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Thurlstone Land Tax assessment for 1803.

WBC 47 has the following entries for the year commencing 25 March 1803. (* indicates occupier changed from the previous year; note that Mrs BUSK has been replaced as a proprietor by Richard MILNS [sic] esq.) This list is unnumbered, but the numbers from 1802 are retained on the transcription for cross-reference.

West Riding of Yorkshire (to wit) for the township of Thurlstone, in the Division of Stain Cross, and said West Riding of Yorkshire. An assessment made for one year from the 25th Day of March, 1803, in pursuance of an Act of Parliament for granting an aid to his Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain for the service of the Year 1798 and of another act passed in that year for makeing the same Land Tax perpetual, subject to redemption and purchase in manner therein stated.

noproprietoroccupantexoneratednot exonerated  
1Richd MILNS esqJames LEE   218
2Richd MILNS esqJohn LEE   2168
3Richd MILNS esqBenjamin SWINDEN   1113
4Richd MILNS esqJohn CHARLESWORTH    163
5Richd MILNS esqJoseph EARNSHAW    134
6Richd MILNS esqJohn BROOK    55
7Richd MILNS esqJohn HINCHCLIFF    42
8Richd MILNS esqJoseph HERVARD    39
9Richd MILNS esqself    1010
10Richd MILNS esqJohn SHAW   2510
11Richd MILNS esqBenjamin BOOTH *   126
12Richd MILNS esqWidow GOLDTHORP junr *    134
13Richd MILNS esqBenjamin SWINDEN    84
14Richd MILNS esqJohn CHARLESWORTH    105
15Richd MILNS esqJohn MILNS    92
16Richd MILNS esqCharles ASKHAM    89
17Richd MILNS esqJohn ASKHAM    134
18Richd MILNS esqWidow GOLDTHORP snr    126
19Richd MILNS esqJohn JAGGER *   1184
20Richd MILNS esqWilliam EARNSHAW   163
21Richd MILNS esqWilliam MORTON    97
22Richd MILNS esqWilliam APPLEYARD    39
23Richd MILNS esqJohn ARCHER    184
24Richd MILNS esqGeorge DYSON *    55
25Richd MILNS esqJohn HARDY   2100
26Richd MILNS esqChadwick GIBBON    134
27Richd MILNS esqEleanah LITTLEWOOD   239
28Richd MILNS esqGeorge WAGSTAFF   2126
29Mr ARMITAGEAskham EYRE   450
30Askham EYREself    68
31Mr ARMITAGEIsaac SMITH *    84
32Messrs HALL & EYREWidow HALL}     
33Messrs HALL & EYREJohn HALL}188 1/4   
34Messrs HALL & EYREJ SENIOR & Co}     
43-45John HALLself, WAINWRIGHT & BROWN4143 1/4   
46-53William ASKHAMself and tennants833 1/4   
54L SAVILLE esqWidow MITCHELL     10
62L SAVILLE esqThomas TAYLOR    34
55L SAVILLE esqWidow MITCHELL    26
67L SAVILLE esqJoseph MITCHELL    13
L SAVILLE esqJoseph DYSON *     10
68Joseph WAINWRIGHTself * 16 3/4   
56M MORTONself 16 3/4   
57Joseph EARNSHAWself 16 3/4   
58Thomas BATTYself  9 1/2   
59John WOODCOCKself 16 3/4   
60Robert WOODself 16 3/4   
63John BILLCLIFFself 16 3/4   
64William MORETONself 310 1/2   
65John MITCHELLself 16 3/4   
66Widow ASKHAMself 16 3/4   
69Thomas HAIGHself 24 1/4   
70Joseph HOBSONself 16 3/4   
71John CHARLESWORTHself 24 1/4   
72Thomas HOBSONself 16 3/4   
73Dorothy ROEBUCKself  9 1/4   
74John TURNERRobert GODDARD    26
75John KENWORTHYself 16 3/4   
76Jonathon HAIGHself  9 1/4   
77George CHAPMANself 140   
78-79W J STANHOPE esqHUDSON & HARDY2107 1/2   
80Trustees of ChapelRichard THORP    34
81George FOULSTONERoland BRAMALL    42
82George FOULSTONEThomas MOORHOUSE    34
83William FENTON esqJames EYRE   134
84William FENTON esqThomas BATTY    18
85William FENTON esqBILLCLIFF and HILL   171
86Thomas PERKINSJoseph SENIOR * 149 1/4   
87Thomas WEST esqSamewell ADAMSON *    1510
88Thomas WEST esqThomas MOORHOUSE    1510
89Mr Jos HALLJohn BILLCLIFF 137 1/2   
90Henry BEETEnoch ROEBUCK    142
91Thomas ATKINSON esqJohn ROEBUCK}190   
92Thomas ATKINSON esqAmos ROEBUCK}     
93Mrs BATTYElizabeth ROEBUCK    76
94Mrs BATTYJames DICKINSON    118
95Barnard HAIGHself134 1/4   
96G LINDLEYJonathon MILNES    68
97Jonathon MILNESself 55 1/4   
100John GOODAISThomas SMITH 67 1/2   
101Lady WAKEBenjamin DICKINSON   184
103Chs HAWKSWORTHself    50
104John CAMMself11811 1/4   
105Thomas HOBSONself 12   
106John SMITHself 101 3/4   
107-109John FIRTHself & BOOTH165 3/4   
110Joh MARSDENself 1701-Feb   
111-112Mr JOHNSONJohn WOOD   1100
113Widow HALLself    150
114John HATFIELDself   1134
117-118John GREAVESself & KENWORTHY283   
119John BILLCLIFFself 101 3/4   
120Thomas TAYLORself    1010
121Thomas TAYLORself    150
122Joseph WAINWRIGHTself 31 1/2   
123William APPLEYARDself 171 1/4   
124John WAINWRIGHTself 164   
125Benjamin WAINWRIGHTself 156 3/4   
126Joshua MIDDLETONJoshua MIDDLETON 79 1/2   
127Joseph MITCHELLself    142
128Mr John TINKERJohn HINCHCLIFF   1100
129Jonas CLARKRoland BRAMALL    21
132Benjamin WAINWRIGHTself 12   
133John MARSHTUBB & EARNSHAW * 16 3/4   
134Trustees of Sh HospitalJohn BEDFORD 16 3/4   
 redeemed43199 1/4   
 unredeemed501410 3/4   
Joseph ROBINSONofficer of Excise600   
John MARSH & William BOOTH assessors
We appoint Jonathon WOOD & George WAGSTAFF collectors
confirmed by us May 26th 1803

Transcribed by Andreas Sarker
from document WBC47 in the
Wainwright Booth Collection
by kind permission of
The Sheffield Archives