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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for RIPON in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for RIPON in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Market Place, Thomas Proctor, Post master

Nobility, Gentry, & Clergy,

  • Aspin Mrs. ---, Borrage bridge
  • Batty Mrs. Mary, North st
  • Benson Miss Fanny, St. Agnes gate
  • Broadley the Misses, Low Skellgate
  • Burrows Mr. James, Wellington st
  • Cayley Digby, esq. St. Mary gate
  • Charnock Mrs. ---, Bath terrace
  • Charnock Mrs. Frances, Park st
  • Charnock Rev. James, Bishopton close
  • Clark Mr. George, Water Skellgate
  • Clark Mr. John, Bondgate
  • Clinton Mrs. Fynes, Bondgate
  • Clough Miss ---, Market place
  • Coates Mrs. George, Market place
  • Collings Thomas, esq. (barrister) Borrage terrace
  • Cooper Mrs. Ann, Low Skellgate
  • Crompton Joshua Samuel, esq. M.P. Sion hill
  • Dalton Captain John, the Grange
  • Dalton Col. John, Sleningford hall
  • Dawson Lieut. Anthony, Coltsgate hill
  • De Grey the Right Honble. Earl, Newby hall
  • Dickens Tomyns, esq. Mowbray house
  • Downing Mrs. Elizabeth, Bishopton lodge
  • Dunn Mrs. Jane, Park st
  • Elliott Capt. ---, R.N. Elliott house
  • Featherston Mrs. Jane, St. Agnes gate
  • Gilbertson Mrs. Ann, Bondgate green bridge
  • Graham Sir Bellingham Reginald, bart. Norton Conyers
  • Grantley the Hon. Lord, Grantley hall
  • Greaves Mrs. Elizabeth, Skellbank
  • Groves Mrs. ---, Millgate
  • Groves Mrs. Ann, North st
  • Hall Rev. James, Tanfield rectory
  • Hamilton Rev. Henry Parr, Wath rectory
  • Harrison Mrs. Elizabeth, Park st
  • Harrison John, esq. Bellwood
  • Harrison Capt. Thomas, Stainley hall
  • Henry Mr. Nicholas, Park st
  • Hodgson the Misses, Market place
  • Hodgson Miss Elizabeth, North st
  • Hodgson Marmaduke, esq. Breckamore
  • Holliday Mrs. Ann. West cottage
  • Hugessen William Hugessen, esq. Bondgate
  • Hutchinson George, esq. Tanfield hall
  • Jameson Rev. Joseph, Borrage
  • Jefferson Lieut. Francis, R.N. Bondgate
  • Johnston Col. Robert, Borrage terrace
  • Jordan Mr. John, North terrace
  • Jordan Mrs. Sarah, Stone bridge gate
  • Kilvington Rev. Edward, Trinity cottage
  • Knowles George, esq. Lucan house
  • Lawrence Mrs. Elizabeth Sophia, Studley park
  • Leyland Mrs. Elizabeth, North st
  • Lucas Mrs. Harriet, West house, Park st
  • Lumb Rev. William Eedson, Bondgate
  • Mason Thomas, esq. Copt Hewick
  • Miller Mrs. ---, North st
  • Mitchell Mrs. Elizabeth, Fishergate
  • Mitton Rev. Welbury, Skellbank
  • Morton Capt. Harcourt, Fountain's hall
  • Morton Mr. William, Park st
  • Neesom Mr. James, Blossom gate
  • Neesom Mr. William, Blossom gate
  • Newson Rev. James, Sharow
  • Oxley Charles, esq. Bedern bank
  • Peacock Miss Mary, North st
  • Place the Misses ---, Pottery
  • Plues Rev. William, St. Agnes gate
  • Poole Rev. Robert, Water Skellgate
  • Poole Rev. Robert, jun. Kirkgate
  • Pullan Mr. Edward, the Wells
  • Raw Mr. Reuben, North st
  • Reynard Rev. William, Fisher gate
  • Robinson Miss Jane, North st
  • Rumfit Mr. Thomas, Blossom gate
  • Sargeantson Col. William L. Camp hill
  • Shaw Mr. Robert, Westgate
  • Smith Capt. Slayter, Green royd
  • Snowden Mr. John, King st
  • Snowden Miss Sarah, Bondgate
  • Spence Miss Ann, Bondgate
  • Spence Mr. Henry, Bondgate
  • Staveley Thomas Kitchingman, esq. M.P. Old Sleningford
  • Stevenson Mrs. Margaret, Kirkgate
  • Strangwayes Mr. Edward, Kirkgate
  • Sykes Rev. Robert Langley, North st
  • Todd Mrs. Ann, Coltsgate hill
  • Waddilove Miss ---, Thorpe lodge
  • Walbrun Mrs. Charity, Fisher gate
  • Walker Miss ---, King st
  • Walker Mrs. Elizabeth, Pottery
  • Ward Rev. William, North st
  • Webber the Very Rev. James, D.D. Deanery
  • Weidemann Rev. George S. Bishopton grove
  • Williamson Mr. John, Low Skellgate
  • Wood Mr. Henry Richard, Hollin hall
  • Wormald Henry, esq. Sawley hall
  • Yeats Mrs. Elizabeth, the Grove

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise stated are Day Schools

  • Appleby Ann & Catherine (ladies' boarding) Park st
  • Bickers John, North st
  • Binns Joseph, Queen st
  • Blue Coat School, Water Skellgate -- John Smith, master
  • Charnock Rev. James (boarding) Bishopton close
  • Clark Thomas (boarding & day) Water Skellgate
  • Foxton Robert, Allhallow gate
  • Gains Isabella (ladies' boarding & day) Kirkgate
  • Grammar School, St. Agnes gate -- Rev. William Plues, master; Rev. William Edson Lumb, 2nd master
  • Johnson Mary Ann (ladies' boarding & day) St. Agnes gate
  • Lonsdale Mary (ladies' boarding & day) Coltsgate hill
  • National School (boys') Bondgate -- Francis Hunton, master
  • National School (girls') Low St. Agnes gate -- Mary Price, mistress
  • Poole Rev. Robert, jun. (boarding) Kirkgate
  • Robinson John, Hall yard
  • Smith John (boarding & day) Water Skellgate
  • Walker John, Stone bridge gate
  • Weidemann Rev. George S. Bishopton grove


  • Bell William (to James Henry Britain, coal merchant) Bondgate green
  • Bussey George (for Robins' patent filterer) North st
  • Charnock Edmund & Thomas (to Shay & Co. of Hull) Bondgate green
  • Humphries John (land) Park st
  • Morton William (to Mrs. Lawrence) Park st
  • Wright Thomas (to Keddy & Co. of Hull) Bondgate green


  • Buck James, North st
  • Cartman John (coroner for the liberty of Ripon) Low Skellgate
  • Coates & Rhodes, Market place
  • Darnbrough Thomas, North st
  • Farmery Thomas, Market place
  • Howard John, Low Skellgate
  • Morley Richard, Coltsgate hill
  • Nicholson Richard (& town clerk) Market place
  • Robinson Robert (& clerk to the dean & chapter of Ripon) Bodern bank
  • Shields John, Kirkgate
  • Smith James, Queen st
  • Tate Anthony Temple (& registrar of deeds for Masham) High Skellgate
  • Wyche Thomas, Low Skellgate


  • Bailey Charles (& sheriff's officer) Westgate
  • Judson Charles (& upholsterer) Kirkgate

Bakers & Flour Dealers,
(See also Flour Dealers)

  • Bellarby Susannah, Kirkgate
  • Leeming Martin, Allhallow gate
  • Palliser James, High Skellgate
  • Peacock William, Old Market place


  • Farrer Williamson & Co. Kirkgate --- (draw on Spooner, Attwoods & Co. London)
  • Knaresborough & Claro Banking Co. (branch) Market place --- (draw on Barnetts,
  • Hoare & Co. London) --- HenryTaylor, agent
  • Terrys' & Harrison (old bank) Market place --- (draw on Willis, Percival & Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank (branch of Knaresborough) High Skellgate --- John Leckonby, secretary

Basket Makers,

  • Benson Joseph, Market place
  • Bruce William, Low Skellgate
  • Daniels Thomas, Market place


  • Banks Thomas, Coltsgate hill
  • Grayson Edward, Bondgate
  • Grayson Joseph, Bondgate
  • Grayson Marmaduke, Stone bridge gate
  • Herring William, Hall yard
  • Pratt Matthew, Black Horse yard, Westgate
  • Robinson Charles, Water Skellgate
  • Spetch Thomas, Bondgate green
  • Terry Jonas, Stone bridge gate
  • Whitaker John (& chain maker) North st

Booksellers, Stationers, & Printers,

  • Langdale Elizabeth (& stamp distributer) Market place
  • Proctor Thomas, Market place
  • Thirlway Henry, Market place

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Anderson John, Stone bridge gate
  • Barlow Peter, Somerset place
  • Beckwith Edward, Bodern bank
  • Bell George, Bondgate
  • Binks Thomas, Stone bridge gate
  • Carter Elizabeth, Allhallow gate
  • Davey Jane, Blossom gate
  • Deighton John, Coltsgate hill
  • Ellerker Robert, Millgate
  • Fairbourne Thomas, North st
  • Fletcher Edward, North st
  • Fletcher John, North st
  • Gardner James, Allhallow gate
  • Gowing Webster, Westgate
  • Hineson Francis, Allhallow gate
  • Hullah Henry, Bondgate
  • Jennings Thomas, North st
  • Jones Christopher, Westgate
  • Kay Thomas, North st
  • Lambert John, Kirkgate
  • Linney James, Park st
  • Lowley John, Low Skellgate
  • Lowley Miles, Stone bridge gate
  • Marshal William, Low Skellgate
  • Metcalf John, North st
  • Metcalf John, Water Skellgate
  • Nelson Lawrence, Water Skellgate
  • Orton Christopher, North st
  • Richmond John, Blossom gate
  • Robinson Christopher, Somerset place
  • Robinson John, Allhallow gate
  • Steel William, Bondgate
  • Theakston William Matthias, Kirkgate
  • Thompson Richard, North st
  • Walker John, Blossom gate
  • Walls Giles, Allhallow gate
  • Webster John, Kirkgate
  • Wright John, Somerset place

Braziers & Tin Men,

  • Cartman James, Allhallow gate
  • Dove George, North st
  • Lacon Walter, High Skellgate
  • Plummer John, Middle st
  • Sparrow James, Blossom gate
  • Thompson William, Low Skellgate


  • Fisher Thomas, High Skellgate
  • Lumley Richard, Bondgate

Brick & Tile Makers,

  • Charge John & Thomas, Pottery --- William Horsefield, agent
  • Foxton James (& brown earthenware manufacturer) Little Thorpe
  • Priestby William, Mellerby

Bricklayers & Plasterers,

  • Bridgwater Marmaduke, Low Skellgate
  • Chapman Henry (& dealer in Roman cement) North st
  • Chapman Matthias, Stone bridge gate
  • Foxton Michael, Allhallow gate
  • Humphries Richard, Bondgate
  • Mitchell Roger, Bondgate
  • Parkin Bartholomew, Skellbank
  • Payler James (& dealer in fire bricks & Roman cement) Stone bridge gate
  • Trees Isaac, Stone bridge gate


  • Abbott Benjamin, North st
  • Appleton Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Butler Thomas, Skellbank
  • Delicate Jeremiah, Westgate
  • Ellwood Thomas, Blossom gate
  • Fell William, Duck hill bank
  • Haxby William, Fisher gate
  • Linn Thomas, Allhallow gate
  • Pybus Christopher, High Skellgate
  • Sayer James, Westgate
  • Scott Christopher, Old Market place
  • Shields Francis, King st
  • Smith Stephen, Blossom gate
  • Thwaites James, North st
  • Thwaites William (and cheese & bacon factor) Kirkgate

China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Gadsby John, Market place
  • Imeson Dorothy (earthenware) Finkle st
  • Lowley Miles, High Skellgate

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Anderson John, Kirkgate
  • Brown Ellen, Westgate
  • Greaves Richard, Market place
  • Judson Thomas, Market place
  • Land John, Westgate
  • Scruton William, High Skellgate

Coach Builders & Harness Makers,

  • Brown William, Blossom gate
  • Kearsley William & George, Kirkgate

Coal Merchants,

  • Bardy John, Bondgate green
  • Britain James Henry, Bondgate green
  • Charnock Edmund & Thomas, Bondgate green
  • Cock John, Bondgate green
  • Dixon John, Bondgate green
  • Gough James, Bondgate green
  • Hewick Thomas, Bondgate green
  • Hindley Thomas, Bondgate green
  • Kearsley George, Bondgate green
  • Peacock George, Bondgate green
  • Snowden George, Bondgate green
  • Spetch Benjamin & Co. Bondgate


  • Rumfitt Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Weatherill Mary, Blossom gate
  • Wiggins Henry, Kirkgate


  • Bell John, Low Skellgate
  • Lacon George (& bacon factor) Finkle st
  • Poulter William, Low Skellgate

Curriers & Leather Dressers,

  • Fourness John, Westgate
  • Fulford Thomas, Westgate
  • Ingleby William, Stone bridge gate
  • Jackson George, Millgate
  • Morrel George, North st
  • Pearson William, Queen st


  • Addison William, Low Skellgate
  • Baliol Thomas, North st


  • Robinson Samuel, Low Skellgate
  • Severs Thomas, Allhallow gate

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Atlas, Ralph Heslop, Park st
  • County, William Barugh, Market place
  • Guardian, Francis Parker, North st
  • Hope (life) Thomas Fisher, Market place
  • Phoenix, William Farrer, North st
  • Royal Exchange, John Waite, Westgate
  • Sun, Thomas Procter, Market place
  • Union, Elizabeth Langdale, Market place
  • Yorkshire, Christopher Nelson, Market place

Fishing Tackle Makers,

  • Bowyers James, North st
  • Stubbs John (& bird & animal preserver) Westgate

Flax Dressers,

  • Coates Jane (& spinner) Mill green, Bishopton
  • Cooper James, Queen st
  • Dale Thomas, North st

Flour Dealers,
(See also Bakers & Flour Dealers, and also Shopkeepers)

  • Eastling John (& pig dealer) North st
  • Gatenby William, Allhallow gate
  • Ilee Matthew, Finkle st
  • Middleton Mary, Allhallow gate
  • Richardson William (& cheesemonger) Fisher gate

Game -- Dealers In,

  • Bateman Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Buck Anthony, Fisher gate

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Abbot Christopher, Skellbank
  • Fawcett John, Pottery
  • Grayson Thomas, Bondgate
  • Marston Francis, Allhallow gate
  • Mudd John, North st
  • Nicholson James (& nurseryman) Sharow
  • Stother John (landscape) Water Skellgate
  • Unwin William, Low St. Agnes gate
  • Wain William, Bishopton road

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers and also Tea Dealers)

  • Atkinson John, Kirkgate
  • Barugh William, Market place
  • Britain James Henry (& tobacco manufacturer) Market place
  • Gatenby William, Market place
  • Harland Thomas (& seedsman) Queen st
  • Horn Robert, Market place
  • Jackson John, Market place
  • Nelson Christopher, Market place
  • Terry & Lunn, Market place
  • Thompson Francis, Market place
  • Waite John, Westgate

Gun Makers,

  • Lovat James, Market place
  • Portlock John, Middle st

Hair Dressers & Perfumers,

  • Bland John, Market place
  • Bulmer Christopher, Market place
  • Harrison Thomas, Bodern bank
  • Jones George Bell, Westgate
  • Thirlway Edward, Kirkgate

Horse & Gig Proprietors,

  • For Hire.
  • Anderson John, Finkle st
  • Boddy Richard (& horse dealer and livery stables) North st
  • Kitchingman William, Allhallow gate
  • Plews John (& corn dealer) High Skellgate
  • Thompson Richard, Blossom gate


  • Beckwith William, Kirkgate
  • Mangle George, North st


  • Black Bull (commercial) William Milner, Old Market place
  • Green Dragon, Mary Ann Cartman, Westgate
  • Norfolk Arms, Richard Chinnery, Market place
  • Unicorn (commercial & posting) Richard Thwaites, Market place

Iron & Brass Founders,

  • Bradwell Joseph, Finkle st
  • Ingram James, Millgate

Iron Merchants,

  • Kearsley George, Bondgate green
  • Walbran John, Blossom gate


  • Carver James, Middle st
  • Dove George, North st
  • Morton Henry, Market place
  • Rayne John, Queen st

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Beckwith Richard, Allhallow gate
  • Brown William, Low Skellgate
  • Clark George, Somerset place
  • Cockfield George, Kirkgate
  • Cundale Thomas (& appraiser) Kirkgate
  • Forth George, Bodern bank
  • Forth George, jun. Kirkgate
  • Foxton Dixon, Allhallow gate
  • Gowing Ralph, High Skellgate
  • Hindley Thomas, Bondgate green
  • Howell William, North st
  • Husband Christopher, Blossom gate
  • Ireland William, North st
  • Jackman James, North st
  • Johnson George, Duck hill bank
  • Judson Charles, North st
  • Kearsley John, Westgate
  • Moss Henry, Kirkgate
  • Norman James (& upholsterer) Market place
  • Poppleton Thomas, Low Skellgate
  • Roy Andrew, St. Mary's gate
  • Turner Thomas, Somerset place
  • Wilson Thomas, Minster yard

Keel Owners,

  • Britain James Henry, Market place
  • Cock John, Bondgate green
  • Dixon John, Bondgate green
  • Gough James, Bondgate green
  • Kearsley George, Bondgate green
  • Peacock George, Bondgate green
  • Snowden George, Bondgate green
  • Spetch Benjamin, Bondgate
  • Turner Thomas, Quarry moor

Lime Burners,

  • Snowdon George, Harrogate road
  • Turner Thomas, Quarry moor

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Durham John, Kirkgate
  • Harland John, Fisher gate
  • Hartley Richard, Old Market place
  • Hebden Christopher, Westgate
  • Horn Christopher, Market place
  • Linn Richard & Thomas, Westgate
  • Severs John & George, Market place
  • Snowdon George, Market place
  • Stevenson John, High Skellgate
  • Turner William, Westgate
  • Willey John, Market place
  • Wright Thomas, Market place


  • Fisher & Buck, North st
  • Haygarth Peter, Westgate
  • Lumley Richard, Bondgate
  • Richardson John, Blossom gate
  • Ridsdale William, Blossom gate
  • Rollinson John, North st
  • Sherwin John, Millgate


  • Braithwaite William & John (& bone crushers) Low mills
  • Briggs William, Kirkby Malzard
  • Brown William, Markington mill
  • Burnham John, North Stainley
  • Gatenby Robert, Duck hill mill
  • Hammond William, Galphay mill
  • Jackson John, Tanfield mill
  • Padgett John, High mill
  • Peacock William, King st
  • Ray Stephen, Sleningford mill
  • Smith Stephen, Haslam mill
  • Spence Christopher, Fountain mill, Markington
  • White John, Bishopton mill

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Bell Elizabeth, Millgate
  • Bland Caroline, North st
  • Bowyers Elizabeth, North st
  • Brown Elizabeth, Somerset place
  • Clarkson Mary, Westgate
  • Cooper Elizabeth & Mary (& straw hat) High Skellgate
  • Demain Isabella, Stone bridge gate
  • Evens Mary, Market place
  • Gordon Sarah, St. Agnes gate
  • Hume Ann, Blossom gate
  • Jennings Harriet, North st
  • Johnson Eleanor, Fisher gate
  • Linney Judith Ann, Blossom gate
  • Malthouse Mary, Allhallow gate
  • Newsam Eliza, Market place
  • Raper Hannah (& straw hat) Allhallow gate
  • Robinson Elizabeth, Water Skellgate
  • Sherwin Mary, Kirkgate
  • Sicre Elizabeth, Market place
  • Skelton Elizabeth, Kirkgate
  • Terry Jane, Stone bridge gate
  • Vant Elizabeth, High Skellgate
  • Walls Elizabeth, North st

Millwrights & Machine Makers,

  • Gill William, Stone bridge gate
  • Malthouse Thomas (& agricultural machine maker) Coltsgate hill

Painters & Paper Hangers,

  • Burton Hannah, Low Skellgate
  • Clifford George, Westgate
  • Cooper Joseph, Middle st
  • Cundale William, Kirkgate
  • Jones John, North st
  • Mawson William (coach & herald painter) Bondgate green
  • Snowden James, North st
  • Tuting John, Kirkgate
  • Williamson William, Low Skellgate
  • Wilson William, North st


  • Grimston Thomas, St. Agnes gate
  • Paley Robert, Bishopton grange
  • Timm Charles, Market place
  • Wilson George, Park st

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Alderson William, Crossgate
  • Bater Johnson, Blossom gate
  • Bradwell Joseph, Finkle st
  • Dalton Mary, Kirkgate
  • Dalton Robert, Kirkgate
  • Lambert Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Loftus William, King st

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Cooper James (& sacking) Queen st
  • Cooper John, Middle st
  • Heslop William, Old Market place

Saddlers & Harness Makers,

  • Dennison Samuel, Low Skellgate
  • Downes Christopher, Westgate
  • Gregg John, Old Market place
  • Hargrave John, Middle st
  • Hodgson John, Middle st
  • Pawson John, Fisher gate
  • Todd John, Kirkgate

Saddle Tree Makers,

  • Benson Christopher, Bondgate
  • Forster Christopher (cart) Renton
  • Hargrave William, Bondgate
  • Parker Thomas (cart) Bondgate

