Otley, War Memorial transcription


Otley parish:

Otley, War Memorial transcription:

The The war memorial on Our Lady and All Saints Church, Otley

The four plaques on the memorial (see also Photo)

The top centre plaque of the memorial

When At
Prayer Remember
Those Who Died
In The War

The left hand plaque of the memorial

Edgar Barrett
John Barrett
Joseph Bona
Thomas Brogan
Egbert J. Corry
Norbert C. Corry
John Currie
William Currie
Joseph Currie

The right hand plaque of the memorial

William Duffissey
John Finnigan
James McSorley
Thomas Mann
Michael Nangle
Norman Pawson
Thomas Pearson
Charles Shaw
John Walsh

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This.

The centre bottom plaque

And In The War
1939 - 1945

Herbert Bona
Bernard Brayshaw
John Brennan
Bernard Brogan
Anthony Hutton
Bertram Kaye
Hugh McNiece
James Welsh
James Duffissey

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson