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Help and advice for Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for PONTEFRACT in White's Directory of 1837.

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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for PONTEFRACT in White's Directory of 1837.

The CONTRACTIONS used for Names of Streets, &c, are:

  • Bgt, for Bailey gate, Brw. Barbican row, Bxt. Baxter gate, Bfr, Beast fair, Bdt. Bondgate, Cpt. Castle precincts, Cln. Causeway lane, Cth. Cattle Laith, Cbk. Church balk, Chn. Church lane, Cmkt. Corn market; Fst. Finkle street, Fwd. Frierwood, Ggt. Gillygate, Grg. Grove cottage; Hfr. Horse fair, Jpl. Jubilee place, Lly. Lemon alley, Mkp. Market place, Mgt. Micklegate, Mrw. Middle row, Mkl. Monk hill, Ngt. Northgate, Pln. Paradise lane, Rhl. Ridgley hill, Rgt. Ropergate, Srw. Salter row, Sln. Skinner lane, Sst. Smyth street, Sgt. Southgate, Skt. Shoe market, Spk. Spittle Hardwick, T. or Tsf. Tanshelf, Tfd. Trinity fold, Thl. Toll hill, Wln. Water lane, Wkt. Wool market.

Miscellany of trades

  • Adams Rt. Malt dealer, Toll Hill, Tanshelf
  • Arnold Mrs, Horse fair
  • Aspinall Miss My. Hfr
  • Atherton Mrs Ann, Frierwood cottage
  • Baxter Wm., sacking manfr. Newgate
  • Beckwith Margt. Governess of the workhouse
  • Bedford Mr John, Tsf
  • Bentley Geo. Bailiff for the Honour of Pontefract, Baileygate
  • Berry Mr John, Mkp
  • Berryman Mr Jno. 3 Jpl
  • Bilton Thos. gent. Rgt
  • Bramley Thos. Esq. Mbl
  • Brook Mrs Jane, Bfr
  • Broomhead Mrs My Rgt
  • Brown Daniel, gent, Belle vue, Tanshelf
  • Brown Jno. Bookpr. Srw
  • Buchanan Robert M.D. Priory, Tanshelf
  • Carr Saml. Draper, Mkp
  • Carter Thos. gent. Tsf
  • Cawthorne Jas. Earthenware manfr. Bailey gt
  • Chambers Richard, bank manager, Roper gate
  • Chettle Rev. Jno. (Meth) Northgate
  • Coates Wm. apothecary, Dispensary
  • Dawson Ann, fishmonger & carrier, Market Pl
  • Dawson Joshua, fishmonger, Southgate
  • Dawson Robert, bank clerk, 8 Jubilee pl
  • Douglas Rev. Henry, (Ind.) Tanshelf
  • Dunhill Geo. Assistant overseer, Horse fair
  • Dunhill Miss Ruth, Hfr
  • Elcock Mrs My. Ann, T
  • Errington Thos. treasurer's clerk, Grove ctg
  • Etheridge Rev. James (cath) Tanshelf
  • Farnell Mrs Ann, Mkp
  • Forbes Miss Mgt. Ggt
  • Foster Jph. Sheriff's off & boro' constable, Ngt
  • Fryer Jno. Wirewkr, Bxt
  • Gill Mr Thomas, Srw
  • Gould Geo. Gent. King's villa, Tanshelf
  • Grimshaw Mrs Han. Tsf
  • Goodwin Mrs Jane, Ckt
  • Gott My. & Eliz. Rgt
  • Halfpenny Chas. Edw. Engineer, Gas works
  • Hall Thos. gent. Tsf
  • Hanks Jas. Seedsman 6 Corn market
  • Hanson Jno. Fishmonger, Beast fair
  • Hargrave John, parish clerk & music mr. Hfr
  • Hargreave Joseph, nail maker, Trinity fold
  • Hartley Bernard, architect & W Ridg. Bridge surveyor, Park view
