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Mayors of Pontefract: 1484-1883.

1484Hill, John 1485Green, Nicholas 1486Sadler, William 1487Jackson, Richard
1488Strother, William 1489Austwick, Robert 1490Springall, John 1491Willis, Robert
1492Adams, John 1493White, Richard 1494Butler, Thomas 1495Hill, John
1496Hill, John 1497Hill, John 1498Watson, John 1499Hodson, John
1500More, Robert 1501Geve, Richard 1502Huntingdon, Thomas 1503Wakefield, William
1504Austwick, Henry 1505Smith, Thomas 1506Purser, William 1507Warde, Robert
1508Austwick, Dionis 1509Cook, Thomas 1510Endslay, Thomas 1511Gibson, Robert
1512Hodson, John 1513Butler, Henry 1514Strother, John 1515Hinch, Thomas
1516Purser, William 1517Ilingworth, John 1518Smith, Thomas 1519Hodson, William
1520Chapman, Roger 1521Geve, John 1522Nelson, William 1523Purser, William
1524Harrison, Robert 1525Jackson, Roger 1526Wakefield, John 1527Hodson, Thomas
1528Rolston, Lionel 1529Hodson, William 1530Thwaites, William 1531Norton, William
1532Witherington, Roger 1533Harrison, Robert 1534Wildbore, William 1535Wakefield, Peter
1536Rolston, Lionel 1537Hodson, William 1538Wildbore, Richard 1539Farnell, Robert
1540Tias, Edmund 1541Skipton, John 1542Austwick, Thomas 1543Wakefield, John
1544Ayre, Alan 1545Hodson, William 1546Atkinson, John 1547Hodson, John
1548Wildbore, Richard 1549Ayre, Allan 1550Wildbore, Richard 1551Wakefield, Thomas
1552Norton, William 1553Robinson, Robert 1554Holgate, Thomas 1555Etherington, Thomas
1556Oldfield, John 1557Savage, Boniface 1558Wildbore, Richard 1559Austwick, Thomas
1560Endslay, Stephen 1561Wildbore, Richard 1562Savage, Rowland 1563Skipton, John
1564Holgate, Thomas 1565Healaugh, Leonard 1566Etherington, Peter 1567Skipton, John
1568Wildbore, Richard 1569Savage, Boniface 1570Wakefield, Thomas 1571Etherington, Peter
1572Etherington, Peter 1573Colbeck, William 1574Skelton, Peter 1575Savage, Boniface
1576Etherington, Peter 1577Airey, Ralph 1578Skipton, John 1579Endslay, John
1580Colbeck, William 1581Crosby, Thomas 1582Rusby, Edward 1583Cooke, Robert
1584Farnell, Henry 1585Thwaites, Richard 1586Savage, William 1587Farnell, Henry
1588Savage, Boniface 1589Austwick, Allen 1590Thwaites, Richard 1591Bramhall, John
1592Robinson, Thomas 1593Stable, William 1594Austwick, Allan 1595Bywater, William
1596Farnell, Henry 1597Thwaites, Richard 1598Savage, William 1599Endslay, Allan
1600Frank, John 1601More, James 1602Bramhall, John 1603Cattell, Thomas
1604Wakefield, Joshua 1605Skipton, John 1606Stable, Thomas 1607Rogers, Peter
1608Tatham, William 1609Austwick, Allan 1610Bywater, William 1611Thwaites, Richard
1612Bullock, Richard 1613Wakefield, Joshua 1614Frank, John 1615Tatham, William
1616Tatham, William 1617Eastwood, John 1618Ward, Leonard 1619Wilkinson, William
1620Skipton, Peter 1620Skipton, Peter 1621Austwick, Thomas 1622Rasen, Thomas
1623Oates, William 1624Cowper, Stephen 1625Hitchin, Thomas 1626Adams, Maximilian
1627Clement, Richard 1628Rusby, Edward 1629More, Robert 1630Hardwick, Matthias
1631More, Robert 1632Tatham, William 1633Oates, William 1634Ward, Leonard
1635Hitchin, Thomas 1636Stable, Nicholas 1637Adams, Maximilian 1638Frank, Robert
1639Wilkinson, Thomas 1640Austwick, Thomas 1641Tatham, John 1642Wiklinson, John
1643Oates, Richard 1644Shillitoe, Jarvis 1645Shillitoe, Jarvis 1646Skurr, John
1647Ramsden, John 1648Field, Edward 1649Frank, Mathew 1650Cowper, John
1651Ward, Leonard 1652Frank, Robert 1653Long, Christopher 1654Oates, William
1655Long, Christopher 1656Oates, Richard 1657Ramsden, John 1657More, Robert
1658Cowper, Richard 1659Wildman, Richard 1660Frank, John 1661Stable, Nicholas
1662Smith, Richard 1663Wiklinson, William 1664Austwick, Richard 1665Tatham, Robert
1666Tatham, Robert 1667Shillitoe, George 1668Jackson, Thomas 1669Rusby, John
1670Kellam, Francis 1671Johnston, John 1672Taylor, Samuel 1673Frank, John
1674Holcott, Edward 1675Hayford, Christopher 1676Oates, William 1677Farrer, Francis
1678Austwick, Richard 1679Tatham, Robert 1680Shillitoe, George 1681Jackson, Thomas
1682Oates, William 1683Rusby, John 1684Rusby, John 1685Knowles, John
1686Coates, William 1687Kellam, Francis 1688Sayle, Hastins 1689Johnston, John
1690Mason, Peter 1690Taylor, Samuel 1691Stable, William 1691Austwick, Richard
1692Taylor, Thomas 1693Shillitoe, Jarvis 1694Burgess, William 1694Frank, John
1695Sayle, Thomas 1696Brame, William 1697Bateman, Bartholomew 1698Routh, Thomas
1699Sayle, Hastins 1700Coates, William 1701Stable, William 1702Taylor, Thomas
1703Bland, Sir John 1704Sayle, Hastins 1705Holcott, George 1706Sayle, Thomas
1707Routh, Richard 1708Taylor, Thomas 1709Kellam, John 1710Skipton, George
1711Waterhouse, Michael 1712Taylor, Thomas 1713Sharpass, Robert 1714Coates, William (1713-14)
1714Lowther, Robert 1715Lee, William 1716Sayle, Hastins 1717Sayle, Hastins
1718Lee, William 1718Fox, Lawrence 1719Skipton, George 1720Mason, Thomas
1721Skipton, George 1722Kitchingman, William 1723Fox, Lawrence 1724Jenings, George
1725Kellam, John 1726Jenings, George 1727Kitchingman, William 1728Lee, William
1729Kitchingman, William 1730Kellam, John 1731Fox, Lawrence 1732Harvey, William
1733Kitchingman, Joseph 1734Kitchingman, John 1735Lee, John 1736Wilson, Joshua
1737Perfect, John 1738Fox, Lawrence d in office 1738Kellam, John 1739Stephenson, John
1740Crewe, William 1741Galway, (Lord) 1742Bruce, John 1743Stephenson, John
1744Whiteman, Thomas 1745Wilson, Joshua 1746Lee, William 1747Drake, William
1748Kitchingman, Joseph 1749Kitchingman, John 1750Wilson, Joshua 1751Saltonstall, Samuel
1752Wilson, Joshua 1753Crewe, William 1754Perfect, John 1755Bruce, John
1756Sugden, Richard 1757Bright, John 1758Lucas, Butler 1759Fox, Lawrence
1760Swinney, George 1761Perfect, William 1762Kitchingman, Joseph 1763Lamb, William
1764Taylor, Thomas 1765Wilson, Joshua 1766Saltonstall, Samuel 1767Popplewell, Thomas
1768Crewe, William 1769Sugden, Richard 1770Taylor, Thomas 1771Cockell, William
1772Perfect, John 1773Taylor, Thomas 1774Cockell, William 1775Perfect, William
1776Lucas, Butler 1777Saltonstall, Samuel 1777Fox, Lawrence d in office 1778Davison, Robert
1779Perfect, William 1780Cockell, William 1781Seaton, John 1782Tomlinson, William
1783Seaton, John 1784Cockell, William 1785Tomlinson, William 1786Perfect, John
1787Taylor, Thomas 1788Seaton, John 1789Tomlinson, William 1790Willott, John
1791Taylor, Thomas 1792Cockell, William 1793Perfect, John 1794Seaton, John
1795Hepworth, John 1796Tomlinson, William 1797Willott, John 1798Perfect, Grosvenor
1799Alderson, George 1800Marshall, Joseph 1801Taylor, Thomas 1802Cockell, William d. in office
1802Seaton, John 1803Tomlinson, William 1804Seaton, Robert 1805Willott, John
1806Marshall, Joseph 1807Smith, Robert 1808Trueman, Edward 1809Banks, James
1810Marshall, Joseph 1811Oxley, Thomas 1812Trueman, Edward 1813Mitton, Michael
1814Tomlinson, William 1815Torre, Christopher Mann 1816Marshall, Joseph 1817Oxley, Thomas
1818Trueman, Edward 1819Mitton, Michael 1820Torre, Christopher Mann 1821Marshall, Joseph
1822Smith, Robert 1823Perfect, John 1824Trueman, Edward 1825Oxley, Thomas
1826Mitton, Michael 1827Trueman, Edward 1828Walton, Thomas 1829Dunhill, Thomas
1830Muscroft, James 1831Coleman, James 1832Perfect, John 1833Hepworth, William
1834Mitton, Michael 1835Mitton, Michael 1836Hurst, Samuel 1837Moxon, William
1838Robson, James 1839Hepworth, William 1840Watson, Thomas 1841Wood, William
1842Clough, William 1843Routlidge, Thomas 1844Firth, Thomas 1845Phillips, John
1846Brice, James 1847Brook, Lionel John 1848Longstaff, David 1849Barker, John
1850Spink, Edward 1851Hurst, Roger 1852Clough, William resigned 1852Routlidge, Thomas
1853Routlidge, Thomas 1854Jefferson, William 1855Jefferson, William 1856Green, George
1857Wright, John 1858Wright, John 1859Moxon, Richard 1860Moxon, Richard
1861Robinson, James Edward 1862Hurst, Roger 1863Hurst, Roger 1864Moxon, John
1865Robson, George Scott 1866Arundel, Robert 1867Routlidge, John 1868Moxon, John
1869Routlidge, John 1870Jefferson, William 1871Robson, George Scott 1872Moxon, Richard
1873Mathers, William 1874Pearson, Mark 1875Pearson, Mark 1876Robson, George Scott
1877Moxon, Richard 1878Phillips, John 1879Barker, Walter Hurst 1880Moxon, John
1881Rhodes, John 1882Rhodes, John 1883Rhodes, John   

Transcribed by Alan Longbottom
Collections towards the History of Pontefract No 1 -
The Booke of Entries of the Pontefract Corporation