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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for PONTEFRACT in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Post Mistress, Mary Hayward, Office, Finkle-Street.


Academies, Boarding & Day Schools,

  • Dagley Miss, (ladies' bdg.) Beast fair
  • Edwards M.A. (ladies') Corn market
  • Martin C. A. (national) Micklegate
  • Tolston Nathan, (classical & commercial) Castle house

Agents, General and Particular,

  • Jackson Isabella, (East India Company) Ropergate
  • Moorhouse Michael, (London Genuine Tea Company) Salter row
  • Page Barbara, (East India Company's Tea) Corn market


  • Hartley Bernard, Ropergate


  • Clough & Brook, Ropergate
  • Coleman James, Ropergate
  • Forrest William, Ropergate
  • Horner William, Market place
  • Mitton & Pearson, Ropergate
  • Smithson & Ramskell, Market place
  • Whitaker William, jun. Ropergate
  • Wood William, Corn market


  • Carr Thomas, Church lane
  • Dickinson James, Micklegate
  • Haigh George, Corn market
  • Wright Benjamin, Micklegate

Bacon and Ham Factor,

  • Dawson Ann, Market place
  • White Michael, Middle row


  • Bradbury John, Shoe market
  • Pease John, Middle row
  • Senior Joseph, Beast fair
  • Vaux Richard, Micklegate


  • Leathams, Tew, Trueman Tew, & Co. Market place, (on Jos. Denison and Co.)
  • Perfect & Co. Ropergate, (on Sir J. W. Lubbock, Bart. & Co.)

Basket and Skip Makers,

  • Bilbrough William, Beast fair
  • Fountain John, Tanshelf
  • Sadler Richard, Micklegate
  • Wrigglesworth Dobson, Ropergate

Blacksmiths and Farriers,

  • Hunt Joseph, Back lane
  • Kay Michael, Salter row
  • Mathers Thomas, Tanshelf

Booksellers, Stationers & Binders,

  • Brown Sarah, (stationer) Market pl.
  • Fox John, (& printer) Market place
  • Hunt William, (& printer) Market pl.

Boot and Shoemakers,

  • Birkby Thomas, Northgate
  • Brown Ann, Shoe market
  • Brown George, Court house yard
  • Carter James, Salter row
  • Lacy Benjamin, Tanshelf
  • Lea Thomas, Market place
  • Makin Richard, Beast fair
  • Steel William, Beast fair
  • Stephenson William, Northgate
  • Thomlinson George, Beast fair

Braziers and Tinsmiths,

  • Drew William, Market place
  • England Joseph, near the Market pl.
  • Nunns Thomas, jun. Market place
  • Thompson Joseph, Beast fair
  • Wilson John, (tinman) Market place


  • Boys Samuel, Baxtergate
  • Moody John, Micklegate
  • Moody P. & W. Market place
  • Moxon Wm. (& maker) Baxtergate


  • Burton William, Micklegate
  • Greenwood Francis, Market place
  • Lodge William, Micklegate
  • Malcolm Mark, Beast fair
  • Tasker Thomas, Micklegate
  • White Michael, (pork) Middle row

Butter Factors,

  • Dawson Ann, Market place
  • Morley Joseph, (& bacon) Salter row


  • Ashton John, Bridge
  • Dawson Ann, Market place
  • Nunns Thomas, Market place
  • Wilson Joseph, Beast fair

Chemists and Druggists,

  • Brice John, Market place
  • Parkinson William, Market place
  • Ramsden John, (druggist) Beast fair

Clock and Watch Makers,

  • Booth G. B. Wool market
  • Booth James, Market place
  • Farrer Benjamin, Beast fair
  • Farrer Joshua, Beast fair
  • Sheppard W. R. Micklegate


  • Bradbury John, Shoe market
  • Moore Sarah, Market place
  • Senior Joseph, Beast fair


  • Bilbrough William, Beast fair
  • Sadler Richard, Micklegate
  • Worfolk George, Market place

Corn and Flour Dealers,

  • Barratt Thomas, Ropergate
  • Baumforth Thomas, Beast fair
  • Colley Thomas, (flour) Micklegate
  • Eyre Thomas, Corn market
  • Gelder George, (flour) Market place
  • Gelder William, Micklegate
  • Moorhouse Michael, (flour) Salter row
  • Pinder Joseph, Ropergate
  • Walshaw Thomas, (flour) Salter row
  • Warwick Wm. (& malt) Micklegate
  • Watson Thomas, (corn & malt) Low Bailey gate

Corn Millers,

  • Nodder John, St. Thomas Hill
  • Nodder Thomas near Bubwith house
  • Pease William, Boreas Union mill
  • Womack Richard, Corporation mill

Curriers and Leather Cutters,

  • Handley Joseph, Micklegate
  • Poppleton Richard, Gillygate
  • Robson James, Market place
  • Winterburn Richard, Wool market


  • Purslove Thos. near the Old church

Fire and Life Insurance Offices,

  • County, F. G. Osburn, Ropergate
  • Phoenix, Wm. Whitaker, Ropergate
  • Sheffield, John Fox, Market place


  • Dawson Ann, Market place

Gardeners and Seedsmen,

  • Barratt Thomas, Ropergate
  • Hunter Timothy, (seedsman) Bridge
  • Knapton William, Baxter street
  • Oxley Thomas and Scholey, (nursery & seedsmen) Beast fair
  • Pollard Tempest, (seedsman) Micklegate
  • Swallow Christopher, Micklegate

Glass, China, Earthenware Dealers,

  • Auckland Geo. (earthenware) Micklegate
  • Knowles Elizabeth, (earthenware) Shoe market

Glove and Breeches Makers,

  • Brook Matthew, Market place
  • Riley Wm. (breeches) Market place

Grocers and Tea Dealers,

  • Dawson Matthew, Market place
  • Dawson William, Market place
  • Firth Thomas, Market place
  • Gelder William, Micklegate
  • Hunter Timothy, Bridge
  • Johnson M. & E. Market place
  • Nunns Thomas, Market place
  • Shillito & Robson Market place
  • Spivey John, Market place
  • Townend Sarah, Ropergate
  • Ullathorne Francis, Beast fair
  • Wigham James, Beast fair

Hair Dressers and Perfumers,

  • Beaumont Richard, (dealer in perfumery) Market place
  • Freeman George, Market place
  • Mountain John, Shoe market
  • Standidge Samuel, Bridge

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers,

  • Addingley John, (manufacturer) Market place
  • Atley George, (manufacturer) near the Market place
  • Matthews Thos. (dealer) Market pl.
  • Sutcliff Thomas, (manufacturer) Beast fair

Hotels, Inns, Taverns, &c.,

  • Black Bull, Francis Senior, Low Bailey gate
  • Black-a-moor's Head, John Robinson, Corn market
  • Blue Bell, John Atkinson, Ropergate
  • Butcher's Arms, Christopher Shepherdson, Church lane
  • Cropt Horse, Mary Taylor, Shoe mkt.
  • Cross Keys, Ann Haigh, Shoe market
  • Cross Swords, Joseph Spink, Salter row
  • Crown and Anchor, George Denton, Beast fair
  • Currier's Arms, John Grant, Shoe mkt.
  • Dolphin, Betty Brown, Micklegate
  • Fox, John Marshall, Low Bailey gate
  • Gardener's Arms, Geo. Brook, Court House yard
  • Golden Ball, Jas. Rhodes, Micklegate
  • Green Dragon, William Wood, Corn market
  • Grey Hound, Joseph Foster, top of Corn market
  • Hope and Anchor, John Crossby, North street
  • Horse Shoes, 'William Wheatley, Shoe market
  • King's Arms, Thos. Barber Shoe mkt.
  • Malt Shovel, Geo. Carter, Beast fair
  • Nag's Head, Nathan Scholey, Ropergate
  • New Elephant, John Harrison, Market place
  • Old Castle, Rhd. Dunhill, Micklegate
  • Old Elephant, Wm. Gill, Salter's row
  • Pine Apple John Cooper Baxtergate
  • Red Lion hotel, John Tute, Market place
  • Robin Hood, Jacob Wright, Tanshelf
  • Royal Oak, Midgley Pease Booths
  • Spangled Bull, John Lound, Finkle st.
  • Star, William Arton (Posting and Commercial Inn) Market place
  • Tanshelf Inn, Rich. Green, Tanshelf
  • Turk's Head, John Heseltine, Gillygt.
  • Wellington, Geo. Elliott, Micklegate
  • Wheel, Ann Haigh, Tanshelf
  • White Swan, Philip Sykes, Micklegate
  • Wind Mill, John Charlesworth, Wool market
  • Woodman Inn, Joseph Athorne, Micklegate


  • Thompson Joseph, Beast fair
  • Walton Thomas, Market place

Joiners, Cabinet Makers, & Carpenters,

  • Athorne Joseph, Micklegate
  • Carr Henry, Church lane
  • Dickinson James, Micklegate
  • Foster Thomas, Micklegate
  • Haigh George, Corn market
  • Hartley Hugh, Tanshelf
  • Hesletine John, Gillygate
  • Marshall Thomas, Micklegate
  • Pease John Ropergate.
  • Pease Midgley, Booths
  • Wright Benjamin, Micklegate


  • Fox John, Market place
  • Hunt Wm. (circulating) Market place

Linen Drapers,

  • Dibb John, Market place
  • Travis Thomas, Market place
  • Ullathorne Francis, Beast fair
  • Wood James, (and haberdasher) Market place

Linen and Woollen Drapers,

  • Holme James, Market place
  • Robinson James, Market place
  • Shertliff Edward, Market place
  • Smalley Robert, Market place
  • Watson Joseph, Market place

Liquorice Boilers and Dealers,

  • Barratt Thomas, (boiler) Ropergate
  • Brown Jane, (dealer) Ropergate
  • Dunhill George, (boiler) Micklegate
  • Dunhill Thomas, (and merchant) Micklegate
  • Osburn F G. (& merchant) Ropergate


  • Balmford Robert, Low Bailey gate
  • Barker Thomas, Castle hill
  • Bywater William, Beast fair
  • Cirlew Joseph, (dealer) Jubilee place
  • Dunhill Geo. Jun. Low Bailey gate
  • Hurst Samuel, Micklegate
  • Hurst Samuel, Tanshelf
  • Hutchinson Matthew, North street
  • Johnson Joseph, Micklegate
  • Purslove William, Tanshelf
  • Spink George, near the Castle chain

Milliners and Dress Makers,

  • Brown Jane, (& stay maker) Roper gate
  • Haigh Elizabeth, (dress) Ropergate
  • Halfpenny Jane, Shoe market
  • Jackson Isabella, Ropergate
  • Knapton Sarah, Baxtergate
  • Lund M. W. (stay maker) Tanshelf
  • McDowell Ann, Micklegate

Music Masters and Dealers,

  • Hargrave John, (professor) Micklegate
  • Hill Thomas, (& organist)
  • Wilson John, Market place

Nail Manufacturers,

  • Booth (G. B. (cut) Wool market
  • Harrison Joseph, (maker) Northgate
  • Watson Thomas, Market place

Painters and Gilders,

  • Clark Henry, Micklegate
  • Martin Samuel, Salter's row
  • Stewart Samuel, Northgate


  • Haxby John, M.D. Beast fair
  • Jefferson Joshua, M.D. Micklegate


  • Palfreeman Anthony, Market place

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Barker William, Micklegate
  • Ingham David, Market place
  • Nunns William, Market place
  • Ramsden Thomas, Market place
  • Scholey John, Beast fair

Porter Dealers,

  • Berry John, Market place
  • Rhodes Edward, Salter row

Rag Merchants,

  • Addingley John, Market place
  • Dawson Matthew Market place
  • Prince William, Beast fair

Rope and Twine Makers,

  • Dickinson Thos. near the Beast fair
  • Vickers George, Ropergate

Saddler, Harness, Collar Makers,

  • Auckland Samuel, Dear Moot hall
  • Elliott William, Beast fair
  • Smith George, Market place
  • Smith Kirkman, Beast fair
  • Sudbury Thomas, Beast fair

Savings Bank.

  • At the Town hall, C. A. Martin, agent, Micklegate

Sheriff's Officers,

  • Foster Joseph, top of Corn market
  • Rhodes H. T. top of Corn market

Silversmiths and Jewellers,

  • Berry James, Market place
  • Booth Jas.(& hardwareman) Market pl.

Slate Merchants,

  • Boys Samuel, Baxtergate
  • Moxon William, Baxtergate

Spirit and Wine Merchants,

  • Poppleton Robert, Gillygate
  • Rhodes Edward, (and hop) Salter's row; house, Ropergate

Spirit and Wine Dealers,

  • Brice John, (British wines) Market pl.
  • Burry John, Market place
  • Gill Thos. (British wines) Market pl.
  • Handley Joseph, Beast fair
  • Popplewell Rd. & Co. Market place
  • Thompson Richard, Church lane

Stamp Office,

  • Osburn F. O. (sub-distributor) Ropergate

Stone Masons,

  • Boys Samuel, Baxtergate
  • Moxon William, (and quarry owner) Baxtergate
  • Plowes William, Tanshelf
  • Pool Francis, High Bailey gate
  • Sykes Philip, Micklegate

Straw Hat Manufacturers,

  • Ash Eleanor, Beast fair
  • Clough A. and A. Ropergate
  • Makin Ann, Beast fair
  • McDowall Ann, Micklegate
  • Shepherd Elizabeth, Micklegate


  • Oxley and Muscroft, Micklegate
  • Sherwin James, Micklegate
  • Smith Robert, Market place
  • Wainwright Samuel, Market place


  • Hartley Bernard, (of the West Riding bridges) Ropergate

Tailors and Drapers,

  • Barham William, Ropergate
  • Brown Daniel, (& mercer) Market pl.
  • Haigh John Walton's yard
  • Lendlay John Ropergate
  • Silverwood William, Shoe market
  • Whitehead W. H. (and habit maker) Northgate

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Atkinson Thomas Pig market
  • Holm William Church lane
  • Johnson Joseph, Micklegate
  • Shillito and Robson, Market place


  • Walker John, Tanshelf

Timber and Raff Merchant,

  • Craggs John yard, Back lane; house, Beast fair


  • Foster John, Market place

Tobacco Pipe Maker,

  • Hays John, Butts

Turner in Wood and Metal,

  • Whardall William, Newgate

Umbrella Maker,

  • Matthews Thomas, Market place

Veterinary Surgeons,

  • Pike Wm. (& druggist) Micklegate
  • Wood M. Corn market


  • Athorne Joseph, Micklegate
  • Barker William, Low Bailey gate
  • Rayner John Micklegate
  • Teal James, hack lane

Whitesmiths and Gunsmiths,

  • Burland Robert, Ropergate
  • Ratcliff Benjamin, Shoe market
  • Ratcliff John, Ropergate

Woollen Drapers,

  • Brown Daniel, Market place
  • Poskett Wm. near the Wool market
  • Rideal David, (& mercer) Market pl.

Worsted and Yarn Manufacturers,

  • Higgins William Shoe market
  • Pollard Joseph, Moot hall
  • Pollard William, Micklegate
  • Walker Joseph, Shoe market


  • Armitage Wm. shpkpr. Micklegate
  • Beckwith Benjamin, Micklegate
  • Berry Jas. furniture broker, Beast fair
  • Broughton John, chimney sweeper, Micklegate
  • Ellis Wm. shopkeeper, Micklegate
  • Fryer John, wire worker Baxtergate
  • Hepplestone Mark, Micklegate
  • Higgins Charles, chimney sweeper and fire extinguisher
  • Horner Abraham, clothes broker, near the Market place
  • Howcroft Joseph, paviour, Coplass hill
  • Huggins and Clark, managers of the theatre, Gillygate
  • Hutchinson J. & Co. nail bagging mfrs. near the Old church
  • Lee Wm. Esq. treasurer for the West Riding, Grove hall
  • Oldridge Christopher, keeper of the toll house, Tanshelf
  • Pease Thomas, millwright and smith, Newgate
  • Pinder Jph. shopkeeper, Ropergate
  • Poppleton Robert, chief constable for the wapentake, Micklegate
  • Quin John, linen weaver, Coplass hill
  • Ramsden John, deputy overseer, Beast fair
  • Standidge John, artist and drawing master, Micklegate
  • Standidge Samuel, preserver of birds, &c. Bridge
  • Wilkinson Thomas, chief constable for the wapentake of Osgoldcross, Ropergate

From the Red Lion Inn, John Tute, Market place,

  • A Hearse and Mourning Coach kept.
  • The SHEFFIELD COACH arrives at 9, and proceeds to Scarbro' by York, and returns at 5 in the evening.
From the Star Inn, William Arton,
  • The ROYAL UNION from Wakefield to Selby, every morning at 7.

Land Carriage,
From the Black-a-Moor's Head,

  • Ann Dawson to York, on Tu. Thu. & Sat, at 10 mg. and ret. the following day at 5 evening.
  • Thomas Kay from Selby, arr. on Sat. 10 mg. ret. 3 aft.
  • Wm. Dove from Belk's yard to Wakefield, on Mon. Wed. and Fri. at half past 6 mg. and ret, at 7 in the evg. to Selby on Mon. & Thu. arr. in time for the Hull Steam Packets, and ret. the same evening.
From the Cross Keys, Shoe Market, At the Currier's Arms, Shoe Market,
  • Isaac Brook from Methley, arr. on Sat. at 12, ret. at 5 in the evening.
  • Thomas Brayshaw from Beal, err, on Sat. at 10, ret. at 5.
  • Wm. Nottingham from Snaith, arr. on Sat. at 10, and ret, at 5.
From the Spangled Bull, Pig Market,
  • John Lownd to the Bay Horse, Selby, on Mon. and Thu. arr. in time for the Steam
  • Packets, & ret, same evg.; and to Wakefield on Mon. Wed. & Fri. to the Elephant and Castle, and ret. the same evg.
From the King's Arms,
  • James Patrick to Barnsley every Sunday evening.
  • Samuel Stephenson from Wakefield, every Sat. arr. at 10, ret, at 3.
  • William Killingbeck arr. on Sat, at 11, and ret. at 3.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for CARLETON in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Ainslie P. B. Esq.
  • Birdsall James, farmer
  • Coates George, gentleman
  • Fowler Nathaniel, Esq.
  • Frobishaw John, grocer
  • Goodier Captain William
  • Hanks James, nursery & seedsman
  • Hick William, gentleman
  • Jowitt Benjamin, gentleman
  • Lever Darcy, gentleman
  • Pickering Alexander, butcher
  • Scott William, gentleman
  • Sleddle Joseph, farmer
  • Stapleton Thomas, Esq.
  • Thorp Joseph, wheelwright
  • Thorrell William, shoemaker
  • Winn Rowland brick mkr. & maltster
  • Wood Major Charles
  • Wordsworth Miss Elizabeth


  • Booth John
  • Briggs George
  • Burton Thomas
  • Cawkwell John
  • Hare Thomas
  • Hepworth Matth.
  • Newton Wm.
  • Pears Thomas
  • Pickard Michael
  • Shipton Thos.
  • Tindall John
  • Watson Robert

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for EAST HARDWICK in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Bell Rev. John, perpetual curate
  • Richardson Rev. William, academy
  • Swaby Ann, gentlewoman

Miscellany of trades

  • Brightman William, shopkeeper
  • Crossley John, blacksmith
  • Day John, farmer
  • Millthorp John, vict. Drovers' Inn
  • Sherburn Thomas, farmer
  • Thompson and Tasker, shoemakers
  • Wilson Richard, stone mason

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for KNOTTINGLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Alderson Rev. John, Independent minister, Moody's yard
  • Allen W. white & locksmith, Chapel street
  • Bailey Rev. John, curate, Chapel st.
  • Bell Henry, chemist & druggist, Aire street
  • Braime Thus, manager at the pottery
  • Brandford Benjamin, vict. Blue Bell, Back lane
  • Brown J. vict. Cherry Tree, Marsh end
  • Burton George, vict. Royal Oak
  • Canby John, vict. Waggon & Horses, Aire street
  • Canby Misses, straw hat manufactrs.
  • Cawthorn David, sail maker, Aire st.
  • Darnbrooke William, vict. Lamb, Racca green
  • Dawson William, saddler and collar maker, Aire street
  • Ethrington John, vict. Swan, Hill top
  • Farnhill Thomas, gent. Aire street
  • Fordham John clock and watch maker, Island
  • Gaggs, Carter & Co. common brewers, Mill close
  • Goulding Jph. anchorsmith, Aire st.
  • Hall George, victualler, Red Lion, Swinley green
  • Hepworth Mark, vict. Dog Inn
  • Jackson Joseph, baker, Aire street
  • Lee George, worsted manufacturer & hosier, Island
  • Mellor William, vict. Rising Sun, Hill top
  • Norton William, gent. Aire street
  • Ord Francis, spirit dealer & victualler, Aire street
  • Pickering Ann, vict. Buck, Aire st.
  • Robinson John, vict. Ship Inn Island
  • Scales Ann, straw hat manufacturer, Aire street
  • Scholfield Philip, tanner, Low green
  • Shay William, lock keeper, Lock
  • Smith Edward, gamekeeper and dog trainer
  • Smithson William, victualler, Duke of York
  • Stillings William, plumber & glazier, Aire street
  • Taylor Wm. vict. Bay Horse, Hill top
  • Tomlinson Ed ward, earthenware mfr. Ferrybridge pottery
  • Tree Anthony, auctioneer & appraiser, Island
  • Tupman James, gentleman, Tupman's square
  • Walker Jeremiah, earthenware dealer, Holes
  • Wittenstall John, victualler, Anchor, Aire street
  • Wood William, attorney, Aire street; house, Pontefract attendance on Mondays and Wednesdays.


  • Clayburn Robert, Racca green
  • Fell John, Chapel street
  • Jackson Robert, Hill top


  • Atkinson John, Aire street
  • Burton Edwin, Aire street
  • Dealtry James, Island
  • Grainger Christopher, Aire street
  • Long Robert, Racca green
  • Longwood William, Chapel street
  • Lowther Robert, Hill top
  • Richardson Rylah, Aire street
  • Sampson Thomas, Cow lane
  • Smith Edward, Chapel street
  • Turner Thomas, Hill top

Cabinet Makers,

  • Frear John, Island
  • Moore William, Island
  • Shearwood Paul, Strop hill
  • Tree Anthony, Island

Coal Merchants,

  • Cauthorn John, (& lime) Moody's yd.
  • Chaster John, Racca green
  • Smalpage Samuel, Aire street

Corn and Flour Dealers,

  • Greaves John, Racca green
  • Tunningley Matthew, Cow lane
  • Watson Thomas, (wholesale) Holes
  • Wilkinson George, Racca green
  • Wilson John, Cow lane
  • Womack William, Hill top

Corn Millers,

  • Jenkinson J. Warren windmill
  • Proprietors of the navigation
  • Redfearn Robert, Warren windmill

Drapers, &c.

  • England Elizabeth, Aire street
  • Morley Thomas Aire street
  • Whiteley Joseph, Island


  • Rothery Michael, Cow lane
  • Thompson John, Low green

Grocers, &c.

  • England Elizabeth Aire street
  • Garner John, Swinley green
  • Hoyland Grace, Island
  • Hoyland John, Aire street
  • Marsh Thos. (& druggist) Aire st.
  • Saul Winefred, Aire street
  • Turner William, Marsh end

Hair Dressers,

  • Holland William, Aire street
  • Wass William, Aire street

Lime Merchants,

  • Atkinson Thomas Old hall
  • Burton Francis, Hill top
  • Butler William, Hill top
  • Cockell Joseph, (& shopkeeper)
  • Gaggs Edward, Hill top
  • Jackson John, Hill top
  • Jackson Thomas, Chapel street
  • Long Robert Racca green
  • Moorhouse William, sen. Hill top
  • Moorhouse William, jun. Hill top
  • Pickard John, Warren mill
  • Shilleto Thos. (& maltster) Racca grn.
  • Stacy John, Racca green
  • Wood George, (& teazle dealer)
  • Wood Thomas, Holes

Rope Makers,

  • Atkinson Samuel, Cow lane
  • Hepworth John, Aire street
  • Hepworth Mark, Garth ends
  • Moorhouse William jun. Hill top
  • Standidge Robert, Island


  • Askam Mrs. Back lane
  • Pick Bryan, Church yard
  • Smith Isaac, Pottery hill
  • Thinnington Eliz, (la. day) Old hall
  • Wass Nathan, Primrose hill
  • Wilkinson Thomas, schoolmaster

Ship Carpenters,

  • Burton George, Blue tiled house
  • Sharp William, Island


  • Bramham George, Island
  • Bramham James, Back lane
  • Brown James, Aire street
  • Burnett Joseph, Cow lane
  • Fewster John, Aire street
  • Folas James, Holes
  • Hilton Joseph, Aire street
  • Lee William, Cow lane
  • Naylor William, Primrose hill
  • Piercey James, Hill top
  • Shooter William, Aire street
  • Smith Richard, Aire street
  • Thompson Thomas, Primrose hill


  • Cawthorn Joseph, Holes
  • Kitson Joseph, Holes
  • Scales Richard, Aire street
  • Smith Matthew, Aire street
  • Turner Thomas Hill top
  • Wilkinson George, Racca green

Stone Masons,

  • Earnshaw John, Primrose hill
  • Hardy William, Racca green
  • Marshall Edward, Swinley green
  • Stanhope Jph. (& bricklayer) Island

Surgeons, &c.

  • Bywater William, Aire street
  • Clark Thomas, Hill top
  • Long Edwin, Cow lane


  • Gouthwaite Thomas Aire street
  • Howard J. (draper) Back lane
  • Smith Thomas, (& draper) Aire st.
  • Whiteley Joseph, Island

Vessel Owners,

  • Arnold Elizabeth, Pickhill square
  • Atkinson Samuel Cow lane
  • Atkinson Thomas, Old hall
  • Butler William, Hill top
  • Cawthorn John, Moody's yard
  • Cawthorn William, Cow lane
  • Chaster John, Racca green
  • Dearnbrooke W. T. Racca green
  • Farnell Paul, Aire street
  • Gaggs Edward, Spaud bone
  • Jackson , Chapel street
  • Kitson Joseph, l4oles
  • Martin John, Tupman's square
  • Moon John, Longwood walk
  • Moon John, Primrose hill
  • Moorhouse Wm. jun. Hill top
  • Moorhouse Wm. sen. Hilltop
  • Pickard John, Warren hill
  • Randerson William, Buck yard
  • Seaton William, Aire street
  • Shilleto Thomas Racca green
  • Spurr Thomas, Tupman's square


  • Brears William, Hill top
  • Brown William, Racca green

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003