  • Hartley Mrs M. Toll hl
  • Hartley Mrs Eliz. Sgt
  • Hayes Jno. Pipe mfr. Ckt
  • Hepworth Wm. Esq. Hfr
  • Hill Thos. organist and pfr. Of music, Ngt
  • Holgate Jas. Gent. Rgt
  • Hutchinson Mrs E. Tsf
  • Hutton Alex. Tanshelf
  • Ibbetson Lady Alicia Mary, Wool market
  • Jackson Mrs Amelia, Tsf
  • Jefferson Edw. Clerk, Cdt
  • Jeffree Mrs My. Hfr
  • Johnson Mrs Eliz. Tsf
  • Kidd Mr Anthy. Hfr
  • Leatham Flintoff, gent. Castle house
  • Lee Wm. Esq. treasurer for the West Riding, Cmkt h Grove hall
  • Lumley Jph. Bokbdr, Jpl
  • McDowall Henry, tea dealer, Wool market
  • Marshall Miss E. Bfr
  • Marshall John Grosvenor, gent. Ropergate
  • Marsland Rev. George, (Meth) Northgate
  • Monkman John, mole catcher, Wakefld. rd
  • Muscroft Miss E. Hfr
  • Myres Wm. Horatio Nelson, gent. Monk hill
  • Newell Mr Wm. Bfr
  • Norton Cha, Baxter gt
  • Palframan Mrs F. Mkp
  • Perfect Mrs Catherine Maria, Ropergate
  • Pettyt Mrs Hanh. Rgt
  • Pollard Joshua, town crier, Horse fair
  • Priestman Mrs B. Rgt
  • Purslove Miss Mary Hfr
  • Ramsden Thomas, Hfr
  • Randerson Miss Ann, Sessions house yard
  • Rideal Mrs Sarah Bfr
  • Roberts Miss Har. Jpl
  • Robinson Michl. coachman Sutcliffe's yd. Bfr
  • Routlidge Thos. draper; h Beast fair
  • Russell Rev. Edm. M.A. incumb. Of All Saints, Bellmont
  • Ryder Saml. Gent. Jpl
  • Sayner Mrs Martha, Ckt
  • Seaton John R.N. Rgt
  • Senior Mrs Sarah, Ckt
  • Shepherd Wm. gent Rgt
  • Smith Jph. Draper Hfr
  • Spink Mr George, Tsf
  • Stainforth Rev. Rd. B.A. curate of St Giles', Rgt
  • Standish John, artist Corn market
  • Standish Thos. solr; h 1 Jubilee place
  • Stephens Cs. Gaoler, Ggt
  • Stewart Mr Wm. 4 Jpl
  • Strafford Eliz. Tanshelf
  • Tatham Miss Ann, Jubilee place
  • Taylor Edw. Esq. recorder, Salter row
  • Thompson Aaron, supervisor, Horse fair
  • Thwaite Has. Gent Mkl
  • Tomlinson Mrs Eliz. Bxt
  • Townend Mrs Sarah. Tsf
  • Tute Mrs Mary, Bgt
  • Wainwright Mrs E. Ckt
  • Walker Jph. Cashier at the Bank, Mkt pl
  • Watman Rev. Pattinson, M.A. Northgate
  • Wharldall Wm. wood turner, Newgate
  • Wilcock Jno. Clerk of all Saints. Butts
  • Williamson Wm. Hy. & Co. Umbrella mfrs. Hfr
  • Wilson John Holland, traveller, Tanshelf
  • Wood Wm. solr; h Ck
  • Woodhead Mr Abm. Srw

Academies * takes borders,

  • Willmot Thomas, British School, Gilly gate
  • Dyson Edw. Northgate
  • Whatman Rev. Pattinson M.A. Northgate, Grammar School
  • Booths Hartley Jph.
  • Lowndes My. Ann, Northgate, Infant School
  • Jefferson Wm. Horsefr *
  • Jowett Betsy Bxt
  • Mann Hanh. Maria & Sarah, Market place *
  • Messer Thos. Jas. Tfd; h Finkle street *
  • Martin Chs. A. National School Ngt
  • White Sophia National School Ngt
  • Swales Wm. Newgate
  • Williamson Ellen, Bgt


  • Belk Thomas, Cornmkt
  • Clough Wm. Ropergate
  • Coleman Hy. John, (town clerk and clerk to comsrs. Of taxes) Mkp
  • Foster Jno. (coroner) Bridge; h market pl
  • Horner Wm. & Charles Wm. Ropergate
  • Jefferson Edward Ckt
  • Mitton Michael, & Mechl. Jun. (steward of Honor Courts) Ropergate
  • Perfect W. Mosley, Rgt
  • Ramskill John, Cmkt
  • Wood & Standish, Ckt


  • Carr Thomas Market pl
  • Dickinson Wm. Mkt pl
  • Haigh Geo. Market pl

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Foster Thos. Beast fair
  • Heptinstall Wm. Smkt
  • Pease John, Middle row
  • Pease Thos. Horse fair
  • Sharrow David, Ropergate
  • Spink Jph. Salter row
  • Vaux Richd. Horse fair
  • Walshaw Wm. Srw


  • Leatham, Tew, & Co. Market pl. (draw on Denison & Co)
  • Chambers Richd. Manager Yorkshire District, Rgt. (draw on Williams, & Co)
  • Martin Chas. Anthony, sec. Savings Bank, Town Hall, open Sat. from 1 to 2 o'clock

Basket Makers,

  • Aroundel Jonas, Booths
  • Billbrough Wm. Cjt
  • Hall John, Market pl
  • Sadler Richd. Horse fr
  • Wriglesworth Dobson, Northgate


  • Jackson Wm. Nortbgt
  • Kay Jno. & Michl. Sgt
  • Middleton Rt. Tanshelf
  • Newell John, Newgate


  • Dyson Edw. (old) Rgt
  • Foster Henry (printer only) Middle row
  • Fox John and son (and stamp office) Mkt pl
  • Lucas James, Mkt pl

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Abbott Chas. Corn mkt
  • Asdin Samuel, Northgt
  • Barraclough Rd. Hfr
  • Birkby Thos. Market pl
  • Bradshaw John, Hfr
  • Brown & Bean, shoemkt
  • Brown Geo. Corn mkt
  • Carter Jas. Finskle st
  • England Benj. Sgt
  • Dodsworth James Mkp
  • Hackwell Obadiah, Tsf
  • Hatfield Wm. Horse fr
  • Hopkinson Francis, Toll house, Tanshelf
  • Lacy Benj. Tanshelf
  • Law David, Ass hill
  • Malkin Geo. Mkt pl
  • Petty Samuel, Mkt pl
  • Smith Rt. Shoe market
  • Stanhope Wm. Milner, Ass hill
  • Thompson Thomas, Sst
  • Vant Thos. Beast fair
  • Waterhouse Benjamin, Mill dam


  • Barrat Wm. Beast fair
  • England Ann, Ropergt
  • Eyre Thomas, Beast fr
  • Marshall Jph. Wool mkt
  • Nunns Thomas, Mkp
  • Wilson Wm. Beast fair


  • Barker Benj. Horse fair
  • Spiuk Edw. Bailey gt


  • Boys Saml. Wool mkt
  • Cundell John, Tfd
  • Hall John, Southgate
  • Heseltine Thomas, Sgt
  • Moody John (& lime burner,) Horse fair
  • Taylor Thos. Beast fair
  • Westwood Rd. Newgt


  • Brook John, Southgate
  • Barkinshaw Geo. Hfr
  • Burton Ann Eliz. Hfr
  • Charlesworth Jph. Ckt
  • Fisher Fras. Horse fair
  • Fisher John, Horse fair
  • Gelder Wm. Market pl
  • Lodge Wm. Horse fair
  • Marshall Horatio, Thl
  • Nunns John, Crab hill
  • Peacock Wm. Beast fair
  • Pearson Hy. Tanshelf
  • Petty John, Mill dam
  • Petty Jph. Mill dam
  • Pickering Alex. Bgt
  • Robinson Thomas, Lly
  • Shackleton Wm. Tsf
  • Smith Geo. Shoe mkt
  • Spink Jph. Jun. Mrw
  • Tasker Jph. Market pl
  • Thornton Jno. Newgt
  • Webster Rd. Gillygate
  • Wheatley Thomas, Mrw

