Otley parish:


Otley, War Memorial transcription:

The World War II memorial garden at Otley

The group of 4 plaques for World War II and later (see also Photo)

The top plaque:

Otley War Memorial
This Garden Was Built To
The Memory Of All Who
Died For Their Country
1939 - 1945

The left hand plaque (see also Photo)

1939 - 1945

Harry Armitage
George H. Atkinson
John Attwood
Peter W. Barber
Rowland Bedford
Ronald Bell
Jack Bellerby
Harry Bellwood
H. Norman Bentley
Stephen Blakey
Herbert Bona
Kenneth C. Bradley
John Brennan
Bernard Brogan
Harold Brook
Harry Brotherton
James A. Bunting
George H. Caplain
Thomas Carling
Frank T. Casling
Jack Crosland
Donald Davies
Leslie W. Dawson
A. Christopher Dennis
Henry Dennison
Frederick A. Dixon
Geoffrey Dodgshon
Henry H. Dunwell
Jack Dunwell
Christopher John Hall

The centre plaque (see also Photo)

1939 - 1945

Douglas Farrington
Leslie Fieldhouse
William A. Firth
William H. Fletcher
Brian Foster
Herbert Green
C. Leslie Harrison
Charles Heslop
Duncan E. Hodgkinson
George E. Humble
Robert Huddleston
Robert G. Imeson
John C. Jackson
Margery Jennings
Ronald Kay
William E.W. King
John L. McCarter
Hugh McNiece
Jack Martin
George Middlemist
Arthur Miller
William Milligan
Walter E. Mills
Charles J. Moran
Wilfred Morris
Anthony A. Morton
William Murrell
George M. Nield
Harold Newell
Norman Nicholson

The right hand plaque (see also Photo)

1939 - 1945

Eric G. Paul
Geoffrey C. Pickles
Brian Pullan
Harold Pullan
Alan Rogers
James Rudd
G. William Saunders
Ben Simpson
William Slack
John G. Smart
Jack L. Smith
Charles Spencer
George E. Stevens
Harry Stevenson
John Storr
A. Peter Sully
Norman L. Sunderland
Steve Tatham
Leslie Thompson
Frederick W. Todd
Charles E. Vidler
Jack Wadsworth
Stanley Walker
James Welsh
Stanley Whitaker
Stanley White
Norman P. Winterburn
William Wray
David York
William York
James Alfred Lee

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson