Pontefract, War Memorial transcription


Pontefract parish:

Pontefract, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial at All Saints Church, Pontefract

The front of the memorial (side 1). (see also Photo)

Honoured Memory
Those Who Gave
Their Lives For
King And Country
1914 - 1920
1939 - 1945.

Sides 2 and 3 of the memorial (see also Photo)

Adderley, C. Beaumont, G.R.
Amies, A.G. Carr, R.
Archer, W. Chambers, F.
Athorn, H. Cooke, C.E.
Baker, W. Dean, G.A.
Barber, F. Depledge, G.
Bingley, H. Dixon, H.
Birkby, L.E. Ducker, T.
Bray, W. England, A.
Bratley, C.W. Feather, T.W.
Brockley, T. Fieldhouse, J.A.
Brooks, H.T. Fox, J.
Brown, F.S. Garbutt, H.
Burgess, J. Garlick, J.P.
Burnley, B. Gelder, W.D.
Butler, C. Glover, J.
Butler, W. Gordon, J.A.
Butterfield, A. Harvey, L.
Barraclough, T. Archer, T.

Sides 4 and 5 of the memorial (see also Photo)

Hawley, G.H.
Heaton, R.
Heeley, J.H.
Higgins, J.
Higgins, S.
Hill, A.
Hodgson, J.
Holroyd, W.
Houlder, J.W.
Houlder, A.
Howard, L.G.
Huggins, A.
Illingworth, A.
Jenkinson, F.W.
Jepson, C.E.
Jones, C.
Jones, P.
Jones, W.
Garforth, W.H.
Memory Of
Those Who Were Killed
In An Explosion At
Barnbow Shell Factory

Beckett, Eleanor
Few, Jane

Sides 6 and 7 of the memorial (see also Photo)

Jones, W.P. Pointon, F.
Keighley, W.S. Rushforth, G.
Kenworthy, W.H. Scarth, E.
Kimmedy, J. Scott, W.
Ledger, J. Shay, C.
Lowden, E. Sherburn, A.
Lund, E. Shipley, A.H.B.
Macdonald, S. Simpson, A.
Machen, W.H. Slater, F.
Mahon, A.J. Smith, G.
Mason, T. Spurr, G.E.
Mercer, J. Strangward, O.
Myers, F. Sykes, H.
O'Leary, A.G.W. Tate, J.J.
O'Leary, H.F. Taylor, H.
Parker, F. Taylor, J.V.
Parkin, J.T. Taylor, T.
Pettitt, H. Tankard, G.
Richardson, W. Flynn, M.

Side 8 of the memorial. (see also Photo)

Terry, F.
Thexton, P.
Thompson, G.A.
Thompson, A.V.
Turner, E.
Turner, G.H.
Turner, J.J.
Wadsworth, J.H.
Wagner, S.L.
Waite, C.A.
Walker, W.H.
Waterton, W.
Westwood, J.
Wilby, W.
Wileman, J.T.
Wilson, G.
Wooby, V.W.
Wood, F.W.
Walker, J.W.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson