Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for OTLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1829.


Post Office,

  • Westgate, Mary Holmes, Post Mistress.-Letters are despatched to Leeds every night at nine, and arrive every evening at seven.
  • Letters are despatched to Skipton every morning at two, and arrive every evening at half-past seven.
  • Letters are despatched to Weatherby every evening at forty minutes past seven, and arrive every morning at two.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Atkinson Mrs. Mary, Cross green
  • Denby John, gent. Grow lane
  • Dinsdale Mrs. Elizabeth, Low bar
  • Fairbank William, gent. Woodcroft
  • Fawkes Francis Hawkesworth, esq, Farnley hall
  • Fox John, gent. Market place
  • Raistrick John, gent. Cayley hall
  • Rhodes Mrs. Sarah, Kirkgate
  • Robinson Rev. Henry, Vicarage
  • Smith Rev. William, Rattan row
  • Stephenson Mrs. Ann, Bondgate
  • Stokes Airs. Sarah, Kirkgate
  • Tennant John, esq. Westgate
  • Vavasaur William, esq. Weston hall
  • Walker Charles, esq. Bondgate
  • Walker John, gent. Bondgate
  • Wear Mrs. Sarah, Borough gate
  • Whitehead Mrs. Elizabeth, Kirkgate
  • Wilkinson Mrs. Ann, Newhall ball

Academies & Schools,

  • Grammar School, Northgate- Rev. Henry Robinson, master
  • Hay Thomas, (boys' day) Borough street
  • Horsfall Rev. John (gentlemen's boarding) Cambridge house
  • Ingham William, (boys' day) Boro' street
  • Rhodes Martha (ladies boarding) Borough street
  • Sharphouse John (boys' day) Bond street


  • Barret Edward, New Inn yard
  • Newstead Henry, Westgate
  • Sheppard George, Bondgate
  • Smith John (and clerk of the peace) Manor house


  • Earnshaw Thomas (and sheriff's officer) Market place
  • Holmes Thomas, Westgate
  • Yeoman Peter, Borough gate

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Brown Hannah, Bay Horse yard
  • Bullock Elizabeth, Kirkgate
  • Cartwright George, Borough gate
  • Cawood Martin, Kirkgate
  • Kay Abraham, Westgate
  • Lupton Ellen, Back lane


  • Longfield Joshua, Kirkgate
  • Thompson Charles, Clapgate
  • Thompson William, Bondgate
  • Tophams George, Borough gate

Booksellers, Stationers, Printers & Binders,

  • Walker William, (& circulating library, stereotype founder, and subdistributer of stamps) Kirkgate
  • Wood William Mortimer, Market place

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Barber John, Westgate
  • Brown George, Borough gate
  • Brown John Henry, New market
  • Brown Richard, Northgate
  • Flesher William, Kirkgate
  • Holdsworth Abraham, Market place
  • Hoyle Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Lee John, Clapgate
  • Longfield Stephen, Bondgate
  • Mason Charles, Westgate
  • Nicholson John, Sugar street
  • Stubbs Joseph, West gate
  • Thompson John, Bondgate
  • Vickers Jacob, Kirkgate
  • Waddington John, Low bar

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Cooper Richard, Westgate
  • Hornshaw John (and ironmonger) Market place
  • Lea Rhodes (and ironmonger) Kirkgate
  • Read Benjamin, Kirkgate
  • Wharrie William (and ironmonger) Boro' gate

Bridle Bit and Stirrup Makers & Whitesmiths,

  • Longfield Simon (and gunsmith) Paradise square
  • Longfield William, Paradise square
  • Mawson William, Paradise square
  • Sharphouse John (& bridle cutter) Crow lane
  • Whitley Francis (& gunsmith) Low bar
  • Wigglesworth David, Nelson street


  • Barber Mary, Borough gate
  • Barret John, Kirkgate
  • Burnell William, Borough gate
  • Calvert William, Bay Horse yard
  • Curtis William, Borough gate
  • Elsworth Robert, Kirkgate
  • Fieldhouse Thomas, Market place
  • Forster Edward, Kirkgate
  • Forster William, Market place
  • Freeman Thomas, jun. Gay lane
  • Holmes Ann, Market place
  • Holmes Benjamin, (& grocer) Market place
  • Marsden James, New market
  • Nichols John, Nelson street
  • Rawlinson Robert, Borough gate
  • Tempest James, Market place
  • Thompson Thomas, Borough gate
  • Waddington William, Market place
  • Wood Joseph, Nelson street

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Backhouse Henry Kirkgate
  • Foister William, Kirkgate
  • Knowlson John Cundel, Market place


  • Inman John, Kirkgate
  • Linton Miles (& chair maker) Clap gate
  • Reynolds Richard, Market place
  • Reynolds Thomas, New market

Corn Factors,

  • Dale James. Market place
  • Hardwick William, Market place
  • Holdsworth Samuel, Walker gate
  • Jackson William, Market place
  • Rhodes Thomas, Borough gate

Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers,

  • Todd Samuel, Crow lane
  • Whitaker John, Northgate

Curriers & Leather Dressers & Tawers,

  • Forster Daniel
  • Forster Marmaduke G. (& tanned skivers) Westgate
  • Lawson William, Crow lane
  • Rhodes James, (& dealer in grindery) Westgate
  • Thackray --, Burrows lane
  • Thackray William, Burrows lane
  • Thompson Martha, New market
  • Turner Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Whitehead Christopher, Clap gate
  • Whitehead Francis, Borough gate

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Atlas, William Walker, Kirkgate
  • Norwich Union, Edward Maude, Kirkgate Phoenix, William Barrett

Gardeners Nursery and Seedsmen,

  • Cowburn Benjamin, Chevin
  • Duxburry Thomas, Bay Horse yard
  • Hartley Samuel, Low bar
  • Long John, Kirkgate
  • Wilkinson John, Nelson street
  • Wilkinson Joseph, jun. Westgate
  • Wilkinson Joseph, sen. Westgate

Glass & Earthenware Dealers,

  • De Maine Sarah, Market place
  • Jackson William, (& grocer) Market place
  • Stewart Charles, Borough gate

Grocers, &c,

  • Deighton John, (& spirit dlr) Market place
  • Dibb Austin (& patten mkr) Market place
  • Forster William, (& druggist) Market place
  • Fox Jonathan, jun. (& spirit dlr), Market place
  • Johnson David, (& draper) Market place
  • Knowlson John, Market place
  • Roundell William, (& seedsman) Clap gate
  • Simpson & Jackson (& druggists) Market place
  • Thackray John, Clapgate
  • Walker Thomas, Market place
  • Wharrie Robert, (& dealer in earthenware dealer) Market place

Hair Dressers,

  • Cork Christopher, Borough gate
  • Hardwick Benjamin, Kirkgate
  • Hardwick William, Market place

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Crossley William, (& grocer) Borough gate
  • Walmsley Edward, Market place
  • Walmsley James, Market place

Horse Dealers,

  • Fox John, jun. Market place
  • Prockter Thomas, Market place

Joiners, Builders and Cabinet Makers,

  • Brown John, Westgate
  • Burley Thomas, Borough gate
  • Chippendale Benjamin, Bondgate
  • Cundall William, Northgate
  • Curtis Joseph, Westgate
  • Dawson James, Westgate
  • Harrison John, New market
  • Kendall John, Bondgate
  • Rhodes Richard, Back lane
  • Smithson John, Bondgate
  • Thompson Abraham, Nelson street
  • Yates James, Clapgate

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Bradley Jonathan, (& tea dlr.) Market pi
  • Craven John, Market place
  • Douglass William, (& tea dlr.) Borough gate
  • Gilling Thomas, Market place
  • Holmes Jane (& dress maker)Market place
  • Johnston David, Market place
  • Lockett William, Low bar
  • M'Landsborough Andrew, (and tea dealer) Kirkgate
  • M'Landsborough Jonathan, (& tea dlr.) Market place
  • M'Turk Alexander, (and tea dealer) Bondgate
  • Rhodes Sarah & Son (& tea dealers) Kirkgate

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Chippendale John, Burrows lane
  • Wood William, Bondgate


  • Atkinson John, Borough gate
  • Atkinson William, Low bar
  • Carter ---, Silver Mill
  • Dawson William, Borough gate
  • Earnshaw Jonathan Perkin, Borough gate
  • Ingle Thomas, Market place
  • Thompson William, Westgate
  • Wall Thomas, Rattan row

Milliners and Dress Makers,

  • Atherton Hannah, Westgate
  • Brown Sarah, Kirkgate
  • Craven P. Market pace
  • Flesher Ellen, Bondgate
  • Freeman Ellen & Sarah, Gay lane
  • Kendall Mary, Westgate


  • Chippendale William, Borough gate
  • West Hugh, Kirkgate

Nail Makers,

  • Cawood Abraham (and ironmonger) Market place
  • Cawood Frederick, Bondgate
  • Cawood Jon. (& sadler) Northgate
  • Cawood Martin, Kirkgate
  • Fortune Cowling, Bay Horse yard

Painters--House, Sign, &c,

  • Horner William (& paper hanger) Market place
  • Towlson William, Market place
  • Yeoman Peter, Borough gate

Plasterers &, Slavers,

  • Chaffer Richard, Gross green
  • Chaffer Thomas, Cross & green

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Chippendale David, Westgate
  • Colburn John, Clapgate
  • Hartley John (& looking glass silverer) Kirkgate

Saddlers and Harness Makers,

  • Brown Christopher, Burrows lane
  • Brown Tames; Bay. Horse yard
  • Colburn James, Clapgate
  • Fowler John, Westgate
  • Harrison William, Market place

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Atherton William, Westgate
  • Cartwright George, Borough gate
  • Crossley William, Borough to
  • Holmes, Benjamin, Market pace
  • Holmes Mary, Kirkgate
  • Rhodes Sarah, Church yard
  • Stirk William, Bondgate

Stay Makers,

  • Brumfit John, Kirkgate
  • Brumfit William, Market Place
  • Catton John, New Market
  • Rhodes Hannah; Borough gate

Stocking Manufacturers,

  • Aked Nathaniel, Bondgate
  • Fairburn Joseph, Bondgate
  • Hobson John, Kirkgate
  • Hobson Jonathan, (& dyer) Market place
  • Sinclair Jonathan, Market place

Stone & Marble Masons,

  • Flesher & Co. Cambridge
  • Freeman George & Thomas, Cambridge and Gay lane
  • Freeman James, Cambridge
  • Freeman Joseph, Cambridge
  • Hobson William, Westgate
  • Hudson Stephen, Nelson street
  • Matson William, Paradise street
  • Spence Boland, Kirkgate

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Buck Ellen, Market place
  • Calvert Ann, Market place
  • Cawood Mary, Bondgate
  • Cawood Mary, Paradise square
  • Harrison Ann, New Market


  • Shaw James & Son, Market place
  • Shaw Thomas, Westgate
  • Spence John, Westgate


  • Brown Robert, Clapgate
  • Hodgson William, (& mercer) Boroughgate
  • Hoyle William, Westgate
  • Spencer Alban, Borough gate
  • Taylor Thomas, Westgate
  • Thompson Robert, Bondgate
  • Whitaker John, Nelson street
  • Whitaker Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Whitaker William, Bondgate
  • Wild William, Nelson street

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Blackburn George, Kirkgate
  • Thompson Jeremiah, Market place
  • Thompson Peter, Borough gate


  • Barker Robert, (& fellmonger) Bondgate
  • Horsman Robert, Borough gate
  • Horsman Thomas, Borough gate
  • Young Thomas, Crow lane

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Barley Sheaf, Robert Ingham, Borough gate
  • Bay horse, George Calvert, Market place
  • Black Bull, Thomas Earnshaw, Market place
  • Black Horse, James Dale, Westgate
  • Blue Bell, William Pawson, Market place
  • Bowling Green Inn, Hannah Cawood, Bondgt
  • Cock & Bottle, John Mawson, Bondgate
  • Cross pipes, George Cheadle, Westgate
  • Fleece Inn, David Chippendale, Westgate
  • George Inn, Joseph Pollard,
  • Green Man, William Duxburry, Kirkgate
  • Grey Horse, John Dixon Cuncliffe, Kirkgate
  • Half Moon, Joseph Midgley, Westgate
  • King's Arms, John Walker, Bondgate
  • New Inn, George Tempest, Market place
  • Plough, George Rawson, top of Chevin
  • Queens Read, Samuel Hardisty, Kirkgate
  • Red Lion, John Read, Kirkgate
  • Royal Oak, Thomas Ingle, Clap gate
  • White Horse, Thomas Prockter, Market place
  • White Swan, Mary Cawood, Borough gate
  • Woolpack, John Walker, Bond gate

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Ancock Anthony (and jeweller) Market place
  • Blakeborough Richard (and ironmonger) Market place
  • Hudson Day. (& jeweller) Market place
  • Thackray Thomas, Kirkgate


  • Chippendale William, Borough gate
  • Kendall & Pawson, Westgate
  • Metcalfe William, Bondgate
  • Pawson William, Rattan row

Worsted Spinners and Manufacturers,

  • Ackroyd William, (& worsted spinner) Otley Mill
  • Gill & Sons, Bailden
  • Gill, Mitchell & Co. Bailden
  • Holmes Thomas & Son, Bailden
  • Schofield ---, Bailden
  • Walker John (stuff manufacturer) Bondgate


  • Baynes Cornelius, rope and twine maker, Market place
  • Bland William, linen thread maker, Cambridge
  • Brown Sarah, clothes broker, Kirkgate
  • Buckton Samuel, music teacher & organist, Back lane
  • Carr Josiah & Co. cudbear & archil rafts, Borough gate
  • Garnett Peter, paper makr, Otley Mill
  • Hartley John, corn miller, Otley Mill
  • Hunter James, basket & sieve maker, Clapgate
  • Kay Abraham, flour dealer, Westgate
  • Maude Edward, wine & brandy merchant, and dealer in iron and steel, Kirkgate
  • Mawson William, saddlers' ironmonger, Paradise square
  • Mounsey William, land surveyor, Crow lane
  • Otley & Wharfedale Savings' Bank Edward Barret, secretary, office, Vestry room, Otley church, open every Friday from 12 to 1, an every Saturday from 6 to 7 in the evening
  • Patrick John, flax spinner, Bondgate
  • Rogerson Aspden, dish turner, Bondgate
  • Subscription Library, Bondgate- John Sharphouse, librarian
  • Umpleby William, turner, Back lane


  • To Ilkley, the Defiance (from Leeds) calls at the White Horse, every evening (Sundays excepted) at six during the season, and in winter on Tuesday and Saturday only.
  • To Leeds, the Accommodation, from the White horse, every Tuesday & Saturday mornings at six; goes through Guiseley & the Defiance (from Ilkley) calls at the White Horse, every morning (Sundays excepted) at eight during season, and in winter on Tuesday & Saturday only.


  • To Addingham, William & Richard Wail, from the Bay Mare, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • To Bailden, Benjamin Pickard & Samuel Taylor, from the Red Lion, every Friday.
  • To Bradford, John Dibb, from his house, Bondgate, every Tuesday, Thurs. day and Saturday mornings.
  • To Burnsall and Hebden, James Walker, from the Black Horse, every Friday morning.
  • To Keighley, James Barwick, from the Barley Sheaf, every Friday.
  • To Leeds, Michael Bell from his house, Kirkgate, daily-and Phoebe Bailey, from her house, Back lane, every Tues. day, Thursday and Saturday mornings.
  • To Pateley Bridge, George Stones, from the Black Horse, every-Friday,
  • To Skipton, Richard Mingate, from the Black Horse, every Friday morning.
  • To William, and Hill, John Murgatroyd, from the Barley Sheaf, every -Friday.
  • To York, Richard Mingate, from the Black Horse, every Tuesday morning.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003