Otley Directory of Trades and Professions for 1822


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for OTLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Post Master, Thomas Holmes. Office, Market Place.


Academies, Schools, Public & Private,

  • Free School, Rev. H. Robinson, vicar of Otley. and William Hargreave teachers Clapgate
  • Ingham William, Boroughgate
  • Rhodes Martha, (la. bdg.) Cross green
  • Sharphouse John. jun. Bondgate
  • Sharphouse Mary, (la. day) Crow lane
  • Wood William, Assembly room

Agents, Particular and General,

  • Blackburn George, (to the Leeds
  • Mercury) Kirkgate
  • Walker William, (to the London genuine tea
  • company) Market place

Attornies, Solicitors, &c.

  • Barret Edward, clerk to the magistrates and to the association for the Prosecution of felons; secretary to savings bank and agricultural society; office, Grove house, Bond. gate; vestry clerk
  • Sheppard George; (agent to the Atlas Life, Fire and Insurance office) office Kirkgate
  • Smith John, Esq. clerk of the peace, under steward of the Court Baron and Court Leet; office Borough gate; house, Burley hall
  • Wilkinson Thomas, Esq.; office, Market place and Newall

Auctioneers and Appraisers,

  • Earnshaw Thomas, Westgate
  • Hoyle James, Westgate
  • Rollinson William, Market place

Bacon, Cheese, and Ham Factors,

  • Dibb Austin, Market place
  • Holmes Benjamin, Market place.
  • Pratt Richard Bondgate
  • Wood Mary, Kirkgate

Bakers, Flour & Provision Dealers,

  • Brown James, Bay Horse yard
  • Hudson Stephen, Nelson street
  • Lupton Samuel, Back lane
  • Phillips James, Back lane

Blacksmiths and Farriers,

  • Longfield Joshua, Kirkgate
  • Lupton Thomas, Market place
  • Thompson Charles Northgate
  • Thompson William, Kirkgate
  • Topham George, Boroughgate

Booksellers, Stationers, Binders,

  • Farrar Squire, Clapgate
  • Panormo Alexander, Clapgate
  • Walker Wm. printer, dealer in music and musical instruments, and fancy snuffs, Market place

Boot and Shoe Makers,

  • Barber John, Westgate
  • Brown Henry, Kirkgate
  • Brown J. H. Market place
  • Brown John, Crow lane
  • Brown Joshua, Burrows lane
  • Brown Rd. (& hardware dlr.) Kirkgate
  • Flesher William, Kirkgate
  • Holdsworth Abraham, near Market pl.
  • Hoyle Thomas, Northgate
  • Iles Christopher, Westgate
  • Lambert John, Bondgate
  • Lee John, Northgate
  • Longfield Stephen Bondgate
  • Longfield Thomas, Crow lane
  • Moody William, Kirkgate
  • Moody Wm. jun. Walker gate
  • Nicholson William, Nelson street
  • Reynard John, Westgate
  • Stubbs Joseph, Westgate
  • Vickers Jacob, Clapgate
  • Waddington John, Cross green
  • Whitehead John, Bondgate
  • Whitehead Thomas, Kirkgate

Braziers and Tinmen,

  • Cooper Richard, Kirkgate
  • Hornshaw John, (& iron plate worker) Market place
  • Lea Rhodes, Kirkgate
  • Read Benjamin, Kirkgate
  • Rollinson Wm. (& hardware) Market pl.

Bridle, Bit and Stirrup Makers,

  • Longfield Simon, (bits) Paradise sq.
  • Mawson John (stirrup) Paradise sq.
  • Mawson Wm. (stirrup) Paradise sq.
  • Renton Joseph, (stirrup) Paradise sq.
  • Sharphouse John, sen. (bridle cutter) Crow lane
  • Taylor Chas. (horse harness buckle) Gay lane
  • Whitley Francis, Cross green


  • Barber William, Market place
  • Barrett Abraham, Bondgate
  • Barrett John, Kirkgate
  • Curtis William, Boroughgate
  • Fieldhouse Thomas, Market place
  • Foster Edward, Westgate
  • Foster William, Market place
  • Hodgson Thomas, Market place
  • Hodson Robert, Market place
  • Holmes Benjamin, Market place
  • Murfitt William, Northgate
  • Richardson William, Westgate
  • Tempest James, Market place
  • Thompson Thomas, Boroughgate
  • Waddington William, Market place
  • Whitehead William, Kirkgate

Cabinet Makers,

  • See also Joiners.
  • Burley Thomas, Boroughgate
  • Chippindale Benjamin, Bondgate
  • Chippindale John, Bondgate
  • Curtis Joseph, Rotten row
  • Dawson James, jun. Westgate
  • Kendall James, Bondgate
  • Rhodes Richard, Back lane
  • Richardson Jonathan, Market place
  • Rollinson William, Cross green

Cattle Dealers,

  • Bingley William, Leathley
  • Dawson John, (grazier) Market place
  • Milthorp William, Leathley

Chair Makers,

  • Inman John, (Windsor chair) Kirkgate
  • Linton Miles, near Northgate

Clock and Watch Makers and Hardware Dealers,

  • Blakebrough Richard, Market place
  • Hancock Anthony, Market place
  • Hudson David, Market place

Clog and Patten Makers,

  • Croft Jonathan Westgate
  • Dibb Austin, Market place

Clothes Brokers,

  • Brook James, Boroughgate
  • Brown Henry, Kirkgate
  • Spencer Alban, Bay Horse yard


  • Bullock Elizabeth, Kirkgate
  • Holmes Mary, Kirkgate


  • Inman John, Kirkgate
  • Linton Miles, (white) near Northgate
  • Reynolds Richard, Market place


  • Cooper Rd. (& wire worker) Kirkgate

Corn Factors,

  • Dale James, Market place
  • Hardwick John, Market place

Corn and Flour Dealers,

  • Barker Thomas, (flour) Cross green
  • Cartwright Geo. (flour) Boroughgate
  • Chaffer Sarah, (flour) Boroughgate
  • Hardwick William, Market place
  • Jackson Wm. (flour) Market place
  • Rhodes Thomas, (flour) Boroughgate

Corn Miller,

  • Hartley John, Otley mills

Cotton Spinners Manufacturers,

  • Whitaker & Greenwood, Greenholme mills

Cotton Manufacturers,

  • Todd Solomon, Crow lane
  • Whitaker John, Northgate

Curriers and Leather Sellers,

  • Forster Daniel, (tanned, tawed & oil leather dresser) Westgate
  • Rhodes Jas. Kgt. (& Briggate, Leeds)
  • Thackray Timothy, Burrows lane
  • Thompson Garnett, Bond gate
  • Whitehead Christopher, Northgate
  • Whitehead Francis, Borough gate


  • Fairbank William, Market place
  • Forster William, Market place
  • Knowlson John, (& farrier) Market pl.
  • Terry I. F. Market place
  • Thackray John, Northgate


  • Sinclair Jonathan, Market place Todd
  • Solomon, Crow lane


  • Barker Robert, (leather dlr.) Bondgate

Fire and Life Insurance Offices,

  • Atlas, George Sheppard, Kirkgate
  • Norwich Union, Edw. Maude Kirkgate
  • Outhwaite Richard, (& eating house) Market place
  • Phoenix, Thos. Holmes, Market place Fishmonger.

Gardeners, Nursery and Seedsmen,

  • Cowburn Richard, ( nursery) Market pl.
  • Duxberry Thomas, Bay Horse yard
  • Hoyle James, Westgate
  • Long John, (gardener) Kirkgate
  • Wilkinson John, Sugar street
  • Wilkinson Joseph, Burrows lane

Glass, China Earthenware Dealers,

  • De Maine Benjamin, Market place
  • Forest Christiana, (earthenware) Borough gate
  • Mason Geo. (earthenware) Market pl.
  • Reynolds Thomas, Market place

Gold and Silversmiths,

  • Blakeborough Richard, (& hardware) Market place
  • Hancock Anthony, Market place


  • Crossley William, Borough gate
  • Deighton John, Market place
  • Dibb Austin, Market place
  • Fairbank William, Market place
  • Forster William, Market place
  • Fox John Market place
  • Jackson William, Market place
  • Knowlson John, Market place
  • McLandsborough Andrew, Borough gt.
  • Reynolds Thomas, Market place
  • Roundell William, Clap gate
  • Stick William, Kirkgate
  • Thackray John, North gate
  • Wharrie Robert, Market place
  • Wood Mary, Kirkgate


  • Longfield Simon, Paradise square

Hair Dressers,

  • Cork Christopher, Borough gate
  • Hardwick Benjamin, Market place
  • Hardwick William, Market place

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers,

  • Crossley Wm. (mfr.) Borough gate
  • Crossley Wm. jun. (mfr.) North gate
  • McLandsborough John, (manufacturer) Market place
  • Milligan Thos. (dealer) Market place
  • Walmsley Edward, (mfr.) Market pl.

Horse Dealers,

  • Fox John, Market place
  • Prockter Thomas, White Horse, Market place


  • See also Stocking Manufacturers.
  • Bradley John, Market place
  • Craven John, Market place
  • Gilling Thomas, Market place

Inns, Taverns and Public Houses,

  • Barley Sheaf, Rt. Ingham, Borough gt.
  • Bay Horse, Jas. Dale Market place
  • Black Bull, William Boys, Market pl.
  • Black Horse, James Dale, (excise office) Market place
  • Blue Bell, Wm. Pawson, Market pl.
  • Carpenters' Arms, John Cawood, Borough gate
  • Cock & Bottle, John Mawson, Bondgt.
  • Cross Pipes, Geo. Cheadle, Westgate
  • Golden Fleece, Wm. Briggs, Westgate
  • Green Man, Kirkgate
  • Grey Horse, Abram Huddlestone, Kgt.
  • Half Moon, Jph. Rawling, Westgate
  • King's Arms, J. Sharphouse, Bondgate
  • New inn, John Laybourn Market pl.
  • Plough, Susannah Holmes, top Chevin
  • Queen's Head, Ann Curtis, Kirkgate
  • Red Lion, John Read, Kirkgate
  • Royal Oak, Thos. Ingle, North gate
  • Swan Inn, Jane Cawood Borough gt.
  • Waterloo, John Robinson, Gay lane
  • White Horse, (posting house) Thomas Prockter, Market Place


  • Hornshaw John, (& tinplate worker) Market place

Joiners, House Builders, &c.,

  • Burley Thomas, Borough gate
  • Chippindale Benjamin, Bond gate
  • Chippindale John, Bond gate
  • Curtis Joseph, Rotten row
  • Dawson James, Westgate
  • Rhodes Richard, Back lane
  • Richardson Jonathan, Market place

Land Surveyor,

  • Mounsey William, jun. Gay lane

Libraries, Subscription & Circulating,

  • Cross Green, Squire Farrar, (subscrip.)
  • Walker William, (circulating) Market place

Linen Draper,

  • Holmes Jane (and tea dealer) Market place

Linen Manufacturer,

  • Chippindale John, Burrow's lane

Linen and Woollen Drapers,

  • Bradley John, Market place
  • Craven John, Market place
  • Gilling Thomas, Market place
  • Locket William, Borough gate
  • McLandsborough John, Market place
  • McTurk & Co. (& tea dealer) Bond gate
  • Milligan Thomas, (and tea dealer) Market place
  • Rhodes Sarah, (& tea dealer) Church gates


  • Atkinson John, Westgate
  • Atkinson William, Cross green
  • Chadwick John, Ash field house
  • Dawson William, Boroughgate
  • Johnson John, Low bar
  • Thompson William, Westgate