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Bickerdike Elizabeth, Millgate
  • Blackburn John, Bodern bank
  • Brass William, Allhallow gate
  • Brown Thomas, Allhallow gate
  • Chapman John, Blossom gate
  • Chapman Thomas, North st
  • Darnbrough George, North st
  • Davidson Thomas, Stone bridge gate
  • Deighton Christopher, Bodern bank
  • Dobby Abraham, Stone bridge gate
  • Drury George, Stone bridge gate
  • Eden Ann, King st
  • Fell Thomas, Westgate
  • Fisher John, Kirkgate
  • Fulford Thomas, Westgate
  • Gregg Robert, North st
  • Groves George, King st
  • Hewick Thomas, Bondgate green bridge
  • Hindle Jane, Westgate
  • Mitchel Archibald, Westgate
  • Nicholson William, North st
  • Pearson Sarah, Allhallow gate
  • Procter Thomas, Westgate
  • Tomlinson Stephen, Low Skellgate
  • Weatherill Mary, Blossom gate
  • Wilson John, Low Skellgate

Stay Makers,

  • Dillon Ellen, High Skellgate
  • Geldart John, North st

Stone Masons,

  • Barwick John, Bondgate green
  • Barwick Robert, North st
  • Barwick William, North st
  • King Alice & Son (& marble) Kirkgate
  • Whitehead William, Allhallow gate

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Bailey Ann (& milliner) Westgate
  • Cooper Milcah, Park st
  • Hudson Ann, Finkle st
  • Kay Elizabeth, North st
  • Pawson Ann, Fisher gate
  • Watson Ellen, Low Skellgate


  • Bowman James Moore, Kirkgate
  • Bruce Samuel, Westgate
  • Earle Francis, North st
  • Nicholson George, Kirkgate
  • Smith Alfred, North st
  • Tutin Septimus, Park st


  • Allen John, North st
  • Bateman Joseph (& draper) Kirkgate
  • Bater John Johnson, Blossom gate
  • Blackburn Robert, Water Skellgate
  • Bond Christopher, Market place
  • Chapman John, Stone bridge gate
  • Clifford John, North st
  • Darnbrough William, Blossom gate
  • Geldart Joseph, High Skellgate
  • Hardcastle John, Millgate
  • Hardcastle Samuel, Bondgate
  • Ingram Robert, Finkle st
  • Longthorn George, Westgate
  • Lupton Henry, North st
  • Mafham Francis, Middle st
  • Metcalfe Bartholomew, North st
  • Metcalfe Edward, North st
  • Ray William, Stone bridge gate
  • Rutter Richard, Stone bridge gate
  • Rutter Thomas, Stone bridge gate
  • Sargeant William, Allhallow gate
  • Snowden Peter, King st
  • Sweeting Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Vant George (& draper) Allhallow gate
  • Vant Richard, High Skellgate

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Gatenby William, Market place
  • Harland Thomas, Queen st
  • Hebden Brian, Westgate
  • Vant James, Fisher gate


  • York Nicholas, St. Agnes gate

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Angel, George Gatenby, High Skellgate
  • Black Horse, Esther Gregg, Westgate
  • Black Swan, Matthew Haygarth, Westgate
  • Board, Margaret Land, Westgate
  • Board, Marmaduke Spooner, Westgate
  • Boar's Head, John Fountain, Low Skellgate
  • Brewers' Arms, James Gough, Bondgate green
  • Bricklayers' Arms, Richard Humphries, Bondgate
  • Buck, Joseph Cooper, Middle st
  • Chapter Coffee House, William Cundale, Kirkgate
  • Coach & Horses, James Sayer, Westgate
  • Crown, Michael Theakston, Water Skellgate
  • Crown & Anchor, Mary Bulmer, Market place
  • Durham Ox, John Jackson, High Skellgate
  • Fleece, Thomas Tunstall, Stone bridge gate
  • George & Dragon, John Manfield, Market place
  • Golden Lion, John Metcalfe, Allhallow gate
  • Grapes, Maria Terry, Fisher gate
  • Hope & Anchor, William Mawson, Bondgate green
  • King William IV, John Richardson, Blossom gate
  • King's Arms, William Gearman, King st
  • Lamb & Flag, John Dixon Gatenby, High Skellgate
  • Lord Nelson, Robert Heath, Allhallow gate
  • Nag's Head, William Gatenby, North st
  • Queen's Head, George Fountain, Market place
  • Royal Oak, Elizabeth Wood, Kirkgate
  • Saracens' Head, John Wilson Lacon, North st
  • Ship, William Simpson, Bondgate
  • Star, William Hebden, Old Market place
  • Three Clogs, James Smith, Millgate
  • Turk's Head, Jane Steel, Low Skellgate
  • Wheat Sheaf, Robert Taylor, Fisher gate
  • White Horse, John Rollinson, North st
  • World's End, Thomas Binks, Stone bridge gate
  • Yorkshire Hussar, Robert Maddison, Queen st

Retailers of Beer,

  • Fawcett John, Pottery
  • Forth George, Kirkgate
  • Foxton Michael, Allhallow gate
  • Hebden William, Allhallow gate
  • Hodgson William, Stone bridge gate
  • Myers William, Stone bridge gate
  • Palliser James, High Skellgate
  • Parkin Bartholomew, Skellbank
  • Pickersgill William, Borrage
  • Sherwin John, Millgate
  • Smith John, Millgate
  • Stevenson William, Low St. Agnes gate

Tea Dealers,

  • Bussey George (& seedsman) North st
  • Cooper Milcah (& haberdasher) Park st
  • Marshall James, Middle st
  • Robson Alexander (& lace) Market place

Timber Merchants,

  • Peacock George, Bondgate green
  • Peacock William, Bondgate green
  • Robinson John, Bondgate green


  • Davidson Thomas (& chair maker) Stone bridge gate
  • Myers David (dish) Allhallow gate
  • Myers William (dish) Stone bridge gate
  • Pennington James, Somerset place

Veterinary Surgeons,

  • Pratt Peter, Blossom gate
  • Rawling John, Market place

Watch & Clock Makers,
Marked # are also Silversmiths & Jewellers

  • # Burlinson Henry, Old Market place
  • # Carter Henry, Market place
  • # Johnson Richard, Market place
  • Kettlewell John, Market place
  • Smith George, Bodern bank


  • Blackburn Joseph, Somerset place
  • Croft Thomas, Bondgate green
  • Rumfitt John, Blossom gate
  • Severs John, Bondgate green
  • Snowden Andrew, Bondgate
  • Wright William, North st

Whitesmiths & Bell Hangers,

  • Addison John, High Skellgate
  • Bradwell Joseph, Finkle st
  • Carver James, Middle st
  • Channon James, Queen st
  • Clark William, North st
  • Morton Henry, Market place
  • Smith Robert, Market place

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Clark William (porter) North st
  • Farrer William, North st
  • Heslop Ralph, Park st
  • Kilburn John (spirit) Blossom gate
  • Morton George, Market place
  • Parker Francis, North st
  • Stevenson Handley, Middle st
  • Wright Thomas, Market place


  • Bates George, organist at the Minster, Park st
  • Bell James, dealer in worsted, Blossom gate
  • Buck Anthony, hat manufacturer, Fisher gate
  • Carter Thomas, patten maker, Allhallow gate
  • Depository of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge --- Francis Hunton, agent
  • Earl Thomas, fishmonger, Old Market place
  • Gas Works, Stone bridge gate --- Robert West, manager
  • Grice Thomas, carver & gilder, Allhallow gate
  • Hall Peter, tobacco pipe maker, Allhallow gate
  • House of Correction, St. Mary's gate --- Thomas Stubbs, governor
  • Leeming John, linen weaver, Low St. Agnes gate
  • Metcalfe Richard, artist, Bodern bank
  • Money Bartholomew, figure maker, Stone bridge gate
  • News Room & Library --- Low Skellgate --- Thomas Leckenby, keeper
  • Robinson Samuel, woolstapler, Low Skellgate
  • Robinson Thomas & Son, land surveyors, Kirkgate
  • Snowden William, glove & breeches maker, Kirkgate
  • Strodder John, dealer in worsted & blacking maker, Stone bridge gate
  • Stubbs John, bird & animal preserver, Westgate
  • Subscription Baths, Skellbank --- John Harker, keeper
  • Theakston William Matthias, parish clerk, Kirkgate
  • Walker Thomas, lace dealer, Middle st
  • Whitfield William, chair maker, Queen st
  • Williamson Reuben & Thomas, varnish manufacturers, Low Skellgate
  • Wood Anthony, wharfinger, Bondgate green
  • Workhouse, Allhallow gate --- George Jones Bell, assistant overseer


  • To Bedale, Edward Pearson, from his warehouse, Coltsgate hill, every Monday & Thursday --- and John Blackburn, from his house, Bodern bank, every Tuesday
  • To Boroughbridge, John Blackburn, from his house, Bodern bank, every Saturday
  • To Grewelthorpe, Richmond, Hawes, Barnard Castle & Kendal, John & Thomas Blackburn, from the Crown & Anchor, Wednesday & Saturday
  • To Knaresborough, John Blackburn, from his house, Bodern bank, every Wednesday
  • To Leeds, Edward Pearson, from his warehouse, Coltsgate hill, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday --- Francis & Richard Pickersgill, from the Black Bull, three times a week, and John Nelson, every Monday --- and John Richmond, from his house, Allhallow gate, every Monday & Thursday
  • To Leeming Lane, Darlington, Newcastle upon Tyne, and all parts of the North, Francis & Richard Pickersgill, from the Black Bull, three times a week
  • To Masham, John Nelson, from the Black Bull, every Wednesday
  • To Richmond, Barnard Castle, Stockton, Sunderland, and Northallerton, Edward Pearson, from his warehouse, Coltsgate hill, every Monday & Thursday
  • To Thirsk, John Blackburn, from his house, Bodern bank, every Monday
  • To York, John & Thomas Blackburn, from the Crown & Anchor, every Monday & Thurday -- and Thomas Dunnington, from his house, Allhallow gate, every Tuesday

Conveyance by Water,

  • To Boroughbridge & Hull, Benjamin Shay & Co.'s vessels --- Edmund & Thomas Charnock, agents, Bondgate green ; and Keddey & Co.'s vessels -- Thomas Wright,
  • agent, Bondgate green, both once a week.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for DACRE in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Andrew Mr. William, Birstwith
  • Greenwood Mr. Edwin, Swarcliff hse
  • Greenwood Mr. Fredk. Swarcliff hse
  • Greenwood Jno. esq. Swarcliff house
  • Ingleson Mr. George, Summer bridge
  • Robinson Mr. Richard, Birstwith
  • Robinson Mr. Wm. Hurst's grove
  • Spence Mr. Edwd. Birstwith house
  • Stansfield Mrs. Sarah, Birstwith
  • Walker Mr. Joseph, Darley

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Grange Thomas, Dacre Banks
  • Skaifes' & Co. (& flax spinners) Summer bridge
  • Skaife Benson (& flax spinner) Darley
  • Skaife Smith, Dacre
  • Skaife Wm. (& bleacher) Dacre

Shopkeepers, Traders, &c.

  • Bake Henry, boot & shoe maker, Dacre
  • Beecroft Luke, victualler, New Inn, Darley
  • Bell John, shopkeeper, Dacre Banks
  • Bell John & Son, flax spinners, Dacre Banks
  • Bell Matthew, victualler, Royal Oak, Dacre Banks
  • Burton Jos. schoolmaster, Dacre Bnks
  • Dawson John, tailor, Darley
  • Dibb & Loocock, bleachers, Summer bridge
  • Domaine Saml. miller, Darley mill
  • Downs John, retailer of beer, Darley
  • Ellis Thomas, shopkeeper, Dacre
  • Fawcett John, shopkeeper, Birstwith
  • Fawcett Wm. wheelwright, Darley
  • Forest Charles, master of the Lancasterian school, Wrakes
  • Garforth Wm. butcher, Dacre Banks
  • Gill John, blacksmith, Dacre Banks
  • Gill John, tailor, Darley
  • Grange Thos. shopkeeper, Dacre Banks
  • Greenwood John & Sons, cotton spinners, Wrakes mill --- Thomas Pearce, manager
  • Miller Thos. retailer of beer, Darley
  • Myers Joseph, shopkeeper & clog maker, Darley
  • Petty Joseph, spirit merchnt. Darley
  • Pullan Robert, shopkeeper, Summer bridge
  • Render Wm. flax Spinner, Darley mill
  • Richardson John, shoe maker and shopkeeper, Darley
  • Richardson Wm. shopkeeper, Dacre Banks
  • Settle Wm. wheelwright, Darley
  • Skaife John, miller, Dacre Banks
  • Skaife Thos. miller, Wrakes mill
  • Spence Joseph, miller, grocer and draper, Birstwith
  • Swaine Wm. tailor and shopkeeper, Dacre Banks
  • Walker Benjamin, grocer & draper, Darley
  • Wigglesworth Margaret, shopkeeper, Dacre Banks
  • Wigglesworth Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Dacre Banks

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for PATELEY BRIDGE in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Pateley Bridge, Robert Harker, Post master

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Carr Mrs. Ann, Pateley Bridge
  • Hebden Mr. John, Braisty woods
  • Holgate Rev. Ralph, Pateley Bridge
  • Hutchinson Teasdale, esq. Grassfield house
  • Ingleson Mr. George, Summer bridge
  • Kettlewell Mr. Thomas, Pateley Bridge
  • Ragg Mr. John, Pateley Bridge
  • Richardson Mr. John, Pateley Bridge
  • Stoney Mr. Joseph, Pateley Bridge
  • Stoney Rev. Thomas Umfreville, A.M. Pateley Bridge
  • Thackrey Mr. Edward, Pateley Bridge
  • Yorke John, esq. Bewerley hall

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Clarke Sophia (boarding) Harefield
  • Cooper Robert, Pateley Bridge
  • Curry Hannah, Pateley Bridge
  • Gill Joseph, Pateley Bridge
  • Holgate Rev. Ralph (boarding & day) Pateley Bridge
  • Rakes School, Wilsell -- Peter Weatherhead, master
  • Richmond Jane, Pateley Bridge
  • Skaife John, Pateley Bridge
  • Summers Mary, Bridgehouse gate
  • Thompson John, Wilsell


  • Calvert Peter, Bewerley
  • Groves George (& nail maker) Pateley Bridge
  • Haxby Francis, Wilsell
  • Horner Joseph, Pateley Bridge
  • Parkinson Thomas, Bewerley
  • Parratt Joseph, Pateley Bridge


  • Dibb & Loocock, Summer bridge
  • Fawcett Thomas, Smelthouse

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Bell James, Wilsell
  • Hardcastle Benjamin, Bridgehouse gate
  • Langthorne James, Pateley Bridge
  • Paley George, Pateley Bridge
  • Parkinson David, Bewerley
  • Parkinson Thomas, Pateley Bridge
  • Richmond William, Pateley Bridge
  • Thorpe Francis, Pateley Bridge
  • Thorpe William (& hair dresser) Pateley Bridge
  • Thorpe William, Pateley Bridge


  • Calvert James, Pateley Bridge
  • Greetham John, Pateley Bridge
  • Greetham John, Wilsell
  • Horsman Francis, Wilsell
  • Pullan John, Pateley Bridge
  • Smith John, Pateley Bridge
  • Summers & Thackrey, Pateley Bridge
  • Summers Joseph, jun. Pateley Bridge

Dress Makers,

  • Brooks Ann, Bewerley
  • Colling Sarah (& draper) Pateley Bridge
  • Curry Mary & Hannah, Pateley Bridge

Flax Dressers & Spinners,

  • Bell John & Son, Dacre banks
  • Kirkby Henry, Smelthouse mills
  • Kirkby Thomas & Son, Smelthouse mill
  • Metcalfe John & George, Pateley Bridge
  • Pearson John, Hollinghouse mill
  • Skaifes & Co. Summer bridge
  • Thorpe Francis & Co. (& thread manufacturers) New York
  • Turnbull John, New bridge mill

Flour Dealers,

  • Grange Joseph, Pateley Bridge
  • Knowles James, Bridgehouse gate
  • Metcalfe Thomas, Pateley Bridge

