Peniston-Netherfield Chapel Congregational Church History


Peniston-Netherfield Chapel Congregational Church History up to 1868.



After the death of Hough, the Vicar, in 1719, religion seems to have died out in that village, till, by God's providence, in 1750, the Rev. William Grimshaw, of Haworth, and with him some of Wesley's ministers, preached to the people at Peniston the truth as it is in Jesus. After this Rev. John Thorpe, of Masborough, often visited Thurlston and the adjacent villages, with gratifying spiritual success. Among the adherents gained by his ministry, was Rev. William Moorhouse, who had been one of Wesley's people, but who then embraced Calvinism. Many persons from Thurlston attended the ministry of Rev. H. Venn, and when he left Huddersfield, that of Rev. W. Moorhouse, originally from Thurlston, who became substantially his successor. In 1777, when a chapel was built at Holmfirth, they removed to that place for worship, under the charge of Rev. Joseph Galland. But about the year 1784, Rev. Samuel Midgely was invited to settle in the neighbourhood, and the chapel at Netherfield was built in the year 1786.
  • 1786. Rev. S. MIDGELY became pastor. He survived his ordination only a few months, and his funeral was the first in the chapel-yard.
  • 1789. Rev. GEORGE RICHARDSON succeeded. In 1794 he resigned his charge.
  • 1796. Rev. WILLIAM THORPE (from Chester). Galleries were now erected in the chapel. In 1800 he left for London.
  • 1803. Rev. THOMAS WOOD (from Tickhill). In 1808 he removed to Reading.
  • 1809. Rev. W. H. CROCKFORD (from Nottingham). He remained till 1813.
  • 1854. Rev. GEORGE HARRISON (from Thorne). Under his ministry a powerful impression was produced. But untoward circumstances occurred, and Mr. Harrison resigned his charge. In 1829 he removed to Thurlston, and died in 1830.
  • 1830. Rev. JOHN HOLKER. In 1834 he left for Clayton West. During many years he has lived without a charge.
  • 1837. Rev. JAMES BUCKLEY (from Thirsk). He laboured successfully till 1860, when he left for Stockport.
  • 1851. Rev. JOHN SUTCLIFFE (from Easingwold). Through his efforts the Green School-room, Thurstone, was built.
  • 1858. Rev. P. W. TOZER. He left for Pudsey 1862.
  • 1862. Rev. JOHN WILLIAMS (Airedale). The present minister (in 1868).

* By aid of Rev. J. Williams.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the Appendix to
Congregationalism in Yorkshire
by James C. Miall, 1868.