; Denton, 179; Esholt, 404; Farnley, 197; Hawksworth, 327; Lindley, 125; Menston, 346; Newhall with Ayton, 203; Otley, 3,161 ; Poole, 315; Little Timble, 56. In 1834, the Population, exclusive of the Chapelries, was returned at 4,550.

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