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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for OTLEY in White's Directory of 1837.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for OTLEY in White's Directory of 1837.


  • The Post Office, is at Mrs. Sarah Holmes', in Westgate, whence letters are despatched to Leeds, at 9 night; to Skipton, at 2 morning; and to Wetherby, &c. at a ¼ past 9 evening.

The Contracions for names of streets, &c., used:

  • Bdt for Bondgate; Bgt, Boroughgate; Brt, Bridge street; Bln, Burrows lane; Byd, Bay Horse yard; Cln, Crow lane; Cgn, Cross green; Gln, Gay lane; Kgt, Kirkgate; Mkp. Market place; Nkt, New market; Ngt, Northgate; Nst, Nelson street; Rtw, Ratten row; Sgt, Sugar street; Ust, Union street; Wgt, Westgate and Wkgt for Walker gate.

Miscellany of trades

  • Ackroyd Wm. and Co. worsted spinners, Pegholm mill
  • Atkinson Jtn. Horse-breaker, Cross green
  • Atkinson Mrs M. Cgn
  • Brown Geo. B, h. Ngt
  • Buckton Saml. Organist
  • Calvert W. pig dlr. Byd
  • Cawood Thos. sexton
  • Chaffer Rd. plasterer
  • Chippendale John, linen mfr. Bln
  • Craven John, gent. Bgt
  • Cundall Rt. Farmer, Cgn
  • Denbeigh Mrs. Cln
  • Dinsdale Mrs Elizabeth
  • Duncan Tho. Worsted spinner h Wgt
  • Fairbank W. gent. Bln
  • Fawkes Rev. Ayscough, B.A. Cayley hall
  • Forster Danl. Inspector of weights & measures
  • Forster Mr Francis
  • Gambling Mr Mhl. Bgt
  • Hampson W.B. beer hs
  • Hastie Rev. James Swift, (Ind.) Nelson street
  • Harrison Jno. & Benj., gents. Midgley house
  • Hearfield Johu, gent., Storris house
  • Hodgson Rd. cattle dlr
  • Horner Wm., acting overseer, Market place
  • Holmes Sarah, post mistress Wgt
  • Hunter Jas., bsket mkr
  • Ingle Benj., cowkr. Bln
  • Ingle John, land agent & Surveyor, h Brt
  • Lister & Ingle, land agents and surveyors Ngt and Bradford
  • Longfield Thos. parish clerk
  • Lupton Thos. Westgate
  • McGoun, David, constable, Borough gate
  • Mounsey Wm., surveyor, Gay lane
  • Pain Rt., b, h, Northgt
  • Rhodes T. corn dlr. Bgt
  • Ridsdale Rev. W.J. curate of Poole, &c
  • Robinson Micl., gent. Bgt
  • Robinson Thos., b, h, Gln
  • Rye Mrs Sarah, Westgt
  • Taylor Chas., b, h Bdt
  • Todd John, cowkeeper, Chevin side
  • walker Chas., gent. Bdt
  • Watkinson J., beerhouse, Bondgate
  • Wear George, farmer
  • Whitehead Mrs Eliz. Kirkgate
  • Whiteley Francis, gunmaker, Cross green
  • Wild W.H. fruiterer, Nelson street
  • Wrigglesworth George, musical inst. mker. Sgt


  • Forster Belinda, Ust
  • Forster Miss M.A. Wgt
  • Freeman Jane, Bgt
  • Horsfall Rev. J. Cambridge house
  • Ingham Wm. Kirkgate
  • Fawkes Rev. A., Grammar school
  • Wm. Wood, usher, Grammar school
  • Rhodes Martha, Kirkgt
  • Sharphouse John, Bdt


  • Barret Edw. Grove hill
  • Barret Wm. (agent to Phoenix Fire Office and sec. To Savings Bank, & Agricultural Society) Market place
  • Constable Thos. (under steward of manor courts) Manor house
  • Newstead Henry (clerk of the peace,) Wgt
  • Seaman Lewis, Bgt
  • Sheppard Geo. Bondgt
  • Turner Wm. Claughton, Borough gate


  • Longfield Joshua, Kgt
  • Thompson Chas. Ngt
  • Thompson Wm. Kgt
  • Topham George, Bgt

Booksellers, stationers, and Printers,

  • Hodgson Thos. (agent to Leeds Fire Office,) Market place
  • Walker Wm. (stamp dis & stereotyper, lib. & news room.) Kgt

Boot and shoe makers,

  • Barber John, Westgate
  • Bayley Walter, Wgt
  • Blissit John, Cross green
  • Bowling John, Bgt
  • Brown J.H. New mkt
  • Brown Geo. (temperance hotel. Borough gate)
  • Brown Richard Kgt
  • Flesher James, Kirkgt
  • Holdsworth Abm. Mkp
  • Hoyle Thomas, Bgt
  • Lee John, Northgate
  • Longfield Thos. Kirkgt
  • Mills Thomas, Bondgate
  • Nicholson John, Sgt
  • Vickers Jacob, Bgt
  • Waddington F. Bondgt


  • Chippindale Jno. Nkt
  • Cooper Rd. (and brass founder,) Kirkgate
  • Hornshaw John, Mkp
  • Stirk Issachar, Mkp
  • Wharrie Wm. Mkp


  • Barret John, Bondgate
  • Brown George, Kirkgt
  • Cunliff John Dixon, Kgt
  • Dawson W. Walkergt
  • Elsworth Rt. New mkt
  • Fieldhouse Thos. Mkp
  • Foster John, Mkp
  • Freeman Thos. Gay ln
  • Holmes Abraham, Mkp
  • Holmes Benj. Market pl
  • Laycock Thomas, Mkp
  • Marston Jas. New mkt
  • Nicholson John, Nmkt
  • Tempest George, Mkp
  • Tempest James, Mkp
  • Thompson Thomas, Bgt
  • Ward John, Kirkgate
  • Ward Joseph, New mkt
  • Wood Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Young Wm. New mkt

Chemist & Druggists,

  • Forster W,. Kirkgate
  • Greenhow John, Mkp
  • Shackleton Wm. Brt
  • Simpson Major, Mkp
  • Thompson, Edw. Kirkgt

Clock & Watch Makers and Hardware dlrs,

  • Blakebrough Rd. Mkp
  • Hancock Anthony, Mkp
  • Hudson D. & Sons, Mkp

Clog & Patten makers,

  • Austin Dibb & Son, Mkp
  • Pybus John, Gay lane
  • Robinson John, Wkgt


  • Barron Wm. Bayhrs. Yd
  • Bullock Eliz. Kirkgate
  • Cawood Sarah, Kirkgt


  • Inman John, Kirkgate
  • Linton Thos. Northgate

Corn Millers & dealers,

  • Hartley John & Thos. Low mill
  • Holdsworth Saml. (dlr) Walkergate

Curriers and Leather cutters,

  • Musgrave Wm. Kirkgt
  • Nunn John, Sugar st
  • Thackray W. & T. Bln
  • Turner Thos. Cross gn
  • Whitehead Cphr. Brt

Fellmongers (See also Tanners),

  • Lawson Wm. Bondgate
  • Lawson Jonas, Westgt
  • Moody Edward, Bln


  • Cowburn Benjamin, Cambridge
  • Duxbury Thos. Byd
  • Hartley Samuel, Cgn
  • Lee George, Cambridge
  • Lister John, Westgate
  • Long John, Kirkgate
  • Wilkinson John, Sgt
  • Wilkinson Jph. Wgt
  • Wilkinson Wm. Kirkgate

Glass, China & Earthenware dealers,

  • Jackson Wm. Market pl
  • Wharrie Mary, Mkpl


  • Cartwright Geo. MKp
  • Forster Wm. Kirkgate
  • Fox Eliz. Market pl
  • Greenhow John, Mkp
  • Hodgson James, Brt
  • Jackson Chpr. (agent to Yorks. Dis. Bank.) Mkp
  • Jackson Wm. (and game dlr.) Market place
  • Roundell Wm. Brt
  • Simpson Major, Mkp
  • Thackray John, Ngt
  • Walker Thomas, Mkp

Hair Dressers,

  • Cork Cphr. Borough gt
  • Hardwick Benj. Kgt
  • Hardwick Wm. Mkp
  • Pigott Geo. Kirkgate

Hat mfrs and dealers,

  • Bradley Joshua, Mkp
  • Jackson W., Byd
  • Walmsley Edward, Mkp


  • Fairburn George, Mkp
  • Fairburn John, Gay ln
  • Fairburn Wm. Bondgate
  • Sinclair Jonathan (and dyer) Market place

Hotels, Inns & Taverns,

  • Ingham Robert, Barley Sheaf, Boroughgt
  • Calvert George, By Horse, Market place
  • Weatherhead John, Black Bull, Mkp
  • Dale James, Black Horse, Market place
  • Pawson Wm. Blue Bell, Market place
  • Newsome Rd. Bowling Green Inn, Bdt
  • Mawson John, Cock and Bottle, Bondgate
  • Cheadle Mary, Cross Pipes, Westgate
  • Walker John, Fountain Inn, Gay lane
  • Wadsworth Jno. George Inn, Market place
  • Freeman George, Golden Fleece, Westgate
  • Curtis Joseph, Green Man, Kirkgate
  • Cunliffe John D. Grey Horse, Kirkgate
  • Clough Thomas, Half Moon, Westgate
  • Dawson Nathaniel, New Inn, Market pl
  • Hardisty Samuel, Queen's Head, Kirkgate
  • Read John, Red Lion, Kirkgate
  • Ingle Thomas, Royal Oak, Bondgate
  • Procter Thos. White Horse Inn. Market place
  • Hardwick William, White Swan, Bgt
  • Forster Edward, Wilson's Arms, Otley Chevin
  • Hartley Jno. Wool Pack, Bondgate


  • Blakeborough Rd. Mkp
  • Hornshaw John, Mkp
  • Hudson Dd. & Son, Mkp
  • Stirk Issachar, Mkp
  • Wharrie Wm. Market pl

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Brown John, Westgate
  • Burley Thos. Bondgate
  • Carter Joseph, Westgt
  • Chippindale Wm. Bgt
  • Cundall W,. Bridge gt
  • Curtis Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Dawson Jas. Westgate
  • Dawson Wm. Westgate
  • Mountain Jno. Bondgt
  • Rhodes Rd. Back lane
  • Smith Samuel, Kirkgt

Linen Drapers, &c,

  • Blackburn Mary, Kgt
  • Bradley John, Mkp
  • Brown Sarah, Kirkgate
  • Douglas Wm. Mkp
  • Duncan Wm. Westgate
  • Ferguson Rt. Bondgate
  • Fingland John, Bgt
  • Gilling Thos. Market pl
  • Hunter Thos. Market pl
  • Johnson Dd. Kirkgate
  • Marshall Fras. Byd
  • McLandsborough Adw. Kirkgate
  • Petty Fras. Kirkgate


  • Atkinson John, Bgt
  • Atkinson Wm. Boroughgt
  • Dawson w,. Boroughgt
  • Ingle Thos. Bridge gate
  • Renton Thos. Low bar
  • Thompson W,. Westgt


  • West Hugh, Boroughgt

Nail makers,

  • Coward Jonathan, Bgt
  • Coward Martin, Kgt
  • Cowling Fortune, Byd


  • Greenhow John, Mkp
  • Horner Cphr. (portrait, &c.) Market pl
  • Horner Wm. & Son, Market pl
  • Yeoman Rebecca, Bgt

Paper makers,

  • Garnett Peter & Wm.