Chemists & Druggists,

  • Brice Jas. Market pl
  • Fox Wm. Market pl
  • Parkinson Wm. Mkt pl
  • Priestley Hy. Market pl
  • Wainwright Thos. Bfr

China, Glass Dealers,

  • Berry Rd. Market pl
  • Fisher Eliz. Shoe mkt
  • Taylor Thos. Lee, Mkp

Clothes Brokers,

  • Horner Abm. Ropergt
  • Playster Han, Church ln
  • Silverwood Cath. Chn


  • Bradbury John, Hfr
  • Foster Thos. Beast fair
  • Hall Sar. Market place
  • Scarr Is & Sisters, Mkp


  • Bilbrough Wm. Bfr
  • Hall John, Market pl
  • Sadler Rd. Horse fair

Corn Millers,

  • Nodder Martha, Saint Thomas' mill
  • Nodder Thomas, Knottingley road
  • Pease John, Union mill, h Middle row
  • Womack Rd, Mill hill


  • Kaye John, Horse fait
  • Robson James, Mrw
  • Warrington Richd. Hfr
  • Wilcock Rd. Finkle st
  • Winterburn Rd. Hfr


  • Baumforth My, Sessions house yard
  • Millett Jph. Horse fair


  • Bell Wm. Tanshelf
  • Cheesebrough Jno. Hew hall
  • Crowcroft John, Jpl
  • Farrar Wm. Corn mkt
  • Gott Thos. Paradise ln
  • Jessop Rd. Northgate
  • Marshall Fdk. Cornmkt
  • Marshall Rt. Marlpits
  • Mather Thos. Tanshelf
  • Moorey Thomas, Bgt
  • Pybus Thos. Church bk
  • Shepperd Benj. Sgt
  • White Luke, Cornmkt
  • White Wm. Spk


  • Purslove Thomas, Bgt
  • Thwaites Thos. Bgt

Fire & Life Offs,

  • Foster J. County & Provident, Bridge
  • Fox John & Son, Royal Exchange, Market pl
  • Wood & Standish, Yorkshire, Corn market


  • Atkinson Rd. Bondgate
  • Baumforth Thos. Sessions house yard
  • Brook geo. Corn mkt
  • Brook Jph. Southgate
  • Carr Rd. Mill dam
  • Glover Thomas, Frierwood steps
  • Hall Thos. Bailey gate
  • Hall Wm. Monk hill
  • Hanks & Muscroft (& nursery) Corn market
  • Heckingbottom Jas. Ngt
  • Heckingbottom Jno. Hfr
  • Heckingbottom Wm. Paradise hill
  • Keighley Hy. Mill hill
  • Mitton Rd. (nursery, &c) corn market
  • Osman Henry, Mill dam
  • Pollard Wm. Mill dam
  • Pinder Jph, Beast fair
  • Pybus Wm. Castle ctg
  • Robinson Wm. Castle ctg
  • Whitaker John, Ggt


  • Dawson Mattw. Beast fr
  • Himsworth John, Rgt
  • Jowett Edw. Market pl
  • Knight Samuel, Mkt pl
  • Longstaff Dd. Market pl
  • Phillips John, Beast fr
  • Ullathorne & Routledge, Beast fair
  • Wordsworth Thos. Mkp

Hair Dressers,

  • Beaumont Rd. Mkt pl
  • Freeman George, Bfr
  • Jackson Geo. Ropergt
  • Mountain John, Skt
  • Rhodes Thomas, Srw
  • Smith Jph. Corn market
  • Standish Saml. Horse fr
  • Stringer Benj. Horse fr

Hat Manfrs * Dealers only,

  • Addingley ml. Ropergt
  • Fox John, Horse fair
  • Poskitt Wm. Bridge *
  • Rishworth James, Mkp
  • Smith Jno. Market pl
  • Sutcliffe Thos. Beast fr


  • Awmack Rachl. Mkt pl
  • Higgins Wm. Shoe mkt
  • Poskitt Wm. Bridge
  • Scholefield Hy. Mkt pl

Inns & Taverns,

  • Hayes Jno. BlackMoors' Heed, Corn market
  • Sidwell Wm. Black Pony, Southgate
  • Atkinson, Jno. Blue Bell, Ropergate
  • Waite Sar. Corporation Arms, Salter row
  • Moody Wm. Cropt Horse, Shoe market
  • Crosby Thomas, Cross Keys, Shoe market
  • Spink Joseph, Cross Swords, Salter row
  • Scholey John, Crown & Anchor, Beast fair
  • Brown Betty, Dolphin, Horse fair
  • Holmes Randal, Fox, Bailey gate
  • Rhodes James Golden Ball, Horse fair
  • Smith Joseph, Green Dragon (posting), Cmkt
  • Charlewsorth Jno, Greyhound, Corn market
  • Gelder Geo. Hope and Anchor, Northgate
  • Wheatley William, Horse Shoes, Corn market
  • Barber Thomas, King's Arms, Church lane
  • Robinson Rd. Mail Coach, Church lane
  • Cartner Geo. Malt Shovel, Corn market
  • Davison Thos. Nag's Head, Ropergate
  • Harrison Jno. New Elephant Inn, Mkp
  • Pearson Mark, New Inn, Toll hill
  • Dunhill Rd. Old castle, Horse fair
  • Gill Eliz. Old Elephant, Salter row
  • Wheatley Jno. Pine Apple, Baxter gate
  • Frith Sarah, Ramsden arms, Sessions hs yd
  • Arton Wm. Red Lion Hotel (posting) Mkp
  • Sturdy Chpr. Robing Hood, Toll hill
  • Pease Midgley, Royal Oak, Booths
  • France Geo. Shepherd's Arms, Shoe market
  • Macasey William, Spangled Bull, Finkle street
  • Youdan Geo. Star Inn, Market place
  • Webster Chl. Starkies' Arms, Chl
  • Whitaker Thomas, Turk's Head, Gillygate
  • Hatfield Jph. Wellington Arms, Horse fair
  • Jowett Thos. Wheel, Toll hill
  • Scholey Nathaniel White Lion, Mkt pl
  • Kitching William, White Swan, Horse fair
  • Bell, Wm. Windmill, Wool market
  • Athorn Jno. Horse fair

Beer Houses,

  • Cater Jph. Bailey gate
  • Chappell Jno. Cth
  • Farr James, Bondgate
  • Handley Ann, Mkp pl
  • Rather Wm. Southgate
  • Tomlinson Hanh. Ckt

Iron and Brass Founder,

  • Bevitt Wm. (stove grate mfr.) Roper gate


  • Eyre Thos. Beast fair
  • Ratcliff George, Skt
  • Walton Thos. Mkp

Joiners * are cabinet makers,

  • Athorn John, Horse fr
  • Barber Thomas, Chn *
  • Broadhead Luke, Bfr
  • Carr Thomas, Mkp *
  • Dickinson Wm. Mkp *
  • Foster Thomas, Horsfr
  • Grainer Wm. Mkl
  • Harrison Geo. Mkp *
  • Marshall Benj. Hfr *
  • Marshall Wm. Ggt *
  • Nettleton Thos. Ngt *
  • Pease Midgley, Booths
  • Pease Wm. Ropergt
  • Sykes Saml. Mill hill
  • Turner john, Ropergt


  • Fox Jno & Son, Mkp
  • Messer Thos. Jas, lib. Mechanics', open Mon & Thur evg. 7 - 8
  • Lucas C, librarian, Pontefract Liby. Mkp
  • Overend Abm. Jun. Lib. Subscription. Salter row

Linen and Wln Drapers,

  • Dibb John, Bridge
  • Hartley Jno. Mkt pl
  • Robertshaw John, Srw
  • Shirtcliff Wm. Rgt
  • Smith John, Market pl
  • Ullathorne & Routledge, Best fair
  • Vant George, Beast fr
  • Watt & Co. Market pl
  • Wood Wm. Market pl

Licorice and Lozenge Dlrs,

  • Dicksons George, Rgt
  • Dunhill Gras. Horse fr
  • Dunhill Thos. Horse fr
  • Firth Thos. Market pl