Grocers & Drapers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Ashworth John, Pateley Bridge
  • Harker Robert, Pateley Bridge
  • Kaberry William, Pateley Bridge
  • Kirkby Thomas & Son, Smelthouse
  • Taylor Joseph (& clothier) Pateley Bridge

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Sinclair Henry, Pateley Bridge
  • Sinclair John, Pateley Bridge

Inns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, George Groves, Pateley Bridge
  • Birch, John Greetham, Wilsell
  • Black Bull, Thomas Dougill, Pateley Bridge
  • Crown Inn (& excise office) Elizabeth Dunn, Pateley Bridge
  • George, Joseph Perratt, Pateley Bridge
  • King's Arms, Sarah Wood, Pateley Bridge
  • Miners' Arms, James Knowles, Pateley Bridge
  • Shoulder of Mutton, John Dickinson, Pateley Bridge
  • Star, Richard Topham, Pateley Bridge


  • Groves George (& druggist) Pateley Bridge
  • Snow Richard (& timber merchant) Pateley Bridge
  • Taylor Joseph (& timber merchant) Pateley Bridge

Joiners & Wheelwrights,

  • Atkinson Christopher, Wilsell
  • Grange Margaret (& cabinet maker) Pateley Bridge
  • Hall David, Pateley Bridge
  • King William, Bridgehouse gate
  • Knowles George, Bridgehouse gate
  • Ripley Cornelius, Wilsell
  • Verity Jonathan, Bewerley

Lead Mine Proprietors,

  • Jaques & Co. Bridgehouse gate -- Nathan Newbold & Son, agents
  • Watson John, Hardacre
  • Yorke John, esq. Bewerley -- Nathan Newbold & Son, agents

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Grange Thomas, Dacre banks
  • Greetham William, Pateley Bridge
  • Hullah Thomas, Knott
  • Kirkby Henry, Smelthouse mills
  • Skaife Smith, Dacre
  • Skaife William (& bleacher) Dacre
  • Skaifes' & Co. Summer bridge
  • Thorpe Francis & Co. (& bleachers) New York


  • Allinson John, Fell beck
  • Ingleby John, Pateley Bridge mills
  • Ripley Dan, Bridgehouse gate
  • Skaife John, Summer bridge

Saddlers & Harness Makers,

  • Busfield James, Pateley Bridge
  • Thackrey John (& whip thong maker) Pateley Bridge

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Bland Walter, Wilsell
  • Cock James, Pateley Bridge
  • Gill Joseph, Pateley Bridge
  • Grange Christopher, Bridgehouse gate
  • Lewis John, Pateley Bridge
  • Marshall Sarah, Pateley Bridge
  • Parkinson David, Bewerley
  • Pullan Moses, Pateley Bridge
  • Stones George, Bridgehouse gate
  • Stoney Joseph, Bewerley
  • Thackrey Edward, Pateley Bridge
  • Varty John, Pateley Bridge
  • Verity Jonathan, Bewerley
  • Watson Thomas, Pateley Bridge
  • Wood Sarah, Pateley Bridge

Spirit Merchants,

  • Harker Robert (& maltster) Pateley Bridge
  • Kaberry William & Son, Pateley Bridge
  • Topham Richard (& auctioneer) Pateley Bridge

Stone Masons,

  • Dougill George, Pateley Bridge
  • Dougill Thomas, Pateley Bridge
  • Dougill Thurkele, Pateley Bridge
  • Gill Edward, Pateley Bridge
  • Harrison John, Pateley Bridge
  • Paley William, Pateley Bridge

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Dougill Elizabeth, Pateley Bridge
  • Newbold Ann & Elizabeth, Bridgehouse gate


  • Strother & Warburton, Pateley Bridge


  • Carling John, Pateley Bridge
  • Chipchase Stephen, Pateley Bridge
  • Curry Matthew, Pateley Bridge
  • Gibson Christopher, Pateley Bridge

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Newbold William, Bridgehouse gate
  • Ragg Jacob, Pateley Bridge
  • Wood Sarah, Pateley Bridge

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Hardcastle Jacob, Pateley Bridge
  • Snow Richard, Pateley Bridge


  • Bentley David, travelling linen draper, Bridgehouse gate
  • Bradberry Joseph, brazier & tin plate worker, Pateley Bridge
  • Clark George, clogger, Pateley Bridge
  • Constantine Richard, tanner, Wilsell
  • Dickinson George, plumber & glazier, Pateley Bridge
  • Grange Ward, lime burner, Bridgehouse gate
  • Grayson William, cooper, Pateley Bridge
  • Greetham William, dealer in shoes, &c. Pateley Bridge
  • Hudson John, bookseller, Pateley Bridge
  • Hutchinson Teasdale, sheet lead & pipe manufacturer, Grassfield
  • Knowles James, retailer of beer, Bridgehouse gate
  • Metcalfe John & George, brewers, Pateley Bridge
  • Richardson John, chymist & druggist, Pateley Bridge
  • Sinclair William, baker, Pateley Bridge
  • Steel George, retailer of beer, Pateley Bridge
  • Swire John, parish clerk, Pateley Bridge
  • Thackrey Edward, currier, Pateley Bridge


  • To Grassington & Settle, John Gill, from the King's Arms, every Saturday
  • To Grassington & Skipton, Stephen Whitaker, from the George, and Edward Ibbetson & Richard Pickles, from the Bay Horse, Mon. Wed. & Fri.
  • To Leeds, Henry Dobby & Christopher Grange, every Monday --- and George Stones, every Monday & Thursday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000