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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for PENISTONE in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for PENISTONE in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Birks Mr. John, Penistone
  • Dransfield Mr. John (attorney) Penistone
  • Hadfield Mr. Samuel, Thurlestone
  • Holker Rev. John, Thurlestone
  • Milner Mr. Gamaliel, Thurlestone
  • Sunderland Rev. Samuel, Penistone
  • Worsley Mr. Thomas, Penistone


  • Bradford Sarah, Penistone
  • Free School (boys) Penistone -- Jonathan Wood, master
  • Free School (girls) Penistone -- Sarah Moore, mistress


  • Barrowclough George, Ingbirchworth
  • Bramhold George, Penistone
  • Kenworthy Joshua, Penistone

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Hadfield James, Penistone
  • Jackson John, Ingbirchworth
  • Kenworthy John, Penistone


  • Bateman William, Thurlestone
  • Beaumont John, Penistone
  • Beaumont Jonas, Penistone

Cattle Dealers,

  • Charlesworth William, Thurlestone
  • Greaves Joseph, Thurlestone
  • Senior James, Thurlestone
  • Wilkinson Smith, Thurlestone

Grocers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Batty James, Thurlestone
  • Beaumont John, Penistone
  • Blakeley William, Penistone
  • Broadhead Hannah, Penistone
  • Greaves John & William (& tallow chandlers) Thurlestone
  • Hawksworth John, Penistone
  • Marsden John, Penistone
  • Marsden Joshua, Ingbirchworth
  • Moorhouse Joseph, Thurlestone
  • Rusby Charles, Ingbirchworth
  • Saxton John, Thurlestone
  • Scholey John, Penistone

Hardware Dealers,

  • Bedford John, Penistone
  • Blakeley William, Penistone

Inns & Public Houses,

  • Black Bull, William Earnshaw, Thurlestone
  • Black Swan, Ann Green, Penistone
  • Blacksmiths' Arms, James Whittaker, Thurlestone
  • Blue Ball, John Sanderson, Thurlestone
  • Dog & Partridge, Benjamin Harrop, Thurlestone
  • Fleece, Hannah Mosley, Penistone
  • Horns, Abel Marsh, Penistone
  • Miller's Arms, Edward Taylor, Thurlestone
  • New Inn, George & Jonas Heward, Thurlestone
  • Old Crown, Joseph Bedford, Penistone
  • Plough & Harrow, William Bagshaw, Thurlestone
  • Rose & Crown, George Barrowclough, Ingbirchworth
  • Rose & Crown Inn (posting & commercial) George Brown, Penistone
  • Spread Eagle, John Barrow, Penistone
  • Traveller's Inn, John Hanwell, Ingbirchworth
  • White Hart, William Hepplestone, Penistone


  • Lawton Richard, Penistone
  • Tinker Uriah, Thurlestone

Linen Drapers,

  • Booth Elizabeth, Thurlestone
  • Marsden John, Penistone
  • Mitchell James, Penistone


  • Eyre Edward, Thurlestone
  • Greaves Jonathan (& flour dealer) Ingbirchworth
  • Rolling John, Penistone
  • Wagstaff & Butterworth, Thurlestone


  • Lockwood William, Penistone
  • Wainwright Daniel, Thurlestone

Stone Masons,

  • Brown Matthew, Penistone
  • Marsh Abel, Penistone
  • Marsh Charles & Amos, Penistone
  • Marsh John & Benjamin, Thurlestone
  • Thorp John, Penistone
  • Turner John, Thurlestone

Stone Merchant,

  • Brown George, Penistone


  • Booth John, Penistone
  • Shackleton John, Penistone


  • Chadwick John, Thurlestone
  • Hinchcliffe Charles, Penistone
  • Mills Benjamin, Penistone
  • Redfearn David, Penistone
  • Swift James, Penistone


  • Biltcliff John, Thurlestone
  • Hawley John, Penistone
  • Holmes John, Ingbirchworth

Woollen Cloth Manufacturers,

  • Ives Charles, Penistone
  • Ives George, Penistone
  • Ives Joseph, Penistone
  • Lockwood John, Thurlestone
  • Marsden John, Penistone
  • Milner John Crosland (& merchant) Thurlestone
  • Mitchell & Hellawell, Penistone
  • Moorhouse George, Thurlestone
  • Moorhouse William (& merchant) Thurlestone
  • Roebuck Benjamin, Thurlestone
  • Smith Vincent, Thurlestone
  • Tommason Thomas (& merchant) Thurlestone


  • Beaumont Jonas, tallow chandler, Penistone
  • Biltcliff George, watch maker, Penistone
  • Booth William, land appraiser, Thurlestone
  • Bradley James, stamp distributer, Penistone
  • Brown George & Son, paper makers, Thurlestone
  • Chadwick James, oil dealer, Thurlestone
  • Coldwell Jonathan, cooper, Thurlestone
  • Hibberson Thomas, butter dealer, Thurlestone
  • Hobson Joseph, coal dealer, Thurlestone
  • Mitchell James, maltster, Penistone
  • Moorhouse Benjamin, tinman, Penistone
  • Shaw William, flax dresser, Penistone
  • Smith Isaac, dyer, Thurlestone
  • Smith Thomas, corn dealer, Thurlestone
  • Taylor Joseph, plumber & glazier, Thurlestone
  • Wainwright John, hair cloth manufacturer, Thurlestone
  • Wainwright William, rope maker, Thurlestone
  • Wombell George, druggist, Penistone


  • From Thurlestone,
  • To Barnsley, Joseph Moorhouse, Wednesday
  • To Huddersfield, Joseph Moorhouse, Tuesday
  • To Sheffield, Edmund Lockwood, Saturday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000