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Chippindale Dd. Bdt
  • Ingham James, Rtw
  • Greenhow John, Mkp
  • Hartley John, Bond gt
  • Waddington John, Brt
  • Yeomans Horatio Nelson, Westgate

Rope Maker,

  • Baynes Cornelius (and oil cloth) Market pl


  • Brown James, Kirkgate
  • Brown John, Kirkgate
  • Colburn Ann, Northgt
  • Fowler John, Westgate
  • Freeman Thomas Mkp
  • Harrison Wm. Mkt pl


  • Ackroyd Fras. Westgt
  • Akers Eliz. Bridge st
  • Baldwin John, Gay ln
  • Blakeborough Fra. Bdt
  • Brown John, Westgate
  • Cartwright Hy. Cambdg
  • Frodsham James, Bgt
  • Greenhow Fras. Mkp
  • Lawson Jonas, Westgt
  • Mountain Mary, Bgt
  • Richardson Nathl. Bdt

Stay makers,

  • Brumfitt John, New mkt
  • Brumfitt Wm. Mkt pl
  • Catton John, Kirkgate
  • Rhodes Hanh. Bgt

Stone Masons,

  • Glesher Cpr. & Jno., Cgn
  • Freeman Geo., Westgt
  • Freeman Geo. Cambdg
  • Freeman Jas. Cambdg
  • Freeman Jph. Cambdg
  • Freeman Thos. Gay ln
  • Hobson Wm. Westgate
  • Hudson Stpn. Nelson st
  • Marston Thos. Bondgt
  • Marston Wm. Wkgt
  • Parrott Has. Bondgate, Kgt
  • Reynard Jas. Cross gn
  • Spence Bolland, Kgt

Stray Hat Makers,

  • Buck Sus. Market place
  • Freeman Ann, Kirkgt
  • Hoyle Maria, Bgt
  • McLandsborough, Kgt
  • Roundell Mary, Brt


  • Shaw Thos. West gate
  • Spence John, West gate
  • Willis Joseph, Bondgate


  • Brown Chas. New cross
  • Brown Jas, Westgate
  • Brown Geo. Bridge gt
  • Fox Rd. Market place
  • Hodgson Wm. Mkt pl
  • McCaul Hy. Kirkgate
  • Mawson Saml. Wkgt
  • Spencer Alban, Bgt
  • Taylor Thos. Westgate
  • Thompson Robert, Bgt
  • Whitaker Michael, Brt
  • Whitaker John, Nst
  • Whitaker Thomas, Kgt
  • Wild Henry, Bgt

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Blackburn Hanh. Kgt
  • Forster William, Ktg
  • Thompson Jerh. Mkt
  • Thompson Peter, Bgt


  • Barker Robert, (and fellmonger) Bondgate
  • Forster Mdk. Greenwood, (tawer, &c) Wgt
  • Horsman Thos. Bgt
  • Thackray William and Thomas, Bln
  • Young Thos. Cross gn


  • Kendell & Pawson, Wgt
  • Metcalf Wm. New Mrket
  • Thackray John, Wgt


  • Longfield William (& patent lock mfr.) Nkt

Wine and Spirit Merts,

  • Fox Eliz., Market place
  • Deighton Son and Maude, Market pl & Kirkgate

Coaches for the White Horse Inn,

  • Leeds and Ilkley daily during the summer, and in winter to Leeds. Tues & Sat


  • Bailey Phoebe & Michl. Bell, to Leeds daily, 5mg
  • Grange Chpr. To Leeds, Monday 7 mg and to Pateley Bridge, Tuesday, 10 morning
  • Smith J., to Keighley from Barley Sheaf, Friday
  • Barwick J., to Keighley from Blk Horse, Friday
  • Wingate Richard, to York &c, from the Black Horse, Tue

Transcribed by Susan Johnson. ©2000