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RAVENFIELD: Ravenfield Parish Registers, Marriages 1800-1899

DateGroom NameGroom SurnameGroom ParishAgeOccupationGroom's notesBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishAgeBride's notes
02 04 1801EdwardVICKERSEcclesfield   AnnDOWNES   
06 01 1803GeogeCOX    AliceREVELLConisborough  
09 08 1803JosephHIDEHatfield   MaryBROAD   
25 11 1804WilliamROSTONSheffield   AnneBURCHBY   
23 10 1806WilliamTOMPKINThrybergh   MaryOSBORNE   
01 03 1809ThomasMAWERotherham   ElizabethATHEY   
26 04 1810JohnROBERTS    MaryMAWE   
24 09 1810JohnGREGGOmton, DBY   AnnALLOTT   
26 01 1813GeorgeSATTERFITTBraithwell   ElizabethMALCHAM   
10 06 1813JessePICKERING    MaryTAYLOR   
29 11 1814EnochSUMERSET    HannahCHAPMAN   
07 02 1816JobATHEY    ElizabethBROWN   
24 12 1817SamuelGEE    SarahCOUSINS   
15 09 1818JohnWILSON    AnnCOATES   
10 05 1820JohnMALCHAM  Farmer ElizabethGRIDLEY   
15 05 1821WilliamATHEY    AnneHUTCHINSON   
23 07 1822MatthewBUTLER    MaryASKEW   
05 11 1822JohnTAYLOR    SarahASKEW   
19 01 1825BenjaminCAIRNSEdinburgh   AnneHAWKSLEY   
07 05 1827ThomasSCHOFIELDBrodsworth   MaryFROST   
13 11 1828JohnVANES    MarthaBRADLEY   
05 01 1829SamuelLAMBERTRotherham   MaryCOX   
17 12 1829WilliamSHAW  [widower] MaryHAWORTH   
06 12 1830JohnWILSON    JaneSTEVENSON   
09 05 1831WilliamCHALMERS    AnnHAMMOND   
06 09 1831ThomasSHEPHERD    MaryBARLOWRotherham  
21 02 1832MatthewBUTLER    FrancesBELL   
27 06 1837ThomasWILDSMITH    FrancesTHACKERY   
03 02 1840LukeFROST    ElizabethCOX   
31 05 1841WilliamGREAVES  LabourerSon of John Greaves, LabourerMaryROEBUCK  A Servant, daughter of John Roebuck, Labourer
31 12 1849CharlesFOSTERLong Sandall ShoeMakerSon of Matthew Foster, LabourerMariaBINGHAM  A Servant
25 06 1850JohnWHITTAKER 37Gentleman's ServantSon of William WhittakerMargaretFIRTH 36Daughter of William Firth, Linen Draper
30 09 1852GeorgeLOWE 36GameKeeper [widower]Son of Samuel Lowe, GameKeeperSarahJACKSONConisborough30Daughter of Peter Jackson, Farmer
31 12 1852JohnGILLANDWickersley27BlackSmithSon of William Gilland, FarmerMarthaWILSON 22Daughter of William Wilson, Cordwainer
23 02 1853GeorgeOSBORNE 28LabourerSon of William Osborne, LabourerMaryWILSON 22Daughter of William Wilson, Cordwainer
30 03 1853ThomasWOODHighfield, DBY21CoachmanSon of John Wood, Framework CutterHannahOSBORNE 25Daughter of William Osborne, Labourer
10 05 1853RichardRICHPopplewick36ButlerSon of George Rich, LabourerSarahSORSBEY 32A Ladies Maid, daughter of John Sorsby, Butler
04 09 1853GeorgeLOCKWOODUtley19Farm ServantSon of John Lockwood, deceasedJaneGREAVE 16Daughter of John Greave, Labourer
11 04 1855RobertGLASSBY 26Gentleman's ServantSon of Samuel Glasby, ShoeMakerElizabethELLIS 28Daughter of William Ellis, Joiner
15 10 1855JosephGILLDarfield Farm LabourerSon of Joseph Gill, Farm LabourerHannahHEPWORTH  [widow], daughter of William Ashley, Wheelwright
17 04 1856GeorgeVANES  BlackSmithSon of John Vanes, BlackSmithEmilyPAYNE  Daughter of William Payne, Hatter
28 05 1860BowlerTHOMPSONHaworth Brick MakerSon of Joseph Thompson, TailorEmmaWILSON  A Servant, daughter of William Wilson, BootMaker
25 06 1861JohnHOPKINS  [widower] TailorSon of Samuel Hopkins, FarmerElizaCOWLEY  A Servant, daughter of Thomas Cowley, Labourer
08 04 1862WilliamBUTLER 20LabourerSon of Matthew Butler, LabourerElizaMATTHEWS 20A Servant, daughter of William Matthews, Farmer
25 11 1862WilliamROBINSON 32LabourerSon of Samuel Robinson, LabourerMatildaWILKINSON 25Daughter of George Wilkinson, Parish Clerk
29 06 1863BenjaminWARFOLKRawmarsh Boat BuilderSon of Benjamin Warfolk, Boat BuilderMaryASKEW  Daughter of Francis Askew, Farmer
17 08 1864ThomasATKINSON  Parish ClerkSon of William Atkinson, FarmerSarahOSBORNE  A Servant, daughter of William Osborne, Farm Servant
31 10 1865RichardLAMBERTMasbrough Forge ManSon of Samuel Lambert, ForgemanSarah AnnROEBUCK  Daughter of Matthew Roebuck, Farm Bailiff
11 02 1868JonathanKIRKEverton32LabourerSon of Jonathan Kirk, LabourerDinahBUTLER  Daughter of Matthew Butler
? 07 1869ThomasBOULTONKirk Smeaton FarmerSon of Thomas Boulton, FarmerEmmaLISTER  Daughter of John Lister
13 04 1870GeorgeBURTON 39[widower] Farm LabourerSon of George Burton, Farm LabourerRhodaROBINSON 32A Servant, daughter of Samuel Robinson
21 09 1871ThomasNUSSEY 23GardenerSon of John Nussey, GardenerMartha AnnOWEN 22Daughter of Robert Owen, Mason
04 08 1873JosephJUBBSheffield25BufferSon of John Jubb, CutlerSarahFROST 23Daughter of Thomas Frost, Labourer
10 08 1873GeorgeHANBYHooton Roberts27LabourerSon of Joseph Hanby, FarmerAnnARNOLD 19Daughter of William Arnold, Labourer
11 08 1873Godfrey JoeTHUNGARLANDRotherham AccountantSon of George Thungerland, ContractorCatharineNOTT  Daughter of Catherine Nott, Bookkeeper
15 10 1874ThomasWILDSMITH  FarmerSon of Thomas Wildsmith, FarmerAnneASKEW  Daughter of Francis Askew, Farmer
25 12 1876AbnerPILLEYWest Melton22LabourerSon of Nicholas Pilley, LabourerElizabethMALCHAM 21Daughter of John Malcham, Labourer
11 07 1877Thomas JohnRICHARDSON 32FarmerSon of Johnson Richardson, FarmerEmily OsborneEPWORTHBraithwell25Daughter of William Osborne Epworth, Fender Maker
08 05 1883WilliamMANN  FarmerSon of Richard Mann, FarmerEmmaSCHOFIELD  Daughter of Joseph Schofield, Commercial Traveller
25 12 1883HenryBROADHEADKilnhurst22CollierSon of David Broadhead, CollierAnnSTACY 19A Servant, daughter of John Stacy, Woodman
18 08 1884JohnBROOKElmsley MinerSon of George Brook, MinerElizabethOLDFIELD  Daughter of Robert Oldfield, Carpenter
21 09 1885HenryHOLLAND [A GYPSY]   Son of John Holland, Gypsy Knife-GrinderVeraSMITH  Daughter of John Smith
20 12 1885ArthurHALLKilnhurst CollierSon of George Hall, Foundry GrinderElizabethPEACOCK  Daughter of George Peacock, Furnace Man
20 07 1886Seymour Snowden StanleyCHAPMANSharrow, Sheffield24GardenerSon of Reuben Chapman, Land SurveyorRhoda AnnARNOLD 23Daughter of William Arnold, Farmer
04 01 1887Charles HenryBUTLERRoyston23Farm LabourerSon of William Butler, QuarryManEverilSTACY 19Daughter of John Stacy, Woodman
08 02 1887WilliamMILNERKilnhurst24CollierSon of John Milner, CollierMary AnneFOERS 25A Servant, daughter of William Foers, Farm Labourer
22 12 1887Joseph LovellPALEYCrafton nr Wakefield26Railway PlatelayerSon of James Paley, Farm BailiffHannahOLDFIELD  Daughter of Robert Oldfield, Carpenter
08 08 1888John WilloughbyWILLINGHAM 25GroomSon of George Willingham, GrocerJane MariaBAKER  A Servant, daughter of John Baker, Coachman
21 07 1888CharlesYATESGoole30[widower] InnKeeperSon of John Yates, ShepherdAlice MaryBAKER 22Daughter of John Baker, Coachman
12 12 1888George AuteyWARINGHooton Roberts34FarmerSon of Joshua Waring, FarmerEmmaHOLLINGSWORTH  Daughter of Walter Indval Hollingsworth, Jeweller
26 03 1889John ThomasMAWChapelthorpe nr Wakefield23GroomSon of William Maw, ShoeMakerElizabethSTACEY 18Daughter of John Stacey, Woodman
? ? 1891JohnSTEELKirk Smeaton nr Huddersfield26FarmerSon of Luke Steel, deceased FarmerEstherORMSBY 23Daughter of Joseph Ormsby, Labourer
06 06 1892GeorgeBUTLER 21MinerSon of William Butler, Stone MasonAliceHALIFAX 19Daughter of Charles Halifax, Farm Labourer
26 12 1893CharlesSCOTHERNE 22Farm LabourerSon of George Scothern, Farm LabourerAnne ElizaWILSON 25 
15 04 1895Walker GuyHAYTERDoncaster26Coachman Ann KeziaBAKER 26Daughter of John Baker, Grocer
15 04 1895HarryBAKER 29CoachmanSon of John Baker, GrocerAnnie SophiaSIMMS 26Daughter of Luke Simms, Forester
20 06 1896JohnMALLINSONLindley, Huddersfield25Cloth Finisher Ada ElizabethORMSBEY 21Daughter of Joseph Ormbsey, Carter
07 09 1897JosephWILLIAMSONEcclesall23CoachmanSon of Thomas Williamson, GroomRose AnnaROBINSON 28 
14 09 1898ChristopherBAILEYEast Riddlesden Hall, Riddlesden27 Son of James Bailey, FarmerGertrude AnneFINDLEHolly House, Ravenfield23Daughter of William Laverack Findle
08 11 1898Robert HenryTHICKETTWickersley27ButcherSon of Thomas ThickettEdith AliceSARGAN 23Daughter of John Sargan
22 05 1899BenPRIESTLEYWest Vale, Halifax24PainterSon of John Priestley, QuarryManCharlotteLONGDEN 23Daughter of John Longden, Miner

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
from original transcriptions by
Wath and Mexborough Archives
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