  • Craven P. Market place


  • Chippindale William, Cross green
  • West Hugh, Cross green

Nail Makers,

  • Cawood Frederick, Bond gate
  • Cawood Jonathan, Borough gate
  • Cawood Martin, (and flour dealer) Kirkgate
  • Fortune Cowling, Cross green Painters.
  • Horner William, (and paper hanger) Market place
  • Towlson William, Market place
  • Yeoman Peter, Borough gate

Paper Maker,

  • Garnett William, Otley mills

Plasterers and Slaters,

  • Chaffer & Co. (white washers) Cross green

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Chippindale David, Market place
  • Colburn John, Westgate
  • Robinson Sampson, Northgate

Rope and Twine Manufacturer,

  • Baynes Cornelius, Kirkgate


  • Brown James, Bay Horse yard
  • Cawood Jonathan, (collars) Market place
  • Colburn James, Clap gate
  • Dawson Caleb, North gate
  • Fowler John, Westgate

Sheriff's Officer.

  • Earnshaw Thomas, (wapentake of Claro) Westgate

Spirit Dealers Wholesale and Retail,

  • See also Inns.
  • Deighton John, Market place
  • Fox John, Market place
  • Maude Edmund, Kirkgate
  • Reynolds Thomas, Market place

Stay Makers,

  • Brook James, Borough gate
  • Brumfit John, Kirkgate
  • Brumfit William, Market place
  • Catton John, Kirkgate

Stocking Manufacturers,

  • Aked Nathaniel, Bondgate
  • Fairburn Joseph, Bondgate
  • Hobson Jonathan, Kirkgate
  • Sinclair Jonathan, Market place

Stone and Marble Masons,

  • Childs Michael, Nelson street
  • Flesher & Co. Cross green
  • Flesher John & Co. Gay lane
  • Freeman James, Cambridge lane
  • Freeman Thomas, Gay lane
  • Hobson William, Westgate
  • Hudson Stephen, Nelson street
  • Matson Thomas, Back lane
  • Matson William, sen. Borough gate
  • Matson Wm. jun. Paradise square

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Calvert Anne, Kirkgate
  • Cawood Mary, Kirkgate


  • Bristow Robert Westgate
  • Shaw James, Market place
  • Shaw Thomas, Boroughgate
  • Spence John, (licentiate apothecary) Westgate

Tailors, &c.

  • Catton John, jun. Kirkgate
  • Hodgson William, Boroughgate
  • Hoyle William, Westgate
  • Spencer Alban, Bay Horse yard
  • Whitaker Thomas, Bondgate
  • Whitaker William, Bondgate
  • Whiteley William, Bay Horse yard

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Blackburn George, Kirkgate
  • Hill David, Market place
  • Thompson Peter, (and soap boiler) Borough gate


  • Denbigh John, Crow lane
  • Horsman Robert, Borough gate
  • Horsman Thomas, Borough gate
  • Young Thomas, Crow lane