  • Barker Fras. Castle ldg
  • Barker John, Horse fair
  • Dunhill Wm. horse fr
  • Fox Thos. Bailey gate
  • Hick Wm. Tanshelf
  • Hurst Roger, Horse fair
  • Hurst Sml. Horse fair
  • Hutchinson Mttw. Ngt
  • Ibbinson Jno. Baghill ln
  • Leng Wm. Newgate
  • Moxon Wm. Horse fr
  • Purslove Jph. Tanshelf
  • Hobson Jas. Salter row
  • Spink Edw. Bailey gate


  • Bevitt Sarah, Mkt pl
  • Brown Ann Corn mkt
  • Dickinson E. & S. Rgt
  • Balliley Eliz. Ckt
  • Hutton Hanh. Tanshf
  • Jackson Isabella, Skt
  • Mountain Mary, Ggt
  • Pease Eliz. Booths
  • Smith My. Ann, Ckt
  • Smith Sarah, Corn mkt
  • Stewart Sarah, North gt
  • Taylor Harriet, Mkp st
  • Watson Ann, Finkle


  • Austerberry Edward, Stocks, Beast fair
  • Barton Wm. Gilly gt
  • Clark Jno. Horse fait
  • Martin Geo. Alter rw
  • Nowell Jph. Market pl
  • Ramsden Thos. Jpl
  • Walker Jno. Beast fair
  • Wharlton Thos. Mkp
  • Wilcock Joseph, Bfr
  • Winterburn Edw. Hfr

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Barker Wm. Horse fr
  • Ingham David, Mkt pl
  • Nunns Wm. Market pl
  • Scholey Thomas, Ckt

Preservers of Birds &c,

  • Standish Saml. Horse fr
  • Stringer Benj. Horse fr

Rag Merchants,

  • Arundell Jonas, Booths
  • Dawson Mttw. Horse fr

Rope & Makers,

  • Dickinson Thos. Ckt
  • Vickers George. Rgt


  • Elliott Dothy. Beast fr
  • Jameson Rd. Scott, Mkp
  • Nicholson john, Bridge
  • Smith Ann, Corn mkt
  • Sudbury Thos. beast fr
  • Wheatley Rd. Mkp
  • Williamson Wm. Bfr


  • Adam John, Ass hill
  • Appleyard Thos. Bfr
  • Armitage Eliz. Horse fr
  • Barker Benj. Horse fr
  • Barratt Sarah, Beast fr
  • Baumforth Thos. Bfr
  • Baxter Wm. Newgate
  • Bell John, Corn mkt
  • Booth John, Boots
  • Brown Michl. Booths
  • Burton Francis, Hfr
  • Colley Thos. Horse fr
  • Dickons George, Rgt
  • Ellis Betty, Horse fait
  • Fisher Sarah, Horse fr
  • Gelder Geo. Northgate
  • Heeson Jno. Bailey gt
  • Horsfield Wm. Booths
  • Marshall Horatia, Thl
  • Murgatroyd Fras. Bgt
  • Prince Chas. Shoe mkt
  • Robinson Thos. Rgt
  • Shackleton Wm. Tsf
  • Swales Wm. Newgate
  • Tyson Jno. Finkle st
  • Walker geo. Corn mkt
  • Wilson Rt. Toll hill

Stay Maker,

  • Jameson Maria, Mkp

Stone Quarry Owners,

  • Burnett Jno. Wakefield road
  • Kitching Wm. Horse fr

Straw Hat Mkrs,

  • Blackburn Eliz. Ckt
  • Dyson Ann, Ropergt
  • Heselton Ann, Beast fr
  • Sutcliffe Ann, Beast fr
  • Walker My. Ann, Skt
  • Westerby Thos. Bfr


  • Brook Lionel Jno. Wkt
  • Long Edwin, Ropergt
  • Musecroft Jas. Horse fr
  • Oxley Robert, Bridge
  • Smith Rt. Market pl
  • Swallow R. Harvey, Ckt
  • Wood John Bland, Rgt

Tailors * are drapers also,

  • Barham Wm. Ropergt
  • Carr Geo. Horse fr
  • Crowther Jno. Horse fr
  • Duesbery Thos. Mkp
  • Brown Maria, Bfr *
  • Gilliam Thos. Mkp
  • Haigh John, Rgt *
  • Hall Geo. Tanshelf *
  • Hatfield Wm. Beast mkt
  • Kidd Saml. Horse fair
  • Kidd Wm. Middle row
  • Lindley Allen, Ngt
  • Hell John, Horse fair
  • Overend Abm. Srw *
  • Reeder Jas. Corn mkt
  • Shaw John, Horse fair
  • Smith Fdk. Salter row
  • Smith Hy. Horse fair
  • Thompson John, Hfr
  • Towns Jas. Church ln
  • Whitehead Rt. Ngt
  • Wright Dd. Beast fair

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Abbott Wm. Church ln
  • Gelder Wm. jun. Hfr
  • Green Geo. Corn mkt
  • Robson Jas. Salter rw

Vety. Surgeons,

  • Peech John Darcy, Church street
  • Pike Wm. Horse fair
  • Wood Wm. Corn mkt

Watch Makers * are silversmiths,

  • Berry Rd. Market Place *
  • Brown Michael. Booths
  • Farrer Benj. Beast fr
  • Farrer Joshua, Beast fr
  • Mcdowall Wm. Ngt
  • Taylor Thos. Lee, Mkp *


  • Barker Thos. Bailey gt
  • Barker Wm. Southgate
  • Mountain Wm. Tsf
  • Mountain Wm. jun. Bfr
  • Scott Jph. (millwright) Beast fr
  • Smith John, Newgate

Whitesmiths * are gunsmiths also,

  • Burland Tr. Mkp *
  • Portlock John, Skt *
  • Pottage Fras. Bgt *
  • Ratcliff Geo. Skt

Wine and Spirit Merchants,

  • Brice James, Market pl
  • Dobson Saml. Mkt pl
  • Handley Ann, Beast fr
  • Hodgson John, Mkp
  • Parkinson Wm. Mkp
  • Rhodes Edw. Salter rw
  • Spink James, Horse fr

Woollen Drprs,

  • Pockitt Wm. Bridge
  • Shaw & Brook, (& mfrs) Beast market

Worsted Mfrs,

  • Higgins Wm. Skt
  • Portland Joshua, Horse fr

Coaches from the Red Lion,

  • Mails, to London, ½ past 9 morng; to Glasgow, 1/2p. 2 aft; & to Leeds, Halifax, &c, 1/4p. 2 aft
  • Eclipse, to Manchester, ½ p. 11 mg; and to Hull, 2 afternoon

Coaches from the Green Dragon,

  • Wonder, to Leeds, 8 morning
  • Cars, to Knottingley, 6 evg. (ex Sund.) and Wakefield every Friday, 8 morning

Coaches from New Elephant,

  • Union to London, 1/2p. 8 evg; and to Leeds 2 afternoon

Coaches from the New Inn,

  • Coach to Knottingley, ½ bef. 6 mg. And to Wakefield, evening

Coaches from Crown & Anchor,

  • Car to Wakefield, Saturday, 8 evening


  • Jackson & co (Malt Shovel), to London and Leeds, daily
  • Brooks Joseph (Southgate,) T. T. & Saturday, 2 morning, to Leeds
  • Archer Sar. (Crown & Anchor) Wed. & Sun. 7 to Barnsley
  • Senior Isaac, (Shepherd's Arms) Saturday, 4 Afternoon to Beal
  • Myers Benjamin, (Red Lion) daily to Ferrybridge
  • Jackson Hanh. (Windmill) Mon. Wed, & Saturday, 4 to Knottingley
  • Brooks Isaac, (Shepherd's Arms) Sat. 4 afternoon to Methley
  • Gallon William (Star) Wed. & Sat. 3, to Selby
  • Dawson Ann, (Market place) Tue, Wed. & Sun. 6 evg. To Sheffield, Tue. Thr. and Sat. 8 morning to York
  • Killingback Wm. (King's Arms) Saturday, 3 to Snaith
  • Dove Wm. (Corn market) Mon. Wed. & Fri. 7 mg to Wakefield
  • Simpson John, (King's arms) Sat 3 aft to Wakefield

Conveyance by water to Goole, Hull & Leeds,

  • daily, by steam packets and fly boats

Transcribed by Susan Johnson. ©2000