Thread Manufacturer,

  • Bland William, (linen) Bondgate

Timber Merchants,

  • Curtis Joseph, Rotten row
  • Hartley Samuel, (round wood) Cross green

Turners in Wood and Metal,

  • Longfield William, Paradise square
  • Umpleby William, Back lane


  • Kendall & Pawson, Westgate
  • Priestley John, Boroughgate


  • Longfield Simon, Paradise square

Wine and Spirit Merchant,

  • Maude Edmund, (raff and iron merchant & sub-distributor of stamps) Kirkgate


  • Walker John, Silver mill

Worsted Spinners,

  • Ackroyd William, Westgate
  • Walker John (and manufacturer) Silver mill


  • Atkinson John, grazier, Westgate
  • Bingley William, gent. Leathley
  • Chadwick John, Esq. Ashfield house
  • Dawson James, Chief bailiff to the Archbishop for the Liberty of Cawood, Wistow, and Otley, Crier of the court, Inspector of the weights, &c. Westgate
  • Dawson John, land valuer, Market pl.
  • Dawson Joshua, (perpetual overseer) Westgate
  • Denison Thomas, Officer of Excise, Crow lane
  • Dinsdale Misses, gentlewomen, Low bar
  • Fawkes Walter Esq. Farnley hall
  • Forster Marmaduke Westgate
  • Fox George Lane, Esq. M. P. Bramham park, Lord of the manor and rectory of Bardsey
  • Fox John, gent. near Market place
  • Hawksworth Rev. Ayscough, Leathley
  • Hodgkinson Rev. Edward, incumbent of Stainburn; house, Gay lane
  • Ibbotson Sir Henry Carr, Bart. Denton hall
  • Middleton Wm. Esq. Middleton lodge
  • Moody Thomas, farmer, Cross green
  • Mounsey William, sen. Gay lane
  • Raistrick John, gent. Caley hall
  • Roberts Timothy, Cross green
  • Robinson Rev. Henry, B. A. Vicar of Otley Vicarage house
  • Smith Rev. William, Incumbent of Pool, Rotten row
  • Stokes Mrs. gentlewoman Kirkgate
  • Teal Mary, eating house, Market pl.
  • Townes Henry, gardener, Westgate
  • Vavasour William, Esq. (Magistrate) Weston hall
  • Walker C.
  • Walker John, gentleman, Bondgate
  • Weir Sarah, gentlewoman, Borough gt.
  • Wilcock Eliz. gentlewoman, Westgate
  • Wilson M. tea dealer
  • Wilson Matthew, Esq. Manor house
  • Wilson Rev. Thomas Fourness, (Magistrate) Burley hall
  • Wray Mary, gentlewoman, Westgate

From the Black Horse, Market Place.

  • The Accommodation Post Coach to Leeds, every Mon. Tu. Thu. & Sat. ¼ before 9 mg. To Skipton same days, at half past 5 aft.


  • Bradford, John Dibb, Bondgate, Tu. Thu. & Sat. dep. 5 mg. ret. 6 evg.
  • Bradford, Thomas Wear, Nelson st. Tu. Thu. & Sat, depart 5 morning, returns at 8 evening
  • Keighley, - Murgatroyd, Barley Sheaf, every Friday, arrives 11 morning depart 2 afternoon. Goods forwarded to Gisburn, Settle, Dent and Sedbergh
  • Knaresborough, Robert Dibb, Tu. & Fri. Black Bull, arrive 10 morning, depart 1 noon
  • Leeds, Michael Bell Market place, daily, depart 5 morning, return 7 evening, forwards goods to all parts of the kingdom
  • Leeds, Walter Bailey, near Northgate, daily, depart 5 morning, return 7 evening. W. B. forwards goods to London, and all parts of the kingdom
  • Manchester, Thomas Beck from Bay Horse, through Addingham, Skipton, Clitheroe, &c. every Sat.
  • Skipton, Richard Wall, from the Bay Horse, every Mon. Wed. & Fri. depart 1 at noon, return at 10 following morning
  • York, through Harewood, Thorp Arch and Tadcaster, Richard Wingate, from the Black Horse, depart at 8 on Tuesday morning, return on Thursday evening at 6.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BAILDON in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Barker Thomas, machine maker
  • Brear Titus, corn miller
  • Briggs Samuel, shuttle maker
  • Chapman Rev. John, incumbent
  • Craven and Brear, cloth millers
  • Ellis Samuel, cooper
  • Goldsborough Joseph, fellmonger
  • Hill John, woolstapler
  • Holmes Isaac, millwright
  • Holmes John, vict. Cross Keys
  • Kendall Mary, vict. Roebuck
  • Lupton Wm. linen & woollen draper
  • Mitchell Thomas, paper maker
  • Newell Wm. clog sole & patten mkr.
  • Raistrick William, postman, daily except. Tuesday
  • Stead Matthew, vict. Bay Horse
  • Waiblinger Joseph, surgeon
  • Wainman William, vict. Angel Inn
  • Walker Nicholas, vict. Malt Shovel
  • Wilkinson Wm. gardener
  • Williams Jas. overseer and constable


  • Bottomley Paul
  • Goldsborough Wm.
  • Holmes Benjamin
  • Rhodes Miles

Cabinet Makers,

  • Bolton Joseph
  • Brierley John
  • Robinson John


  • Ambler Benjamin
  • Brayshaw John
  • Butterfield Richard
  • Newby Abraham
  • Peacock James
  • Reynard Benjamin
  • Reynard John

Cattle Dealers,

  • Goldsborough Wm.
  • Proctor James

Cotton Mfrs.

  • Brook Samuel
  • Lister William

Grocers, &c.

  • Halliday Samuel
  • Hutchinson Benj.
  • Littlewood Grace
  • Mann Joseph
  • Reynard Wm.
  • Shufflebottom Rlph.
  • Whitaker John


  • Brook John
  • Horner Abm.
  • Thompson Thos.
  • Walker Nicholas
  • Walker William

Nail Makers,

  • Cockerton Thos.
  • Goldthorp Thomas


  • Bentley William
  • Murgatroyd John


  • Booth William
  • Ellis Samuel
  • Halliday Samuel


  • Hardacre John
  • Holmes Benjamin
  • Leyland Francis
  • Mawson John

Stone Masons,

  • Barret William
  • Herd Thomas
  • Kitchin T. jun.
  • Kitchin T. sen.
  • Miers John
  • Myers Abraham
  • Whitaker J. sen.
  • Whitaker J. jun.
  • Whitaker Thos.


  • Barker James
  • Bell Samuel


  • Atkinson Stephen
  • Peacock James
  • Reynard Benj.

Woollen mfrs.

  • Crabtree Joshua
  • Taylor Martin

Worsted mfrs.

  • Ambler J. and Son
  • Beck Thomas
  • Bell Jeremiah
  • Brown John
  • Brown Wm.
  • Gill Thos. & Sons
  • Goldsborough Rhd.
  • Goldsborough Wm.
  • Hardacre Mark
  • Holmes & Schofield
  • Homes John
  • Mawson John
  • Thompson James
  • Wadsworth John
  • Woodhead Joseph


  • Samuel Taylor, to Bradford, every Tuesday.
  • Thomas Taylor, to Leeds, Tu. & Sat.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BRAMHOPE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Ashley Richard, gentleman
  • Baron Michael, joiner & carpenter
  • Baron Thomas, jun. cabinet maker
  • Bentley Samuel, parish clerk
  • Cawthra William, tailor
  • Dacre John, boot & shoe maker and collector of taxes
  • Driver Christopher, gentleman
  • Driver John, gentleman
  • Freeman Joseph, stone mason
  • Manby Rev. Aaron, incumbent
  • Midgley John, maltster
  • Phibas John, shoe maker
  • Rhodes Wm. Esq. Bramhope hall
  • Upton T. E. Esq. solicitor
  • Waddington John, wool comber
  • Wade Thomas, corn mercht. & miller
  • Walker John, gentleman
  • Walker John, jun. wool comber
  • Walker William, victualler, & butcher Fox and Hounds
  • Watson John, blacksmith

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BURLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Atkinson Thomas, surgeon
  • Baldwin Benjamin, worsted manufr.
  • Barstow Rev. Francis
  • Brumfit John, wheelwright
  • Brumfit Wm. victualler, Red Lion
  • Demaine William
  • Dixon George, cattle dealer
  • Fairbank Joseph
  • Fawcett James, vict. Queen's Head
  • Fawcett Stphn. overseer & constable
  • Gill Thomas, schoolmaster
  • Greenwood & Whitaker, cotton sprs.
  • Hodgson William, stone mason
  • Hudson John, wheelwright
  • Jennings James, corn dealer
  • Lupton John, butcher
  • Rhodes Samuel, corn dealer
  • Shiletoe M. maltster & lathe dlr.
  • Smith John, solicitor; office, Otley
  • Stead Joseph, vict. Malt Shovel
  • Wade Wm. grocer & flour dealer
  • Walker J. S. grocer & flour dealer
  • Whitaker Thos. grocer & flour dealer
  • Whitehead Ann, tanner
  • Whittaker Jonas, cotton spinner
  • Wilks Smithson, gentleman
  • Wilson Rev. T. F. lord of the manor
  • Wood & Co. grocers and tea dealers

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for DENTON in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Fenton Rev. George, incumbent of Denton chapel
  • Ibbetson Sir Henry Carr, Bart. Denton hall

Miscellany of trades

  • Clayton John, farmer
  • Pawson John, farmer
  • Petty William, farmer
  • Scurrow Wilfred, farmer
  • Thackwray Wm. blacksmith
  • Warton Wm. wheelwright
  • Wilson Wm. shoemaker

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ESHOLT in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Crompton Joshua, Esq. Esholt hall

Miscellany of trades

  • Bell John & Co. worsted mfrs.
  • Cooper Miss, scribbling & fulling miller
  • Cunliffe Ellis, tanner
  • Gill John, worsted spinner
  • Nunwick William, blacksmith
  • Ripley John, cattle dealer
  • Robinson Joseph, steward to J. Crompton, Esq.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for FARNLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Fawkes Walter, Esq. Farnley hall

Miscellany of trades

  • Barraclough Wm. managing farmer
  • Baynes William, gardener
  • Dunn Thomas, house steward
  • Pawson William, wheelwright
  • Rawson Wm. carpenter & woodman
  • Rogers Samuel, blacksmith

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HAWKSWORTH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Carrol George, Esq. Hawksworth hall
  • Dean James, grazier & cattle dealer
  • Mawson William, blacksmith & vict. Brown Cow
  • Milner Joseph, corn miller
  • Naylor John, hotelier
  • Naylor William, wheelwright
  • Popplewell John, corn miller
  • Reynard Marmaduke, schoolmaster
  • Watt Miles, vict. Gaping Goose

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for LINDLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Gillen John, shoemaker
  • Learoyd Joseph, shoemaker
  • Stephenson John, farmer

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for LITTLE TIMBLE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Bramley John
  • Dickinson John
  • Dickinson John, jun
  • Stubbs Thomas
  • Ward John

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for MENSTON in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Brayshaw Joseph, worsted mfr.
  • Field George, blacksmith
  • Hanson Henry, tailor
  • Hanson William, tailor
  • Haworth John, schoolmaster
  • Jennings Saml. vict. Fox & Hounds
  • Muschamp John, stone mason
  • Riley John, maltster
  • Wheelhouse John, shoemaker

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for NEW HALL in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Chadwick John Esq. Ashfield house
  • Rhodes Richard, gentleman
  • Wilkinson Mary Ann, gentlewoman

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for POOL in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Bickerdike Richard vict. White Hart
  • Dinwiddie James, Esq.
  • Flockton Thos. paste board mfr.
  • Grunwell Samuel, corn miller
  • Hartley John, maltster
  • Mathews Joseph, cattle dealer
  • Millthorpe John, farmer
  • Nicholson and Co. paper makers
  • Philips Wm. wheelwright
  • Raistrick John, Caley hall, steward to Walter Fawkes, Esq.
  • Stead Samuel, vict. Moon Inn
  • Thompson James, schoolmaster


  • Blakey Thomas
  • Snell Joseph


  • Ramsden Wm.

Grocers, &c.

  • Heaviside Nancy
  • Perkin Mary


  • Hirst Jarvis
  • Thompson James


  • James Dunwell, to Knaresbro' every Wed, to Bradford on Thu.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003